Statement by Mr. Jack Maclaren in the Ontario Legislature Glorifying Tamil Terrorism in Sri Lanka
Posted on November 30th, 2015

Ira de Silva Ontario,Canada

Hon. Jack MacLaren, MPP
Provincial Legislature, Queens Park,
Toronto, Ontario.

Dear Sir:

I am writing to express my outrage at your unprincipled, ignorant, false statement in the Ontario Legislature on November 26,2015 “remembering and mourning those who were were killed during the war in Sri Lanka”.  It is particularly galling that you should make this statement at a time when the world is grieving for those who were killed by terrorism in Paris. Is it only terrorism when people in the west are killed by terrorists? What you do not seem to realize is that, in Sri Lanka, it was a war by Tamil terrorists on the people of Sri Lanka for a period of 27 years, funded and supported by Canadian citizens and Canadian politicians. I would like to remind you, your party leader, your party caucus and all other members of the Ontario Legislature as well as the Canadian public, that it was a cheque from Canadian citizens that “bought” the bombing of the Central Bank in Sri Lanka killing 120 people and injuring over 1200 people. It was the same cheque that “bought” the attack on the holiest Buddhist shrine in Sri Lanka. This information was published in the Canadian media. You obviously do not remember and do not care because it was Sri Lankans that were murdered.

For your information, there is no such country as Tamil Eelam so their are no “people of Tamil Eelam”. That was the goal of the Tamil terrorists and their leader.  They wanted to divide Sri Lanka to achieve this goal and to this end terrorised Sri Lankans for 27 years. Further, the 100,000 you remember and mourn were not only Tamils, but people of all communities killed by Tamil terrorism. The Tamil terrorists killed Tamils who did not support their goals. As for “none of the perpetrators of these war crimes have been brought to justice”, the leadership of the Tamil terrorists were killed which ended the war in Sri Lanka but those who supported them and funded them are still living in Canada and other countries and continue to work for their goal of dividing Sri Lanka. Perhaps you could provide the necessary information to the authorities so that they can be brought to justice because those who supplied the guns and bombs for terrorism in Sri Lanka are as guilty as the terrorists who used them. If you take this action, you will be a hero and in future you can say that, because of you, perpetrators of war crimes have been brought to justice. It would in a small way redeem you and your fellow politicians who openly support the supporters of the LTTE in Canada.

In an effort to educate you on what took place in Sri Lanka I am writing to you to give you a few facts.

1. There is no country of Tamil Eelam and therefore no “people of Tamil Eelam”. The only Tamil State is in India and it is Tamil Nadu,  which is the homeland of the Tamils. There are 70 million Tamils in Tamil Nadu.  If there is to be a Tamil State it would be in India, however at the first sign of such a campaign, India brought in laws which prevented this. The LTTE tried to divide Sri Lanka to create a Tamil only state and to that end terrorised Sri Lanka for 27 years. They had the support of western countries  including Canada.

2. As for “the genocidal onslaught for the Tamils on the island of Sri Lanka is still a reality”. Given that the terrorism was by the Tamils, the genocidal onslaught was by them on the other communities as well as Sri Lankan Tamils who did not support them. The reality was that to achieve the LTTE goal, Muslims and Sinhalese were killed or driven out of the areas that the LTTE wanted to claim for their racist, fascist, Tamil state.

3. The LTTE were recognized as the most ruthless terrorist organization. They invented the suicide vest for suicide bombers and recruited children to wear them. It was a suicide bomber of the LTTE that killed the Prime Minister of India, a President of Sri Lanka, many Sri Lankan politicians and civilians of ALL communities. In Sri Lanka, Muslims and Sinhalese were murdered by LTTE gunmen in temples and mosques as they PRAYED. In Paris civilians were killed while they were at concerts and cafes.  Canadian politicians of all levels of government condemned this act. Sri Lanka suffered on it’s own. At the same time that the world is remembering the attack in Paris, you are supporting those who carried out murderous acts on Sri Lankans and remembering and mourning not the victims but the perpetrators!  When are you going to remember and mourn for the leaders and followers of Al Quaeda and ISIS? Is it terrorism to you only when people in the west get killed? Your attitude is callous and immoral. Because your “Tamils for Patrick Team” have supported you in your election campaign you are supporting terrorism in Sri Lanka by the LTTE. You may be “honoured to rise and speak about Tamil remembrance day” but to Sri Lankans who are non LTTE supporters, it is an act of ignorance and callous contempt for Sri Lankan life.

