Does President Sirisena realize he is going to be jobless if the new constitution is implemented?
Posted on January 23rd, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

 When Gen. Fonseka failed in 2010, another candidate had to be selected for the 2015 Presidential election. That quest was outsourced to CBK who cherry-picked the most least-expected choice as President. To get rid of the Presidency, Maithripala Sirisena shook Sri Lanka with a well-funded Dharmic projection of the perfect leader for the nation and won. Every word said, every statement made was music to 6,217,162 voters. That was a year ago. Abolishing of the Presidency got only so far as reducing the Presidential term from 6 years to 5 and now he’s faced with the likelihood of being jobless at the end of his term. Is President Sirisena ready to retire to Polonnaruwa?

 Ranil’’s fear of elections having lost over 29 elections, forced the need to pick Sarath Fonseka as his 2010 choice. A united front was created and even the Tamils had no qualms about casting their vote for the former army commander whom they had previously accused of war crimes. Nevertheless despite a well-funded campaign he lost. The UNP bloc vote that praised Fonseka had no second thoughts of dumping their 2010 choice and transferring their allegiance to a man who had been their virtual opposition in the SLFP. This displayed the ugly side of the UNP voter base not caring which puppet was selected so long as the greens could return to power. Maithripala however was all the colors of the rainbow having signed a pact with a host of individuals and parties. Frogs and kangaroos from Rajapakse’s camp jumped as expected to join the good governance government currently being showered praises from the UN and hosting visitors from anglo-american war criminals and war mongers.

 With the coterie of external-internal vultures linked to the current government very much in action, the new government does not know whether it is coming or going and is now facing unprecedented hurdles most of which have been of its own making.

 Let us also remind ourselves the current UNP are all past the age of prime and needless to say are occupied not wanting to step into the other world rather than think of ways to develop and protect the nation. The best of portfolios are in their hands while nothing great can be expected from the Sirisena-picked lot having being the one’s responsible for the former leader’s downfall.

 So we find ourselves pushed into having our constitution changed and the ripples that have been created by the change-agents are taking the upper hand.

 Today, Sirisena finds himself in a soup. He has neither the UNP support nor does he have SLFP support and he certainly does not have the minority support. He has been strategically cornered into irrelevance unless he makes himself relevant. Omitting him from the constitution by far would be the best option since he serves no purpose. But if you ask any of the former Presidents all of whom were going to abolish the presidency but changed their minds after becoming President, would also advise Sirisena to do the same. Nevertheless, Sirisena is finding he is getting cornered by the day. President is in a real achcharu

 If everyone has been sharp enough to notice, all the pro-UNP websites and newspapers are so ‘unbiased’ that they are highlighting all of the President’s wrongs and nepotism. Their ‘unbias’ however forgets to include the UNP miscreants except for a handful of UNPers who are a threat to the UNP-family planning agenda.

 So what is the predicament that the President finds himself? He no doubt will remain the President for the next 5 years but he has removed provision to dissolve parliament, a tool which would have been quite handy. Now he finds himself likely not to have a job in 5 years when the new constitution plans to remove his current powers and pass on to the present an Executive PM and the present PM hopefully looking forward to enjoying supreme powers – a Waiting for Godot type situation.  

 Obviously 40 years of politics must have taught the President something and probably why he has suddenly decided not to have international inquiries, not to allow international judges and to dismiss reports claiming to be linked closely to LTTE. Elections can do wonders to boost the decision making of leaders! The next question is what type of googly the President will play to ensure he is not jobless in 5 years. However, at the rate things are going all our politicians may find themselves jobless and the Indian political establishment taking over. If the Indians can take over our jobs, our industries, our farming, our salons who says they cannot take over as our politicians!!!

 If the current parliament had half the brains they should start to worry. A weekend newspaper predicted the current PM is likely to live overseas from 2019 – of course anyone who sells the nation would find it better to enjoy piña coladas overseas rather than face the wrath of the Sri Lanka people. How many others are likely to flee the nation?

 The scenarios are bleak. We have the current government agreeing to sign anything and everything which would end up with Sri Lanka being invaded by Indians and Sri Lankans losing their jobs to Indians. So far even the professionals, trade unions or service sector have realized the dangers to their lives at hand. Then the division of the country would end up with future calamities and incursions all of which would be early Christmas for the players plotting to use a divided nation for their trade and geopolitical manoeuvring’s.

 While all these dangers are lurking we need to also wonder if the President’s advisors have spoken to the President about his retirement plans?

 So let’s see all those likely to get affected pulling out some rabbits from their hat!

 Shenali D Waduge

15 Responses to “Does President Sirisena realize he is going to be jobless if the new constitution is implemented?”

  1. vyasan Says:

    Part of the the so-called ‘Good Governance” of Miathripala Sirisena.

