India Using Nazi Invasive Tactics against Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh
Posted on October 17th, 2015

Dilrook Kannangara

Nepal’s constitution has triggered Nazi action, particularly, Operation Himmler, from India, again. At the same time, India uses same Nazi action against Sri Lanka, to change the Sri Lankan Constitution to appease Indian ethnic communities living in Sri Lanka. This repetitive behaviour of India is the same conduct Nazi Germany followed to invade Poland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, etc. The world must stop such invasive interference based on ethnicity. Protection of a nation’s ethnic groups rests with that nation. If any external party is unhappy with the rights of a minority ethnic group due to its presence in that external country as well, awarding them citizenship and taking them in are better tactics.

Operation Poomalai Equals Operation Himmler

In early 1939, minority ethnic Germans were attacked in Poland and their houses torched, allegedly by the majority community of Poland. According to Germany, they were tolerated by the Poland government. On September 1, 1939, a German language radio station, Gleiwitz in the border of Germany-Poland was attacked by Germans posing as Poles. Claiming to protect the German minority in Poland from attacks by Poles, Germany invaded Poland (Fall Weiss) initiating WW2. Similar claims were made against Austria and Czechoslovakia in 1938 and Germany invaded them.

Germany followed the same tactic against Switzerland. A pan-German plan called for the unification of all Germans into a Greater Germany on the basis of ethnic German people’s right to self-determination. However, this plan failed as German leaders realised the horrors that awaited minority Germans if they invaded Switzerland. Switzerland skilfully managed its domestic and foreign relations to stump Germany.

Imperial Japan used the same logic to justify the invasion of Manchuria.

One would have thought these Nazi tactics died with WW2. They didn’t. They reincarnated in India. Having trained, armed, protected and financed Tamil terrorists since late 1970s, India claimed Tamil civilians were besieged in Jaffna peninsular due to Sri Lanka’s Operation Liberation in 1987. Using this as a cover, India invaded Sri Lanka’s airspace in late May 1987 ostensibly to help Tamils. It was called Operation Poomalai – meaning flower garland according to the South Indian language Tamil. It was nothing but the reincarnation of Operation Himmler.

Without stopping at that, India invaded Colombo and forced the government to sign the Indo-Lanka Peace Accord that imposed the 13A to the Constitution and restricted Sri Lanka’s right of self-determination. Instead, it imposed a pan-Indian and pan-Tamil right of self-determination extending to South Indian ethnic communities living in Sri Lanka. As with the original Operation Himmler, its second version was also tolerated by the international community, unwilling to intervene. Unfortunately, unlike Germany, these Indian impositions have not been shaken off.

Nepal and Bangladesh

India justified its interference with Nepal citing concerns of minority ethnic groups in Nepal – Madhess and Janjati – that are found in larger numbers in India. According to India and these minority groups, the new Nepal Constitution hurts the Madhesis and Janjatis. India demanded seven (7) amendments to the Nepali constitution ostensibly to protect interests of these minority groups. Thankfully, Nepal has so far resisted to Indian Operation Himmler.

Nepal’s constitution is Nepal’s business and not India’s. If India is genuinely concerned about Madhesis and Janjatis in Nepal, India should grant them Indian citizenship and settle them in India. Otherwise let Nepal handle its own internal affairs. Nepal needs a constitution for Nepal and not India. There can be no justification for the interference in purely domestic affairs of Nepal. Similarly, India interfered with Bangladesh. India’s conduct is the reincarnation of Nazi tactics in Poland, Austria and other independent countries in Europe prior to WW2.

Top democracies including USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada and Australia don’t grant special rights to minorities. The success of these countries speaks volumes of how to draft a constitution and how not to draft one.

Minorities Deserve Nothing More than What UN Charters Specify

UN Human Rights Charter and the charter to protect minorities and indigenous peoples specify the ways and means to protect minorities. Beyond those specifications, there is no requirement to appease minorities. Just because a minority ethnic group in a country happened to have relatives in India or Nazi Germany doesn’t necessitate special constitutional provisions to look after their interests.

For instance, there is absolutely no requirement to make Tamil language an official or national language of Sri Lanka. No UN Charter requires Sri Lanka to do so. On the contrary, in 1956 an overwhelming majority of voters decided Sinhala language must be the only official language and that must stand. Further, there is no UN Charter calling for devolution of power to minority groups. As such, Sri Lanka must not do so.

Veering away from the minimum specified in UN Charters endangers and trespasses into the rights of the majority and dilutes the right of self-determination of an independent nation.

Indian Patchwork Model Inappropriate

Indian ethnic patchwork model is not the best governance form the world has. In fact, most countries that followed it ended up disintegrated. The Soviet Union and Yugoslavia followed similar patchwork unions and they can only be found in museums, not on a world map. Even India’s continuation as a single nation is in grave doubt as multiple erosions have already disintegrated British India.

Many leaders of Indian states that were independent even under British rule protested the formation of India and some preferred suicide than joining India. Modern patchwork union of India is built on the suicides of its minority leaders and states.

