‘Aiyo Sirisena’- the President Sri Lanka had to have in order not to have a President
Posted on January 12th, 2016

By Surangani Seneviratne

A year ago Sri Lanka elected a new president, Maithripala Sirisena to a chorus of ‘democracy’ and ‘just government’ cheering on from inside and outside the besieged island. Sirisena was the President Sri Lanka had to have in order not to have a President. The main stage the new President was placed on had a heading of ‘democracy’ and subtext of ‘corruption’ implying that the claimed injustice and nepotism of a previous era was to be erased and a new era of just government / ‘Yahapalanaya’ heralded. ‘Corruption’ and ‘democracy’ have become the war cry of regime change makers even prior to the events that have resulted in deadly consequences in the middle east and elsewhere an ‘Arab Spring’ was sprung upon the people. Yet Sri Lankans, if the 2015 Presidential election and subsequent General election were fair and the results not manipulated by high tech devices, appear to have voted for a change that had disastrous consequences elsewhere. While Maithripala Sirisena is feathering his nest in many ways than the literal- refurbishing the Presidential abode, he appears not to have read the memo that said his main task is to abolish the Executive Presidency. Is Sirisena heading to his Siri Sangabo days- chopping off his own head? He is not a virtuous Buddhist or shown any characteristics of a man willingly give up power and leadership. So the man who likes to compare himself to the Polonnaruwa kings, fall by his own sward?

Maithripala Sirisena made headlines in the international media not on 8th January, 2015 as the winner / President elect of the ‘new’ Sri Lanka. But a few days ago, as the clueless and pointless leader of a little nation for his remarks on the behaviour of a hormonally charged teenage girl at Enrique Iglesias concert. In January, 2015 the international media was focused on Mahinda Rajapakse trying to justifying his surprise loss at the Presidential elections and completely ignored the new Presidential elect – Maithripala Sirisena. Was Sirisena so stricken by the loss of limelight in January, 2015 that he has to rectify this? The Stingray comments by Sirisena made the bra throwing incident that was best forgotten into an international event. And the President subject of ridicule not only within the nation, mainly in the international media / community.

Is Maithripala Sirisena just a clueless leader? Were his comments on the bra throwing incident due to bad advice from his team? Or was he setup by those in the wings, with ambitions and yearning for the Nobel Peace Prize? Only a few days earlier Maithripala Sirisena was puffed up as the potential recipient, chosen one for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016, a prize given lately to those blatantly towing the line for the status quo. Ranil Wickremasignhe had always looked towards Norway, prayed and said ‘Amen’ to every agreement / demand to get this worthless peace prize. Would Ranil be happy to see Sirisena receive the prize that he sold the nation for? In the final analysis, Sirisena had very little to gain from the ‘Bra-gate’ / bra throwing incident. If he was appealing to the conservative and religious elements of the population, especially among the Sinhala Buddhist, to gain popularity. It may have done more damage than good- drawing attention to his government policies and behaviour of members of his administration. After all, the girl who lost her bra was closely connected to his own select group / the daughter of one of his henchmen! By focusing on ‘Sunscruthiya’ / culture, he brought attention to what his own Ministers are doing to the ‘culture’ according to his own definition. Does what happens in Colombo night clubs fall within his definition of ‘culture’? Or the said destruction of this ‘culture’? They throw more under garments than a bra, and known to use whipping though no Stingrays are harmed!

A video currently doing the social media rounds – the deleted video of President Sirisena’s Official Song for 2016 – does not help the Sirisena cause. The music video depicts Sirisena as chosen by Kings of the Polonnaruwa reign as a suitable candidate to build and protect the nation. It is so cringe worthy that it has been shelved by the Sirisena camp in hindsight. The President himself would have had some input and has participated in the production of this video. Whatever the case maybe it indicates Sirisena’s lack of insight and refinement. Raises the question if Maithripala Sirisena is suitable to occupy the President’s chair even for a brief moment- until he reads the memo to abolish the Executive Presidency.

The Sirisena backers say it is his lack of worldliness as a son of a farmer who rose to high office and politics that makes him a worthy leader. If his lack of refinement was accompanied by wisdom and humility, Sirisena would have been on the same stage as leaders of nations, especially from Latin America (such as José Mujica) that rose to power from very humble origins. And he would have been hounded by US / EU if that was the case. Instead Sirisena was handpicked by these powers for these reasons. They had the foresight to see his ambition, greed and deceitful nature. The man handpicked by them to guide Sri Lanka on a certain destination beyond the task of abolishing the Executive Presidency is becoming a figure of ridicule. And this suits the benefactors abroad and within the island waiting in the wings. They will set him up to fail and ridicule him until he is expendable. From Colombo to Washington they will have their ‘Aiyo Sirisena’ moments.

