Zeid dictates harsh terms to Sri Lanka
Posted on February 11th, 2016

By A.A.M.Nizam – MATARA

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein who ended a four day visit to Sri Lanka yesterday and extensively listened to the views and opinions of the Tamil community and failed to hold discussions with the Sinhala community organizations or joint opposition members said that it was the sovereign right of Sri Lanka to decide on the judicial process to investigate into alleged war crimes or on the involvement of foreign judges.

He cautioned that at the end of the day whatever Sri Lanka did, it should make sure that justice were served to all the victims, whose human rights have been violated.

Zeid said Sri Lanka has many excellent judges, lawyers, and law enforcement officials but over the years the judiciary had become highly politicized, unbalanced and unreliable and that the country’s history over the past few decades had been littered with judicial failures. He said that therefore it is essential to establish a Hybrid judicial process to investigate into the alleged war crimes.

He pointed out that the Prime Minister has also commented on it at great length and with admirable candour in Parliament. He said virtually every week provides a new story of a failed investigation, a mob storming a court-room or another example of a crime going unpunished. Particularly, sexual violence and harassment against women and girls is poorly handled by the relevant State institutions — especially when the alleged perpetrators are members of the military or security services — and, as a result it remains all too widespread.

The UNHR Chief said it was for these reasons that his report and the Human Rights Council resolution suggested international participation in the accountability mechanisms set up to deal with international crimes and gross human rights violations committed by individuals on both sides.  He asserted that Devolution of power is a must.

It must be pointed out that by co-sponsoring the American initiated resolution against Sri Lanka in the UNHRC last September our western slavish infantile Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera has undertaken the following responsibilities to be implemented by Sri Lanka.

*In Operative Paragraph 1, the government has agreed to accept the report against Sri Lanka prepared by the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights (OHCHR) which had accused Sri Lanka of committing unlawful killings of civilians, torture, rape, deliberate starvation of people and other such war crimes. With this Sri Lanka has officially accepted that war crimes were committed in the country.

*In OP 4 the government has agreed to allow the war crimes tribunal that was going to be set up and related institutions to obtain funding directly from foreign sources. Accordingly, the Judges and prosecutors who will be jailing members of the Sri Lankan armed forces will be paid directly by foreign powers.

*In OP 6 the government has agreed to set up a judicial mechanism to try our war heroes with the participation of Commonwealth and other foreign judges, prosecutors, investigators and lawyers.

*In OP 7 it has been agreed that the Government of Sri Lanka would reform its domestic law to ensure that it can implement the commitments made in this UNHRC resolution.

*In OP 8 the government has undertaken to remove through administrative action members of the armed forces suspected of having committed human rights violations and war crimes but against whom there isn’t enough evidence to place before a war crimes tribunal.

In OP 12 the government has undertaken to review the Public Security Ordinance and repeal the PTA and replace it with internationally acceptable anti-terrorism legislation.

In OP 16 the government has undertaken to bring about a political settlement through the devolution of power and to ensure that the Provincial Councils were able to function effectively.

In terms of OPs 18 and 20 all the above were to be implemented under the supervision of the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights.

Fortunately members of the joint opposition, who are patriotic citizens of this country, rightly observed the dangers being posed to our war heroes and unleashed a vibrant campaign against the UNHRC resolution and Mr. Wimal Weerawansa even carried out a series of lectures in foreign countries to enlighten the danger to Sri Lankans resident in those countries while they held a series of workshops, seminars and meetings locally with the participation of leading members of the joint opposition.  If it was not done so the matter would have been hushed up by the western stooges such as Ranil and Mangala as they succeeded in misleading puppet Bra  Sirisena who brought shame to the country by telling BBC and Al Jazeera that there were no accusations of war crimes against Sri Lanka in the UNHRC resolution.  It is claimed that the Foreign Ministry taking advantage of the poor English literacy of Sirisena has given him a doctored translation of the UNHRC resolution and based on this he has uttered this nonsense to BBC and Al Jazeera.

When Sirisena says we don’t need to import foreign judges; we have enough expertise in this country, and that he will not agree to foreign judges, he is repudiating his government’s own position taken in Geneva. Meanwhile Ranil is taking a different view and insists that there is no change in the commitment made in Geneva.