    President Maithripala Sirisena in a lengthy interview with BBC (Sinhala Service), said that he has not been guilty of nepotism during his first year in office.
    The President, who came in for a lot of criticism over the appointment of his brother as Telecom Chairman and over his children using presidential clout to order around public servants and use public assets, brushed aside BBC’s Azzam Ameen’s questions over nepotism saying that he has not given party nomination for any relation to contest elections.
    When asked about including his son Daham Sirisena in the country’s official delegation to the UN General Assembly last year, he said ‘that’s about humanity and about a father’s love for a son which only fathers who have children can understand’. He said people who don’t have children attack me. It is not clear if this was a veiled attack on the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe who does not have children. Although Sirisena said he took his son ‘because there was enough room’, the truth is that only six seats were reserved for the Sri Lankan delegation. Therefore the President deliberately removed Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Dr. Rohan Perera, to make room for his son. ( see the photo below)

    Daham Sirisena holds no official post in the public service but as recently as yesterday took it upon himself to inspect a special complex managed by the Ministry of Defence with senior military officers forced to be in attendance.
    Instead of addressing the problem of nepotism which has become an embarrassment to the government the President chose to attack his critics.
    President Sirisena appears to have equated nepotism to family rule. It is no secret however that most of his brothers became wealthy only after Sirisena was first appointed as a minister in the Chandrika Kumaratunga government.
    Whilst President Sirisena is also the Minister of Defence, his son-in-law Wewelpanawa Gamage Thilina Suranjith is the Public Relations Officer of the Defence Ministry, whilst Chathurika, Sirisena’s daughter, has been invited frequently as a chief guest at other known Defence Ministry functions.
    The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines nepotism as “the unfair practice by a powerful person of giving jobs and other favors to relatives”. The Cambridge Dictionary defines nepotism as ” the act of using your power or influence to get good jobs or unfair advantages for members of your own family”

    -Colombo Telegraph (Net edition 23/01/2016)

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Its all a sham.

    Do you honestly think greedy Maru Sira will EVER leave presidency? NO. NEVER.

    He back stabbed MR, joined with TNA, etc. not to give it up. He will remain president until 2027 and then put his son DAHAM on the job.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    I had my reservations about Gotabhaya taking to politics. But now I’m convinced he is a well articulated thinker even in politics. However, even he severely lacks bold leadership and avoids responsibility.

    He explained exactly what is plaguing the country in a recent media encounter.


    There are thousands of small organisations throughout the country working against the plunder of democracy and corruption of the government. However, there is no leadership to amass them.

    Interestingly we need someone like Chandrika in the early 1990s to bravely lead the opposition. Despite her subsequent anti-national moves, she (1992 to 1994) is a role model for the cowards in the opposition today who are more concerned about their personal safety than save people from corruption (දූෂණය) and state terror (භීෂණය). The latest is the killing of an innocent man in Ambilipitiya by the police. This is part of a string of state terror attacks (භීෂණය) unleashed on ethnic Sinhalese. Much like the reign of terror 1988 to 1994.

    Just because this government is bad doesn’t mean anyone can topple it. People look for fearless leaders. If leaders are cowards, people consider it is best to stick with the known devil. This was how UNP managed to win all elections from 1973 to 1993.

  4. Christie Says:

    Shenali; Indian Empire will look after him like it is looking after Chandrika. It may be for a short preiod or it may look after him like it did with Fonseka or may be Sobitha.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sri Lanka needs a Group of People to lead – loyal to Lanka, able, educated, savvy, unshaken leaders, time proven, leaders. No one person will ever be allowed to lead, as proven in the past.

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    LORENZO !! Exactly, it is a BEEEEG sham. Bra-sira is a Master at deception. He is taking Ranil and the whole set for a nightmare Merry-go-round ride. While he is there in his seat, he will, with the family members siphon off millions, for a billionaire retirement. Mark my words.

    I fell for some of his recent utterences, vis-à-vis that he will not allow Foreign Judges and Prosecutors to come for investigations of war crimes, etc. He virtually negated the entire HYBRID Courts. This is what Ranil has promised to do. So, I believe they are at cross roads on most of the topics. He will Fly through heavy turbulence with ease. We are the Modayas expecting changes. As Dilrook says, we have no fearless Leader to come forward like chandrika when in the opposition. They are all one set of SCUM BAGS.

    Can they include in the Constitution that NEPOTISM by the Prime Minister or President is CRIMINAL.?

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Some ideas – thinking “out of the box” :

    Wherever able, VIPs tend to favor the folk known to them. How do other countries manage ? They too have problems, more or less. Recall that even JR said “I have to look after my Clan”.
    We suggest that 5-8 trusted, time tested, educated, savvy, loyal people govern Lanka along with a Parliament of smaller numbers. Can’t the Presidency & the PM’s post be removed through an Amendment to the existing Constitution ? If necessary, have a Referendum. Are we right with this approach with reference to the Constitution of Lanka ?

    Two other serious problems that beset the country :

    (1). Lanka Ports : Especially the deep sea, natural Trinco Port, which was used by the British S.E. Asia Command & Fleet during the WW II. Japan bombed the Dry Dock during the WW II and destroyed it. Currently, as far as we know, the IOC (Indian Oil Co) is using the oil storage facilities there. It is pertinent to note that 70% share of the vast Rajasthan oil fields are owned by Cairn Oil (Head Office, UK).
    The other Ports are the Port of Colombo & the Port at Hambanthota. Around 40% of the cargo ships of the world pass through the ports of Lanka. Mr Shannon of the US State Dept said that since the Ports of Sri Lanka are important, that there must be internal peace in Lanka. We agree.

