The Problem of Indian fishermen poaching in Sri Lankan waters
Posted on October 18th, 2015

Sudath Gunasekara 17.10.2015.

In the first place I want you to read the content of the following two news items

Indian express 12.10.2015 Indian express

SL Deceiving Nations, says Karunanidhi

By Express News Service

Published: 12th October 2015 05:38 AM

Last Updated: 12th October 2015 05:38 AM

CHENNAI: DMK leader M Karunanidhi on Sunday charged Sri Lanka with using its geographical location to deceive other nations and asked the Union government to take steps to safeguard the livelihood of the fishermen of Tamil Nadu.

Karunanidhi cited Lanka rejecting the Indian government’s request to allow TN fishermen to fish in Lankan waters for 65 days and not to arrest them when they crossed the international maritime boundary, referring to the arrest of 19 fishermen from Nagapattinam. It may be recalled that the Lankan Fisheries Minister, Mahinda Amaraweera, had refused to agree to the Indian government’s proposal”.

This old man of Tamilnadu, Sri Lanka’s traditional adversary, wants Sri Lanka Government to allow Indian (Tamilnadu) fisherman to fish in Sri Lankan waters for 65 days and also not to arrest Indian poachers robbing  the fish harvest in Sri Lankan  waters. He also blames the Sri Lankan Minister for refusing permission for poaching on Lankan waters. This man and that foul mouthed women Jayalalitha appear to think that they have a birth right to fish in our waters. They also appear to treat this country as a part of Tamilnadu or at least another State of India. That is why both of them ask the Indian Government to take steps to safeguard the livelihood of the fishermen of Tamil Nadu by which both of them claim Sri Lanka and all other neighbouring countries must allow Indians to poach in our waters in order to safeguard the livelihood of the fishermen of Tamil Nadu. If we allow them to fish in our waters then where do our fishermen are going to fish. I think both of them are mad. Both of them are a nuisance to both Sri Lanka and India. Now  let us look at the Fisherworkers Forum of India  has to say  about this problem.

Home States Tamil Nadu

Fisherworkers Forum Urges PM to Find Permanent Solution to Fishermen Issue

By Pradeep Kumar

Published: 12th October 2015 05:38 AM

Last Updated: 13th October 2015 05:08 AM



File Photo for Representation


National Fishworkers Forum (NFF) has requested Prime Minster Narendra Modi to use diplomatic channels to hold dialogue with neighbouring countries, who arrest, attack and incarcerate Indian fishermen.

NFF chairperson, M Ilango and general secretary, Narendra R Patil, in a letter, have urged the PM to pay attention to the issue that affects the livelihood of fisher communities and bring a permanent solution with a human touch.

They also wanted the PM to hold consultation with leaders of the fisher communities at the national level.

Ilango said fishermen of Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Diu, Daman and West Bengal are continuously affected by the navies of Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Giving statistics, he said since the beginning of 2015, innumerable number of fishermen of Gujarat have been arrested by Pakistan Marine Security Agency (PMSA). The 11 boats that went out for fishing from Porbandhar and one boat from Okha were confiscated by PMSA and the 100 fishermen of those vessels were arrested last week.

In January, 38 fishermen were arrested and their 7 boats were confiscated by Pakistan authorities. In March, 48 fishermen were arrested and their 8 boats were impounded. In April, another 47 in 8 boats were arrested.

This September, a fisherman named Iqbal Bhatti from Okha was shot dead in the international border near Indian seas. The fishermen who go out fishing from Gujarat, Diu and Daman are continuously suffering a state of uncertainty over safety of their lives, he added.

On October 1, 61 fishermen of West Bengal were arrested by Bangladesh and their 5 boats confiscated.

In the South, 40 fishing boats of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry are confiscated and let to lie unmaintained for months by Sri Lanka and 35 fishermen are imprisoned.

Ilango said all the countries concerned, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are members of the UN and they have ratified the International Law of the Seas. But no effort has been taken by these countries to implement the International law and instead they continue to arrest or shoot innocent fishermen and confiscate their boats, Ilango added.”

Following Karunanidhia and Jayalalitha they also want fishermen from Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Diu, Daman and West Bengal to poach in Sri Lankan and Bangladesh waters with impunity.  They also call these poachers innocent.

