Sri Lankan government requests to seize eight accounts of former government members in Dubai bank
Posted on October 18th, 2015

Chandre dharma-wardana 

Corruption too must be judged against what is the going yardstick in other parts of the world. Corruption is a natural phenomenon (like entropy) in rapidly evolving  complex physical systems. There is no entropy production (corruption) in systems that evolve infinitely slowly, as we know from thermodynamics.

In the West, the Enron scandal, the scandals involving the bail out of Fanny-May, Goldman-Sachs etc., during Obama’s bail out, or the scandals involving the blatant handing over of the Iraqi war spin-off business to Haliberton (Dick Chaney, Rusmfeld, Bush are principal shareholders), running into billions are well known.

That Koffe-Anan’s son and Tony Blair also profited vastly are well known.  Earlir, In Canada 7 minsters of the Malroney small cabinet  had to leave because of vast corrupt side deals, and even the prime minister Malroney was caught taking money (e.g., airbus purcahse scandal) and depositing them in swiss accounts through Hans-Schreiber, a man similar to sajin Vass who also worked with the german chancellor Helmut Kohl. The subsequent Canadian governments all lost on various mega-scandales (“sponsorship” scandal etc. Bridge scandals  in Quebec almost every bridge was found to be unsafe due to contractor fixing and millions of dollars per bridge being taken by politicians fixing contracts).

In Italy every politician has to be lining the pockets of the Mafia.

MR must be judged in comparison to his regional counterparts and not just the Western Politicians whose approach to corruption is very sophisticated and well-integrated with the banking system that they own.  In India, Sonia Gandhi and her family’s mega scandals are well known but the spineless nice-guy (last Indian president) kept mum over it and that was part of his job. The Telecom scandals of some of Modi’s associates are also well known. Give Modi another 6 or 7 years and his story will be exactly the same.

Go to Bangladesh or Pakistan, the financial scandals and levels of corruption are an order of magnitude greater than those ever reported in the mega-gossip columns  in SL.

The Pakistani corruption has gone on ever since the end of Jinnah.

Dilrook argued even in Dec 2014 that MR must be thrown out,  and he worked hard ( presumably  mainly journalistic) to put the Mangala-Ranil-Sirisena team (well-known to be  western puppets) in power.

So, in following the concept of eliminating the enemy completely that may people follow in their political struggles (e.g., in China when they eliminate opponents on the basis of corruption), Dilrook wants the death sentence without concerning himself of  the social turmoil that will ensure from it in the country where the rajapaksa’s have a huge emotional following. This process of executing popular figures and army generals is a part of the “orange revolution” strategy followed by the US to create social turmoil and chaos in the country, giving them (their western capital) to move in. So Dilrook is wittingly or unwittingly an agent of the Shock-and-turmoil doctrine of the US  neo-cons.

Instead, the present govt. has paid patronage to established  financial crooks like Paskaralingam whose activities in draining the country during Premadasa’s time are not examined by the Welliamuna-Rajitha types. The boss of transparency international has nothing to say about the Cenrtal bank bond scandal.
This proposal is on the basis of Welliamuna’s still unproven allegations when his previous allegations against Air-lanka bosses ended up as empty noise. No banking system (not those in bermuda, Kayman islands, and certainly not Dubai ) will release names and amounts just because a team of lawyers asks for them, as their complete financial policy is based on secrecy and trust. For them, money and business has no moral stigma.
The VVIPs mentioned by rajitha are not even indicted, leave aside being convicted. Switzerland ALLOWED the convicted American Mining magnate (who owned most of the Cu mines in Nigeria) to escape to Switzerland and retain  his deposits o f  billions there, knowing that a US court had convicted him. He returned to the USA when George Bush pardoned him (the pardon was negotiated by the king of Spain, Tony Blair and Clinton, who were all paid handsomely by the mining magnate, as reported in the Canadian Broadcast Com (CBC)  TV investigative report an year or so ago.

So to me the story that the names and amounts were revealed purely because Welliamuna et al team of lawyers demanded it, or even the American Govt. demanded it,  seems not credible. the claim that “every dollar transaction can be followed by the US”, is nonsense, as they couldn’t do it when the bank melt-down occurred in 2008.