    To this end, we suggest that the Ports of Lanka, which are owned by the GoSL on behalf of the People of Lanka (public property), be made into a govt owned Company. The GoSL can hold 51-52% of the Shares in this Company. It is imperative that the Ports of Lanka be only used for PEACEFUL PURPOSES. That must be the guiding Principle re the Govt owned Ports Company. The rest of the Shares can be sold, 10% of available Shares ONLY to each interested foreign govt (no sale of Shares to individuals or private companies or business bodies).

    The GoSL must hold controlling Shares. The proceeds from the Ports are needed badly for GoSL to carry on the Social programs under the govt.

    Sri Lanka must remain a Social Re-public, not an ultra-Capitalist/Fascist black hole of despair and death in the Indian Ocean.

    (2). The second concern is the position of the Tamil language in Sri Lanka. So long as Tamil Nadu has excessive numbers of Tamil Dalits who suffer atrocities daily, then Lanka will have terrible problems. Tamils of Dalit origin flee Tamil Nadu to lose Caste as it is stated on their birth certificates in India. In Lanka, they lose caste, first by crossing sea water (belief), and next not having Caste stated on their birth certificates. Then again, they have free education and health care, jobs, etc.

    It is stunning that the Vadukoddai Resolution of 1976 has still not been removed officially by Tamil leaders who have demanded a separate state for Tamils from the 1930’s.

    Removal of the Tamil language has to be done by another Amendment.

    We are sorry re the language issue, but there is no other way. If there are other ways to Survive in Lanka, please write in. Comments welcome.

  8. Jag Says:

    ”hosting visitors from anglo-american war criminals and war mongers.”

    Doesn’t that itself makes Siraa, a traitor to the nation.?
    He, along with Ponil are nothing but spiritless servile douchebags with Parangi blood whose only way of survival is to sell even their parents to achieve their ends.

    Siraa’s sudden rigid stance on barring foreign judges is a way to please those SLFP politicians from splitting up and forming a new party. Had he been in a comfortable situation, the same Siraa would’ve allowed any amount of foreign judges for sure.

    He has no shame at all in performing any amount of summersaults to protect his job. He will ensure that he contests for the Executive PM’s job in the next elections. This is why he is making so many public appearances and trying his best to project a pious leader’s image, after committing the worst back stabbing in Sri Lankan politics.

  9. Jag Says:

    ”Removal of the Tamil language has to be done by another Amendment.”

    This is one of those imminent actions that should’ve been done soon after the war. There were extremely important tasks that needed to be done as a priority soon after the war ended in 2009.

    Colonising both North and the East was neglected. Strengthening those border villages with our own poorest of the poor helpless Sinhala Buddhists too was neglected.

    Whoever the next president is going to be, unless and until these issues are sorted, there won’t be peace in Sri Lanka.

  10. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  11. SA Kumar Says:

    We are sorry re the language issue, but there is no other way. If there are other ways to Survive in Lanka, please write in. Comments welcome.-Fully agreed Sinhala Lanka (7PCS) Sinhala only Language & Saiva TE (NPC) & Muslim TE(EPC) Tamils Only Language !!!

    Why this kolavri ???

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    Removal of the Tamil language has to be done by another Amendment.”- We are living in 2016 after very high price paid since 1948 still My Sinhala Sakodaraya talking about Tamil language problem !!!

    Does President Sirisena realize he is going to be jobless – Kirama Sevaka Job always waiting for him as People Sevaka man did not need PR or PM job to serve people .
    eg: MS visited a IDP home in jaffna & asked mother to open their pot to see what sort of food ( Sooru & Sothi) they are eating than he promised he will sort out ( back to their original home) with in 6 month.

    long life to Mr President MS !!!

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    To all concerned citizens :

    The war with the LTTE was just a few years ago and finished in 2009. The call for some type of Tamil Separatism still goes on, while Tamil folk of nearly 50% live in the South Lanka with others. With the Tamil language in place, and Ranil’s Bridge to Tamil Nadu and over 15 Million Tamil DALITS in TN, where is this all headed ? We are headed toward “Tamil Dalitstan” in Lanka.

    Just a few days ago, I saw a news item stating that the TNA IS DEMANDING that all public notices anywhere in Lanka carry the Tamil version too. This is take over of Lanka by LANGUAGE, just as in INDIA’s sub-states.

    FOOLISH Lankans watching the demise of their own Motherland.

  14. SA Kumar Says:

    TNA IS DEMANDING that all public notices anywhere in Lanka carry the Tamil version too- Please please give us evidence ( news link) etc..)

    No more Tamil problem in Mother Lanka !!!

    United Mother lanka Now !!!!

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    Look up the LankaPage a few days ago. May have been Wigneswaran demanding this – nevertheless, that was the demand.

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