Letter to France.
Posted on November 19th, 2015

A Well-wisher.

Dear France,

It has been few days since you bled, and in those few days, I have been trying to write this letter to you, to offer you my condolences. I kept writing and re-writing but I don’t think any words can ever be enough for the tragedy that has struck you. But I must say – I am sorry for your loss. I am sorry that you had to bleed. I am sorry that such a tragedy had to befall you. May God be with you, and may He give you strength and grace to bear through the loss.

I live thousands of miles away from you, I live in an entirely different continent but seeing you bleed hurts just as much as it does when I bleed. It hurts just as much when I see my Muslim brothers i.e. Yemen, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Burma and others like them, bleed. To me, it doesn’t matter that you have different values than me, it does not matter to me that you have different morals and ethics. What matters to me is that lives were lost. And lives being lost are the worst possible kind of tragedy to ever exist in this world. And for that, I must tell you that it hurts me as much as it hurts you.

But on the other hand, I must apologize profusely for the people who tell you that this attack was well-deserved” and that you had it coming”. I must apologize because no matter what, no one should ever be allowed to take a life of an innocent person, let alone 160 people in just one single act of terrorism. I must apologize for the barbaric thoughts that these educated masses have towards the West because it makes them just as terrible as the people actually committing the heinous crime. I must apologize because these extremists don’t know the true meaning of Islam, they don’t know how our religion teaches us to love all and hate none. They don’t know that Islam does not teach us to have malice, contempt and hostility. They do not know that they are not Islam; they are actually something that is completely opposite to it.

I might not agree on your anti-Muslim stance. I might not agree on the way you have ostracized Muslims, and generalized them based on the actions of a few black sheep, because bad people exist in every religion, every race, every creed and every community. I might not agree on the bombings that you are carrying out in Syria; actually  I’d say I am completely against it because in your attempt” to wipe off ISIS, you are also wiping out hundreds, nay thousands, of innocent lives. However, I do believe that human blood must never be shed, human lives must not be treated like trash, no matter whichever part of the world they belong to. I believe that you should be sympathized with, along with all the other countries I mentioned above. We all belong to the same world, we must fight this together. And by fight it, I mean fight the enemy, not just kill innocent lives and move on, pretending that the collateral damage had to be carried out to eradicate the enemy. And in that war against the real enemy, I am with you.
I must conclude this letter here by telling you that you should know that I, along with millions of others, am with you. All of us support you not only through Facebook statuses and profile pictures, not through vigils, but through our prayers as well. May you find the strength to bear this loss. And may God be with you.

Yours sincerely,


A Well-wisher.

3 Responses to “Letter to France.”


    You disgraceful OBAMA MUSLIM paid to write. Atul Ketchup got this on to Lankaweb site. Average Sinhala cannot be fooled any more after the Paris attack. Mosques building must be controlled.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Fastest breeding religion breeds too much. It is actually uncontrollable breeding. This is the nature’s michanism to
    control it. Indonesia, a former Buddhist country, now bursting at seams with over 1 BILLION PEOPLE. The breeding
    machines there been for only over 1,000 years. It is repeated everywhere they go.

    Even the Boxing Day tsunami killed more mussies than anybody else. Everywhere they go, they take two things: breeding machine and the machine gun.
    Action reaction. Breed and automatic control. Nature at work! Religion of peace. Religion of extreme peace I would say.

  3. Ratanapala Says:

    Dear Well Wisher you need to read the Koran’s Satanic Verses from beginning to end.

    Proof of the pudding is in the eating. From the time Islam came to this world from the bosom the barbaric deserts of the Middle East world has seen little else other than blood shed, intolerance, barbarity, death and destruction. Muslims main vocation is killing – from ritual killing of innocent animals on Id Ul Adha to Sunni – Shia killing to now Al Qaeda and ISIL killing – it is just in you – just as prescribed in the Satanic Verses.

    You try to cover your nakedness by saying Islam is a peaceful religion. Like the famous Emperor’s clothes it doesn’t hide the nudity of Islam and its barbaric tenets. It seeks world domination through excessive breeding and intolerance.

    It is time the world unite to end this scourge of humanity. Islam is not a peaceful religion. The world must address this menace by properly the addressing the Koranic Verses, what is taught in Islamic Schools the Madrasas, controlling and supervising what is happening in the mosques and not allowing Muslims to segregate in colonies.

    Western world had it coming by going into multi-cultural and multi- religious nonsense which is only a misnomer for getting getting cheap labour to run their menial work.

    Christian West -Kadi godak ange daagena than Kano Kano kiyala kegahanawa!

    World now can see how the most civilised Christian West is handling the Islamic Terrorist threat. Hope they will handle like Sri Lanka did with kid glove on and one hand tied behind!

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