Allegations and probes
Posted on October 26th, 2015

EDITORIAL  The Daily Mirror

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t is taken as a fact that Lakshman Kadirgamar — Foreign Minister from 1994 to 2005 with a three-year break in-between — was Sri Lanka’s best diplomat who played a major role in getting the LTTE banned as a terrorist group in the United States and the European Union. His outstanding diplomatic skills helped Sri Lanka to go through some of the worst years of the war and win international support from the United States and Western Europe, India, Russia and China till he was assassinated on August 12, 2005.

In Parliament last Friday, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe dropped a bombshell relating to the assassination of former foreign minister Kadirgamar by the LTTE. Speaking during the two-day debate on the Geneva Resolution, the Prime Minister charged that about three months after the assassination of Mr. Kadirgamar a huge amount was paid to the LTTE to prevent several hundred thousand North-Eastern people from voting at the November 2005 presidential election. Mr. Wickremesinghe who lost this election to Mahinda Rajapaksa by about 150,000 votes charged that the deals with the LTTE had paved the way for the Rajapaksa victory. He asked whether there was a link between the Kadirgamar assassination and the payment of the huge sum to the LTTE.
The Prime Minster challenged former president Rajapaksa to respond to the disclosures or allegations he was making. The former president, now the UPFA’s Kurunegala district parliamentarian, was allocated 15 minutes to respond to the charges, but he did not turn up in parliament.Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.
The Prime Minister during the debate also made other serious allegations against what he described as a so-called patriotic group around the former president. The premier referred to last week’s visit of Japan’s Moto Noguchi who was in charge of the victims’ fund of the International Criminal Court and was Special Prosecutor in the Prosecutor’s Office in Japan. The Japanese prosecutor had been invited to come on January 10 this year, after the presidential election, to help investigate alleged war crimes. Mr. Wickremesinghe said the former President’s coterie had been accusing him, President Maithripala Sirisena and former President Chandrika Bandaranaike of acting like traitors. But the premier said that he was now disclosing details and would disclose more for the people to see who indeed were acting like traitors.

Referring to the white-flag issue, Mr. Wickremesinghe claimed, this issue came up when the LTTE leaders and others were coming with white flags. The Commanding Officers on the spot should have decided whether that was a genuine surrender or a ploy to carry out an assault. But in this instance, the decision came from Colombo and was passed down to the Army. It was not a decision taken on the battlefield. Why did that happen? Whom did they want to rescue? They wanted to safeguard Pulidevan who made that deal of taking money in exchange for the LTTE telling the people to boycott the 2005 presidential elections. We will speak the truth. Who gave money to save Pulidevan? Who put the deal through during the presidential election of 2005? There are people here who are aware of it. The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) members are aware of it. What is the truth? What was the need for Pulidevan to be rescued? But Pulidevan should be held responsible for the destruction caused to the Tamils. If Pulidevan was not there Mr. Rajapaksa could not have come into power. It should have been a decision of the Army to accept the surrender or not to accept those coming with white flags.”
The Prime Minister also charged that it was the former president who was responsible for the initiation of the international inquiry. When the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon visited Sri Lanka soon after the war ended, he and the former President had signed an agreement saying they would inquire into allegations on violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.
The Prime Minister made this disclosure within the confines of parliamentary privileges. The former president has a duty and responsibility to respond in parliament. In any case such serious allegations need to be properly probed.

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7 Responses to “Allegations and probes”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    This looks like a plot by CBK. She is the one who comes up with such “great” ideas, but they all ends up useless.

    Run-nil cannot fabricate such clever lies.

  2. NAK Says:

    It was Chandrika who was responsible for Mr Kadiragamar’s security and the laspse in that is also the her responsibility.
    Ranil Wickremasinghe has been making this payment to tigers claim ever since he lost in 2005 and even after ten years it still is only an allegation that no one with a little common sense would believe.
    No one in his or hers right mind will not attempt to buy out Velupillai Prabahakaran for the simple reason that there is no way for any one to be sure that VP will keep his word after taking the money.
    RW is such a mutt that he can’t see that even if MR paid VP to defeat RW he had done a great favour by the country.
    RW seem to think that he is such a smart ass that he can divert the attention of the people from dire situation the country is facing by coming up with these bull shit stories.


    Lets start form the roots. WHO OWNS “Daily Mirror” Answer; RANIL PUNKS uncle. Check it out. Next:
    1. how many minutes did RANIL PUNK get to make the challenge?
    2. What is the relevance of this today? Answer; to distract attention from current illegal government.
    3. Who told him to bring this up in the Parliament? Answer: There is Dr. Mendes. educated top University, May be Penn State. MUSLIM OBAMA when busy, Mendes takes over and speaks to RANIL PUNK on a daily basis. I got this from a floating e-mail that cannot be copied or distributed. Where is the proof that Huge sums of money that went to LTTE?
    4. I think Gota pushed for ban the LTTE and got it. I ask RANIL PUNKS press Secretary to answer these questions. Will I get an answer? Don’t even think about it. It is like Sirisena’s Private secretary and Family partying in Los Angeles California.

    5. If you looed at video clip of Dinash Gunawardena, posted on Lankaweb, before Dinash completed the speech he was pushed out of his chair by and aid to RANIL PUNK disguised as a Parliamentary official.
    6. What has Ranjan Kadiragama got to do with the current Geneva resolution. Does the Dead man Ranjan got a vote?
    7. Ranil Punk went to Los Angeles, California, in 2007 to under go medical tests. He fell down at his house. They found a Malignant TUMER in his head. He got radiation therapy and it has gone away. I feel he only has couple of years to live. So he wants to do maximum harm to Sinhala Buddhists. I say may he attend NIRVANA as soon as possible.

  4. Cerberus Says:

    In 2011 when the army had intelligence on location of Prabahakaran and were about to take him out why did Ponil prevent it. Did he get money from Prabahakaran? Similarly when he was going to hand over 2/3 of the country to LTTE under the CFA agreement which he did without informing the Parliament did he get money from Prabhakaran. Did President Mahinda Rajapakase give Prabahakaran money to let himself get killed in 2009 May? What stupid arguments Ponil is bringing up. He must be desperate. Please see attached link.

  5. helaya Says:

    This is all bullshit. I cant believe that people in Sri Lanka listening these childish allegation. Shut up Mr. Prime Minister. You are the traitor.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    RW is making serious charges here. Does he know and is aware of just what he is saying ? Whose orders is he following to make such desperate charges ? We think this goes beyond a joking or making light hearted comments about why he RW lost the elections to MR.

    If the white flag group was put down by the Army when approached, then likely RW would say that the Army broke war rules and killed Tamils carrying white flags !

    What a dummy ! What a traitor with numerous events on record to prove that too.

  7. Cerberus Says:

    CBK has no original ideas. She is advised by MI6 or some such agency from one of the think tanks they have.

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