Unfortunately, the public are not interested in corruption and they have always voted criminals and crooks into power. That seems to be the case in so called ‘democracies’, including the US and UK. The safeguard built into democratic systems is that leaders should not be in power for more than one, or a maximum of two terms. When the public ignore this, and when the a constitution is amended to allow this, the results are what is expected – corruption, nepotism and increasing concentration of power in the hands of a few, because they think they are in power for ever, and have no fear of having to account for their actions.

The punishment for corruption by top officials is some public stigmatization followed by a pardon from the highest level. In “dictatorial” countries like China they have not pardoned corrupt officials but followed the method of Dilrook and imposed the death penalty, but this has been mostly done to eliminate political competitors.

The first step is the FILE CHARGES in a court of LAW in Sri lanka, with the available evidence, instead of Rajitha making a press statement, and Dilrook pronouncing the punishment. I am sure many of you have seen the Gilbert and Suillvan play, The Mikado.
First the execution  and then the trial!

14 Responses to “Sri Lankan government requests to seize eight accounts of former government members in Dubai bank”

  1. Cerberus Says:

    Who is going to investigate the biggest corruption of all the Central Bank Bond Scam by Ranil’s appointee Arjun Mahendran. It is a clear case of insider trading. The President MY3 dissolved the Parliament when D.E.W. Gunasekera was about to present it to the Parliament along with a no confidence motion on Ranil W. Please see below the report on it which was in Sunday Times.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    The trouble is that a War Crimes charge was foisted on MR, the armed forces and the MR govt. To protect himself and all the others, MR must have thought of running for a third term. I was personally happy he was going to do so. We all know that there are no perfect wars, and the war with the LTTE was a just war, fought with good intent to rescue both the Snhala & Tamil people. That objective was achieved.

    Unfortunately, the UN & the west got together with the local jackal types to remove MR & govt through a ‘coup’ with a cheated election and false media blitz which is still being pushed on, this time most likely through trumped up corruption charges. The objective here seems to be either to divide Lanka or to establish the local jackal types in power for a long time in a Fascist type state. Also, GoSL is BROKE right now, and a huge red herring is necessary to distract the masses – thus the Rajapakses (MR & Gota specifically) are being made to look unheroic via the ITN no payment yet and the Avante Garde security company story.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Now that the facts are exposed, is it best to sign an Agreement with the west (UK/US/EU) to stand with them in case of their need/Lanka need for Security purposes ?

    Rest of the time, Lanka must be left in peace to find solutions for their internal problem of Tamil Separatism (main problem which led to the war with the LTTE in the first place), and growing the Economy, with Lanka acting in a strictly Non-Aligned manner re Security issues.

    The harrassment of MR, GR, the Armed Forces and the MR govt HAS TO STOP. As things are, do Lankans have a
    country !

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    More …..

    And do not depend on India. India is our clumsy, bossy neighbor and will take their cue from one Superpower or the other. Lanka is the bone to be thrown at them. Watch which way India sways and keep to that rhythm.

    During the JRJ govt time, India swayed with Russia. India trained the LTTE. The LTTE decimated the then UNP leadership. The LTTE killed off Sinhala villagers in the most horrific way possible. The LTTE mashed and killed Tamil families who did not comply with them. The LTTE cost the country huge funds and lives. Was it wrong of the MR govt to stop them ? NO ! Our grateful thanks to MR, the armed forces of Lanka & the MR govt.

    Now India is running with the west – so keep that rhythm even though there is no serious Cold War on.

    As for Eelam – Any Separate State in Lanka will mean a vassal state for rest of Lanka. Eelam will be an extension of Tamil Nadu and they will bring in their social structuring of Caste to control the people. Caste will be on the birth certificates of those in the Separate State, Eelam. Dalit status will be re-established.
    There will be endless mini-wars between Eelam and the rest of Lanka.

    Do not allow that to happen. Fight back using the law and other peaceful means.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    It works in two ways.

    IF MR or any other has robbed, PUNISH them for FRAUD, etc.
    IF MR and others have NOT robbed, PUNISH those who DISCREDIT them for DEFAMATION.

