Interference in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs-Letter to the British Minister
Posted on January 21st, 2016

Harsha Perera Victoria Australia

Dear Mr. Swire,

I refer you to recent statements that you have made about Sri Lanka.

The statements are:

  1. The UK does not specify what the constitutions of other countries should be.
  2. Reconciliation is needed for the economy to grow
  3. The UK will be training the Sri Lankan Armed Forces to be a modern 21st century armed forces and on how to operate in a democracy

Your assertions smacks of the very clever spin that you and your predecessors going as far back as 1815 have generated.  This clever spin has been able to make the ruthless exploitation and domination of Sri Lanka that successive British governments have engaged in to appear benign and beneficial to the local population.

As the saying goes ‘you can fool some of the people all of the time and fool all the people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time’. The abuse of the concept of furthering democracy to destabilise countries and to further the national interests of powerful countries such as the UK, is no longer a secret.

Now let me take each statement and respond to them:

Statement 1:

  • The UK as a co-sponsor of the latest UNHRC resolution against Sri Lanka is demanding that Sri Lanka establish a hybrid international-national court in Sri Lanka to try and that Sri Lanka further devolve power as a part of the reconciliation process.
  • Both of these demands require changes to the Sri Lankan constitutional and proves very clearly that the UK is dictating at least in part what the Sri Lankan constitution should be.
  • Therefore this statement is a blatant lie

Statement 2:

  • This is obvious and the statement insults the intelligence of Sri Lankans.
  • We know this very well and have been engaging in a process of reconciliation since 2009 using methods devised by Sri Lankans for Sri Lankans

Statement 3:

  • This is an arrogant and patronising statement
  • The Sri Lankan armed forces are the MOST SUCCESSFUL counter-terrorism armed forces in the world after having completely defeated the most ruthless terrorist group in the world despite repeated attempts by the UK to prevent that victory and despite repeated statements by the UK that the LTTE cannot be defeated militarily
  • This victory was achieved by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces using strategies and tactics innovated by Sri Lankans
  • The Sri Lankan Armed Forces are world leaders and pioneers in counter-terrorism
  • The Sri Lankan Armed Forces CAN teach the UK armed forces lessons on how to defeat terrorists with minimum civilian casualties and how to de-radicalise, rehabilitate and re-integrate former terrorists back into society and how to support the nation in the post conflict period.
  • The Sri Lankan Armed Forces DON”T NEED any advice from the UK about how to operate in a democracy having guarded and respected democracy for over 60 years.

The above demands are a blatant interference in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan people have NEVER given the UK a mandate to dictate to them how Sri Lanka should be structured, how its Armed Forces should operate and how Sri Lanka should solve its own problems.

We DON”T NEED ill intentioned, unsolicited and patronising advice from imperialists powers such as the UK.

We know what is best for our country and its armed forces and we will decide the future of both.

Please mind your own business and STOP interfering in our country.
Best Wishes
Harsha Perera

2 Responses to “Interference in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs-Letter to the British Minister”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    Iam please requesting all Lanka Web Readers to read the Daily Mirror, and the Presidents interview.

    Quote;-President Maithreepala Sirisena has said, The International Community need not worry about matters of State interest, and the Investigation into War Crime charges should be internal and indigenous, without violating the Laws of the Country. Unquote.

    Bravo ! President, You have launched the FIRST SALVO to the damning Interlopers of white skin. You will be blessed for this. I had my doubts about you, but…..

    Quote:- Foreign Judges and Prosecutors should not be involved in an investigation into allegations of War Crimes. I believe in the Judicial System and other relevant authorities in this regard. Unquote.

    Bravissimo ! President, your SECOND SALVO has put the UN Interlopers into a RED BLUSH, and made them put their Tails between their Legs, after dropping their trousers down. The tail end is showing up in front, between their legs, just below their underpants. You have stopped them in their TRACKS. Their under-lying malice against Sri Lanka has been well exposed in their semi-nudity.

    Quote:- In a BBC interview, The President said, the Country did not need to “”Import”” Specialists. The President has said, ****emphasis mine*** I WILL NEVER AGREE TO INTERNATIONAL INVOLVEMENT IN THIS MATTER. We have more than enough Specialists, Experts, and knowledgeable people in our country, to solve the internal issues.Unquote

    Very Well Done !!President, your THIRD SALVO has put to rest, completely, about the mis-givings the people had about you in the aforesaid regard. All the people in Sri Lanka must be breathing a sigh of relief, that includes me, to see your goodself, respecting the Signal and changing tracks, towards the correct destination. All those who had plans with malicious intent, to scorn our TRI FORCES, POLICE, and other Law agencies, and was seething with feelings of REVENGE, are now deflated, TIRE FLAT. You have Humpty Dumptyeed them. A Special word of Thanks to you Mr. President, on behalf of all Sri Lankans. People will now begin to believe in you.

    Quote:- If the Army is alleged for such Crimes, Our concern should be to free them from those allegations.Unquote

    BRAVO BRAVISSIMO, VERY WELL DONE.!! President, your FOURTH SALVO, has totally and completely negated the bad feelings, and prejudice the members of the Tri Forces and all the people of Sri Lanka had against you on the subject of War Crimes Charges. With all things coming into true sense of reality , as envisaged in all Sri Lankan minds, YOUR GRAHAYAS WILL TAKE YOU TO GREAT HEIGHTS.

    President !! It is my point of view that your ratings were very low, in the doldrums. With this interview, and your personal expressions on matters of very serious concern to all Sri Lankans, your ratings have Sky rocketed.


  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Mr. Swire !! You are raising SWs ire, when you say, UK will be training Sri Lanka Armed Forces. So you think that the BRITS Army is far Superior to train Sri Lanka Army ? I think you have got your S(WIRE)s crossed. What you mean to say is that British Army will be coming FOR training by the Sri Lankan Army. GOTCHA !

    You say, Reconciliation is needed for the economy to grow. Truly ? Sri Lankans never knew that. You have some Brain Mr. Swire. Very intelligent assertion. Keep repeating it please. then we will understand.

    Mr. Swire, Do you know that OUR PRESIDENT, has said, International Community need not worry about matters of State interest. As a matter of fact, you sound like an Interloper. Sri Lankans are very averse to such people.

    Do you know that The UKs interest to establish a HYBRID COURT has been vitiated by OUR PRESIDENT. He put his foot down, saying, ** Foreign Judges and Prosecutors should not be involved in an investigation into allegations of ** War Crimes.** So HYBRID COURT IS INVALIDATED IN TOTO.

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