Posted on November 22nd, 2015

By Dr. Tilak S. Fernando

Sri Lanka is a funny country, I do not wish to be reborn in this bloody country any more”! This is what is beginning to hear these days, day after day, week after week, by those very citizens of this beautiful country who worshipped this land and prayed to be born again and again some time ago.

In fact, when I interviewed the late Aggamahapanditha Balangoda Ananda Maître Mahanayake Thera in London, prior to his demise, at the age of 99 while he was observing Vassana season attached to Sri Saddhatissa International Buddhist Centre in Kingsbury, London NW9, I paused the question to the venerable to find out whether he was celebrating his 99th birthday, to which he replied with a broad smile and said, Yes! Because nearer I get to the end of my sojourn in this life, my wish is to be reborn in Sri Lanka once again to complete my service by spreading the pristine form of Buddhism’. Had he lived to up to this day and age, I wonder whether he will have the same ideas to amplify?

Sri Lanka has been identified as a ‘Dharmadeepa’ from time immemorial as the populace who lived in this land was happy, united and dwelled in complete harmony. During the Colonial era, it is said that the village folk were so united, and being Buddhists, they protested about the British consuming beef. In return, even the British respected the wishes of the natives at the time! However, deterioration of the society began with the leaving of the British.  The late venerable pronounced during my interview how the crème of the elite of the then society used to imitate the Colonial residues from their culture, behaviour and attitudes and the dress to a certain extent once they left the Island which caused the gradual dissection of the social fabric towards its collapse with the multi party political system being introduced under different colours which only have benefitted politicians own goals and agendas but not for any betterment of the society.

Spreading of political cancer.

Today politics in this country has spread beyond the seams of the very social fabric where the politicians on the one hand have their own agendas of making it a lucrative business. Corruption and nepotism, which were once criticised as the basic parasite that strangled the entire society, a certain section of the society campaigned to root out before the 8th of January 2015 and during August General Elections in 2015. However, while such notions and aspirations appear to have gone through the window today, an ugly head seems to have raised with a vengeance, when inside this so called promised and just governance Ministers of the same government openly are at loggerheads and lock horns with each other blaming the other for malpractices, hidden deals, bribery and corruption that are supposed to have been taken and taking place even under the so called ‘ yahapalalana’.

Regrettably, the king pin of this marathon exercise, that had the capacity and the courage to work effectively to overturn the tables to bring about peace, tranquility and inverse the society back into a moral culture, had to pay the price by becoming stressed out to the extent that finally his utter disappointment itself may have affected his health and pave the way to permanently close his eyes never to see or experience such ingratitude and dishonesty from the very association he worked so hard and closely with.

It is unfortunate to observe how the present day human being, especially in Sri Lanka, is getting engrossed and entangled with the dangerous monster called ‘money’ which has been spreading like an infectious disease to the extent that even some of the social media, newspaper editors and journalists seem to have become vulnerable victims, or they have become ‘ unreachable pundits unto themselves’ and seem to think they are the cat’s whiskers and consider other’s opinions as codswallop!

Today one does not have to depend on a newspaper alone to get something published. With modern technology and the innovation of electronic media one has access to many social modes and methods such as Facebook twitter, LinkedIn, email and a variety of websites, thanks to the world wide web portal, including the Google, youtube etc., where any news  item can record as an indelible mark on the memory of a reader  as well as computers, as opposed to a newspaper which is often  read and thrown aside, later used to wrap something or a rice packet one takes to office on the following day!


Ingratitude is the worst quality of immorality to commit. It makes it worse if one tries to ignore purposely the hand that fed a person once!  In this respect it became crystal clear of an incident recently where the  first death anniversary of  the Chairman of a certain newspaper group, who fed hundreds of mouths after providing employment within his group of companies, was allowed simply to be forgotten, akin to wiping a name written on sand with a single stroke, despite those concerned being constantly reminded!

