Weerawansa on Geneva Resolution
Posted on October 18th, 2015


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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Good work WW.

    WHY our top heroes are SILENT?

    Looks like they have ALLOWED Sampanthan to remain the opposition leader.


    No one can do any thing. OBAMA has told Ranil Punk to get MR and his family to Haig one way or the other. OBAMA has been cornered by Saudis and Israel, so only country he has know is SL. OBAMA called Ranil Punk and Election Commissioner today and told them to make sure the Parliament MUST NOT be opened under any circumstances. Its time for people to rise against OBAMA and TAMILS FOR OBAMA organizations. Don’t let the Election Commissioner come out of his house or his office.

  3. ranjit Says:

    WW as always you are the man to watch and listen.We appreciate your services to the nation we love. We pray for your safety ,Health and your future. Be with MR and group only hope for the country. BRAVO WW.

  4. Independent Says:

    No difference between Sirisena regime and its predecessor – IUSF
    October 18, 2015, 12:00 pm


    The incumbent government is moving in the same direction as Mahinda Rajapaksa regime and employing the very same oppressive methods to silence the voice of the people, the Inter University Students’ Federation says.

    In a statement signed by its Convener Lahiru Weeraskera, the IUSF says that visuals of Rathupaswala people being mercilessly attacked and shot when they took to the streets demanding drinking water were used by Maithripala Sirisena at the last presidential polls and by the UNP at the general elections to gain political mileage. “They promised people that there would be no repetitions of such suppressive measures. However, after coming to power the government has resorted to very same methods. What happened at Bandagiriya in Hambantota last week was a case in point.”

    Condemning the police attack on people at Bandagiriya, who were demanding drinking water, the IUSF says: “Their was a just demand. But, the government reaction was shocking. It unleashed police on people, who were beaten mercilessly and taken into custody thereafter. We condemn this kind of cruelty.

    “It was the so-called yahapalana government that threw the farmers of Pelwehera in Dembulla behind bars for protesting against companies grabbing their land. The very same regime used water cannon and tear gas on people of Meethotamulla to quell an agitation against a garbage mountain. Their protest was against government’s failure to find a solution for the garbage problem which caused serious hazards. Jaffna people hurled stones at police and court building during a protest of the rape and murder of school student, Vidya Sivaloganathan. People were agitating against not receiving justice and officials conniving with the culprits. The yahapalana regime jailed the protesters. It is the same regime that banned a protest by the people of Chunnakkam in Jaffna demanding clean drinking water. Whenever university students stage a protest, the yahapalana regime sets police on them and have them beaten and arrested.

    “We hope the people will see that there is no difference between the current regime and its predecessor where the violent suppression of people’s rights is concerned. We pledge our support to people agitating for their rights and call upon them to join us to safeguard their right to oppose an oppressive regime.”

  5. Kumari Says:

    Independent: No difference between Sirisena regime and its predecessor – IUSF…. There are very differences and a few are as follows:

    1. Mahinda eliminated terrorism from the island
    2. Mahinda brought development to the island
    3. Mahinda elevated our judiciary to the 2nd best in Asia, in the world ranking
    4. Mahinda elevated Colombo to the fastest developing City in the Mastercard index
    5. Mahinda has/had the vision and the love for the country and it’s people
    6. Mahinda knows the meaning of the word: JANAADHIPATHI, Janayaata Adhipathi
    7. Most of all, Mahinda has a back bone

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Agree with Independent. But there is a good difference as well (in addition to BAD differences Kumari says). Unlike Rathupaswala, Maru Sira didn’t KILL people. NO church or mosque was fired upon.

    The Rathupaswala incident was very bad as I said from the start. It made the govt. VERY unpopular in the MOST IMPORTANT DISTRICT – GAMPAHA.

    I have written HOW MUCH the Maru Sira campaign used that. We should have AVOIDED it.
    I also OPPOSED BURNING mosques in Dambulla, etc. We should have AVOIDED it.

    UPFA AGAIN LOST GAMPAHA DISTRICT in August. IF this becomes a TREND, we are in DEEP TROUBLE.

  7. Independent Says:

    Kumari/ Lorenzo,
    As you can see 100% clearly above, these are not my words.

    But I will reply to your words.

    1. Poor soldiers sacrificed their life to eliminated terrorism from the island. Mahinda, Sira, Fonseka claims credit
    2. Personal Development , yes agreed.
    3. No. No. Please us say best in the world ( Good example Supreme Court judge De Abrew)
    4. Yes. Fastest developing Muslim and Tamil speaking City – Sinhalese chased out.
    5. I don’t see it. I so he could have scrapped the 13A first.
    6. That I agree 500% . Maharajaaaaneni…
    7. Yes, E=1 MPa

  8. Independent Says:

    I don’t agree to military takeover you propose. Why ? There is hardly any patriot in military high ranks.
    But I agree to People Power. Surround parliament, don’t let 1 bugger escape to 4 weeks.
    Demand for Sinhala government not MR government.
    Sira cannot fire, he cannot kill. Ranil cannot abduct people. They have to respect demoCrazy because of USA. They cannot shoot. So surround the Zoo.

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