It is the Sinhalese who need protection under the R2P of the UN from 77 million Tamils across the Palk Straits
Posted on December 24th, 2015

A Concerned Sinhalese.

The UN has been used by the major powers to get what they want done. I was listening to some of the video talks in LankaWeb and according to the talks, the plan is as follows:

1.Pass hate laws so that no one will be able to criticise Govt actions. Anyone who does will be charged with hate crimes and thrown in jail for 2 years. This is to muzzle the voices of the Sinhalese who will speak in protest.

  1. Set up hybrid courts with foreign judges and have mock trials to ensure that our heroes are found guilty. Even if they are not guilty, they will recommend that they should be dismissed from service.

3.The main goal is to ensure that the courts pass a verdict of “systematic genocide of Tamils” by the Sinhalese.

4.Once that is done then a Resolution will be brought in the UN to pass a R2P for Tamils and divide the North and East away from the rest of the country. This division will be enforced by the UN Peacekeeping forces.

5.The UN has already started talking with the President and Prime Minister about sending our troops on UN Peacekeeping and humanitarian missions. This is to ensure that they are out of the country when all this happens and to ensure they are bribed with foreign funds and kept quiet. It may be that West wants to use our troops as “boots on the ground” in Syria and Afghanistan against ISIS and Al Qaeda where the death toll is very high.

  1. These countries  will set up bases in North of Sri Lanka and also in Trincomalee.

7.The budget is allowing the Govt to lease up to 5000 acres of land to foreigners for 99 years with only 1% tax. This will probably  allow the tea estates to be taken over by foreign companies including Tamil Diaspora.

  1. By cutting the fertilizer subsidy to the paddy farmers, the Govt is going to kill the paddy cultivation and import rice from India. The land that is thus freed will be leased to foreign corporations.
  2. The Yahapalanaya managed to pass the budget by giving in to the trade unions, farmers and all who had grievances against the budget. In addition they had given a Govt car with gas to all the MPs who voted for the budget. They have also increased the payment to MPs for a sitting from Rs. 500 to Rs.20,000. This shows how weak the Govt is if they have to resort to bribery to keep the Govt going. The people who just go along with the Yahapalanaya are political prostitutes who are willing to sell themselves for money. I am guessing the UNP got all this money from the Central Bank scam which was pulled off right at the beginning of the UNP govt. RW made sure the Central Bank and the finance ministry reported to him. All attempts to investigate this matter to date have been blocked by Ranil W. My3 dissolved the parliament when the COPE report along with a no confidence motion on RW was brought to the Parliament. Furthermore 115 Central Bank officers were transferred suddenly
  3. Even the opposition leader had given his car to Anura Kumara who has been barking like Ranil’s pit bull in gratitude for his services to the Tamil people.

Sri Lanka has been under constant threat from South India for the last 3000 years. From time to time there were Chola invasions. The Sinhala Buddhists managed to throw them back each time. However when the Portuguese and British invaded they brought in large numbers of Tamil Dalits from South India to cultivate the Tea, Coffee and Tobacco plantations. The British caused the most damage by bringing in the most numbers and also by laying waste the entire Uva Wellassa region which was the most salubrious. To date the region has not recovered and none of the succeeding Govts have looked into the issues of the displaced Sinhalese. 

From the time of Independence in 1948 and even before that the Tamils started agitating for the separate state in Sri Lanka North. The Tamil leaders passed the Vaddukodai Resolution in 1976 asking for creation of a separate state by violence.   This Resolution is still in place.

The way I see it the Sinhalese have been subjected to genocide for 3000 years by Tamils and it is still going on. The last war was not against the Tamils but the Terrorist group funded and trained by India. These LTTE terrorists wiped out entire Sinhala villages in the East and all the Sinhalese and Muslims in the North were chased out or killed by LTTE. Is it not genocide too by Tamils of the Sinhalese? How about justice for them. There are 77 million Tamil Dalits only 12 miles away across the Palk straits and the Sinhalese are under constant threat from them. The Tamil Nadu politicians are constantly uttering anti Sinhala rhetoric in India and trying to get India to invade Sri Lanka. 

Harvey Perera had written an excellent article which explains the modus operandi of the Tamil Dalits in invading other countries. He had summarized the issue very succinctly in the following paragraph.

“The whole world was told by the Tamils that they are a minority in Sri Lanka and the majority are suppressing, killing and ill-treating the Tamils. On the contrary they have more rights in Sri Lanka than in Tamil Nadu as they have Free Education and Health Care in Lanka only.  None of the States adjoining Tamil Nadu allows Tamil as a National language. However even though there are only about 9% Tamils in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka has adopted Tamil as a National/Official language. They get free education, free medical care and are free to live in the South among the Sinhalese. Some statistics regarding SL Tamils for your information from an article in Lanka Web. (Please see Appendix).

