Navy hands over Avant Garde business to Singapore and Malaysia : Whither Rajitha and Anura’s stinking patriotism ? -Navy loses Rs. 90 million foreign exchange after taking over
Posted on December 21st, 2015


(Lanka-e-News -18.Dec.2015, 9.50AM)  From the very outset Lanka e news had been exposing that the handing over of Avant Garde Co. to the Navy is a camouflage in order to cover the  evil design of Kili-Rajitha-Arjuna team to take over this most lucrative business of providing security to international commercial vessels . Recently , the statement made by defense secretary in this regard confirmed our report  ; and now the Navy Commander himself has let the cat out of the bag .

On 6 th December the defense secretary revealed to a daily Sinhala newspaper that this acquisition of Avant Garde by the Navy is a transitional phase before transferring the business to another Co.

The Navy Commander Vice Admiral Raveendra Wijeguneratne has told a daily newspaper day before yesterday (16) ,after the acquisition of Avant Garde by the Navy ,two Singaporean and Malaysian Companies have made a request to carry out the operations in the same way as Avant Garde Co. from the Galle Port, and the representatives of these companies are arriving in Sri Lanka (SL) in January 2016 to hold discussions in this regard.

The perplexing questions  is ,why is this  most lucratve business  going to be handed over  to foreign companies ?

Meanwhile the media reported quoting the Navy that after the Avant Garde Co. was acquired a monthly income of Rs. 220 million last month was generated by the Navy.While the Navy reveals its income of Rs. 220 million , it does not however reveal the earnings of Avant Grade Co. prior to that.When Lanka e news inquired into this , it wa discovered that every month Avant Garde Co. has earned an income of Rs. 310 million .These monies came into the country as foreign exchange. In other words the Navy has now  incurred a loss of Rs. 90 million ! meaning that the Navy has destroyed part of the foreign exchange that was coming into the country.

While this is the true picture , minister Rajitha Senaratne and Killi Maharaja duo ( mind you , it is Anura Dissanayake the blind ‘Batriot’ who is speaking on behalf of Maharaja) moving heaven and earth clandestinely to take over this business were  unendingly uttering lies  till their tongues ran dry and protruded out, that the acquisition of the Co. by the Navy is a most patriotic move as all the earnings are now being diverted to the country’s coffers.

Going by the same token , based on what Navy Commander revealed day before yesterday , won’t these earnings be diverted to the Singaporean and Malaysian Companies if the Avant Garde operations are given over to them ?

Following inquiries made by Lanka e news , it is now discovered  , since Lanka  e news was continuing to expose the murky and crafty plots of Kili-Rajitha-Arjuna to acquire the business , and because this atrocious  plan has become known widely , they are now trying to take over this business after registering companies in Singapore and Malaysia, while painting a false picture that these are foreign companies.

No matter what , the crucial question is , how did the Singaporean and Malaysian  companies suddenly become more trustworthy in terms of national security than the local Co?

When over 6000 workers were thrown out of employment ; the monies flowing into the country are going to be  diverted to foreign countries ; and much hyped national security concern is being cast into the garbage bin , the question that must be posed in this context to these so called cardboard patriots Rajitha and Anura Dissanayake is , whether their stinking festering ‘patriotic boil’ is now cured , or is it still boiling over with  all its uncontrollable stench?

If it is otherwise , it is the duty of these two vacuous bankrupt politicians to tell before the people whether the Navy Commander the ‘hero’ and the Defense secretary the ‘zero’ are lying.  The leaders of civil organizations and trade unions who were also blabbering without understanding the hidden self centered evil  aims and agendas of these scoundrels while also believing their  profusion of lies have one solution left -to defecate in their own pants all the lies they eagerly fed upon.

When the media that exposes the truth reveals the crooked and corrupt aims and activities of these rascals , the latter tried to gag the media by making counter accusations that those media personnel have taken  bribes from Avant Garde Co.

With evidence it has been proved that Rajitha has taken Rs. 5 million from Avant Garde Co.  In order to halt those exposures , he counter alleges that the media had taken bribes from the Avant Garde Co.(Media personnel are not appointed on the votes of the people is another matter ) and  threats are made that the list of bribe takers of the media will be exposed ,but  nothing has been  revealed so far  . However unlike them who make empty threats , this report on the other hand has revealed clearly and cogently the true murky activities and sordid  selfish self seeking traitorous aims of these crooked, corrupt ,bankrupt  politicos and bribe takers.

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2 Responses to “Navy hands over Avant Garde business to Singapore and Malaysia : Whither Rajitha and Anura’s stinking patriotism ? -Navy loses Rs. 90 million foreign exchange after taking over”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Thank god.. If we had this Navy Commander and the Defence Secretary in 2008-2009, they would have sold the whole country to LieTTE.

    Our foolish politicians can not foresee what happens and they are only interested in the current day.

    Every good thing created by Gota are being destroyed by these foolish people.

  2. Kumari Says:

    Hiranthe, I agree with you fully except for the last sentece. These traitors grabbed power to destroy the country. And they are doing it perfectly. Singapore was very keen to destroy our Magampura Sea Port and Matthala airport as they worried for their countries economy. If Mahinda continued for a few more years the offshore bunkering in Magampura would have made us the most sought after country.

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