Other than the UNHRC resolution, there are allegations of war crimes in the OHCHR report against Sri Lanka submitted by Zeid as well. The allegations include the ‘widespread’ unlawful killing of civilians, widespread and systematic enforced disappearances, rape, torture and the repeated shelling of hospitals.

Zeid has categorically emphasized that he is keenly watching about the progress being made by Sri Lanka and his next report will be submitted to the UNHRC in June this year.  Legal luminaries point out that Sri Lanka need to change many of its existing Laws to fully implement the UNHRC resolution co-sponsored by Sri Lanka.  Will this happen soon or will Sri Lanka face accusations of breach of trust and some form of sanctions in June due to the absurd folly made by our western puppets?

17 Responses to “Zeid dictates harsh terms to Sri Lanka”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “He asserted that Devolution of power is a must.”

    What does devolution got to do with accountability? This is bunkum!

    He is doing the CONTRACT of Endia to DIVIDE SL. There is NO NEED for devolution.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Aleppo city in SYRIA is having a MAJOR BATTLE. IF Russians succeed in liberating it from US Sunni terrorists that will be a KEY TURNING POINT in that war.

    USA is sending troops, Saudi is considering sending troops, TURKEY has said it will NOT allow Syria recapture Aleppo and Britain has sent warships to the region.

    Russia should CUTOFF Aleppo and drain out civilians leaving only terrorists. Destroy all these US funded terrorists to bring peace to Syria.

    Sunni PRINCE ZEID is a Jordanian. Pro-US Jordan will feel the HEAT of Russian victory in neighboring SYRIA. He should be worried about his country than SL.

  3. Sooriarachi Says:

    “……..over the years the judiciary had become highly politicized, unbalanced and unreliable and that the country’s history over the past few decades had been littered with judicial failures.” – Zeid

    I agree to some extent as we can now see how a former Supreme Court judge (Tamil) is now peddling false, racist and insulting stories about the original people of Sri Lanka, the Sinhalese and the ancient language and culture of these people, admired and researched into by international scholars.
    However, this does not mean all Sri Lankan judges are/were like this racist, suffering from envy of the Sinhala civilisation and an untreatable inferiority complex leading to his attempts to rob the rich Sinhala culture and contributions to the world (check the UNESCO world heritage sites).

    Sri Lanka also had many great honourable judges like Chief Justice Sansoni (Dutch Burgher) who, on the insistence of Tamil leaders and nominated by them, was appointed to head a Presidential Commission to investigate communal violence in the 70s. Mr Zeid and others, please read the report of Justice Sansoni about quality and credibility of Tamil separatists and their criminal activities, for decades, and the very same Tamil leaders collected copies of this report and burned trying to cover up their criminal deeds, exposed in the report.
    I wish to highlight following quotes from Justice Sansoni report:….. “It stuck me, that Mahathma Ghandi; whose leadership and example have often been referred to, would have spurned to follow the course pursied by Mr Amirthalingam …” (The then Tamil leader and also leader of the opposition, a die hard extremist, subsequently killed by the very LTTE he supported). Justice Sansoni goes on to reveal the murders of innocent Sinhalese, destruction of their homes and businesses and threats made by Tamil leaders, such as “All join to set fire to the Sinhalese devils”; “If the Tamils rise up the Sinhalese will be exterminated”; “Those (Tamils) who betray the Tamil race will be food for the Tigers”; ” We shall definitely achieve a Tamil state of our own”; etc etc. Justice Sansoni concludes, “I have no sympathy with persons who say one thing in Parliament or in the newspapers and say the exact opposite when they find themselves in the Company of persons with whom they are accused of associating”. “I have no doubt that in all the cases I have set out, the aggressors were Tamils” (Para 206 in the report).
    So Mr Zeid, don’t get fooled by similar individuals you are now speaking to, whilst ignoring the Sinhalese spokepersons.

    May I also ask, is not the UN and judiciaries in Western nations, as well as Zeid’s own conduct and report on this occasion highly politicised (pleasing the West and Tamil activists), unbalanced (not talking to the Sinhala organisations and armed forces), and unreliable (not transparent, witnesses not known)?

