Shouldn’t all agreements with foreign countries get prior approval by Parliament before they are signed?
Posted on May 15th, 2016

Sudath Gunasekara 15.5.2016

Since I have never worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs I have no idea whether all aspects such as at least economic, political, international relations, defense and national security etc are gone in to in detail while keeping our national interest as the most important issue.

The way it appears to a layman from outside it appears as if none of these agreements today confirm to such requirements. The way it operates, it is obvious our leaders sing the agreements to suite their whims and fancies and political agendas without any serious consideration to their side effects on the overall impact of such agreements on the country or its people. In the process they get trapped in the nooses set by cunning politicians and bureaucrats of those countries and agencies to the detriment of the motherland. Our politicians only look for cheap political mileage gained. Some of the more recent agreements signed by our leaders between India (ETCA) and the West (GSP+) and donor agencies like the World Bank have already revealed such serious implications. There is no point in closing the gate after the horse is gone and the damage is done. It is just like Cabinet decisions and decisions of the Committees on appointments to higher posts like diplomatic assignment, Secretaries to Ministries and Chairmen of Corporations In these cases everybody knows that such appointments are done long before the relevant Committees sit. It is only an eye wash to hood wink the public.  They are all politically manipulated to accommodate their favourites. Therefore it is a big fast. It is just like your passing someone before he or she sits an exam and conducting it thereafter and giving him pass marks to suit the required grade.

Therefore in view of the seriousness involved in this national sue I urge that all such agreements should be thoroughly studied by experts in each subject and debated at length and approved by Parliament as a prerequisite before we sing them with the relevant countries.

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  1. Dilrook Says:

    As I predicted, the JVP is once again on the rise (at the expense of a fragmented Sinhala vote). JVP swept the Teachers’ Union election with almost 90% of seats. This is a crucial step towards its rise again democratically. Ports trade unions are also aligning with the JVP now after blunders and acts of revenge of the minister. Given threats to workers (ETCA, not keeping salary increase promises, IMF dictates, privatisation, etc.) a party without established trade unions (like the JO) has no chance at an election. The momentum must be built now itself.

    The JO must take a hard line and open stand against ETCA, IMF dictates and privatisation to stay relevant in this regard. Otherwise a large chunk of anti-government votes will go to the JVP depriving the JO.

    The JO cannot win both India and votes at the same time. It must decide what it wishes to win.

  2. Dham Says:

    As I posted elsewhere, Arjuna his ruining the ports. He kicked out a gentleman chairman an out his elder brother Pal Hora and started stealing big time. My source is from a very high position who actually did the job during temporary yahapalanaya and resigned after the election as he couldn’t stand it. This whole family appears to be a curse to Sri Lanka.
    90% of neutral people who were against are still against MR. JO must do something quick.

  3. Christie Says:

    Dear Sudath, subjects of an Empire have no choice. The Governor has met the Emperor for the sixth time to report progress and take directives.

    Other Hencos like the JVP has gone to Ireland to discuss their accounts.

    The island is run by the Indian Empire like other Indian colonies.

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