Thilanga threatens legal action against Arjuna
Posted on January 4th, 2016

The newly elected Sri Lanka Cricket President Thilanga Sumathipala said today he would take legal action against former SLC President Arjuna Ranatunga over certain statements Ranatunga had allegedly made.

Sumathipala was elected as SLC President with 88 votes defeating SLC Secretary Nishantha Ranatunga by 56 votes on Sunday. – See more at:

6 Responses to “Thilanga threatens legal action against Arjuna”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you Thilanga for beating Arjuna.

    I’m looking at the political chess board.

    After 19 amendment was passed, IF Karu Jeya and Maru Sira attain nirvana in that order the deputy speaker will be the president for a short time until parliament elects a new president (Run-nil).

    Strange but true. We are living in very strange times where the health minister backstabs the president!

  2. crobe Says:

    Arjuna is still trying to milk the World Cup win from 20 years ago.

    The man can’t seem to accept the fact that he lost, badly.

    Arjuna is claiming that he had 100 votes prior to the election but only received 80 due to the Cricket Mafia.

    This is like Sarath Fonseka(Arjuna’s former godfather) claiming that his rallies in 2010 attracted 100,000 + people and that he did 75 rallies which should parlay into 7.5 million votes, hence should have won the Presidency but didn’t due to a computer jilmart or what not. Some logic.

    This is why there are actual elections.

    Arjuna is a thug and a tyrant. Nishantha is a crook. People voted without fear. The end result is Arjuna lost

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Matthews BUSTED the game.

    From over 37 to over 45 he did NOT play a SINGLE BOUNDARY!!

    For him the century was MORE IMPORTANT than SL winning.

    That made TAM-S, PERERA and KAPU to hammer and get out while ANGI waited for his CENTURY.

    He should be in POLITICS. BUST the country, WIN the election.

    Arjuna won the WC in 1996 thanks to the LTTE.

    After a few bomb attacks in Colombo in early 1996, AUSTRALIA and WEST INDIES refused to play SL in Colombo. BOTH teams were VERY GOOD – they met in SEMI. SL qualified directly to the quarterfinals even before playing their first game!

    IF SL played those matches, NO chance of going to the FINAL.

    May be that’s why Arjuna is INDEBTED to the TNA.

    USA won the 1984 OLYMPICS the same way. No team from Soviet Union (which used to WIN Olympics then).

  4. Nanda Says:

    From your own admission before you don’t know any cricket.

    Mathews did not scarifies the match for his century.
    But he has an IQ problem.
    At 1 wicked gone for none he gave batting practice for New Zealand yet again.
    He is making this mistake again and again. He does not know how to change bowlers.
    He should look at other teams and learn how to apply pressure.
    To do this he need bowlers who can attack, not just keep the scoring rate low.

    Again, don’t bring ridiculous ideas , you loose your credibility.
    Arjuna was a good cricket captain and a leader. We had the best team ( for playing in sub-continent conditions) that time and we won.

    Don’t try to harm Sri Lanka, discredit Sri Lanka and sabotage Sri Lanka.

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    I did some research and it said WI and AUS not playing in SL against SL helped SL to move ahead.

    That’s how Arjuna did it. Like FONSEKA, Arjuna didn’t win the WC all by himself!! BOTH think they won alone.

    What fools.

    I watched the game today. AM was NOT playing any boundaries when he came close to 90. NZ team was very happy he was WASTING BALLS forcing youngsters to hit big and get out. I think he is the ONLY SL to play in Endian IPL.

  6. Nanda Says:

    You don’t need research to accept Sri Lanka won the world cup completely outplaying Australia by merit. Don’t spread rumours to discredit it , taking the opportunity to bash the FAT PIG. He was the best cricket captain then. Period. He is just a FAT PIG now.

    The way Mathews played when he was around 90 was correct. He was trying his best. Lost of Siriwardane caused our downfall.

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