    Sri Lanka had tried hard to trust the UN but have been let down in more than one occasion with highly distorted and imaginary reports by UN appointed investigators and officials like Dharusman, Petrie, Navi Pillai, Sooka, including Zeid on this occasion.

    What did Ban Ki Moon do? He assured he is appointing a private panel, outside the UN to advice him on how to tackle the Sri Lankan situation. Instead what did he do? He appointed 3 well known biased individuals, inappropriately published and distributed their infamous “Dharusman” report, prepared without talking to Sri Lankan Armed forces, Officials or anti-terrorist Sinhala groups, but talking only to “witnesses” whom they can not even divulge for at least 20 years. After this miscarriage of justice, can Sri Lanka trust foreign investigators or judges?

    Then comes the Petrie report and Yasmin Sooka report, again compiled in the same manner with invisible “witnesses” and not talking to anti-terrorist groups. Can Sri Lanka trust such UN sponsored foreign “experts”?
    I hope President Sirisena will have a backbone and self esteem to reject these unreliable, so called foreign “experts” who are not appointed to investigate alleged crimes committed by Western forces in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain etc and Indian forces in Kashmir, Sri Lanka etc

  4. nilwala Says:


    Despite the FAILINGS of the UN Office itself, as well as the other International Groups based in SRI LANKA at the height of the final battles, and who were expected to CONVINCE THE LTTE INTO LETTING GO OF THE CIVILIANS BEING USED AS A HUMAN SHIELD….
    DESPITE ALL OF THEIR OWN FAILURES, the UNHRC CHIEF has gone all barrels firing at the then Goverrnment and its Defense Forces ONLY.

  5. ranjit Says:

    MR is the only kalu sinhalaya who had guts to answer Para Suddas in their faces. Because he had a vision and a clear cut policies to free the country from ruthless Tamil terrorists we were able to put a full stop to LTTE terrorism completely. We never heard any violent acts from North or East since the end of LTTE terror due to strong policies of the last Govt. but today we see a different picture under the rule of three foreign backed traitors who came to power on their heads.Sira betrayed the whole Sinhala community joining with coat and tie white man’s slave and the one eyed wicked power hungry trecherous woman who planned and executed the Jan 8 coup with the help of Para suddas and the Indian parasites. These three turned our country upside down politically and economicaly. No money, No jobs, high cost of living, Murders, Robberies, Rapes, Kidnappings, abuse of power, Harassing of Buddhist monks, Opposition politicians, their wives, children and taking our country downwards like no other time in our history.
    We need to stand up together to save our Motherland from those vultures and work for a better tomorrow with participation of all peace loving people and for a true democracy under a leader who loves the country and the religion we believe in.May God save our homeland from all evil creatures who rule this country only for power and money.

    UN actions towards our nation is a joke. They failed in every country.They helped the Satan to destroy decent, innocent historical countries around the world. These hypocrits work for Satan.They are paid by them.I cannot understand why our stupid rulers do not understand their treacherous motives and stand fearlessly against them. These cowards are not there for the sake of the people but for their own benefits

  6. Sooriarachi Says:

    President Sirisena should ask Zeid, why he failed to take a balanced approach by avoiding any discussions with groups and individuals opposed to the TNA and LTTE separatists.
    President Sirisena had recently acted bravely by not meeting George Soros and also not participating in the Thai Pongal celebrations in the North, attended by Wigneswaran and UK Minister Hugo Swire. This time the President could ignore Zeid’s threats and do the right thing by Sri Lanka, to protect Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and dignity, whether there will be sanctions or not by powerful nations in support of separatists.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    All this goes to show how vulnerable the local Sinhala/Buddhists are. FarHistory and Near History proves this.

    Best thing to do is to have the conventional Army, always.

    *PATRIOTISM to be taught in every school in Lanka.
    *OATH OF ALLEGIANCE to Lanka, to be taken by all school children and office workers, public & private.
    *Have a standing civilian army as in Switzerland.
    *Lease out vulnerable Port of Trinco to THE power bloc. (Referendum ?).
    *Self Sufficiency, as much as is possible.

    more ….

    Is Yahap up to such challenges ???