    I hope at least this incident ends up with either someone going to JAIL for fraud OR someone else going to JAIL for defamation. NO COMPROMISE.

    Everyone INCLUDING MR is innocent UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

    But this is a foolish statement – Koffe-Anan’s son robbed, Tony Blair robbed, Dick Chaney robbed, etc. robbed SO LET US HAPPILY ROB!!!! Remember we are robbing MOTHER LANKA, not the UN, UK, USA or anyother dirt!!

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Myee ! what a luverly show – the Sinhala twits are dragging National Heroes to the jails for nothing !!

  7. Independent Says:

    MR previously mentioned (just after prez polls) Dubai money belongs to some people, not him.
    As a nation we have to take it as he said.

    Then it is the government duty to question others and find out how they earn that unbelievably huge sums of money. Then if they cannot explain, HANG THEM ! They are not “National Heroes”.

    But it is also possible that those “NAMES” are people from Armed forces ( even for 1 day they are war heroes). Then have to pardon them too but take back the stolen money.

    Simple as that !

    If they suspect MR has deposited these money in their names, still OK. take the money and leave the great war heroes alone. They risked their lives to give us( betrayers living abroad) some “PRIDE” to hell with people of Sri Lanka ( their lives saved for another 20000 years too) !

  8. aravinda Says:

    Sri lanka’s GNP is 75 Billion dollars. According to Mangala Samaraweera Mahinda has stolen 18 Billion dollars. According to Welimuna, Namal has stolen 3.5 Billion dollars. Problem is in Arithmetic.

    Mewata Pissu double wenawa.

    This is what we call a Red Herring. A fallacy in which an irrelevant topic is presented in order to divert attention from the pressing issues. Nation has pressing economic and social issues for which Yahapalana leaders have no answer. This is a attempt to lead attention away from pressing problems Sri Lanka face today by talking about false and useless topics.

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    There will be endless mini-wars between Eelam and the rest of Lanka.- Agreed Last war was Eelam war IV ( 33 Years) ?

    Live & let’s live until Eelam war V

  10. Independent Says:

    Appointment of UK High Commissioner: work of Yahapalana Monitoring Governor!

    – Oct 19, 2015

    Appointment of UK High Commissioner: work of Yahapalana Monitoring Governor!

    It was Lanka News Web that broke the news of the appointment to London High Commission of Manoj Warnapala, son-in-law of Austin Fernando, Eastern Province Governor. Lanka News Web exposed how Austin was using pressure to make way for the son-in-laws appointment. We also reported that Foreign Secretary who has retired was hoping to go on a posting and did as Austin asked her to do so she will not get in the bad books of the President as Austin has threatened.

    Sunday print media news says that Foreign Secretary Chitrangani Wagiswara has been appointed Sri Lanka High Commissioner to UK. Lanka News Web learns that this is a part of the deal Austin stuck with the Foreign Secretary to make sure his son-in-law was appointed. Lanka News Web has got most of the details of Austin’s plans to make sure the appointment goes through with the help of some sections of the media.

    The main reason why Austin is fighting hard to get his son-in-law appointed as a Counselor to the High Commissioner is because he is without a good job in the UK. He has been insisting that Warnapala should be appointed as the head of the Consular section. He has been giving the appointments made under the infamous Rajapaksa regime, Indika Karunajeewa, Chaminda Kularatna and Sepala Ratnayaka to justify Warnapalas appointment. He has been saying that they were lawyers and so is his son-in-law. What he did not say is that Warnapalas family has a struggling law firm. By getting Warnapala appointed as head of consular section Austin and Warnapala are hoping that the family law firm will flourish.