The movers and shakers in Colombo had already whispered and at times had a few cocktails reflecting on Maithripala Sirisena’s faux pas and lapses. Sirisena’s dress sense when representing the nation was a topic of conversation. It may have been matter of the Presidential entourage not assisting him to put his best foot forward. Or a complete absence of a wardrobe coordinator in the Presidential team. There were several ‘Aiyo Sirisena’ moments when he met the Queen of England and at the Commonwealth Heads meeting. His wardrobe / attire reflected his confusion at times, and he did not appear to look like the leader of nation. Sirisena looked more like the junior staffer from an office in Dakar. His lack of attire when meeting the Queen may have been forgiven by the Colombo elite when he pointed out the Queen’s own lack of attire – the gloveless hand shake. Which Sirisena proudly advertised and was well received in some circles in Colombo!

Maithripala Sirisena, much to the delight of the Colombo elite / his ‘International Community’ backers has lately taken to wearing a ‘mini Modi’ wardrobe- white top and cloth dressed over by a sleeveless ‘Nehru’ jacket. This reflects Sirisena’s demeanour –in the style of ‘Mini- Me’ in the movie, ‘Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me’. Sirisena will say ‘yes, sir’ to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi anytime and all the time. ‘A bridge connecting India from Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka’- Modi said. ‘Yes sir, how high do I build it sir’ says Maithripala Sirisena’s ‘mini Modi’.

The Yahapalana’s new Sri Lanka has a growing brigade of ‘brown shirts’ / a police force that would put Hitler’s Gestapo to shame. Sirisena is not shy to use them on revenge and repression attacks on civilians, especially those that support the former President Mahinda Rajapakse. He has even used their services to persecute victorious military personnel that defeated the LTTE. In the sidelines is his Prime Minister- Ranil Wickremasignhe, who bent over backwards to accommodate the wishes of the LTTE and made no attempt to address the carnage by this deadly terror group on the civilian population. Then there is Chandrika Kumaratunga still carrying ambitions of high office. And a parliamentary majority consisting of swingers / bed hoppers that swing from one party to the other as fast as they jump from one bed to another. All of them willing to bring back the LTTE and place them in power / terrorising the civilian population from north to south. Maithripala Sirisena is well placed to abuse the powers of Executive Presidency he is still presiding over! Within twelve months he has succeeded in executing all abuses of power he accused the former President / the Rajapakse’s.

Where will the blundering Sirisena end? Behind him are two ambitious former Presidents – Ranil and Chandrika- who chose him to do their bidding and set him up to be the fall guy. Maithripala Sirisena may be from Polonnaruwa, but he is no Parakramabahu. It is a case of when the sword will fall on Siri Sangabo Sirisena!


7 Responses to “‘Aiyo Sirisena’- the President Sri Lanka had to have in order not to have a President”


    Surangani, Sirisena president was told by Muslim Obama not to call the Parliament A Parliament. It will be an assembly hall. Already Chinese and Indian contractors putting forward plans to change it to entertainment center. Constitution assembly will meet only once in four years. How long will Ranil live, how long CBK live (Very short) and the election commissioner live? Once they are gone, a new country will spring up like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

  2. Christie Says:

    We are fighting among ourselves and are critical of ourselves. Sirisena was selected by Chandrika and voted in by the Indian colonial parasite block vote. Since 1956 it is the Indian Empire who runs our country.

  3. Dham Says:


    If your repeated complain is Idian Colonial Parasites and you say “since 1956 it is the Indian Empire who runs our country”, why did JR went completely against India?
    If so, JR aka Thambi Nana amongst people of Sri lanka, is the best leader we ever had.

  4. sarathk Says:

    Yes Dham you are correct. Some kalu sudda idiots still think JR is the the greastes leadear ( mostly people study in colombo schools). Those idiots can’t understand Sri Lanka went bad to worst because that idiot JR’s bloody ruling method. Whole country is suffering today because of that (Thambi Nana) yanki dikis “දේශපාලන පරිණත භාවය “. He was the worst ever leader we had in our whole history.

  5. Christie Says:

    Thanks for your response. First JR did not go against India at all. The current constitution is the best example that was fully cooked by the Indian Empire. The JR was a quarter Indian anyway and in the lsat quarter of his political career that quarter dominated his decisions.
    JR and Banda Family are the same but the two parties come from two different angels.

