TULF Leader Sangaree’s Lawyer son Gary Anandasangaree elected to Canadian Parliament
Posted on October 21st, 2015


A 43 year old lawyer Sri Lankan Tamil origin has been elected as a Canadian member of Parliament from the Liberal party at the 42nd Canadian general elections held on October 19th 2015.

He is none other than the son of veteran Sri Lankan Tamil politician Veerasingham Anandasangaree leader of the Tamil United Liberation Front(TULF) who was formerly MP for Kilinochchi electorate and Jaffna electoral district.
Anandasangaree’s second son Sathiyasangaree Anandasangaree known as Gary Anandasangaree was elected from the newly created Scarborough – Rouge park constituency polling 29,906 votes. He won with the huge majority of 16,302 votes.His nearest rival Leslyn Lewis of the Conservatives got 13,302 votes.
The constituency termed “riding” in Canada is in the Ontario province of Canada.
Canada’s first ever Federal MP of Sri Lankan Tamil origin Radhika Sitsabaiesan lost her seat in the adjoining Scarborough North constituency. She made history as the first Sri Lankan tamil woman to be elected as an MP in a Western country when she won at the last elections contesting from the New Democratic Party.
The elections saw the incumbent prime minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative Govt being swept away by a Liberal party wave that resulted in the party led by Justin Trudeau winning convincingly. The prime minister elect Justin Trudeau is the son of former Canadian Prime minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau.
Gary Anandasangaree with his mother came to Canada as a ten year old boy in 1983. Following in the footsteps of his lawyer father Gary Anandasangaree qualified as a lawyer in Ottawa and established a lucrative practice in Toronto.
He also joined the Liberal party and engaged in Canadian mainstream politics. He was nominated as Liberal party candidate and has now entered Parliament after tasting success in his first attempt to contest a Canadian parliamentary election.
Former Sri Lankan cricketer KM Shantikumar now known as Kanthratnam Shanthikumar also contested in the same constituency as an NDP candidate and lost
Gary Anandasangaree has also been actively engaged in Tamil nationalist politics and human rights campaigning in Canada. He has regularly participated in the UN Human Rights Council sessions in Geneva.
In a bizarre twist the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE) and pro-LTTE elements in Toronto canvassed strongly against Gary Anandasangaree at the elections. Tiger elements supported the conservative party in the current poll
The final result of Gary Anandasangaree riding the crest of a Liberal wave and winning has effectively snubbed the local tigers in a big way
Besides the Conservatives too have been defeated.
Besides Gary Anandasangaree from the Liberal party several other candidates of Sri Lankan Tamil origin also contested from the Conservative, New Democrats and Green party also contested in Ontario but failed to register victory.


2 Responses to “TULF Leader Sangaree’s Lawyer son Gary Anandasangaree elected to Canadian Parliament”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    I never trusted Ananda Sangaree. He is a signatory to the infamous VADAKUNDI RESOLUTION and still leads the TAMIL ONLY TULF.

    Here is what media say about his son.

    “Many others including human rights activists Gary Anandasangaree of Canada, Kirubaharan of France and Suren Surendiran of the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) were allowed to pose a question or two each. For most of the technical legal based questions Attorney General Mohan Pieris answered. He spoke well and articulated the government point of view very well.

    Gary Anandasangaree, being an Attorney himself challenged Mohan Pieris for too simplifying the weaknesses identified in the current LLRC process and condemned the aggressive language used by the Lankan representatives generally.”

    – Sri Lanka Brief.

    “Like Rathika Sitsabaiesan, who infiltrated the NDP of Canada, with the backing of the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC), Gary Anandasangaree is planning to penetrate the Liberal Party of Canada.

    Anandasangaree is Counsel to CTC, a designated ‘terrorist entity’ under UNSCR 1373, for engaging in terrorist propaganda, fundraising and procurement.

    After the LTTE’s military defeat, CTC is the main platform used by the terrorists to lobby Canadian politicians and infiltrate their political parties. A few Canadian politicians driven by campaign contributions and votes have issued statements supporting the LTTE, a terrorist group proscribed in Canada.”


    Be careful readers. Don’t forget the past.

  2. SA Kumar Says:

    Be careful readers. Don’t forget the past.- corrected who helped MS & got rid off MR .

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