At least the writer (pardon his humility) had the courage to pay tribute to this noble character and a thorough gentleman, who had held so many dynamic positions and served the country immensely, for a teensy favour the late chairman in question did for him by writing a commemorative appreciation on his first death anniversary and presented to the authorities concerned for publication, after attending his first year death anniversary of an alms giving combined with overnight Pirith ceremony. Regrettably it was not done!!!

Evidently the editors of the Group have found it undeserved to give publicity to either the late Chairman or to the writer (having mentioned how the writer met him in London at first).  This is extra ordinary and unbelievable as the same organisation goes into such lengths in observing and venerating their first chairman at every anniversary for the past decade or so by conducting special religious ceremonies and illuminating prominent Buddhist sacred temples, with of course with full spread of the news in the group’s paper with photographs about the commemoration as opposed to the recent death anniversary of the most senior director of the company was allowed to pass even without a single word or a picture in their journal of the departed soul.

In such a backdrop and frustration, the writer had no option but to publish his write-up in two London based websites where it has gone ‘viral’ (publicity wise) through Google etc., which is the proof of some of the feedbacks; one reader had a query on Prof. Tuly de Silva, mentioned in the article, wanting to know about the reference made therein was to ‘the same Professor of Chemistry at Sri Jayawardenapura University who was also a qualified Pharmacist with a B. Pharm’ and thanking for the article which gave a wealth of information”; another comment was  simply  good effort and Thanks,” However,  most appropriate reply came from the daughter of an eminent Sri Lankan who had done a priceless service to the nation  in London as follows:

Yes, it is Sri Lanka 75% Buddhist  (May be I am wrong 75% Muslims) who have no idea what it means when it come to show their gratitude. They are all consumed with Jealousy & envy. The very thing we must work on. My father authored the first English & Sinhala lexicon. And he was very active with Lake House. When he died not one person did say any thing!

I, my self went there, and spoke with a few people. They just shook their heads! Few came to the house asking if any thing needed publishing, so they can put their name on it! They have done that to the thesaurus incorporating some woman’s name too. I contacted her and wanted to how long it took her to complete the work, lord and behold! She didn’t even have an answer!  I know how long it took my dear father to complete it. He sold it to Gunasena publishers. Desperados.  This is Sri Lanka. It is going to the dogs. Such a shame.

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”  – William Arthur Ward

A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues.”– Cicero



    Dr. Tilak Fernando, good one from a veterans son! “I do not want to be borne there”. Your right. it certainly looks like 75% OBAMA MUSLIMS! Please do not give up. Fight back.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    UNGRATEFULNESS starts at the very top and then the rest follows.

    e.g. Maru Sira back stabbed his own president and party and joined the enemy.

    e.g. Former president jailed war winning army commander SF.

    e.g. Even the LTTE bombed the son of the mother who nursed the LTTE.

  3. Independent Says:

    Former President Rajapaksa’s 2016 retirement benefits more than President Kumaratunga’s

    By Chandani Kirinde

    Allocations from Budget 2016 for former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s retirement benefits will be more than that allocated to former President Chandrika Kumaratunga.

    President Rajapaksa has been allocated Rs 4.17 million as retirement benefits in 2016, while President Kumaratunga has been allocated Rs 3.3 million for 2016.

    In addition to this, both former presidents have been allocated Rs 500,000 each for capital expenditure.

    Hema Premadasa, wife of former President Ranasinghe Premadasa has been allocated Rs 275,000 as retirement benefits for 2016, while being granted Rs 400,000 for capital expenditure.

    In total, Government has allocated a sum of Rs 9.345 million tothe former presidents and the spouse of a former president, for 2016.

    Meanwhile, the Office for National Unity and Reconciliation headed by former President Kumraratunga, has been allocated Rs 25 million.

  4. Independent Says:

    Going to the Dog did not start this year. It started long time ago, not by politicians but by Supervisors of PWD, then the decease spread to to Engineers, Store Keepers, Clerks, Peons and last to politicians.
    It destroyed PWD completely as money went all the way up to the head. One of the heads was very famous to this. (He was the worst in history 1980s). Those engineers who could not cope with this left the country. Others learned the tricks and became rich Dogs building Hotels using public money.
    This looting was evident at the heart of Raja Rata.
    may be Tilak uncle could write something about that too.