Most of these Tamils were Dalits or Untouchables from South India. In India ‘Untouchability’ is an institutionalized form of slavery. If someone is born to the Untouchable caste (now known as Dalits), they have little hope. Their station in life is fixed. In their birth certificates they have to state their fathers caste. To escape caste many of them have migrated to other countries – a move which is most likely encouraged by India. They are in Malaysia, Fiji, Mauritius, Madagascar, Australia, Canada, Europe, Sri Lanka, South Africa, etc. Sri Lanka is particularly vulnerable to illegal migration since Tamil Nadu is only 12 miles away across the Palk Straits. So by encouraging the emigration of the Dalits from India, the upper caste people have reduced the Dalits the way U.K. got rid of their convicts by sending them to Australia.”

This is the main reason as to why the Tamils have created issues in Sri Lanka while in all the other countries they migrated to they have been lying low. They are hoping that by creating an issue where there is none, they can justify creation of a separate state in Sri Lanka for Tamils, which will empower them to import the millions of Tamil Dalits from India and take over Sri Lanka This method of exporting their unwanted to other countries is also a way by which India has been slowly invading all the countries mentioned above. In case of Fiji, which is another small Island, the current percentage of Indians is 51%. They have banned Indians from migrating to the country any more.”

He had also out lined the possible solutions to the problem for Sri Lanka which is excellent.

The full article is at:

It is the Sinhalese who need protection under the R2P against Tamil invasion either direct or indirect. The Tamils have a home land just 12 miles away where they came from. The Sinhalese have nowhere to go other than Sri Lanka. I would like to urge the foreign countries involved in current Sri Lanka affairs to have mercy and let the Sinhlalese keep their land and culture intact without breaking it up. Almost 100,000 people both Sinhala and Tamil died in the 30 year senseless war and 27,000 soldiers laid down their lives and another 23,000 lost their limbs and were injured badly. If they need the use of the ports they can sign an agreement with the GoSL rather than this mockery of justice they are trying to indulge in by having hybrid courts to indict the Sinhala leadership who removed Tamil terrorism and then impose R2P on the country to save the Tamils from the Sinhalese. It is obvious the ultimate goal of the foreign countries is to get back Sri Lanka as a Colony and have complete control over the ports and airspace. It is obvious from the way the constitution and budget is headed that break up of the country is what the CBK, My3, RW who are acting puppets for the these countries want for their masters.

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  1. Sarath W Says:

    An excellent article by a patriotic Sinhalese. Someone please translate this to Sinhala and sent this to local news media.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    “So by encouraging the emigration of the Dalits from India, the upper caste people have reduced the Dalits the way U.K. got rid of their convicts by sending them to Australia.”


    This is so true.

    Not just SL. They were also sent to Malaysia, Fiji, Nigeria, South Africa, etc.

    The solution is to REMOVE Tamil Nadu language as a SL official language.

    Then they have to learn SINGHALA. They can’t learn SINGHALA and SL will be safe.

  3. Cerberus Says:

    This is a very original article. All this time the UN, and Radhika Coomaraswamy, NGOs, Norway, who came as mediators, now USA and some of our own stupid leaders were saying that R2P should be brought into Sri Lanka to protect the Tamils since they appear to be a minority. Our people have been so short sighted that they have not looked beyond the borders of Sri Lanka to see who is there across the Palk straits. This is the first time it appears to me that someone has put the whole story together. I agree that it should be translated and put in other local newspapers in Sinhalese. Someone who is an expert on R2P law should write a more detailed note on this subject.

    Sinhalese is an endangered language since it is written and spoken only by the 17 million Sinhalese in Sri Lanka. The one eyed rogue queen is taking steps to remove Buddhism, and all reference to Naga Vihare (in NP) from text books. She had already stopped teaching our proud history of 2600 years to school children when she was President.

    We must amend our laws so that there is one law in the country for all. Now we have Thesavalami law which prevents any one who is not a Tamil from buying land in the North, we have the Polygamy laws for Muslims where they have up to 5 wives leading to baby factories producing Muslim babies funded by Middle East. Very soon the Muslim population will overtake the Buddhists. Then we have the forced conversions by Christian and Catholic churches who do the conversions in a more subtle way. Poor Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese are a besieged nation and a besieged people who need to protected from aggressive groups. We must change our name from Sri Lanka to Sinhale which is the original name given to the country and is the name of the country in the treaty the British signed with the Sinhalese when they took over Kandy.