    For over half a century service officers ran the consular section without major issues. They need not be lawyers. Just because you are a lawyer it does not mean that you know consular work. Karunajeewa. Kularatna and Ratnayaka were working at the Presidents office during Rajapaksa regime. Karunajeewa was appointed to do Namal Rajapaksas university assignments and to help his studies. Karunajeewa also ran the high commission and the consular section as a SLFP party office. After his term Karunajeewa was appointed as a Secretary to President Rajapaksa and was doing Namala Rajapaksas work. Both Kularatna and Ratnayaka was appointed to help Rohitha Rajapaksa and the family of Gamini Senerath, Chief of Staff of President Rajapaksa. They also ran the High Commission like a SLFP party office. Kularatna on his return became the coordinating Secretary to President Rajapaksa. Ratnayaka never returned to Sri Lanka. He disappeared in UK and is now wanted by INTERPOL and Sri Lankan authorities. It is a disgrace to Sri Lanka. People voted for the January 8 Yahapalana government to change things. What Austin Fernando is doing is to continue with the Rajapaksa regime style of doing things for his benefit. He is defending Rajapaksa regime decisions.

    Austin’s first move was to get Foreign Secretary to appoint a person who will look after his son-in-law until Wagiswara is appointed the High Commissioner. Wagiswara gave the ‘nanny’ job to S. Gunaratna who is known to change his colours to suit the occasion and is desperate to go on a posting. He has been having political dealings with extremist parties as well. After getting favours from the Rajapaksa regime and going to Canada on leave so that he and his family can apply for PR he wanted to work in the Toronto Consul Generals office as a local recruit. Only those who are citizens, has PR or valid work visas can work as local recruits and not students. For a Foreign Service officer to work as a local recruit is a disgrace. A source who was in Canada during this time told Lanka News Web that lot of political pressure was brought to employ him but the Consul General himself had good political connections and did not give in.

    For a service officer with over thirty years Wagiswara should know the problems that will come up when a citizen from that country and a person from the community is appointed as a diplomat to the UK high Commission. But thinking of her own future after retirement she has been doing as Austin says. According to her own batch mates and colleagues she is mediocre at the most. But she is good at smiling and doing as the political masters say making sure she is rewarded. One of the now Governor colleagues of Austin who was a senior colleague of Wagiswara recently told a gathering of current officers that ‘a motor will need to be fixed to her if you’ll want to get your Secretary moving.’ But in Warnapala’s matter she did not need any motor. She did exactly as Austin wanted for her own benefit.

    The Sri Lankan community in UK is watching whether the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister will give in to Austin Fernando. There is a joke in the UK that Austin Fernando has become the Yahapalana Monitoring Governor of the Foreign Ministry.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    Last time too the Ranil/CBK combo messed up the country right royally trying to ‘sell’ Lanka back to the Colonists via Norway in the guise of solving the so called ‘Ethnic Problem’.

    This time too the same people are messing up Lanka even worse.

    Now the Yahap are sucking up to China (after earlier denigrating China) to get some money to prop up the sagging MONEY situation in the Yahap coffers. Aiyo ! no shame, no pride, no self esteem, just like the top players in Yahap.

    I am all for passing a NO CONFIDENCE motion on these jokers.

  12. Sooriarachi Says:

    One of the ironies in life is that the very people who speak against corruption, also, end up committing similar or even worst offences when the opportunity arise. Just see what happened in the recent Central Bank Bond issue and the appointment of kith and kin to high positions. Even a report on the Bond Issue scandal produced by a parliamentary committee headed by DEW Gunasekera is still not presented. The question is why? The reason is greed, power and utter hypocrisy.
    We have no option but to live with these despicable people who resort to mega corruption, whether they are Asians, Europeans, Canadians, Americans, Chinese , Indians, Amnesty International, UNHRC or whoever, but in return, what we as a nation must demand from these rulers, is economic development, peaceful coexistence and security free of terrorism. Sri Lanka did get all this from the MR regime but the Sirisena regime has so far made only promises and seems to be lost not knowing what to do other than trying to destroy its opponents.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    Till a government comes together to truly work FOR the People of Lanka, it is : “the Floggings shall continue till Morale improves …. “. So Be Prepared to fight in the Courts and other peaceful ways for YOUR RIGHTS !

  14. anura seneviratna Says:

    My salutations to Prof. chandre dharma-wardena for skilfully bringing to the fore this natural phenomenon within the fast evolving society scientifically for us to understand. Hence, no entropy perhaps lesser chance for corruption could be a strong benevolent king by ridding party political moronic tussle – force feeding toxic democracy dish all over the world.

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