Posted on March 3rd, 2016

Kanthar Balanathan, Australia

 The sovereignty, democracy, national security, reconciliation process are growing to be under threat as a result of significant number of unnecessary, churlish, rash actions by India, the West and the UN. This is not a contention, but looking on a lateral view: political analysts, learned people will agree that foreign sinusoidal seagull intrusions could retard the reconciliation process in SL.

Over the last few years, and mostly after the 8th January 2015, frequent visits by foreign political troops, the purpose of those visits is under the carpet, can cause disturbances in the minds of the Tamils. The purpose of the defeat of LTTE is lost by these frequent intrusions by foreign political troops.

The Government of SL has the responsibility to find an agreed solution that will suit the republic. GOSL cannot dance to the tunes of foreign political troops. The Tamil politicians behave like imbecile, where they take frequent visits to Swiss, UK, USA, UN, and India. It is unknown whether they take these trips to fools the general public or take commands from western troops as they have a submissive attitude towards the west.


India has no right to criticize the British, SriLanka or any other nation on HR violation, democracy and any principle on the democratic spectrum. The reason is that about 1800 years ago BC, the uncivilized Aryans flooded the Indus Valley with their two wheel chariots, and massacred all living things, which they believed will be a threat to their survival. During the massacre, history states that the Harappa’s, Dravidians were murdered and driven down South. Not only these Aryans slaughtered Dravidians, but they navigated into the South Asian countries like Indonesia etc.

Subsequently the Arabs invaded Indus Valley and India, murdered both Aryans and Dravidians. The victims of the incursions are the Dravidians. The Arabs established countries of their own called Afghanistan and Pakistan, and for Aryans a country called India. The Dravidians became slaves to the Aryans. The Tamils who were driven down South, were picked up for labor work by the British to their colonies like, Seychelles, Mauritius, Fiji, SL, South Africa, etc. To date Tamil Nadu people live as minorities performing virtual slave labor work.

As far as SriLanka (SL) is concerned we are one race, one people. We are all Dravidians. India’s political strategy, to keep SL under their control, created and supported the outfit called LTTE and was responsible for all the destructions. India has its own problems in Assam, Nagaland, Panjab, Kashmir, Manipur, Tamil Nadu, and the Naxalites who are unknown. The murders and human rights violation that are being carried out even now in these states are made imperceptible through redirection of attentiveness of the UN, and other nations, to elsewhere.

The political culture of India is the worst in the whole world, with corruption, bribery, and hoarding. The politicians themselves evade taxation by hoarding personal funds in foreign banks. How many of the politicians are honest? What happened to the case against Kanimozhi”, the daughter of MK Karunanithi and Jayalalithaa, the woman who is the figurehead of Tamil Nadu corruption? The case against Jayalalithaa is still open.

With all this grubby podium, it is bizarre to note as to why Sushma Swaraj takes seagull visits to SL and particularly Jaffna. She meets Sambanthar and Co. According to the media, she holds the hands of Sambanthar. Hasn’t Sushma Swaraj got any other duties to perform, which may better India’s growth.

Hon Narendra Modi is a smart PM India has produced, however, may be some of the acts by the secret service and EA ministry are being masked from the PM. The PM should address whether the visits by Madam SS will give better output to India or bring ill fate to India.

If India thinks that the peanut North should get autonomous full state power, then they should give the said states: Assam, Nagaland, Panjab, Kashmir, Manipur and Tamil Nadu full freedom and allow them to become republic. Tamil Nadu floods over 70 million Tamil speaking people. Would not a state of 70 million concentrated in TN need a separate country (Republic)? India could easily declare TN as a republic.

The detrimental effect of India’s political dignitary frequent visits like seagulls into SL is causing disturbances in the minds of the Tamils, and disrupts reconciliation and the development program. Some imbecile Tamil politicians and civilians think that India has the right to invade SL, divide and give north the freedom, which is the worst fatuous imagination. Sambanthar and Co should refrain from meeting Indian politicians, as they took oaths in the SL parliament. If Sambanthar cannot accept this fact, then it is beyond imagination that he and his regime is an imprudent regime.

India should refrain attempting to become neo-colonialist by commercially invading SL. India has all the chances of developing their own states, where people sleep on the road, excrete publicly and drink contaminated water. They cannot force SL to build a bridge for their attempt to colonize SL. Today SL has a copycat of all possible Indian style bribery, corruption and illegal activities. Drugs are being smuggled from Kerala to Jaffna.

Well India, please DO NOT TELL the world that you are an honest beautiful country with eminent and illustrious people.

If India wants, they could design and construct a reservoir with large catchment area in the Vallai/Thondaimannar region for our farmers to have a continuous agricultural program.

US Visits

 US has overstaffed its administration with Secretaries, Asst. Secretaries for all region around the world for no reason thinking they control the planet, when they are unable to manage their own affairs. Madam Nisha Desai Biswal (NDB) an Indian-American who is the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs in the United States Department of State, seems to have a love towards SL, where she is another lady who flies in and out like a seagull.

