Sri Lankans have faced hundreds of terrorist attacks similar to PARIS attack
Posted on November 15th, 2015

Malin Abeyatunge

All Sri Lankans once the victims of brutal Tamil terrorism for almost 30 years day in and day out totally  condemn the brutal terrorist suicide bombing  on innocent Parisians who were enjoying a fun night in Bataclan Grand theatre including five other locations simultaneously killing 153 people (current figure) and injuring hundreds.

Terrorists struck six locations in Paris with gunfire and explosions, killing 153 people and seizing hostages in a nation traumatized by another massacre claimed by ISIS.

It’s suffice to remind at this moment  the UK and French Governments when they sent their Foreign Ministers  Bernanrd Kucher (French) and David Milliband (UK) to Sri Lanka at the height of the war against the LTTE terrorist  outfit requesting then President Rajapaksa of the Sri Lankan Government to stop the war against the terrorists to save Prabhakaran and his LTTE gang. Thanks for ex President, who did not budge but continued the war on LTTE and saved Sri Lankans from this deadly terrorist group. It’s funny that the French Government has already declared war against the ISIS terrorist outfit  having experienced only one incident. (I think Sri Lanka should send some emissaries to France and UK requesting to stop any intended war against ISIS in the same way they requested Sri Lankan Government then).

The whole world is now in unison with condemning this brutal attack and we have no qualms for that as we too condemn any terrorist act by any group in any part of the world. But our grievance  against the western world is how they treated a small island like ours when we were battered with terrorism for 30 years but kept deaf, dumb and blind and shed no tears nor supported the Sri Lankan Government to crush the terrorist outfit. The western world could only say two words WE CONDEMN” whenever we were attacked by the LTTE terrorist outfit  knowing very well it was LTTE terrorist outfit who  was responsible while harbouring the very terrorists activists in their countries.

We Sri Lankans for almost 30 years have been experiencing more gruesome attacks by the most brutal terrorist group named LTTE popularly known as Tamil Tigers. Unfortunately the so called western world never  shed a tear for those innocent victims not even pointing fingers at the  perpetrators in the same way they are pointing at ISIS now.  Instead, the western world mainly America, Canada, UK, France, Norway, Sweden Switzerland, Germany and Australia  made their countries a haven for the LTTE terrorists to collect funds under dubious (Some of them are still operating under charity organisations) fronts to oil the LTTE War Machine to kill innocent Sri Lankans. They hardly made any attempt to  stop these organisations collecting funds to procure arms for this terrorist group. In fact, over the last thirty years, Paris became International Money laundering centre rfor LTTE once led by LTTEr Lawrence Thilagar. Unfortunately for the western world they were not terrorists but freedom fighters and they did so for their political survival. Suffice to give a grim reminder for the western world to feel ashamed of themselves of their double standard, which I wish to quote a few  incidents herein: (main source-Google)

  • World Trade Centre and Boston Bombing killing thousands and maiming thousands;
  • On the morning of Thursday, 7 July 2005, four Islamist extremists separately detonated three bombs in quick succession aboard London Underground trains across the city and, later, a fourth on a double-decker bus in Tavistock Square. Fifty-two civilians were killed and over 700 more were injured in the attacks, the United Kingdom’s worst terrorist incident since the 1988 Lockerbie bombing as well as the country’s first ever Islamist suicide attack. UK still continue to harbor terrorist activists on their soil
  • Anti-Muslim extremist Anders Behring Breivik planted a bomb in Oslo then attacked a youth camp associated with the Norwegian Labour Party on Norway’s Utoya island, killing 77 people, many of them teenagers. Norway was the prime mover  of LTTE terrorism from outside world;
  • terrorist attack on a Restaurant in Sydney:
  • Madrid Terrorist attack
  • Mumbai terrorist attack about 7 years back killing 160 civilians and maiming hundreds.

