Reply to Prof Carlo Foneska :The national Anthem and nation building
Posted on March 2nd, 2016


I refer to the reply of Prof Carlo Fonseka on his view regarding the singing of the national anthem in Tamil. it is indeed interesting note  that he has hardly hanged his position from peaceful, negotiated settlement he professed sometime ago with the LTTE even though he told me – trust he can  remember our meeting-at the residence of a well known Sri Lankan musician  soon after the  LTTE was defeated that he was wrong in pursuing a peaceful  solution to the LTTE issue.

The fact that only available solution to the scourge of the LTTE was the  total war against them was proved to the Nation in May, 2009.

It was not at all a tribal war. It was war of liberating the nation from a fascist armed group which was on the verge of establishing a separate country.

In such an unenviable situation the whole nation looked towards the defense forces of Sri Lanka to defend the country and the nation. They completed the job expected of them in a skillful manner when compared to the unstable situations prevailing in other countries on account of armed violence. I cannot agree with Dr Fonseka when he attempts to paint the unforgettable victory of Sri Lanka ‘s armed forces when the nation was facing the heavy odds as a martial victory of a tribe. It was a war waged to save the Nation and all the nations with such experiences including in the West celebrate their victories to reaffirm their trust and confidence in the armed forces which in fact protected them.

When Dr Fonseka says that by requiring to sing the national anthem in Sinhala one is forcing other groups to do so. But, for example in India with many linguistic groups they sing the national anthem in one language only. Is it a  case of forcing others or is it a wonderful effort of getting all diverse groups together in an attempt to forge a unified nation? There are many countries in Asia and West which have one national anthem sung in one language, may be to  strengthen to nation by getting together.

Finally, Dr Fonseka says Vijaya Kumaranatunga would have rejoiced the singing the national anthem in Tamil if he was living. I agree with Dr F with his observation as Viajya K when he was living once visited a LTTE camp with his partner and to prove his genuine feeling towards the LTTE comrades engaged in real shooting practice using the LTTE rifles by firing at mock Sri Lankan soldiers!



6 Responses to “Reply to Prof Carlo Foneska :The national Anthem and nation building”

  1. SA Kumar Says:

    India with many linguistic groups they sing the national anthem in one language only- wrong comparing
    eg: India anthem not in majority language Hindi it is in Bangali also their Nation anthem express their different community (Dravidan etc..) not ours.

  2. charithsls Says:

    Dr CF is changing his colour like a chameleon, is not keeping with his age & position as a distinguished figure.
    All looking at positions & power & play to other interests & are not genuine Sinhala Leaders. He was known as a rationalist but now he admits his Christian faith, when coming closer to the final judgement! That’s what happens you learn a lot on worldly things but not about your fathom long body, sadly for him.

  3. dhane Says:

    Indian National was composed by Rabindranath Tagore in his mother language Bangali. Indian Government accepted its as their Nation anthem in 1950 after nine years of his death. Even Bangladeshis selected one of Tagore’s song as their National anthem. When late Ananda Samarakone composer of Sri Lanka original Notational Anthem studying at Shantinikatan he was supposed to be helped by Tagore. Now Yahapala or Modi Palanaya want to sing in Tamil which was never done. Next time it may be in Arabic as well if allow these politicians to do whatever they wish to do. Why Tamils in Tamil Nudu ask Indian Government to allow Indian national anthem in Tamil as most number of Tamils are live in South Indians States.?

  4. nilwala Says:

    I am saddened to see Prof. Carlo turning hostile to those very elements that he considered himself attuned to in hisaspirations for the national interest of this country. Maybe he is not as clear headed and as wise in his thinking as he used to be, and that is a tragedy. Those who respected his earlier positions watch in dismay. Indeed something chameleon-like seems to be happening.

  5. sarathk Says:

    The biggest mistake hear is considering carlo fonseka as an intelligent rational person. But he was not such a person at all any time of his life. He is just a book reader and then passed exams. He has done a stupid experiment running on the burning fire wood that any o/l pass brave student can do. Then he became a famous man among some foolish Srilankans.

  6. Ratanapala Says:

    Carlo Fonseka is a Catholic fox, who has crept into the public sphere as a rationalist and lately as a man of science. As somebody mentioned above his knowledge of science is primitive and he has shown time and again his view of the world has not advanced beyond Newtonian. He is fond of quoting from the Kalama Sutta to show that he is a free thinker when in fact he is a dogmatic Christian and now promoting the rise of Catholicism in Sri Lanka.

    People must not get fooled by this old fox. He has been exposed time and again by Dr Nalin de Silva to be an academic fraud not worthy of the attention he receives as a man of science.

    His hidden agenda is nothing but that of the Catholic Church

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