4. “The genocidal onslaught for the Tamils on the island of Sri Lanka is still a reality on many parts of the island. They seek the attention of the greater Canadian community and its support in order to live with dignity and freedom in their own land”. Obviously, you either do not know the meaning of the words “genocidal onslaught” or are so ignorant about Sri Lanka that you are unaware that at the end of the war, rather than a genocidal onslaught, the Sri Lankan forces rescued 300,000 Tamils from the clutches of the LTTE who were holding them hostage as a human shield. They are now living in Sri Lanka with the same rights that ALL Sri Lankans have.

As for “their own” land”, Sri Lanka is for ALL Sri Lankans, there is no “Tamil land”in Sri Lanka. Tamils live in all parts of Sri Lanka. It was the LTTE that tried to create an exclusive Tamil only state in a part of Sri Lanka by terrorism and genocide. That goal was defeated in 2009 and Sri Lankans do not thank you for trying to revive that terrorist goal. As for “the Tamil population also wants the freedom to express their political will through a referendum”, why is there a need for a referendum when they have they have the right to vote and have elected members of parliament all in accordance with international norms and democracies in  other parts of the world? As for the Tamil diaspora, if they have chosen to live and become citizens of other countries, they should leave political decisions regarding  Sri Lanka to the people of Sri Lanka and stop using people like you to try to impose their will on another country. Please convey this message to your many Tamil friends who have made Ontario their home.

By copy to Mr. Patrick Brown, this statement is a damning report on the  Conservative Party and it’s support of terrorism in Sri Lanka. Are you going to act on this ignorant and false accusation or do you too support terrorism in Sri Lanka for Tamil votes in Ontario? Given the few facts on Tamil terrorism in this letter exposing  Mr. MacLaren’s false  opinions,  Mr. MaClaren should apologise in the Legislature for what he said merely to satisfy his “Tamils for MaClaren” so that the record will be corrected.

By copy to Premier Wynne, what is your view regarding remembering and mourning for terrorism in Sri Lanka. Do you agree with Mr. MaClaren? Please advise.

Yours truly,

Ira de Silva


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  1. Cerberus Says:

    Thank you for standing up on behalf of Sri Lanka and putting the record straight. For the sake of votes and money some of these politicians seem to be willing to sell their soul. They really are people with no morality to distinguish difference between truth and falsehood. Here are some facts you can use against the Tamil propaganda.


    Lanka Web – Posted on April 24th, 2015

    About Tamils

    How many Tamils live in Colombo?

    33% of total population (one third) (2011 estimate). Now it is closer to 44%.

    How many Tamils live in Southern parts of Sri Lanka?

    12.4% of total population (2011 estimate)

    How many Tamils are employed in Sri Lankan companies in the southern part? (See the number of high caliber Tamils in Sri Lankan private hospitals, banking sector, hotel trade, export import trade, and other industries viz. garment and beverage)

    Do they experience any hardship professionally due to ethnicity? If so, how come they hold such high positions?

    See how many Tamil kids are getting educated in International schools in Colombo and Kandy? They have outnumbered all the other ethnicities together.

    Royal college has Tamil medium branch under an asst. principal, DS has Tamil medium branch under an asst. principal. So many other leading Sinhala government schools in the country have Tamil medium and they share equal opportunities. Private schools like St. Thomas ‘, Trinity etc have quite a large number of Tamil students.

    How many Tamil major schools have Sinhala medium? None !!!

    Travel via Wellawatte, Dematagoda, Dehiwala, Kotahena etc and see the number of Tamils sharing the comforts.

    Go to Pettah market and Fort. Walk along the streets and see how many Tamils are doing various types of business there.

    Start from Kotahena and travel passing Dehiwala. Sinhala shops are outnumbered by Tamil traders. I don’t see any hardship put on them.

    Get into a bus in any part of the country and listen how many speak in Tamil.

    Try to find a single Sinhala board in Wellawatte. All are Tamil and English.

    How many Sinhala shops/trades are seen in the northern and eastern province? Why don’t you visit and see?

    Go to a government University. Let’s say University of Colombo. See the number of Tamil students. How smoothly they study? They share equal opportunities. See the number of Tamil lecturers. How much they are privileged? They share equal opportunities. They have separate Tamil Unions, their cultural events, their religious events. I never ever saw them being humiliated or harassed by Sinhalese,

    except they themselves have discriminations saying Jaffna Tamil, Baticaloa Tamil, and Upcountry Tamil.

    How many

    Kovils are there in Colombo itself? Nearly 200 Kovils!!!

    See the number of Sinhalese visiting Kovils and Tamil shops. Doesn’t it display the harmony?