The question: Is South and Central Asia comes under the political governance of the US or the administration of the US. NDB flies into SL to have discussion with GOSL and the Tamil politicians. It seems ridiculous that an Indian American who knows nothing about the SL’s political, and civil culture trying to invade into the affairs of the country. Could someone think that NDB is incompetent in performing any other function in the US or India? If NDB is that an intellectual, then India should appoint NDB into a better position to serve her own country, which is India.

It is obvious that US wants to poke her nose into every country and get pitted, which happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yugoslavia, Albania and Kosovo. It is that megalomaniac attitude of the US, which is forcing them to be the boss on their own. Practically, when analysed, what US does is a waste, wasting their own funds in butchering people to achieve their cunning strategical objective for their Falcon defence plan. When NDB talks of HR violations, does it mean that there is nil HR violation in India and the US? Does not NDB know that India is the worst HR violator in the world? Being a Desai Biswal, does not NDB know that her ancestors slaughtered millions of Harappa and Dravidians?

US should take a profound attitude and positive approach to scrutinising things on a lateral perspective.

In addition to US interference, Europe is also poking her nose into SL internal affairs. While Europe is flooded with Islamic refugees, and in, may be 25 years the entire Europe may turn to be an Islamic continent. Norway should know that SriLankans are aware how they intruded into SL in the name of Cey-nor” project in Karainagar, Jaffna.

With change in time, countries should know that they have to maintain their balance and mind their own business.

 SriLanka & GOSL

Current regime put forward a 100 point program on the 8th January 2015. Administration was formed in a clumsy manner with parties of different ideology joining to form the government. A minor party leader was appointed as the PM. However, it is observed that a non-parliamentarian woman, CBK seem to top the rank in power distribution. She seem to hold more power than the PM of SL. CBK moves around like another seagull to the west, Jaffna meets people and makes promises, which is beyond her authority. Although CBK is not popular among the majority people in SL, she seems to take the drive with the President. The only common factor to both of them is the Rajapaksas”. CBK has a grudge against the Rajapaksas. The president has an inherent resentment and hatred against Rajapaksas, which can also be interpreted as political jealousy, or avidity for political power.

Although joining as a youth in 1968 in the party politics, Sirisena became an elected MP in 1989. At the age of 19, Sirisena was jailed for 15 months for alleged involvement in the JVP insurrection. Sirisena had the communist ideology buried deep in his mind.

 The writer was at KKS, and was part of a team for the security of the magazine (explosives) at the cement factory quarry along with a team of army and police personnel during the JVP insurrection period in 1971. What a joke, this same person has become the president of the SriLankan republic. No wonder, why Sirisena/CBK clan joined hands in punitive action against the Rajapaksas.

 Terrorism is defined as the use of violent method and acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve political goal” (Merriam Webster).

 Sirisena was part of the terrorist group in 1971 and this fact cannot be challenged or erased. That’s what Vellupillai Prabakaran was, and did in the 1980s.

 Hence could the world consider Sirisena as, (a) terrorist, (b) anti-neo-colonialist, (c) anti-imperialist,          (d) nationalist (e) belong to a hypothetical utopian society?

Could the route and the strategy adopted by Sirisena to come to power prove that he will fit into a utopian society, or anyone of the rest?

Sirisena and CBK are keen in punitive action against the Rajapaksas and not interested in the economic development of SriLanka.

We are being driven back to the 1815.

Kanthar P (Nathan) Balanathan,

DipEE(UK), GradCert(RelEng-Monash), DipBus&Admin(Finance-Massey), MIEE, CEng, MIEAust (Ret), CPEng(Ret)

Retired Director & Power Systems Specialist Engineer,



  1. Dr.K Says:

    Dear Kanthar,

    I agree with you at many of your points. I too suggest as you have said “If India thinks that the peanut North should get autonomous full state power, then they should give the said states: Assam, Nagaland, Panjab, Kashmir, Manipur and Tamil Nadu full freedom and allow them to become republic. Tamil Nadu floods over 70 million Tamil speaking people. Would not a state of 70 million concentrated in TN need a separate country (Republic)? India could easily declare TN as a republic.”

    However, when you talk about Sri Lankan’s and their diversity on the basis of the different ethnicity, Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims I fully reject your point that you have said as “As far as SriLanka (SL) is concerned we are one race, one people. We are all Dravidians.

    You quote the murderous behavior of Indians in 1800 years back and believe that all the Sri Lankans who are in today are the Dravidayans who had been kiked off by Indians. No, No.. very sorry for you.

    Sri Lankan Sinhalese have their history of being in Sri Lanka for tens of thousands of years in this land , the archaeological evidence have proved. They hand been in this land in four sectors in the past that called ‘Sivu Helaya” and later those four groups had been named as Sinhelaya wioth the time.
    Ravana the King was from one sector who challenged Indian King, Rama many thousands of years ago according to the verbal history of India and Sri Lanka. Therefore we have to accept that the SRi Lankan Sinhalese have been there already but they lived with other Nations specially with Dravidayans who had been chased from their mother land by Indians.

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