Both parties, the South Indian Politicians who are sworn enemies of this country and the Fisherworkers Forum of India demand the same thing. That is,

1 They want us to allow their fishermen poachers to freely harvest fish within our waters and also engage in illegal deep sea fishing

2 They don’t want us to take any action against these poachers

3 They want our countries to look after the livelihood of their fishermen

Why can’t the Sri Lankan authorities ask these idiots whether they are also prepared to do the same things in return.

That is our fishermen also to be given permission to fish in their waters. India too  should not take any action against them and consider their livelihood as well.

As for me I am not aware of this ‘International Law of the Seas’ which allow fishermen of any country to poach in others waters with impunity, they are talking about.

Why can’t each country instruct its fishermen to strictly carry on fishing only within their own waters without violating maritime boundaries of other nations and stop poaching in others waters? If that is strictly followed there will be no problem of arresting or confiscating boats or fish harvest. Also both K&J can devote their time usefully to matters of domestic politics without creating problems to Modis Government as well.

Why can’t these fools realize that we are also concerned about the livelihood of our fishermen as much as they are concerned about theirs? If they think that we should allow Indian fishermen to poach in our waters at their will merely because India is bigger and we are small nations. Their bigness has nothing to do with our sovereignty and Independence. We are separate countries. All maritime resources within our maritime boundaries belong to us.

Next time they might demand that we should allow their excess people to settle down on our land and also to rob our other resources within the country. Just now they don’t behave like civilized people.

As a responsible citizen of this country I must clearly state that this type of nonsense by all Indians, which has become a nuisance for a long time, whether it comes from Tamilnadu or any other source must stop immediately. Please learn to respect the other man’s right as well before you try to impose your will and policeman role on neihgbouring countries merely because you people think you are big and more powerful. If you Indians read Panchatanatara

The Government of Sri Lanka should also assert its legitimate position and tell the Indian Government to stop this nuisance. They should govern or get out and allow someone who can do that better. It is the duty and the responsibility of the Government to protect and safeguard the interest of our people and our country. That is why we have elected them to power.

This is not the only issue the government is sleeping and inactive. I don’t see any difference between the way the Government handling this issue and the way it handles the following domestic issues.

Drugs, wild elephants invading villages, foreign employment of women, increasing crimes particularly against children and women, non implementation of capital punishment and increasing crimes, corrupt politicians, purchasing of agricultural produce like paddy, vegetable and big onions, mess created by the 13th Amendment and the tragedy of Provincial Councils, lack of good governance, absence of rule of law, daily increasing traffic accidents and resulting deaths, students unrest, vandalism against archaeological wealth, Illicit Kasippu brewing and cannabis growing and trade, falling standards of Public Service, wastage in Government expenditure, Muslim and Tamil communal cries, Indian cultural invasion in the TV, illicit immigrations by Indians, child abuse and rape of old women, political corruption, abuse and misuse of power by politicians, the cancer of International schools, appointment of a non citizen  as  Central Bank Governor, mess in the Parliament, UNHCHR  mess, decline in the Sasanaya and lack of discipline among clergy and deterioration in the Sasana.

Reasons as I see why this situation perpetuates.

1 The politicians are not interested in settling these issues as they have no time to devote on such trifle things as they are only interested in settling their own problems like coming to power, consolidating the power they have robbed and remaining in power as long as possible.

2 None of them have the political will and the commitment to sit down an seriously study these issues and resolve them firstly, as perpetuating such issues benefits their political survival and second it will not benefit them as most parties involved in these issues are strong supports and financiers of politicians who directly and  indirectly finance them. Now look at Welesuda aman from Gampola operating mainly in Kolonnawa.

2 They may be not left with any time to matters like this as their priories are amassing wealth, property and robbing public assets and foreign sojourns and taking revenge from opponents

3As such they don’t have Time to even think about these trivial things

4 Either they don’t have the knowledge or don’t want to get expert advice either, as they consider knowing everything and even if they resort to them they often go for wrong advice.

5 Above all, all our Governments are eternally scared of the Indian Government

Now you see ladies and gentlemen why Indians are poaching in Sri Lankan waters without caring a damn to Sri Lankan Government.