    What is the ethnic proportion of Tamils in Sri Lanka?


    How many Tamil representatives are in the parliament? 23 out of 225 total seats, that is

    more than 10%

    Can a Tamil settle down in any area of the country including southern part?



    The Sri Lankan constitution has secured the right and freedom of any citizen to live in any part of the country

    Jaffna and Trincomalee have ports, heavy industries, bus stations, railway stations, radio and TV broadcasting stations, universities and so many other facilities equaling to Colombo.


    Now about Sinhalese

    How many Sinhalese live in Jaffna?

    0.005% (only 33 people head wise!!) How many Sinhalese live in the Northern part of Sri Lanka?

    Only 1.04 % of total population

    How many Sinhalese live in Baticaloa? Only 0.46% of total population.

    How many Sinhalese are in the Eastern part of Sri Lanka?

    Only 21.64% total population

    (Source: 2007 estimate)

    How many Sinhala medium schools are there in Northern Sri Lanka?


    How many Sinhala employees are in Northern Sri Lankan offices and industries?


    How many temples are there in Northern Sri Lanka?

    One, at Nagadeepa

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  3. Lorenzo Says:

    War should have continued so that the number of 100,000 would keep RISING every year. More Tamil Nadu people died in war than SL people.

  4. Kumari Says:

    This is further confirmation that the global terrorism is manufactured by the West and their peace angels. Thanks Ira for standing with the valiant Sri Lankan troops. Not even our own government is doing that. Shame on the traitor led government.

    Thanks to Russia, the Turkish and Saudi involvement in Syrian conflict with the blessing of the West and the US are getting exposed.

    The promoters of global terrorism for the sake of making money to the War Industry should first learn that there are no good terrorists and bad terrorists.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    The trumped up 1983 Riots (JR times) were done to enable Tamils of Lanka to go as Refugees to the west, especially to Canada. Canada instantly welcomes Refugees (a WW II feature for Europeans, continued to this day), but legal migrantion to Canada take quite a while to process.

    So it is worthwhile for “Tamils of Lanka” who enter Lanka illegally from Tamil Nadu to trump up some negative events and go abroad as REFUGEES.

    Lanka has laid a welcome mat to illegal migrant Tamil Dalits of Tamil Nadu by having the Tamil language in place as a National/Official language of Lanka, plus many free items added on. Low Caste status is also lost in Lanka. Lanka is Paradise for Tamils after 3,000 yrs of Tamil Nadu abuse of low Caste Tamils.

    It seems fairly obvious that for a lasting solution to the problem, the Tamil language has to be removed as a National/Official language of Lanka.

    Other points to note :

    * It was India that imposed under Duress the 13-A (1987) which included the Tamil language as an Official language of Lanka.

    * Tamil leaders from the 1930s demanded a separate state for Tamils only.

    * The Vadukoddai Resolution (1976) calling for Eelam using violence, is still not revoked.

    Hard problems need hard measures to cure. Sad but true.

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    Tamils will NOT be satisfied UNTIL ALL of SL becomes Tamil.

    Bitter truth.

    LOGIC has no place in the Tamil society. So stop wasting your time.

  7. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    West’s backing for catholic tigers of tamil drealam aka ltte is two fold. Catholic tigers of tamil drealam were destroying
    Buddhism and killing Buddhists in Sri Lanka. Backing them get the tamils’ votes. It is a win win situation for the

    When Quebec wanted independence, it was a no no from these hypocrites. But Sri Lanka is easy meat. They can bully
    the country into submission. MR was a patriot and he didn’t listen to these rascals who were hell bent on making Sri
    Lanka a catholic country and eventually break up to give them tamils’ drealam.

    Now they at it again with the support of catholic-run UNPatriotic party aka Buddhist Killing Party. UNPatriotic party killed
    60,000 jvpers since they were all Buddhists without mercy but were reluctant to kill catholic tigers of tamil drealam.
    Cttd killed more than 100 Buddhist monks and killed scores of people at two of the most sacred places for Buddhists
    (Sri Maha Bodhiya and Sri Dalada Maligawa). Still catholic-run UNPatriotic party was slapping their wrists for obvious reasons. Hitler pira(mala)paharan, tamil selvan, anton balasingham, kasippu joseph, emmanure etc. etc. all are(were) catholics. Is there any wonder catholic west and catholic-run UNPatriotic party admiring their work?

    Tragedy is, still a lot of Sinhalese, Sinhalese Buddhists support this murderous party. Can anybody with a drop of Sinhalese blood believe their treachery?

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