Double Standards of the Police
Posted on January 14th, 2016


During recent times the performance of the police had been widely criticised by the public. Because it had become obvious to the people that they pick and choose the way they treat those who come under their jurisdiction. Some time back we saw how a mentally retarded man being beaten up at Mt Lavinia beach, despite his pleas. Then there were the university students being given the same treatment when they went to present their grievances. The more recent incident was the Embilipitiya case where unnecessary force had been used to break up a party which led to the death of a man.

Apart from these we have also seen instances where young school children being arrested for flimsy matters such as stealing a few coconuts to pay their fees or steal something to eat. Neither did the police look at their age nor consult the Legal Draftsman.  Compared to these we saw the way how Hirunika MP was arrested. The whole of Sri Lanka probably thought she should be arrested. But despite all the evidence showing that she was involved in an abduction, the police surprisingly sought advise of the Attorney General. This as usual took weeks. Then after instructions were given by the Legal Dept, the arrest, producing before a magistrate, giving bail, preparing all the paper work in relation to this and so on had been done in a few hours. All these were done so swiftly people think that it is a  record. The photographs displayed in the media shows that even Hirunika seems to treat her ´arrest´ very lightly. We see her laughing all the way to courts. The new govt had appointed Independent Commissions and the people are wondering if they are independent only on paper!

4 Responses to “Double Standards of the Police”

  1. Christie Says:

    “The new govt had appointed Independent Commissions and the people are wondering if they are independent only on paper!”

    Dear Mr Samaraweera

    I think lot of the people do not know waht is happening in Ceylon the land of the Sinhalese and Indian colonial parasites.

    The The new govt had appointed Independent Commission for police is headed by a person who is an Indian sucker. I have brought up this in other comments about articles on Hiru Nickers episode. I love her nicker shots and I am proud.

    The real problem is how Indian imperialists directly get involved in choosing the Independent Commission of Police of the island.

    Can anyone explain and respond?

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    There is no more police in SL.

    Now it is the GESTAPO. The president is from ISIS.

    A man was pushed from a tall building to his death by the gestapo police.

  3. Christie Says:

    The president is from ISIS. (Indian Sucker Indian Samraj)

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    The president is from ISIS- US-Ananda ( hope you are reading this comments) see who is talking ???
    VP&CO agent have diffrent plane now , bring India forces (IPKF second batch) back already start NEP soon to South ..

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