  5. Independent Says:

    Karunasena Hettiarachchi to be removed as defence secretary! Featured

    – Nov 22, 2015

    Karunasena Hettiarachchi to be removed as defence secretary!

    Incumbent defence secretary, engineer Karunasena Hettiarachchi will be removed from the position soon, the government has decided. According to reports, the reason is the revelation of a fraud amounting to millions of rupees when he was chairman of the National Water Supply and Drainage Board.

    The other suspect in this fraud has been arrested by the CID and remanded, and believing the government will be inconvenienced, the CID has sought advice of the prime minister and the president on how investigations should continue.

    All quarters are keeping a watch as to how the president will respond, as Hettiarachchi was his classmate at school. The president has asked the person who informed him about this, “does Karu know about this?” The PM has said that this was a matter for the president to resolve.

    We have all information about the financial irregularity pertaining to a plot of land connected to a water purification plant. Before we reveal the information, we hope that Hettiarachchi takes the precedence given by Thilak Marapana and resign honourably as the defence secretary, without inconveniencing the government.

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    UNGRATEFULNESS starts – All three statements are conriticting each other !

  7. Sarath W Says:

    Of course Sri Lanka has gone to the dogs. They rule the country now.

  8. sarathk Says:

    I don’t like the heading of the letter;”IS SRI LANKA GOING TO THE DOGS!” ලංකාව බල්ලට යනවද! I like if it actually can be happned. Dogs have excellent skills , qualities and attitudes to protect their own Territory. Absolutly dog is a valuble creature when a protecting country boards from nacortics and other prohibited sustances. Their barking sound is powerful than a sound of a gun. They don’t take bibreries. Don’t give up running behaind criminals and catch them. Why not Sri Lank should not go to dogs. Let it go.
    Dr. Tilak S Fernado and Dr. M jayathunga both has similar attitude towards dogs despite their higher level of studies of in Biological Sciences.

  9. sarathk Says:

    The heading has to be changed as “IS SRI LANKA GOING TO HYENA”.

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    “Gone to dogs” is a phrase that means DECAY, DETERIORATION.

    It is not referring to the creature.

    A HINDU god has a DOG as his vehicle and some Hindus devotees worship the dog for that reason. Some years back a TAMIL man married a female dog to pay for his sins against dogs. BBC carried this story.

  11. sarathk Says:

    I don’t agree with Lorenzo at all. That phrase is a human error, cultural error or enviromental error . What ever the stories behind it it dosn’t give the correct meaning. If you ask somebody who grew up in a western developed country about his/her understanding about “IS SRI LANKA going to the dog” he would feels helarious meaning not the same meaning that Sri lankan people want to understand. Ask your son or daughter if they born and grown in a western country ( sometims they will guss correctly because they were grown inside your home). If the phrase is that stupid why not correct it so that anybody can understand it. “gonkama” also another wrong word use in sri lankan culture (not the language) to interprit foolishness because gona works for human without any complain and in return human treat it’s servicing habit as its foolishness. So how unkind those people are. reply if possible.

  12. nilwala Says:

    For a slight change in the track of this discussion:
    tn driving through Nawala, Battaramulla, Parliament Drive and Thalawatugoda this morning we recalled what the area looked like in the pre-2009, Pre-end-of-Eelam-War, pre-Gotaphaya-in-charge of UDA Days, and d all the development that has taken place in that sector over a brief 5-6year period, but which the people living in and around the area as well as the MPs who attend sessions in Parliament have taken for granted bout the enormous effort spend in reclaiming these regions and beautifying them by the previous Rajapakse regime.


  13. nilwala Says:


    For a slight change in the track of this discussion:
    tn driving through Nawala, Battaramulla, Parliament Drive and Thalawatugoda this morning we recalled what the area looked like in the pre-2009, Pre-end-of-Eelam-War, pre-Gotaphaya-in-charge-of-UDA Days, and all the development that has taken place in that sector over a brief 5-6year period, but which the people living in and around the area as well as the MPs who attend sessions in Parliament have taken for granted about the enormous effort spent in reclaiming these regions and beautifying them, by the previous Rajapakse regime.


