Posted on May 7th, 2016


A few days back the Times of India; no doubt a very serious Indian newspaper in nature; provided its readers a golden opportunity of laughing. It said in a news-item, World Baloch Women’s Forum President Naela Quadri wants India to liberate Balochistan from Pakistan, the way Bangladesh was. She has been traveling from one city to another in India mobilizing Indians to do what Prime Minister Indira Gandhi did in East Pakistan in 1971.” What makes one laughing is Naela Quadri’s misconception regarding the helplessly innocent Indians that they could join hands together for the liberation of Balochistan. India in itself is passing through a very critical period of its life; increasing crime rate, increasing poverty and increasing caste n creed discrimination has made the life of Indians worse than hell. People are committing suicides, parents are selling their children because they cannot provide them even the very basic needs of life, and above all professional terrorists are strengthening their hide-outs in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. And poor Naela Quadri is trying unceasingly to mobilize these poor Indians. If these Indians had any ability of this kind, they would have done efforts for strengthening of their own motherland not for dis-integration of Balochistan from Pakistan. Unfortunately there is no one in India who could tell this ‘innocent’ lady Naela Quadri that there is a hell of difference between Balochistan and Bangladesh; the same story of hatred narrated to the illiterate people of Bangladesh could never be repeated here in Balochistan. Naela Quadri is trying to be another Hasina Wajid but for reaching that status, she will have to do so many ‘other things’; just traveling all over India, enjoying the facilities provided by the R&AW and telling the people of India the same old story would not be sufficient. The people of India have nothing to do with this affair; rather they have no role to play; it is only the people of Balochistan who have the right of deciding whether they wish to remain the heart and soul of Pakistan or otherwise; it is the same right of self-decision that Pakistan has ever been supporting there in the Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Against the dream and desire of the unfortunate Naela Quadri, there is no one in Balochistan who has ever even thought of saying good-bye to Pakistan. The Baloch are very brave and honest people; no one has any ability or courage of captivating them or depriving them of their rights; they are the people of their own will and desire; it is rather an insult to the whole of Baloch people that a woman is ‘begging’ for the liberation of a land which had never been under control and command of any foreign force. The actual owners of Balochistan are happily living their life according to their own wish and desire in their own territory but their happiness and satisfaction is more than a pinching thorn to some of their ‘well-wishers’. These well-wishers have set their camps from Chabahar to Kabul in shape of Indian consulates. The R&AW has posted its own officers in these consulates and at present their only target is to disrupt peaceful law-and-order situation in Balochistan and develop an air of hatred against the Central government of Pakistan as well as against the security forces of Pakistan. A few weeks back, the intelligence agencies of Pakistan arrested an agent of R&AW who had been Kulbhushan Yadav a frequent visitor to Chahar Bagh. This lady Naela Quadri Baloch has also strong links with these Indian consulates; say media reports. Moreover the way she is eagerly running after the demand of ‘liberation’ of Balochistan is a very strong proof that she is working for the R&AW because this demand is not from the people of Balochistan; it is an old desire of the R&AW though Naela Quadri denies any presence or involvement of R&AW in Balochistan. According to the India Today, Naela Quadri said after arrest of the R&AW agent Kulbhushan Yadav from Balochistan, “It’s a lie, we don’t know from where they (ISI) have arrested him (Kulbhushan Yadav) and they’re showing that it was from Pakistan. Balochistan is not in Pakistan, it is occupied by Pakistan.” She added, “There is no RAW or any other agency that supports Balochistan.” The tone and words of this statement can tell everyone that this statement could never be of a person, particularly of a woman; she was simply re-uttering the policy statement of the R&AW. The government of Pakistan must take this issue to the court of the UN authorities so that required action could be taken against the nefarious activities of the R&AW.

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