First investigate those who sponsored & supported Sri Lanka’s LTTE Terrorists?
Posted on October 22nd, 2015

Shenali D Waduge

 Before any hybrid court or international investigators are brought into the scene causing another burden to the taxpayer and wasting years compiling data what is more important is to identify all those who had supported and sponsored terrorism in Sri Lanka. You can have disgruntled men and women who want to rebel against a system but it is when these men and women are supplied arms, ammunition and given training that creates a total new ballgame. We know that unemployed low caste Prabakaran and a handful of his men were unhappy with the government but things started to change only after India transported Prabakaran and coterie and trained them in guerrilla warfare. Who is going to bring India on trial for this crime? Thereafter plenty of other players entered the scene for their own agendas and helped created LTTE Inc into the internationally banned terrorist designate organization involved in illegal network of international rackets to which local and foreign players continue to make big bucks. We need to know who is going to investigate them. Moreover, the GOSL in April 2014 used UNSC Resolution 1373 to declare 16 organizations as LTTE fronts and over 400 individuals as directly being responsible for terrorism. This ban was no April Fools and we want to know why those countries harbouring these organizations and individuals are not taking any action against them?

The People have every right to know what the world bodies are going to do about investigating the following organizations that have been declared as LTTE fronts for materially supporting LTTE over the years. If not for these organizations LTTE and Prabakaran would have had to fight with sticks and stones.

We need to know …..Who helped supply arms, how was the money raised, what type of training did the LTTE cadres get, who trained them, who ran their global communications, who funded all these activities are questions that we need answers for.

It is only by roping in these entities declared banned by UNSC Resolution 1373 can we find the answers. Prabakaran would not have reached the stature he became if these banned organizations and other invisible organizations/individuals did not come forward to assist him starting out first with India. These truths now need to come out into the open otherwise words like reconciliation becomes meaningless when part of the jigsaw puzzle is kept hidden and uninvestigated mostly because those now coming forward to be the conflict resolutionists were actually steering these entities at some time or the other and so do not want to get their names exposed.

1.Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam a.k.a LTTE a.k.a Tamil Tigers – EN/CA/2013/01

2.Tamil Rehabilitation Organization a.k.a TRO. – EN/CA/2013/02 (Sri Lanka & Overseas)

3.Tamil Coordinating Committee a.k.a TCC – EN/CA/2013/03

4.British Tamil Forum a.k.a BTF – EN/CA/2013/04 (Operating from London, UK)

5.World Tamil Movement a.k.a WTM – EN/CA/2013/05 (Operating from Canada)

6.Canadian Tamil Congress a.k.a CTC – EN/CA/2013/06 (Operating from Canada)

7.Australian Tamil Congress a.k.a ATC – EN/CA/2013/07 (Operating from Australia)

8.Global Tamil Forum a.k.a GTF – EN/CA/2013/08 (Operating from UK)

9.National Council Of Canadian Tamils a.k.a NCCT a.k.a Makkal Avai – EN/CA/2013/09 (Operating from Canada)

10.Tamil National Council a.k.a TNC – EN/CA/2013/10 (Operating from Norway, Italy , Switzerland, France, Canada.)

11.Tamil Youth Organization a.k.a TYO – EN/CA/2013/11 (Operating from Australia)

12.World Tamil Coordinating Committee a.k.a WTCC. – EN/CA/2013/12

13.Transnational Government Of Tamil Eelam a.k.a TGTE – EN/CA/2013/13

14.Tamil Eelam Peoples Assembly a.k.a TEPA – EN/CA/2013/14

15.World Tamil Relief Fund a.k.a WTRF – EN/CA/2013/15

16.Headquarters Group a.k.a HQ Group – EN/CA/2013/16

The above categorized Foreign Terrorist Organizations are led by the following 4 key individuals all of whom are domiciled overseas and carrying on operations without any fuss by foreign governments and even openly lobbying against a sovereign government inside the halls of the United Nations where they are given VVIP treatment against the shoddy treatment meted to Sri Lanka’s diplomats!

1.         Perinbanayagam Sivaparan alias Nediyavan”;

2.         Rev.Fr. S J Emmanuel

3.         Visuvanathan Ruthirakumaran

4.         Sekarampillai Vinayakamoorthy alias Vinayagam

These LTTE fronts are operating openly in EU, UK, Canada, US and Australia. They are registered as charities and human rights organizations and some of these representatives have over the years been arrested though it has always been ‘business as usual’ thereafter. In addition the Tamil National Alliance that was first formed by the LTTE need to also be thoroughly investigated for links with the LTTE.