  14. Hiranthe Says:


    This is similar to creation of ISIS by the US in Syria. After failing Arab springs in SL, this is the medicine we got from CIA to bring out the ungrateful and forgetful nature of our nation to surface and to act against the best leader this country has produced in the modern history.

    Run-nil was given a good training in the US how to bring down Rajapaksa regime by chanting “Hora” hora..With the experienced careers like JVP, Run-nil could take the message to all the levels. This simple medicine worked in SL.

    Our nation even suspected NM for bribing so that is how foolish we can be.

    Recently that so called education minister Akila, has told publicly in Paris in a Conference of Education Ministers of all the countries that they are still catching up with the corruptions of the Rajapaksa regime. Comparing to MR and GR, this guy is just a boy living a big dream. They do not care to which audience they give a dose of their medicine.

    They have gone to such dirty level to bring down the good work of MR and GR. What to do. Majority of our people swallowed these blatant lies. They cleverly and timely got rid of Sobitha thero before he speak up!!!

  15. nilwala Says:

    Very true…
    and now today a Front page newspaper report states that 15 of 16 charges of fraud against the former regime have been dropped as there were no financial losses to the State.
    So all these charges were concocted to create DOUBT – (VICHIKICHCHA), and some Buddhists also obliged!

  16. Independent Says:

    Those who believed in “Red Elephants” please listen.

  17. Independent Says:

    Ravi Can’t Pronounce English Either

    November 23, 2015 | Filed under: Colombo Telegraph,Opinion | Posted by: COLOMBO_TELEGRAPH
    By Helasingha Bandara –

    “I guess I should have paid more attention during Sinhala class when I was in school. Oh, well. But it would absolutely stupendous, dear Speaker, if someone in Parliament sponsors me to improve my Sinhala; both writing and pronunciation. Or we could come to terms with me reading the Budget in English, which is easier for me, next year.” – Ravi Karunanayake (Ceylon Today, 22 November 2015)

    Ravi KFirst, let us look at his claim that he cannot pronounce Sinhala words, at least some of them. This leaves him in the category of incapable, inefficient, untalented, unsuitable, incompetent people because he cannot pronounce English either, obvious isn’t it?

    Wikipedia information

    “Born to Tissa Anuruddha Mahanama Karunanayake and Carmaleka Karunanayake, daughter of former DIG Cyril Dissanayake. He is the eldest son in a family of two. Educated at S. Thomas’ Preparatory School, Kollupitiya up to his GCE Ordinary Level, after which he proceeded to Royal College Colombo for his Advanced Level examinations. He became a management accountant and worked for Delmege Group before heading up several directorships of new ventures in the travel industry”.

    Wikipedia states that he is a Roman Catholic although his father’s name is very Buddhist. His maternal grandfather is a Dissanayaka, a typical Singhalese name. There is no mention of Ravi’s higher education at University level, local or foreign, if there is any. That leaves us with the billion Dollar question that how he cannot pronounce Sinhala words. Ravi was not born to native English speaking parents, he has not migrated to an English speaking country at a tender age, he has no education at a recognized educational institute in an English speaking country and he has not lived a considerable length of time in an English speaking country ( meaning over 20 years minimum). Linguists agree, if someone does not fulfill any of the above criteria he/she cannot speak English in the manner a native speaker would. In other words he/she will have a different pronunciation or an accent that is foreign to native speakers of English. Therefore in the context of his claim that he cannot pronounce Singhalese well he cannot pronounce English well either. I do not mean that he cannot speak English. He speaks our own brand of English. So our own brand of Singhalese would do for the reading of the budget.

