Lifting Ban on LTTE Organizations and Supporters
Posted on November 25th, 2015

Ira de Silva Canada

The government has lifted the ban on several organizations and individuals previously thought to have been working for the LTTE. It is reported in the media that according to the Foreign Minister “there was hardly any tangible evidence to link them to the LTTE”.  The de-listed organizations are Global Tamil Forum (GTF); British Tamil Forum (BTF); National Council of Canadian Tamils (NCCT); Tamil Youth Organization (TYO); World Tamil Coordinating Committee (WTCC); Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC); Australian Tamil Congress (ATC); Tamil National Council (TNC).

It is ironic that the Foreign Minister claims that there is hardly any tangible evidence while at the same time the former Sri Lankan Consul General to Toronto, writing to your paper on a weekly basis, is giving details of the activities of LTTE supporters in Canada and naming the organizations who have and continue to support the LTTE, financially and politically.  The National Post in Canada has just published an article on November 22,2016 which reads “Toronto temple popular with politicians is a “cash cow” for terrorists: ‘secret CBSA report’. ( To inform your readers and hoping to educate the Foreign Minister  that there are “tangible links,  the Canada Border Services Agency  states that “this temple with many facilities for public functions has become a cash cow for the LTTE and continues to function as one even now. The premises are also used indiscriminately for the LTTE and WTM propaganda and other meetings”. It is clearly evident that this government is  ignoring the mountain of evidence regarding the LTTE and it’s activities overseas and is merely making decisions on the basis of the dictates of the western powers who have and continue to promote and support the goals of the LTTE and LTTE supporters overseas to the detriment of Sri Lanka. It seems that the GOSL is  willing to sacrifice the country just to please the U.S. As stated in the Indian Express “it is significant that the Gazette notification de-listing half of the proscribed organizations and 63 percent of the proscribed individuals, was issued a day ahead of the visit to Colombo of Samantha Power, the US Permanent Representative in the UN in New York”. What does Sri Lanka get in return? Nothing. The U.S. is known the world over to have a policy of use, misuse, create a mess and run. While the GOSL is trying to fool the people of Sri Lanka, the rest of the world is aware of their policies.

The current thinking of the GOSL seems to indicate that they are willing to sacrifice Sri Lanka to the dictates of the LTTE who are driving the agenda through the west to achieve their goal of Eelam. The leader of the Global Tamil Forum now wants all individuals and organizations to be de-listed. When will the Foreign Minister comply? An article in the Divaina of November 24,15  asks the question “Is Sri Lanka now governed by the LTTE Diaspora”. Based on the governments actions, it is obvious that the answer is an emphatic yes.

The GOSL has by it’s statements and actions indicated that it has no loyalty to the security forces who risked their lives to defeat the LTTE. While other governments in the world respect and thank their security forces, in Sri Lanka it seems to be the norm to harass and discard those who have fought for the country. Those who terrorized the country are revered. Every effort is made to keep them happy ignoring the plight of those who were terrorized, displaced from their homes and lost their livelihoods.  It seems that the people of Sri Lanka too have forgotten that the peace they are enjoying is at the cost of thousands of lives.

Another demand by the LTTE supporters is a federal state for the Tamils. That too seems to have been accepted by the current government.  It is claimed that this is to promote reconciliation. The question Sri Lankans should ask of this government is –  is it for reconciliation or division of the country to suit the demands of the LTTE supporters?

Since this government claims that it is for good governance, perhaps they would inform Sri Lankans of what their agenda really is, who is formulating it, on what basis and what other demands have they agreed to. The Foreign Minister’s basis for the de-listing clearly indicates that regarding the LTTE, he is clueless. Are the people of Sri Lanka also so disinterested in the future of the country that they are willing to accept these inaccurate and false statements without question?

Yours truly,

Ira de Silva

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  1. Nihal Perera Says:

    I most certainly agree with Ira…

    Ever since this regime came to power, they have been doing nothing but playing to the pro-LTTE agenda, driven by TNA and other pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora groups and their associations. This dumb regime is seriously compromising the security of the country by de-listing some of the die-hard pro-LTTE organizations and individuals whose ultimate goal is to create their dream Eelam. Not to mention the releasing of those hard-core LTTE prisoners who had killed many innocent civilians.

    Sri Lanka is in great danger today more than ever before thanks to those clueless idiots like MY3, Ranil, Mangala, etc, who are doing everything to please their Western and Indian masters, while ignoring all the warnings of grave dangers facing Sri Lanka, like revival of terrorism, social unrest, and unnecessary interferences by foreign powers like US and India..

    It is time Sri Lankans (especially Sinhalese) realise that they have practically committed suicide by electing a rouge regime that taking the country down with the help of those anti-SL forces such as pro-LTTE Diaspora and their international supporters.


    Nihal, lets take a step back, Indian Foreign Minister did not meet Samantha Powers, only a junior secretary from the Indian foreign Ministry met her and the Indian press made fun of her. Why? it is because she wants to give MUSLIM TAMILS a bigger say than the Sinhala majority. To get rid of the present government? It will be impossible because Muslim OBAMA has Internal support from CBK, Mangala Samaraweera, Election Commissioner, Ranil Punk. Leader of the Opperssion and Atul Ketchup. Its time to feed Atul Ketchup a PORK HAMBERGER with KETCHUP. Can you find them in Canada? Certainly we can in USA.

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