Re:  “LTTE”  Personalised  Car Number Plate.
Posted on May 11th, 2016

Dr. Chula Rajapakse  MNZM

Thank you very much for affording Mr Rudra de Zoysa & myself  the time on the morning of 9th May to listen to and accept documentations of our concerns regarding the above personalised plate , as you did at the Lower Hutt police station.

Thank you also for keeping us informed of your attempts to make contact with the owner of the above plate Ushanthan Balakrishnan of 30/134 Dixon street Wellington,

Thank you even more for informing by phone a short while ago today (11/5/16) of your  having been able to persuade  Ms Balakrishnan to withdraw the plate  in a few days, giving him time to obtain an alternate number plate. Thank you also for conveying your intention to follow up on this undertaking in a few days to ensure that this undertaking has been kept.

We wish to convey our heartfelt thanks and gratitude & that of the Sri Lankan community in Wellington and New Zealand to you for your time  and effort to achieve this successful conclusion. The high regard  the Sri Lankan community has for the NZ Police has been reinforced by your actions.

To make absolutely sure that this plate does not reemerge elsewhere we request  you to also  ensure that:

  1. The LTTE” is handed over to the NZ police or NZTA so that it is not passed onto or sold off to some one else to re-emerge.
  2. That the NZTA & Personalised Plates Ltd includes  LTTE”  in any form , in the unavailable category of personalised plates for any future applicant .

Thank you again for what your efforts, what you have achieved so far and for ensuring the completetion of your endevours  to it’s  full and ultimate conclusion as above.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr,Chula Rajapakse  MNZM

One Response to “Re:  “LTTE”  Personalised  Car Number Plate.”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Dr Chula,

    We very much admire Rudara and yours lone wolf efforts. Where are the voices of USLA Wellington and USLA Auckland. They seems to have forgotten the cause for which their society was initially formed. It also seems these organisations are hijacked with people with a separatist agenda, bogus human rights and democracy calls.

    LTTE car no plate is a small issue. There are much more things happening in Sri Lanka assisted by the Tamil Tiger Economic migrants. I see no discussion on these matters.

    What a shame.

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