Though these attacks were not committed by Tamil Tigers, but yet the fact remains LTTE was attacking innocent civilians in their own country. If I were to pen down the number innocent civilians, politicians killed by suicide bombers, suicide attacks and bombing public places, public transport ,religious places and villages it will run into pages .  Only thing is that LTTE terrorist killed more civilians of their own country than the number taken into account of all other civilians killed by other terrorists in all other countries including Al Quaeda & ISIS.

In fact, suffice to remind here that Hillary Clinton in her first presidential election campaign received donation from LTTE activists in America and when there was a worldwide protest from all over the world by Sri Lankans through the social media and the Sri Lankan Defence Ministry, she alleged to have requested her election campaigner to return the money. (Read below)

quote In December 2007, the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence and the Canada Free Press reported that one of Clinton’s fundraisers in New Jersey, a U.S. resident who was associated with a December 12 fundraising event at the State Theatre in New Brunswick, New Jersey, was also a fundraiser for the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization,[87][88] which the U.S. government has determined[89] is a front organization for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam,[90] which is on the U.S. State Department list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations.[91] In February 2008, Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy adviser, Andrew Shapiro, announced that the Clinton campaign had returned the T.R.O. donations after complaints of impropriety given the outlawed T.R.O.’s terrorist links”;Unquote9Source-Google)

In the same tone, I remember she once mentioned that all terrorists cannot be put into one basket attempting to appease LTTE terrorists operating on American soil for her political survival implying them as freedom fighters. There is still a group operating called TGTE fighting for a separate Eelam in Sri Lanka for the Tamils which has the blessings of some congressmen.

Adding insult to injury, the so called Amnesty International in their own admission accepted to have received a donation of $50,000  from LTTE supportive group Canadian Tamil Congress    (Amnesty International gratefully accepted $50,000 from the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC), a long-time supporter of the Tamil Tigers (LTTE-Dec 21 2011), one of the most effective and brutal terrorist organizations of the 20th Century.President Obama thinks of act against  humanity only when the terrorists attacks affect the westerners but not  when it affects poor countries in the third world like Sri Lanka.

And most importantly, the irony is  what ‘s  the reward Sri Lanka is getting for conclusively annihilating the most brutal one time terrorist organisation  branded by FBI? Instead, USA, UK and other western countries have joined  together to bring charges against the Sri Lankan Government and its  legal armed  forces on War Crimes through the UNO  Agents. Isn’t this the westerners’ ’DOUBLE STANDARD”? . Is this the reward we are entitled for having conclusively defeated the most brutal terrorist organisation?

However the agitations are being continued by TGTE in USA, GTF & BTF in UK , Canadian Tamil Congress, Australian Tamil Congress and certain other organisations in Norway, Sweden, France Switzerland to support separatism on ethnicity  base to balkanise Sri Lanka into ethnic enclaves.

The saddest past is that, the Si Lankan Government has already released 32 suspected LTTE activists into the society last week  and for that we do not blame the rest of the world but it’s our own folly. The time is not too far when the release LTTErs and those who are still in  hiding get together and revive the half dead LTTE terrorist group and bring us another era of terrorism with the help of LTTE rumpus spread in the western world.

The Paris attack may be by Muslim terrorists, but world should not forget that there are other terrorist outfits as well.

Malin Abeyatunge  15/11/2015


6 Responses to “Sri Lankans have faced hundreds of terrorist attacks similar to PARIS attack”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Well said.

    Where is BERNARD?

    SL has released 31 terrorists. Now they will do the same thing.

  2. mario_perera Says:

    Yes, Where is Bernard? where is Milliband? It was paradoxically while a BAND was playing that the gunmen claimed the most number of victims.

    Kouchener and Milliband were rushed to Sri Lanka at the very climax of the terrorist war in this country. Their purpose was to save and spirit away to their ‘countries of terrorist refuge’ the cornered group of die-hard, inveterate, ruthless, brutal super terrorists who had launched a war that killed 100000 human beings in this country.

    Cameron on arriving in Sri Lanka did a bee-line to Jaffna, the heart of the LTTE.