    Please see attached about what others say about Sinhala language.

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    Then they have to learn SINGHALA. They can’t learn SINGHALA and Sin Hela Lanka will be safe what about Both TE ?

  5. dingiri bandara Says:

    It is so sad that our so called patriotic leaders and the politicians in power do not see the danger due to vested interests and greed. Most organizations in the world are against the Sinhalese especially the Buddhists.
    Those in power open your eyes and take appropriate actions, not to discriminate against any other religion or race but to to protect the Sinhalese Buddhists.The non Buddhist Sinhalese are protected by their respective religious organizations.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    I agree with the article content and with the comments too.
    I wish to add some thoughts :

    The so called “Tamil Problem” is being used by various devious leaders to divide Sri Lanka into two or three self governing sections. This ‘Tamil Problem’ started with colonists importing Tamil Dalit Labor (cheap labor) as Indentured Labor for the Tea, Coffee and Tobacco plantations. It upset the delicate ethnic balance in the country forever. Furthermore, SWRD Banadaranayake, who probably meant well and also wanted votes, brought in the Prevention of Social Disabilities Act (1957) & the Tamil Language (Sp Prov) Act -1958), which in addition to Free Education & Health Care, etc., have attracted huge numbers of Tamil illegal migrants into Lanka. More so whenever famine or floods hit Tamil Nadu.
    The 13-A was imposed under Duress by India in Cold War times (UNP JRJ times) made matters much worse re Tamil Separatism. In addition, India trained the LTTE in Tamil Nadu during the Cold War times. India gave a false green light for Tamil take over the N&E through terrorism. The Vadukoddai Resolution (1976) encouraged Eelam through Terrorism. India has to take responsibility for this tragedy.

    Today we have a situation where the Sinhala/Buddhist majority of Lanka are belittled and made to feel like a beleaguered insecure minority in their own country.

    The UNP also must take ownership for this tragic situation along with India. Since the 13-A was imposed during UNP times and also the 1983 Riots which were trumped up during the UNP JRJ times, the UNP must along with the Yahap govt REMOVE THE 13-A. Since the 13-A was imposed under DURESS, it is an illegal piece of legislation. That reason is enough to remove it. This would be a start to normalizing the political situation in Sri Lanka.

    The R2P also must be brought about for the Sinhala community.

  7. Cerberus Says:

    I totally agree with Dingiri Bandara and Fran Diaz. The Treaty signed by the British when they took over Kandy stated clearly that Buddhism will be protected. But as usual they never kept their promise and broke the treaty. They have done this time and time again all over the world.
    As Dingiri Banda has pointed out the other religions get a lot of funds from abroad for conversions and other activities. In case of Buddhists they do not have such a source of funds. It is therefore imperative for the Govt for support Buddhism in the country. Recently CBK has requested the Buddhism be removed from the children’s curriculum in schools. She seems to have a venomous hatred towards the Sinhalese and the Buddhists. It is therefore up to the President to remove her from her position.

  8. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Quoting from the article: ” I would like to urge the foreign countries involved in current Sri Lanka affairs to have mercy and let the Sinhlalese keep their land and culture intact without breaking it up”

    “To have mercy”??? I do not understand. When has any nation shown “mercy’ to the Sinhalese? The United Nations? India? The world Media? None. NO ONE has shown mercy to the Sinhalese people during the entire war. No media took the side of the Sinhalese people outside of Sri Lanka during the war and during modern history.

    I do not understand anyone begging so shamelessly to such an indifferent world “to have mercy”. the best that the Sinhalese will get in the line of “mercy” is a mocking laughter in return.

    It is times like this that the Sinhalese fight for what they want regardless of the opinions of racists and bigots.

    When the Jews begged the world “to have mercy” they did not get it during the 1940’s. A classic example was a German ship filled with wealthy Jews who fled Europe. That ship was not allowed to dock in any harbor from the United Kingdom to the United States. No nation had any inclination “to have mercy” on them.

    Ultimately the ship had to return to Europe where the wealthy Jewish passengers were summarily taken out and sent to various death camps. that is how much the world was willing “to have mercy” on the European Jews. If not for the attack on Pearl harbor by the Japanese imperial air force the US would have delayed entering he European continent to defeat Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. No one gave a hoot regarding the issue “to have mercy” on

    20 thousand death camps and 14 million people killed in them, out of which 6 million were Jews. They learned that in an uncaring world the Jews have to fight for their identity and survival. To this very day the Jewish People make sure world media never forgets what happened to them and they have managed to make the world pay attention to them. any anti Semitic comments on any forum is grounds for immediate ban by the controller

    The Jews also have made sure that Germany bans any issue of the Nazi era and Europe to the US complies to any Nazi Propaganda. The Sinhalese Buddhists better learn from this historic lesson.