When the 16 LTTE fronts were declared banned the official statement delivered was not only those who perpetrated the terrorist crimes but those who financed and supported terrorism will be brought to justice”. We now want that delivered.

LTTE ground force was eliminated in May 2009 along with the Leader Prabakaran and a handful of others while key layers either surrendered or managed to with the help of foreign/local NGOs escape and are now living in foreign shores and getting trained to come out with tearful and emotional stories of their harassment so as to either get refugee/asylum status or use these accounts against the military as a punishment for having ended a very lucrative terrorist business.

Any organization/individual can croak all they like but having saved 300,000 people who can be named those claiming that 40,000 to 200,000 had been killed by the Sri Lankan troops have so far in 6 years failed to show mass graves, skeletons, newly dug earth mounds (Ban Ki Moon went on a helicopter tour of the area 3 days after the LTTE was eliminated) and no names even… so instead we are going around the mulberry bush with stories about the troops ‘may have killed’ but no bodies or names to verify this and then wasting time demanding investigations until they come up with names….this means we are in for a long investigation, wasting a lot of money and a handful of selected people getting rich.

Close to 12,000 LTTE cadres surrendered. If the Sri Lankan troops had been murderers as claimed would this lot be alive? Would the 594 child soldiers have got a Presidential Pardon? This is not to say that even within the army there are some bad eggs but that cannot and should not bring the entire reputation of the army down or have the war heroes treated as they are currently being done. Moreover, where are the calls for the 5000 military soldiers whose families have officially filed the names of their missing sons/husbands with the Presidential Commission on Missing Persons. While 40,000 do not have names the 5000 military missing do – why is there no concern or calls to demand from the 16 LTTE fronts and their leaders what the LTTE did to these men?

What needs to be said is that the LTTE monster initially created by India is only part dead, its tail, feet are still very much wagging while the teeth have been removed in May 2009. The players that were involved in keeping the LTTE alive are very much active still. Their objective is nothing to do with Tamils and the day ordinary Tamils realize that they have been taken for a jolly ride all these years it would be too late. Many enjoy the ride for they have had freebies come their way as a large number of Tamils have been given the opportunity to live in foreign shores and they do not mind keeping the kitty going. They little realize the damage they are doing. However, the players that first used and turned men, women and children into killers are very much active and it is they who need to be exposed.

So long as there are entities that are ready to manufacture and supply arms, nations prepared to allow their territories to be used to train men and women to shoot and kill terrorism will continue to exist.

So long as there are entities that knowing terrorism is killing innocent people but because they make a good living and can travel widely and amass perks and privileges terrorism will continue to thrive.

So long as there are entities prepared to train terrorist groups to promote terrorism and showcase terrorists as ‘saviors’ manipulating mass media and communication channels terrorism will see no decline.

So long as there are people who would do anything and everything for money to function as charlatans appearing as panel speakers, authors and people ready to lie and prostitute their integrity for money the loss of innocent lives, damage to property and chaos the world over would continue.

So long as there are international organizations, foreign envoys, foreign governments that make profit from the sale of arms & ammunition and create conflicts to supply both the terrorists and government troops and thereafter use terrorism to advance their own larger economic/political agendas innocent people will continue to perish and environment will be destroyed.

Shenali D Waduge

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9 Responses to “First investigate those who sponsored & supported Sri Lanka’s LTTE Terrorists?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    How come Tamil terrorists of the diaspora always get away?

    Even FBI captured them for TERRORISM!!

    The problem is they are STILL ACTIVE ready to finance the NEXT round of terrorism.

  2. Cerberus Says:

    Hi Shenali, Thank you for your bold and courageous articles. Wish there were a few more like you.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Shenali,
    Thank you very much for telling the facts of the case. No one will be able to solve the great mystery of teh LTTE war going on for so long without giving the history of the case accurately.

    Why is the problem starting in Tamil Nadu and coming into Lanka, so persistent ?
    It is because of the Tamil Dalits problems of 3,000 yrs. There are over 15 Million Tamil Dalits in TN. Atrocities against Tamil Dalits have increased greatly in the last few years.

    For a lasting solution, identify the problem properly, and solve it at the source. Lanka does not issue birth certificates to anyone with the Caste identity included. Tamil Nadu does.

  4. Indrajith Says:

    Everything you should know about Geneva circus and its implications for our beloved motherland.
    Please listen to WW’s recent speech in the parliament:

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Shenali,

    Thank you very much for telling the facts of the case.


