Posted on January 2nd, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Today   I got stuck in traffic due to the demonstration by our farmers who were wearing only  loin  clothes and carrying  mammoties etc

There is a Sinhala saying says, that if a farmer washes his mud on his body he is suitable to become even a KING”

When I saw them at the back of Temple Trees I wondered whether one of them, like the one above wants to be the KING ,as they wanted to enter the temple trees where the King used to live

The face is familiar and reminds me of Rohan Wijeweera who led the bloody revolution to become the King !!

When I travel to villages see the farmers in loin clothes but hardly see the beard of a revolutionary?

Best way to check whether they are farmers or members of a revolutionary party is to check their palms for roughness due to the daily use of mammoties

If police can check the palms and let them thru it will be fair

Or if the wives of the farmers join the husbands in G strings I am sure whole country will enjoy the seen

God save the King and the Farmer !



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