  9. Cerberus Says:

    The National problem has been summarized very well in the article which appeared in the Lanka Web. I am giving the link to it here.

    It is the Sinhalese who are under threat of extinction due to the invasions from Tamil Nadu. The entire so called “Tamil Problem” is a hoax which has been perpetrated on the Sinhalese to get more and more benefits from them. Now they have reached a point where the West want to divide and control of the Island. We need to as a people act decisively and quickly to eliminate this threat. We need to do exactly as recommended in this article.

  10. Cerberus Says:

    This comment should have been at the bottom of “What is the National problem” Editor please remove it from this article.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    The best way to protect ALL in Sri Lanka is to remove the Tamil Language as a N&O in Lanka.

    That way, millions of Tamil Dalits in Tamil Nadu will not look at Lanka as their best homeland.

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    AGREE with BW.

    Singhalese = Jews
    15 million = 15 million
    Unique language, unique religion, small country, under CONSTANT threat from FAST BREEDING invasive neighbors.

    Their enemies are/were,

    Tamils = Germans (no longer enemies of Jews)
    75 million = 75 million

    Invasive, cheating, racist, etc.

    NO ONE had any mercy for Jews!! USA kicked them out. Europe REJECTED them. It was like the US SHAM war against ISIS. USA, UK, etc. did NOTHING to save them. Ultimately it was the Russians who saved them!!

    Today ISRAEL shows NO MERCY to its enemies. ISRAEL is using its STRATEGIC position near SUEZ canal to get US support. SL should build a CHINESE air, navy and ground military base in TRINCO and do the same.

    COLONIZATION is another tactic Israel used successfully to DIVIDE Arabs and control them. SL should do the same. GAZA (Jaffna and Vanni) was separated from WEST BANK (Batti) by settling JEWS in between.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    Agree with Fran.

    Look from a LOW CASTE Tamil Madu Tamil’s point of view.

    For him SL also has his MOTHER TONGUE. What else he needs!!!

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    The United Nations came into existence AFTER WW II, in Oct 1945. The UN was formed to promote international co-operation and to prevent world wars. It has 193 member states.

    Unfortunately, at the time of WW II, the UN was not there to protect the Jewish people.

    The UN exists now, and should do the R2P for the Sinhala people of Lanka as they are the endangered ones now.

    Other points :

    *. The GoSL in turn must protect ALL the People of Lanka by removing the Tamil language (N&O) from Lanka, as that is the main attraction for some 15 Million Tamil Dalits of Tamil Nadu.

    *. The UN must also prevent the building of the Bridge connecting North Lanka to Tamil Nadu (Ranil’s Bridge) as it spells dire dangers to the rest of the People of Lanka.

    *. Why don’t the Millions of Tamil Dalit folk who suffer atrocities in TN take their case to the UN ? Have Tamil leaders failed them ?

  15. Lorenzo Says:


    There was a similar organization like the UN before WWII. It was called the League of Nations.

    It was as INEFFECTIVE as the UN today.

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    All countries that turned a blind eye on Jews were part of the League of Nations (UN)!!!

  17. Fran Diaz Says:

    The League of Nations was composed finally of 63 countries and lasted from 1920 to 1939. That was a period of Empires.
    The USA never joined the LoN. Germany was a member but withdrew.
    The situation now has changed dramatically from those times. There is world wide communication now and the whole world gets to know events very fast. The UN has been effective up to a point.
    I think the sad events of the past, the Jewish Holocaust, would never have taken place in present times.
    I also think that Sinhala/Buddhists will have to take guard and care of their homeland, Lanka, as carefully as the Jewish people take care of Israel. The Jews are a remarkable people.

    This is why Inner Peace in human beings is so important. It is lack of Inner Peace in groups that lead to anger, envy, hatred and wars. When groups live together, much more for one group and much less for the other will lead to hatred and wars.

    Also lack of clear thinking on social needs (lack of Socialism), contribute to civil wars.

  18. aloy Says:


    “When the Jews begged the world “to have mercy” they did not get it during the 1940’s. A classic example was a German ship filled with wealthy Jews who fled Europe. That ship was not allowed to dock in any harbor from the United Kingdom to the United States. No nation had any inclination “to have mercy” on them.”

    This is not true.

    The Brits had allowed some of them to land in Sri Lanka and they have roamed the villages. My mother said many years ago before she died that there were a large number of them in our village in some sort of a camp. The villagers gave them food and even clothing. She also had given them food.

    So your info needs correction.

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