Health insurance made affordable to all Sri Lankans via ATL’s ‘Suwasiri’
Posted on October 13th, 2015

Courtesy Daily Mirror

ATL’s (Amãna Takaful’s) latest product ‘Suwasiri’, has made its mark in the insurance industry, as the most affordable health policy available in the market.

This competitively priced, comprehensive insurance plan was designed as part of ATL’s ongoing efforts to remain ‘open to all’ and provide all segments of society with a suitable health insurance solution.

While good health is a blessing, an illness can occur when it is least expected, and the financial burden of dealing with such unforeseen events can be overwhelming.

The ‘Suwasiri’ health policy provides an annual insurance cover of Rs. 100,000/= for as little as Rs. 2,222/= per year. ‘Suwasiri’ covers administrative fees, doctor consultations as well as medication costs.

The policy also covers the cost of hospitalization, surgery, medical treatment, medicine and any medical investigations that are required to determine treatments for ailments.  The policy truly offers peace of mind and fulfils a long felt need in the Sri Lankan market. Commenting on ATL’s ‘Suwasiri’, Safwan Hilme – Manager, Business Development, Medical Takaful stated, At ATL we strive to continuously meet the needs of our customers.

In times of poor health, the ‘Suwasiri’ health insurance policy will assist policyholders and their loved ones by covering the cost of hospitalization and by providing them with other important benefits. The health of our valued customers is extremely important to us and we firmly believe that with today’s rising medical treatment and hospitalization costs, Sri Lankans from all walks of life, should have access to a health insurance policy.” The consequence of not having a medical insurance policy is that one will have to dip into savings, borrow or use the money set aside for other specific requirements, to meet unforeseen medical expenses. We encourage everyone to consider insurance as the solution and use their savings to achieve more important things in life.” Hilme further stated. The ‘Suwasiri’ policy addresses the challenges that people face when unexpected medical emergencies occur.

Amidst the increasing cost of medical care, hospitalization and treatments, the ‘Suwasiri’ health insurance policy from ATL is a perfect solution for Sri Lankans seeking affordable security and comfort in times of medical uncertainty.  ‘Suwasiri’ provides additional benefits such as a cover forward charges in private hospitals for up to 10 days. Theatre charges, surgeons’ fees, anaesthetists’ fees as well as specialist charges are all included in the cover for Sri Lankan’s who are 18 to 55 years of age. Additionally, ‘Suwasiri’ covers examinations fees, x-rays, scans and MRIs. A cover for hospitalization is also provided. If hospitalization occurs at a government hospital a cash grant of Rs. 500/= per day is provided for a maximum of 21 days including expenses for prescribed medicine that has to be purchased.

Customers can sign up for this policy through the company’s branch network or by calling 011 750 1000 for more information. ‘Suwasiri’ bagged the bronze award in the ‘Product of the Year’ category, at the Sri Lanka Islamic Banking and Finance Industry awards 2014, for its innovative and unique features and benefits. ATL has been recognized for its innovation and quality of service for decades and operates on the principle of bringing people together through mutual sharing.

ATL during its journey of 15 years has been successful in establishing a strong position for the concept of Takaful amidst stiff competition from established conventional players. One of the few ISO certified insurance operators in Sri Lanka, ATL operates across 27 branches and is set to expand its footprint further. ATL continuously reaches out to customers from all segments of society and offers innovative and state-of-the-art insurance products that are convenient, affordable and reliable.

The company recently transferred its Family Takaful (Life insurance) business to ATL Life Limited which is now operating as a separate business entity.  As part of its commitment to remain ‘open to all’, ATL serves all communities and employs a multi-ethnic team across its network.

The company was also recently upgraded by the Lanka Rating Agency to a rating of BBB/P3/Stable and recently achieved ISO 9001:2008 re-certification.

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