11 Responses to “The Problem of Indian fishermen poaching in Sri Lankan waters”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    This has been said by some others here. The right thing to do is GOSL to agree with Endian govt. that TN, etc. fishermen can fish in northern SL ONLY and SL SCRAPS 13 amendment.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:




  3. NAK Says:

    No Lorenzo…. 13A should go and that is a different question.
    South Indian, especially TN fishermen, poaching in our waters must stop. Period. No negotiations are are needed for that. No country in the world allow another country to exploit their natural resources even on a humanitarian ground.
    We are now banned by the EU for illegal fishing in the international waters! but they except Indian exports knowing very well that they are stolen from Sri Lanka. That is the level of EU’s hypocrisy and now the jahapalana gov. also are passing laws to punish our fishermen while saying that we are not going to do anything against the Indian poachers because India is a friendly country and that is level of our hypocrisy!

  4. NAK Says:

    What I can’t understand is,why can’t a patriotic person or an organization complain this day light mega heist to world court or what ever authority,if government doesn’t do it for their own political survival?

  5. Independent Says:

    Life is short. Strive with diligence . May she attain Nibbaana !

    Former female LTTE political wing leader Thamilini dies of cancer
    Sun, Oct 18, 2015, 10:53 am SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 18, Colombo: The former female political wing leader of the terrorist group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), Subramaniam Sivathai alias Thamalini has died of cancer. She was 43.

    Thamilini has died while undergoing treatment for cancer at the National Cancer Hospital in Maharagama.

    Thamilini, a resident of Kilinochchi joined LTTE in 1991 and became the head of LTTE Women’s Wing. She had received battle training in a LTTE camp and remained a combatant until the end of the war.

    A special police team arrested Thamalini on May 27, 2009 at the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp in Vavuniya. She was charged with training LTTE cadres and establishing connections with LTTE members overseas.

    After being detained at the Welikada prison for many months she was transferred to the Vavuniya Rehabilitation center and underwent a rehabilitation program. She was released and re-integrated into the society in 2013.

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    government doesn’t do ? because Indian fishing Ganja not fish !

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    In earlier times, Tamil Nadu fishermen probably got used to fishing in the entire Palk Sts prior to division of sea waters between Lanka & India and want to continue to do so. Also, most of the boats from TN are owned by TN politicos, we are told, and they make a noise when their fish collection drops. Another reason for the troubles is that TN fishermen have bottom trawled and over fished their parts of the sea, so they have a meagre catch there and want the better catch from Lanka seas.

    We think that the Kuchativu island troubles are added to the fishing troubles to make matters worse.
    While Lanka loses about a $ billion/yr (is this correct?) on poached fish Lanka is also banned for fish exports to the EU !

    While Lankans squable at home on small issues, Tamil Nadu gains on every count !

  8. Fran Diaz Says:


    Sri Lanka has never gone to the UN for this problem of poached fish by TN fishermen. Lanka has tried to sort it out with TN & India (TN and the rest of India sound almost like two countries to me, and not one India).

  9. Lorenzo Says:


    1. Endia will NEVER allow the lives of 100,000 ILLEGAL FISHERMEN to go bust. They depend on it.

    2. SL ALWAYS had Endian bootylicking leaders and ENDIAN RELATIVES and always will.

    So the outcome is Endian illegal fishermen will ALWAYS fish in SL waters.

    What is the next best solution?

    Making use of it.

    1. Singhala and Muslim fishermen anyway don’t go to northern seas. ONLY TNA voters fish in SL northern waters from the SL side.

    2. What happens if TN fishermen fish in those waters? TNA voting fishermen go bust!

    By allowing TN illegals fish, FRICTION can be created between them and TNA voters.

    GOSL can conditionally agree to allow them IF Endia agrees to SCRAP 13 amendment.

    SL getting the bad name to protect its northern seas from Endians so that TNA voters prosper is like the FARMER and the TAMIL sharing the cow. The stupid Singhala farmer gets the useless front part but the cunning Tamil gets the back part. Who gains???? Who pays????

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    GoSL must learn to BARGAIN with other countries.


    While Prdeep Kuma wants permanent solution now but we have been looking for this solution since Jawaharlal wanted Trincomalee Harbor even before 1947!
    Number 5. is the most appropriate sentence in this Valuable Dr. Sudath article. Why are Sinhala afraid of INDIANS? Short answer is they created it by utilizing multitude of tools, we must be friends, if not India will put sanctions and with the help of US state department. We need a set of politicians openly state that India and US State Department, Under MUSLIM OBAMA. are totally responsible for price hike in every item. They MUST ask for breaking or down grading the diplomatic relationship with INDIA. So far no politician or an ordinary citizen has called for this, but Tamil Nadu Tamils calls for such action on a daily basis since 1947.

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