Therefore, India should not impose its grim ethnic patchwork model on other nations.
Faced with the Indian threat of Operation Himmler, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh must balance their political, economic and military interests with China and Pakistan – the other Asian and regional giants. As Switzerland did, these smaller nations should deploy military capabilities within geographical areas where Indian communities (minorities) live to prevent the emergence of a pan-Indian mega state on the ashes of established nations.

A new non-aligned movement for Asia is needed to balance its interests between various competing parties. The old non-aligned movement is outdated and irrelevant. India cannot be in any non-aligned movement as it is heavily aligned to USA on geopolitical matters against truly nonaligned countries.

15 Responses to “India Using Nazi Invasive Tactics against Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh”

  1. mario_perera Says:

    Dilrook, an excellent analysis

    I however wonder whether any country was at any time genuinely ‘non-aligned’. Poor, heavily indebted countries such as ours cannot even imagine such a luxury as ‘non-alignment’. Cuba called itself non-aligned too but was heavily dependent on Russia. Now it is hand in glove with the USA. History is a ‘dialectical’ process. Each of such processes, call it a thesis, has within it its own inherent ‘anti-thesis’.

    The poor nations are the ‘thrashing iron’ of history. They are the ‘indentured labour’ of the rich nations.

    The poor countries existing around India were always its satellite states. They always depended on the space that India offered them. The powerful countries will always side India against us. Just think of the era of the ‘parippu drop’. Even ‘Yanky dicky’ could not stop the process.

    The only way to better our predicament is to break loose from our ‘prison of poverty’. But the first enemy of a country being ITSELF’ our first endeavour must be to wipe our the enemy within: corruption especially in high places. Consider the recent case of massive bribe soliciting customs heads. So wiping the enemy within too must be deemed impossible.

    Our people are more aligned to political parties and political personages that they grope within a labyrinth of their own creation. Just look at most of the commentaries on this forum. Being partisan will never help our cause Yet people are so partisan they will never see the light at the end of the tunnel. How can a country divided within itself fight the external foe?

    As long as we are a country of ‘indentured labour’ we will have to live in ‘LINES’ which means ‘toe the LINE’. Indeed our highest income comes from our physical labour expended among the Arabs and others. What respect can a slave elicit from its master? Remember the negro spiritual? “Tote that barge, lift that bale, get a little drunk and you land in jail?”.

    This is the harsh reality. Ideed our situation is not enviable. We are an old country. We appear “weary and sick of trying, we are tired of living and feared of dying….”

    Be poor and be trodden upon. as Abba sang: its a rich man’s world

    Mario Perera

  2. anura seneviratna Says:

    Great account by Dilrook and great comment by Mario. “Indian Patchwork Model Inappropriate” quite right indeed, the plain truth is India cannot be called a country when it is clearly a subcontinent with many separate nations who have the right to self determination. Within what so called India is a modern day colonial empire but all this is hidden under the slogan of democracy to bluff the masses, who are unable to think rationally to perceive the truth mainly due to poverty of mind along with economic poverty. A dedicated foreign philanthropic lady who is working in SL, I asked her what is her best experience and the worst? The best is she loves the Sinhelese people and serve them but worst is sadly they do not know how to think!
    Without learning to manage the fleeting mind has become the bane of humankind despite the gift of most powerful brain in the creature kingdom.

  3. Christie Says:

    Thanks. A great article.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dilrook has presented an angle to the so called “Ethnic Problem” story not previously explored. Thank you, Dilrook.

    However, PM Modi has already stated that those who want to return (People of Indian Origin – PIO) can return to India. In spite of the war, the social conditions are still too nice in Sri Lanka for Tamils of Tamil Nadu to return to caste ridden TN. So they prefer to stay on in Lanka. In fact, just a week or so ago, some 73 Tamils from the TN camps returned to Sri Lanka. So far nearly 200 plus have returned to Lanka in 2015 (check this figure. It may be more).

    So long as Lanka, on her part, has laid out the welcome mat with the Tamil language in place, no caste in birth certificates, free education & health care etc., Lanka can safely expect a large net influx of Tamils from Tamil Nadu. No Tamils will return to TN. Re returnees, only a woman and her two children returned to Tamil Nadu for the whole of 2015.

    There is no way of knowing that the returnees to Lanka are genuine refugees who went to Tamil Nadu due to the war in the N&E. Is this a new way to illegally enter Lanka ? Are Lankan authorites still being taken ‘for a ride’ ?

    Address the problem at the source if we want real peace and real results. That is, remove the 13-A, remove by law the Tamil Language as a National/Official language of Lanka, and remove by law Animal Sacrifices by Tamil Dalits as done in Tamil Nadu.

  5. Cerberus Says:

    Hi Dilrook, Thank you for shedding light on the Sri Lanka problem. I have always wondered about a couple of matters which may be you can enlighten me and our readers on.

    1. When India threatened Sri Lanka why is it that JRJ did not go to UN or to the West and appeal for help instead of just caving in and signing the Accord. Who advised him against it. ? Why was he asked to cave in and who did that ?