    Now how did Francois Hollande react to the terror unleashed in Paris? He said it was an act of war, and that France was at WAR. He said the reply of France would be MERCILESS (‘impitoyable’).

    It is we who must stretch our hands to terrorists, come to agreements with terrorists, reconcile with terrorists while they wage MERCILESS WARS on those who terrorize them ! One is compelled to reflect on the assassination of Osama bin Laden under the gloating and jubilant eyes of Obama and Clinton who sat all that while glued to their television screens.

    Now with whom is France at war? With its own citizens. the serpent with deadly fangs (not the legendary ‘garandiya’) is inside his ‘ambudey’. Hollande is gnashing his teeth, plucking his hair, foaming and fuming, but the deadly serpent is ‘there inside’, gnawing at his vitals. Kouchener’s land, the refuge of terrorists, is now in the throes of terrorism. Fist it was the Charlie Hebdo office, now the whole of Paris.

    Hollande decreed three days of official mourning for 129 dead. How many days of mourning should the Sri Lanka government decree for 100000 dead?

    Let us look at this issue squarely: let us look at the truth in its face. Who the hell launched the world wars? who the hell launched all the localized wars since then? Who the hell launched the wars of colonization? Who the hell launched the regime change wars of more recent times. Who is doing the bombings in Syria? It is they, the wild West. Every pretext is good for them to launch a war- just think of the war in Iraq on the pretext of finding weapons of mass destruction !

    The least one can say (to those to whom the word ‘karma’ has no sense), is that the deadly boomerang has done its full circle and is now striking its source.

    Our hearts go out to the civilians who died but not to their political leaders. The USA and its Western European allies as well as Canada played a major role in the terrorist war of Sri Lanka. It was there that the LTTE had their sympathy base, generated their funds, and procured their arms. It was there that the LTTE promoters and inspirers found refuge (Ex.Chandrakanthan in Canada: Emmanuel in Germany).

    My advice to Holland is: do not weep to please the gallery. Beat your breast and say ‘mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa’.

    Mario Perera

  3. aravinda Says:

    Great article. I could not agree more with Malin Abeyatunga.

    The so called Western Powers (USA, UK, France and other supporting actors) should leave Middle East. Take their forces out of Arab world. They should buy oil, not steal oil. Although Middle Eastern nations are blessed with the only essential resource in the world, namely OIL, these nations are besieged by inequality, hopelessness and poverty. This is mainly because Europe and America is fostering war in these nations and stealing oil. When this stops, and when Palestinians have a home, all violence emanating from Middle East will come to an end. Arab terrorism is symptom of this ailment, but the disease is neo-colonization of these nations.

    West can’t militarily defeat fanatic Islam. One of the reasons is they don’t have a leader in the stature of Mahinda Rajapaksa. Mahinda’s achievements are down played and ridiculed today. But the history will judge him as a military genius and a great statement, who not only defeated the most vicious terrorist organisation (LTTE) known to mankind, but all so as a leader who was in verge of building a united and prosperous nation. Sri Lankans voted him out, and now they are getting what they deserve.

    What happened in Paris is vile and heart breaking. But for Sri Lankans, these ISIS terrorists are like delinquents playing Hora-Police. We Sri Lankans should be very proud of our resilience during 30 years of war. What we faced was hundred times vile, cruel and inhuman than Islamic State. And we won.

  4. cassandra Says:

    As John Donne that great metaphysical poet observed, ‘Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind’. And so it is that one will have to be insensitive in the extreme not to feel for the families of all those killed and injured in the terrorist attacks in Paris. All civilised persons, everywhere, will share their grief and the sorrow they must be going through at this time. All civilised persons, everywhere, will also feel a sense of outrage and anger at this senseless killing of innocent persons going about their legitimate business, innocent persons who have a right to be able to get about their business peaceably and without hindrance.