    Why I say 1956 is in 1951 The Indian colonial parasites and Indian Empire formed, funded and set the policies for the SLFP.

  6. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Even an uneducated village farmer can see what is happening in Sri Lanka now.

    As Suranganee Seneviratne says ‘Corruption’, cronyism, and nepotism and ‘democracy’ have become the war cry of regime change makers even prior to the events that have resulted in deadly consequences in the middle east and elsewhere an ‘Arab Spring’ was sprung upon the people.

    The regime change makers have successfully applied the same strategy In Sri Lanka, and now, a well-structured procedure is in place to destabilise the country first by abolition of executive presidency, which is the primary stumbling block that prevent fragmentation of the country into a number of ethnic based regions’ and then by introduction of a new constitution taking away unitary nature of the country. Sri Lanka President hints a federal Constitution (http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2016/01/11/sri-lanka-president-hints-a-federal-constitution/)

    Police dictatorial powers are fully guaranteed to prevent any political opposition to this plan which is very conspicuous now with recent incidents happened in Colombo University Students clash, Handling of the Kotadeniyawa child kidnap case and the Ambilipitya youth assassination case by the local police. Police now openly says that, at any time, gathering of more than five people can be considered as Unlawful Assembly even if the persons do not have an illegal purpose or if their meeting will not breach the public peace of the community.(This has been stated by the Police Spokesman in an interview held by a TV Channel)

    Majority Buddhist Sinhala people will have no say until the “Yahapalanaya” politicians dismember the whole country into ethnic enclaves with majority land mass acquired and controlled by the Tamils and Muslims while Sinhalese people are being cramped into the highly populated southern and Western part of Sri Lanka.

    Ranil’s infamous economic policy of “Capitalism without Capital” will force taxation as the primary source of Capital required by the government that will, in turn, inevitably force living standard of the country to go down to the lowest forcing the intellectual capital of the country to be completely destroyed to facilitate foreign investors to exploit the cheap labour of the poor population for ever.

    They have already taken the decision to remove Buddhism and Ceylon History from the school curriculum so that future generation will not have self-esteem and pride in themselves.

  7. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Tradgedy for Sri Lanka is, still a lot of people believe these guys’ empty words. There are ample evidence to
    show their treachery, destruction, murder, mayhem and robbery. Still a lot of Sinhalese don’t see it and belive
    every empty word coming from these people’s ‘backsides’. If your memory is very very short, cast your mind back
    to 2015. What has been done? Nothing.

    Some of maru sira and pol pot ponil’s achievements in one short year.
    5,000 billions gone from CB daylight robbery
    Buddhism gone from school curriculums
    pensions gone (beg on the streets after retirement)
    brave soldiers sent to prison
    tiger boys released from prison to start their drealam campaign
    1000s of acres from HSZ given back to aid drealam campaign
    wilpattu burning and making more homes for the multiplying xxxx.
    place of Buddhism gone from the new constitution
    unitary state gone from the new constitution
    naval cordon removed and let indians fish in our waters
    naval cordon removed and let illegal immigrants to come and settle down in the north and east.
    UNPelievably UNPatriotic party!


    See the list is very long. In one short year they have done enough damage to Buddhism, Sri Lanka and the
    Sinhalese. Still some Sinhalese donkeys don’t see anything wrong with these traitors. Tamils, mussies and catholics always
    vote for the UNPatriotic party and in return UNPatriotic party always look after them. Some stupid Sinhalese think it is so fashionable to be the supporters of the UNPatriotics and vote for them.

    Thambi mudiyanse signing peace accord isn’t an achievment to be proud of if you are a Sinhalese. Now the 350-miile long island has ministers, state ministers, chief ministers, deputy ministers, mps, mayors, deputy mayors, etc. etc etc. etc. etc.. Is there any other people than ministers, deputy ministers, mps, etc. etc. in Sri Lanka?
    In Sri Lankan politics from boss to his peon are all powerful.

    It is farcical and laughable to suggest thambi mudiyanse skillfully negotiated. He was just an impotent politician in front of the indians and the west. He put the foundations to break up Sri Lanka. Adarmistaya who was so brutal in killing Sinhalese Buddhists was a poodle in front of indians. Contrast this with MR who stood up against indians and mighty west and won against the ruthless terrorist outfit who was killing mainly Sinhalese Buddhists what is catholic west needed.

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