    2. Even when the 1983 riots happened why was JRJ who was supposed to be clever, slow in reacting to the problem. Again, I believe someone or some people prevailed on him. It is also said that the Papal Nuncio was deported the next week after the riots happened. Is this true ?

    The current Yahapalanaya group seem to be following the same steps as JRJ to implement the OHCHR report. They have not released a copy in Sinhala & Tamil to the people; they have not given a Sinhala copy to the Parliament; they have promised to have a debate on Oct 22 which may or may not happen.

    The outcome may be same as in 1987 when JRJ forced the 13A down the throats of the people by force ?

  6. Independent Says:

    People must understand division of the country is possible ONLY by INDIA. ONLY they will be able to justify invading us one the basis of “protecting Toilets”.
    This was a proven theory as even JR could not prevent it by even speaking TRUTH that INDIA IS OUR ENEMY. This is why (with the help of advisers of course) MR said INDIA IS OUR BROTHER than saying INDIA IS OUR BOTHER. But that alone will not help.
    Rather that helping to create trouble, focus shall be helping to
    1.Erradicate corruption
    2. Uphold human rights
    3. Freedom
    4. Nepotism
    5. whilst always promoting TRUTH, (time to time tactfully exposing INDIA’s previous role of creating LTTE too).

    What is wrong in these 5 precepts ?

    This is the way to get rid of INDIAN COLONIAL PARASITE.

  7. Independent Says:

    1. India learned a lesson and it was very helpful during 2009.
    2. Reduced the number of Tamils. (but it did harm Globally. So balance and see – uto personal taste.)


    Thanks Dilrook, for not blaming JRJ for 13A. Others who wants to deviate the current situation wants to bring the past to present and confuse the reader. Good example is Cerberus. He gets big bucks from Ranil Punk; in US dollars.
    1. Thanks for not bringing JRJ to this discussion because it has no relevance to todays problems.
    2. Mario Perera, thanks for not brining JRJ and defocus the issue of Today.
    3. Thanks Anura for commenting on reality and JRJ.
    4. Fran Diaz, these are supporters of dying bishop Ryeappu. He got the agreement as soon as Sirisena won the election. Thanks for giving the facts and not deviating the issue.
    5. Cerberus, still trying to defocus the issue? You are asking JRJ a question! He was dead and gone longtime ago. You must be a nut not to know why he did not send the military to stop the killings of Tamils. It is because he wanted to save the Sinhala nation. Do you get it; may be not Ranil punk gave you enough money to conceal it.

  9. Independent Says:

    Please accept every party has HORU, may even be the Maha Eka of the party. There is no point sticking blindly to 1 bugger or 1 party or keeping on branding a party as “betrayer’s” and “parasites” – all these are there distributed.
    Just look at the actions, criticise the actions. Never praise any bugger. No need to. Every bugger has salary and hinge benefits. No one is Buddhist. Al are pretenders. Any thing good they are doing, has been paid for already. Anything bad they are doing ? must be paid back to the nation.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    COLD WAR politics ruined JRJ govt times. India was running with the Soviet Union when ultra west JR was in power. I believe that was the reason India trained the LTTE in Tamil Nadu. It was the LTTE that decimated the UNP top leaders.

    India also forced JRJ govt to accept the 13-A under DURESS. It is therefore NOT valid. It ought to be got rid of.

    Let us face the problems together and remove them !

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    Enough has been written and rewritten about these 2 EVILS – ILPA and 13 amendment. Just SCRAP them both!

    JR is dead. No point beating the old fox. The LIVING should SCRAP them.

    MR had the golden opportunity to SCRAP those and WIN the election. Thanks to fools advising him, he missed the opportunity and lost the election.

    I supported Maru Sira because MR refused to scrap 13 amendment.
    I oppose Maru Sira now because he refuses to scrap 13 amendment.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    Yes, get the Yahap govt to scrap the 13-A and also do the other things necessary to bring a PERMANENT PEACE for Lanka. We do not want any more ‘asbandung boru bandages’ to the main problems and other issues.

  13. SA Kumar Says:

    I supported Maru Sira because MR refused to scrap 13 amendment.
    I oppose Maru Sira now because he refuses to scrap 13 amendment.
    Now I supported …. it goes one ….

    13A is Untouchable !!!

  14. Independent Says:

    Had MR won the last election and came to power 13A could have been cemented, as LLRC recommendations would be implemented within 1 year ( states in the lection manifesto).

    Whatever palanaya will not crap 13A.
    But now there is a chance for a new constitution.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    History shows that Govts of Sri Lanka do not follow their Constitution ! The MR govt was closest to following the intent of the Constitution. JRJ tried and was foiled by India acting with a Superpower neighbor. Tamil Leaders, except for just a few, never follow the intent of the Constitution.

    6-A is yet to be implemented ! Separatism has been tacitly encouraged as the Vadukoddai Resolution (1976) is still not officially revoked with Tamil Leaders constantly demanding different types of Separatism too.

    We need a proper Peoples government which sincerely cares for the People of Lanka, keep Lanka whole, and not suck up to agendas of other people outside of Lanka.

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