    Events such as this – like the 2004 tsunami – also remind us of our shared humanity and the fragility of our lives. And it would seem ungracious at a time like this to hark back to the ‘sins’ of the past. But while we condole with all those who have been bereaved and been affected by the terrorist attacks in Paris, for Sri Lankans it would be unnatural not to look back to the time when Sri Lanka had to endure terrorist attacks like these almost as a matter of course. Today, we see other countries – the US, the UK, Australia and others – expressing their solidarity with France in this critical hour. And that is indeed admirable. But one cannot forget that when the Tiger bombs were going off in Sri Lanka, the international community and certainly the Western countries, who are so keen to express their horror at the attacks in Paris, did not show such sympathy towards Sri Lanka. They could not even bring themselves up to use the word ‘terrorists’ they preferred the sanitised terms of ‘rebels’ and ‘separatists’! Nor can we forget how when, at last, the SL government had the Tigers cornered, the French Foreign Minister and his UK counterpart saw fit to come to Sri Lanka in a misguided effort to secure an eleventh hour reprieve for the murderous Tigers. And today we have the French PM telling us that France will show no mercy for the perpetrators of the attacks in Paris. This is understandable. But in 2009 the French Foreign Minister was seeking more than mercy for the Tigers!

    It is an old saying that as you sow you shall reap. IS is, in part at least. a creature that the West brought helped to bring into being. The US and the West were happy to support the likes of Sadaam Hussein, Mohamed Gaddafi and Hosni Mubarak as long as they served their interests. But when they ceased to be so useful, they had felt no compunction in seeing them removed; in fact, they helped engineer their ousting. But now the chickens have come to roost.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    By making terrorist outfits out of small dissident groups in various countries, the whole world has been de-stabilised. If each country is to govern itself, then the governments of each country must identify problems before they go out of control. Otherwise, outside powers will come in and de-stabilise that country and divide the land on a permanent basis.

    Repeat :
    Tamil terrorism has its roots mainly in Tamil Nadu Hindu Caste system. This system has gone on for over 3,000 yrs. There are over 15 Million Tamil Dalits wanting to flee Tamil Nadu, and Lanka has the Tamil Language in place with no caste lines on the birth certificates along with FREE Education & Health Care, also close enough for a boat ride from Tamil Nadu to Lanka.

    * Tamil terrorism has been enhanced due to the Cold War (1946-1991) needs and still went on till 2009 when the MR govt put a stop to it.
    * Tamil terrorism has ended with enhanced foreign interference, and an unstable new govt bringing in an impoverished Sri Lanka.

    Yahapalanaya watch it ! Don’t overdo the Reconciliation bit. Take another lesson from France. France had allowed enclaves of extreme Muslims – it was so bad that the French Police or outside folk could not enter those areas. Right now the North & East of Lanka, people other than Tamils are not allowed to settle down there. However Tamil folk can live anywhere in Lanka ! Is Lanka N&E an extension of Tamil Nadu already ?

    People of Lanka will have to make sure that :

    * Make sure that the extreme Tamil terrorists in jail are not released until they are properly re-habilitated and the doctors say so.
    * Throw out Ranil’s ‘chunnel’ to connect Lanka and Tamil Nadu, into the sea !

    Long term solutions :

    * Remove the Tamil Language as an Official/National language in Lanka.
    * Any Lanka citizen can settle down and do businesses in the N&E and in the rest of Lanka.
    * Take note of troubled spots and act before they go out of control.
    * Zero tolerance on illegal migrants.
    * Zero tolerance on rioting.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Can this be a PLANNED attack by USA or Turkey or connected to create DISGUST AGAINST ARABIC REFUGEES and propel France into war?

    e.g. A passport was placed near the carcass of one terrorist.

    e.g. France TAKES REVENGE on ISIS in RAQQA after the attacks. It refused to join in until then.

    e.g. Initial claims of terrorists shouting ALLAHU AKBAR was disputed by people.

    e.g. These people have suffered massively in WW1 and WW2 so this is nothing in comparison. USA stood by France in WW2 but France was NOT standing by USA in Syria until this happened.

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