    People of East Asia and the Far East do not have that subservient mentality to feel that they need to pretend that they do not know their mother tongue. The Chinese President on his recent visit to the UK received a grand welcome that no Sri Lankan could ever imagine receiving from the UK. Yet even at the queen’s banquet the Chinese President spoke in Chinese and I for one did not notice that he suffered from any inferiority complex for not speaking in English. Even the Indians have learnt to respect their own languages. I have realized that all dignitaries and the celebrities visiting foreign countries have begun to speak in an Indian Language. They even believe that the place that English holds today may diminish and people have to learn Chinese or Hindi instead. Be it reality or fantasy, I respect the fact that they do not feel their languages are inferior. The disease is rampant only in our tiny country. It is a shame that some people still do not realize that the knowledge of two or more languages certainly is better than knowing one and even that not fully.

    Recently I participated in a presentation in Colombo. The speaker had lived 27 years in the UK and of course had received his post graduate education in two British universities. During his presentation in Singhalese he did not use a single English word but fluent Sinhalese. At the same event another Singhalese person who had received only the local school education and lived all his life in Sri Lanka, speaking in English claimed that he is not capable of delivering his speech in Sinhalese. I did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

    We cannot simply forget it when political leaders follow this sort of ludicrous trends because in an undereducated and underdeveloped society like ours millions are prepared to emulate. Please stop pretending, every one of us should be able to speak Tamil or Singhalese and additionally English. I have no doubt you will speak your mother tongue better than any other language.

    The other fact is that reading the budget in your English can be easier for you, no argument mister. As a public servant you cannot ignore the fact that millions of people in our country do not understand if you do so. Therefore you should either become the Finance Minister of the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and at least Nigeria or deliver the budget speech in Singhalese with a Tamil interpreter or vice versa.

  18. Tilak Says:

    I could not help laughing when I read some of the ‘ immature’ remarks made on the phrase ‘going to the dogs’ in my article. Well said Orenzo. As he says ,it is an English Expression which means ‘ decay, deterioration, degeneration, falling off, rotting dwindling etc. Why should one take it literally and a bring a faithful and loving creature like dog into the scene?

    If the complainant thinks it is a “human , cultural or environmental error” then the has to take the matter up with the editors of the English dictionary and thesaurus ! For his information I detail below the Cambridge University Press definition and meaning of the phrase thus :

    “Meaning of ‘go to the dogs’ in the English Dictionary:
    › to become much worse in quality or character:
    After Joe retired, the business went to the dogs.
    (Definition of go to the dogs from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

    The accuser states: “If you ask somebody who grew up in a western developed country about his/her understanding about “IS SRI LANKA going to the dog “ he would feels hilarious” (pukka English grammar) meaning not the same meaning that Sri Lankan people want to understand”…….

    Surely, anyone with an understanding of the English language, Idioms and phraseology in Sri Lanka or Timbuktu will exactly fathom its meaning, and for that matter one does not have to live in the West or bring up children in the west to understand such a simple English phrase.

    No one says except the challenger who assumes that the ‘ phrase is stupid’ , so he is very welcome to write to the editor of the Cambridge University Press and complain about the “Gonkama”.

  19. Kumari Says:

    Not only Sri Lanka, the whole world has been swallowed by foxes. The west who are punishing everyone else for human rights abuses are killing their own (Paris attack) to get NATO troops into Syria. They are killing innocent people then catch some more innocent people as attackers. The world has become a big joke. After CIA staged 911, millions of innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq had to die so that the war industry could make money.

    Now our idiot Sirisena is openly staging a coup to get Ranil out. Another foxy act by the Indians and the west. Coups happen in secret. Ranil too is not doing anything. Do you know why? Because Sirisena and Ranil are the puppets of our enemies. They are given the scripts. All what they need to do is to act the part given to them.

    All this is to get the budget passed in parliament (this budget gives powers to the government to sell state land to foreign companies), then to pass the resolution to send our war heroes to the Hague. The coup is only to destabilise the Common Opposition that is gaining ground at grassroot levels.

    Sirisena is the most ungrateful person in modern politics. He bowed down to Rajapakse, calling Rajapakse “Our King”. Recently he spoke very highly of how he betrayed Rajapakse exactly one year ago.

  20. Fran Diaz Says:

    Socialist Sri Lanka is being hijacked to ultra-Capitalism in a new world order ? Main players in Lanka are : Ranil, CBK & MS. After all, we are (or were) proud to be the Socialist Re-public of Sri Lanka. Note it is Re-public not Re-ultraCapitalism.

