Reflection for the New Year -Bhante Wimala –
Posted on January 2nd, 2016

Bhante Y. Wimala

December 31, 2015

Dear friends and students,

The New Year 2016 is already here. Happy New Year is ringing everywhere.  How many times have you uttered Happy New Year so far?  To how many people have you wished Happy New Year?” While Happy New Year is still flying all around us, I think this could be a good moment for you to think more deeply what HAPPY” means to you. Do you think you are generally happy? Are you unhappy?  What could you do to make yourself happier in the New Year?

As we know, happiness is a state of mind. Since the mental states are constantly fluctuating, ordinary human beings cannot be happy all the time. But those who have a solid foundation of (1): a positive attitude, (2): a caring personality and (3): less selfish intentions are generally happier people.

If you want to reap some benefits from all the wishes for Happiness” and are genuinely interested in giving yourself the gift of happiness this year, I have a suggestion for you.  Make three simple choices to cultivate (1): a positive attitude, (2): a caring personality, and (3): less selfish intentions as I mentioned above. Try to remember every day of the year or every morning when you get up in the morning to repeat these three virtues as a mantra. Try your best to integrate them into your daily life. If you do, at the end of the year 2016 you will be happier and healthier than today. Remember we are talking about changing the mind. Nobody can change your mind for you. Only your choices can change your mind.

(1) Positive attitude. When things happen or do not happen, stop labeling them as BAD.” Consider them as just EVENTS in your life and attend them with the best of your attitude and deal with them patiently. What people do or say, or things that happen around you, do not cause your suffering and unhappiness. It is your emotions that hurt you or make you unhappy. A positive attitude can help prevent you from getting caught up in negative emotions. Always try your best to remain positive. You can do it if you remember.

(2) Caring. By bringing a bit more caring to difficult situations you can prevent yourself from becoming unhappy or getting hurt. You can also stop yourself from making others unhappy. People’s bad behavior or aggression could be a sign that they are in pain or in discomfort. If you do not care, you may never know the reason for their behavior. Do not undermine the power of caring to heal those who hurt and make them happy and bring peace at the time of turmoil.

(3) Selfishness. Selfishness is the worst enemy of happiness. Selfish people are generally unhappy people. Honestly investigate your selfish behavior or attitudes. Discover and challenge your selfishness. Try to purposely produce unselfish thoughts in your mind. Look for opportunities for selfless acts. When you are less selfish, ordinary moments can bring you a lot of happiness.

By reflecting on these suggestions and putting them into action, you may not necessarily be a perfectly happy person but you may have many more happy moments than the previous year. May your thoughts and actions bring more happy moments into your life.

Bhante Y. Wimala

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