    No one will be able to solve the great mystery of the LTTE war going on for so long without giving the history of the case accurately.

    Why is the problem starting in Tamil Nadu and coming into Lanka, so persistent ? Why is the Sinhala Buddhist community constantly made to feel like the ‘fall guy’, at fault over all that ails the Tamil people ? Why have our people, some 27,000 from the armed forces and around 100,000 others died over this tragedy ?

    It is because of the Tamil Dalits problems of 3,000 yrs. There are over 15 Million Tamil Dalits in TN. Atrocities against Tamil Dalits have increased greatly in the last few years.

    * For a lasting solution, identify the problem properly, and solve it at the source. Lanka does not issue birth certificates to anyone with the Caste identity included. Tamil Nadu does. That is just a start to solving the problem

    * What cost our cup of Tea ? :

    In addition, Sri Lanka has laid out a welcome mat for Dalits of Tamil Nadu to come in as Cheap Labor for the heavy labor tea sector mainly and other labor needs. This has gone on from the times of the Colonial British occupation of Lanka. SWRD’s
    (a) Prevention of social Disabilities Act (1957) enabling Dalit and low caste Tamils to enter classrooms for education purposes and also enter Temples for purposes of worship, and, (b) SWRD’s Tamil Language Act (Special Provisions) Act of 1964, set the conditions inviting Tamil Dalits of Tamil Nadu to enter Lanka illegally.

    Now the tea prices are not that good. We ought to use the cost effective machines to replace the tea pluckers as done in a number of countries e.g. China, India, S. Africa. For other Labor needs, Local Labor can be used instead of illegal migrants from Tamil Nadu.

    * Also, the Tamil Leaders have been demanding the a Separate State for Tamils from 1930’s. The demand for Eelam turned violent since Tamil Leaders declared the Vadukoddai Resolution (1976).

    * The 1983 Riots were orchestrated to allow Tamils to flee to the west where only REFUGEES were allowed in, especially to Canada (a part of Canadian Law since WW II, made in order to allow Europeans fleeing the European wars enter Canada).

    * Various religious bodies in Lanka encourage Tamil Dalits to come into Lanka and seek protection, jobs, education etc. through the religious bodies, NGOs etc.

    * Cold War players and Empire builders saw opportunities to use the some 15 Tamil Dalits of Tamil Nadu in various ways to suit their purposes.

    * People living in Lanka could not see or grasp the whole situation – it was too complex.

    Now is the time to see the complete picture and protect Sri Lanka on a permanent basis. Make lemon-aid out of all the lemons handed to us. Get together, unite to see an end to strife for all communities of Lanka. Make Lanka shine once more !
    We can do it ! United we Stand – it is not too late !!

    Do not fall into traps in the form of trumped up ‘genocide charges’ or various inimical Resolutions & Reports. Use this chance to see the problem CLEARLY and sort it out peacefully, for lasting Peace & Prosperity for all in Lanka. Set aside Greed and Anger and achieve a lasting peace for the future generations of Lanka. Copy clever ideas from other countries and make the Peace last.

    Last but not least, mostly Honor those who truly deserve it, such as those who eliminated the LTTE menace.

  6. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Bravo! Shenali
    you’ve hit the nail on the head.
    Pots tryi9ng to call the kettle black .
    Truly it is those who sponsored the LTTE and caused so much mayhem as a result that need top be investigated.
    The ding dongs in the UN as usual never give up their anti Sinhala supremacy instigated by the ass kissing Tamil diaspora.
    Down with diaspora persistance on this issue and the continued covert attempts to recussitate terrorist idealogy which must be snuffed out post haste in Sri Lanka and around the world.
    Give then an inch and they will attempt to take over the Nation.

  7. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    correction – meant anti Sinhala supremacy theme

  8. azad2608 Says:

    Thanks for the article Shenali, it is upto the current Govt, the opposition and the Sri Lankans to make Lanka a peaceful country. There will be so many nations and people who will want LTTE to raise their heads for their selfish gains but firstly the people of Sri Lanka should hold their hands together and make sure that this beautiful ISLAND will remain peaceful and so will all the Sri Lankans immaterial religion, race, caste or creed.

    It is certainly India who assisted LTTE to fight the GOSL as is happening with the ISIS where USA and WESTERN countries are backing them.

    We should keep China as our good friends and also seek the assistance of Russia whilst keeping USA and WESTERN COUNTRIES as our friends.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    ALL Sri Lankans (including ALL Tamil Leaders) should realise that EVERYONE will suffer if the problems of Tamil Separatism is not handled with wisdom and toughness.

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