  8. RohanJay Says:

    Who is this Arrogant Muslim Prince Zeid. He should have been force fed, raw pork meat at Katunayake airport before his departure. Who the hell does this twat think he is interfering in the internal affairs of the sovereign country of Sri Lanka.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Anger won’t do.

    This time around, Sinhala and Others who care about Lanka will have to really get down to the business of safeguarding the country on a forever basis, or lose it all.

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    “Is Yahap up to such challenges ???”

    IS MR up to such challenges??????????

    Don’t forget Yahap is the DEFAULT GOVT. today. The status quo. You need to actively CHANGE it if you need change. To CHANGE it you have to show MR is up to it.

    IF there is DISAGREEMENT, the status quo REMAINS!!

    This is the bitter truth.

  11. AnuD Says:

    Lorenzo is right.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:


    What needs to happen is that ALL leaders HAVE to realise that we are headed toward (M.A.D.) Mutually Assured Destruction, if things just go on as is. They HAVE to get together to bring back BALANCE to the Nation.

    CBK & RW especially have to comply.


    If there are other ways to peacefully have a lasting PEACE FOR ALL, we are inviting the People to write in.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    Back to article here :

    Mr Zaid Al Hussein has missed a large chunk of truth when he omitted looking into the Atrocities against the Tamils of the North by the IPKF. The fact that the UNHRC Inquiry & Reports are confined to the time limit of the last War with the LTTE, is damning on the Sri Lanka Armed Forces and the Govt of MR.

    All the IPKF Crimes as well as the Missing Persons from the Tsunami getting lumped on the Armed Forces and the MR govt too ! What perfidy, what gross INJUSTICE to the People of Sri Lanka !! Shame and double shame on the offices of the UN which is supposed to represent the ultimate Justice on Human Rights in the world.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    CBK & RW have to comply or retire from politics – that seems the only sensible way. Same goes for Tamil Leaders. This is for the greatest good for the greatest numbers of Lanka, for every group here.

  15. Lorenzo Says:


    CBK and RW have already JOINED TOGETHER!!! There is nothing MORE these 2 can do.

    Who has not joined together? Going by your theory ask the others to JOIN IN.

    Unless people are convinced with a CLEAR ACTION PLAN by MR, the ruling party will rule SL.

    Although MR criticized the UNHRC nonsense, did he VOW TO SCRAP the agreement? NO. So don’t expect people will flock around him. People need DOERS not just TALKERS. They have been fooled by TALKERS.

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    Criticizing this BAD govt. is NOT sufficient to change it. Everyone KNOWS that. IF you want to bring MR back to power tell MR to TAKE A BOLD STAND and say “I will NOT honor SL’s commitment to UNHRC” or “I will kick those panel jokers out” or “I will punish separatists in SL”. People have NOT heard those things YET. WHEN MR says such things people will elevate him to PM. We have to WAIT till he says that.

    IF you are in darkness (the country is in total darkness today), NO USE blaming that darkness. USELESS! Lighting a candle is what is needed to DESTROY the darkness. Unless the JOINT OPPOSITION lights up (without just criticizing) they are as useless as this UNP govt.

  17. Fran Diaz Says:


    CBK & RW are not the popular or trusted politicians. They are there today together by stealth and not by Peoples Choice.
    MY3 said that he chose Ranil as Exec PM “because the west wants it so”. After their costly blunders in lives and material wealth here, CBK & RW are not the top popular politicos in Lanka.

    It is ironic that if the MR govt & the Armed Forces had not removed the LTTE, CBK would have been still languishing in a flat in London, and Ranil hidden in the political crevices of Lanka ! Where’s the gratitude from this Odd Couple, the Ugly Sisters ? This is what I mean by people caught up in Mongrel Cultures – they do not have good values.

    The miserable Economic record of Yahap so far and the sadism toward the Patriotic people & the Armed Forces, mimics these two persons personalities. They are there because of the west, no other reason.

    MR had a Plan. The “Containing China” plan got in the way, didn’t it ?
    Also, the way the Economic Growth of a country is measured is wrong too. People have to work like rats in a wheel, day and night, to keep up the GDP – is that the reason mankind is on Earth ?

    Something is wrong here. Something is very wrong here for the masses of People in Lanka.

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