    It is pertinent to note that two World Wars were fought to mainly bring Europe to Socialism ! Britain has a strong Welfare System and the USA has MediCare, MedicAide, Social Security, Affordable Health Care, etc.

    Isn’t Lanka going Backwards ? Lanka went Westward Ho, only to go Downward Ho ! A sense of balance has to be restored here. Right now the feeling I get is that we are on bended knees for ultra-Capitalism. I have not studied the Budget in any detail yet and hope it is a balanced one.

    Yahap should note that it is the DUTY of a government anywhere to protect their Armed forces. Is Yahap turning out to be the most ungrateful entity in Lanka by throwing down Lanka’s Armed Forces, as right now they do appear to be doing just that !

    Quote of the day : “It is infinitely more kind for the govt (or others) to give free birth control material than to have internal wars to reduce populations”.

    PS: Agree with Nilwala that recognition MUST be given to the good works by the MR govt. Removal of Terrorism and the Development work done were massive projects to benefit the entire country.
    Since the entire country benefitted from the removal of Terrorism, shouldn’t it be the DUTY of the entire country plus the Yahap govt to PROTECT the Armed Forces of Lanka ?

  21. SA Kumar Says:

    Wellawatte – Lorenoz’s version is ALWAYS Wellawattai-In Tamil Vella Vaththai
    Dutugemunu – Lorenzo’s version is always – Thutugemunui- In Tamil Thudda Kaimunu.

    Elara – in Tamil Eela Rajah ( Ellalan )

    In Sinhala Nakadiva transalation in Tamil Naka Theevu ( Naina Theevu) .

    Old story about this island – a Naka snack worship ( flower every day) Goddess call Naina Amman.
    still people follow this worship as married couple worship for a child

    Elara – in Tamil Eela Rajah ( Ellalan ).

  22. Independent Says:

    SA Kumar,
    Please betray Tamil for a second and tell us the meaning of “Thudda Kaimunu”. My Tamill is not that good. Thudda=Bad ?

  23. Tilak Says:

    wikepedia Dr. tilak s fernano

  24. Lorenzo Says:

    Tamil has no CONSTANT spelling in ENGLISH.

    Whatever sounds like it is used. FAT VELU was once spelled Prabakaran, then Pirabakaran, then Pirapaharan.

    Tamil Elam was once spelled Thamiz Ezam.

    There is NO Elara in Tamil. It is Ellalan (= kallathoni).

    Even the word Tamil is spelled differently in different texts – Tamil, Thamil, Thamiz, Thamul, etc.

    I had 3 Tamil friends with the same name – Prashanth. SAME spelling in Tamil. But different spelling in English. One writes Prashanth, the other Pirasanth, the other Pirasiyanth.

  25. Lorenzo Says:

    In dependent,

    May be Karunkaya can deliver the budget speech in TAMIL MADU language.

  26. SA Kumar Says:

    meaning of “Thudda Kaimunu-

    Thudda (Dutu) meaning bad ( kudatha in Tamil) thats mean noddy ( please read about Dudugamu’s
    he was bit different from other Princes )

    Kaimunu Tamil translation of gemunu ( eg: Lanka in Tamil Ilankai )

    My Chinhala Sakotharam (Sinhala Sakodaraya) Live & let’s live machang !!!

  27. SA Kumar Says:

    betray Tamil is நம்பிக்கைத் துரோகம்- Not Agreed Machan(g) !

    We-Demila always loyal to OUR Mother Lanka for last 2,000 years or more according to Mahavamsa .

    Last one We-Thamilar yes We-Demila kicked out IPKF from Mother Lanka even though They have offered NEP in god plate.

  28. Independent Says:

    Even if he delivered in Tamil, better than the last years. last year’s was a joke.

  29. SA Kumar Says:

    Please betray Tamil for a second – Sorry machang that is not possible until I die.

    Udal Mannukku , Uyir Thamilukku ( My boddy for sand ,my soil for Tamil) !!!

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