Why can’t our leaders  ask India to mind its own business without unnecessarily interfering with our Internal matters
Posted on May 17th, 2016

Dr Sudath Gunasekara 16.5.2016.

The following news item by Ramakrishnan is a sequel to another which appeared under the caption

‘Work suspended after New Delhi claims it may be a naval facility’ appeared on 15.5.2016.

I reproduce both above news items at the end of this note to make it easier for the readers to understand the real scale and danger of Indian intervention in our internal matters.

Reading through these news items it appears that there is no end to Indian bullying in Sri Lankan affairs. They persist continuously as if this country is another State of India or a vassal protectorate of Delhi and even Taminadu. It is 42 years since Kachchative had been jointly agreed and declared as a part of Sri Lankan sovereign territory in 1974.  Now it stands a part of the sovereign State of Sri Lanka and it is non-negotiable. The Indian Government has no business therefore to interfere with matters pertaining to Kachchative any more. So why the hell an agent of the Ministry of External Affairs in the Indian government, Vikas Swarup, should ask the Indian High Commission in Colombo to provide more details on a strictly internal matter pertaining to this country, to report to him on a move to build a shrine stating that it is wrong to do so without informing India on the part of Government of Sri Lanka. What legal authority and moral right do they have to say so other than the bigger size of the country?

Isn’t it unfortunate that if the news that the construction of a new church on the island of present Kachchativu  has been stopped by the Sri Lankan Government after India raised issues over it and  if the Navy Commander had said so. According to Sunday Times construction work had been suspended until the issues were resolved. Even if the Navy was building a Church on that Island how can there be an issue over it and what business India has got to interfere with it. How and why building a church on Sri Lankan soil could and should be an issue and a provocation to India as Jayalalitha has said.

What business Jayalalitha, that old, mad, fat and crazy woman has got to oppose the move to construct a church on our territory. Why should we get permission and consent of the Tamil Nadu fishermen as she says?  Isn’t it high time the people of Tamilnadu sent this woman to an asylum and not to the State Assembly at least at today’s elections?

Why should reconstruction of a church or any other thing on Sri Lankan territory be done jointly by Sri Lanka and India and why should we obtain the concurrence of the Tamil Nadu fishermen or their government for something done on our soil. Have they or she has got permission to rob our fisheries resources with impunity. What rubbish this mad woman is talking. We are not a part of Tamilnadu or India as Jayalalitha thinks.”

May be St. Anthony’s Church on Kachchativu Island holds considerable religious significance for the fisher folk in the coastal districts of Tamil Nadu including Nagapattinam, Thanjavur, Pudukkottai, Ramanathapuram, Thoothukudi and Tirunelveli. Also they may have traditionally undertaken pilgrimages to the island for the annual festival of St Anthony’s for several centuries and as such it could be a part of their essential cultural and religious heritage,”  We have no objection to or contention for their coming to K’Thive to worship their God. But we will and we shall fight tooth and nail if they try to claim ownership over the Island. It is sad that this mad woman hasn’t got the brain to understand that Kachchative is a part of another country- Sri Lanka

Even if construction by Sri Lanka navy is for a naval facility, what is wrong with it. We are not constructing it on Indian territory.  It is built on our soil and it is meant for our security. South Indians or any other devotee of the God can come and go annually for the festival as visitors on visa. If anyone comes without visa we will arrest them. But the South Indian so called pilgrims cannot stay behind illicitly as South Indians had done for centuries continuously and later claim a part of this country as their Home Land with the cunning idea of chasing out the Sinhalese and owning this whole country-a paradise to humanity- as it had been admired and described by visitors from all over the world, throughout history.

I think it is high time India stop this bullying its neighbors, give up its expansionist agenda and learn to live and let live. India has given us enough trouble over the centuries in known history starting from the second century BC. Even in prehistoric times India has invaded our country when Rama invaded Lanka. We as Sri Lankans are ready to forget the unpleasant past and reconcile. But India never allows any wound to heal. Every now and then they create a new problem lest we forget one. This is the hard lesson of history. How long can we go on indefinitely like this is the question? We don’t pose a threat to India or even dream of owning it like Pakistan or China. So why don’t they leave us alone and mind their own business.

Why can’t the Government of Sri Lanka tell this much to India and assert as an independent sovereign State. My question is while sitting at the doorstep of mighty North America, if Cuba could do it why the hell Sri Lanka can’t do it? Why are they so stupid and naïve. Shame to our timid politicians. In recent history I see only three leaders who could stand on their own feet with India. They were Sir John. Premadasa and Mahinda Rajapaksa. But Mahinda also did not do the job people of this country expected him to do after 2009, in spite of our repeated requests.

He also had the 2/3 majority in Parliament and the people’s support to abolish the 13th Amendment and the JR/Rajeev Pact, both of which were imposed on Sri Lanka by force by India to achieve its despicable and diabolical political ends. In fact apparently he had forgotten the fact that he himself was a key man in the Petta demonstration against the 13th A in 1987. How many letters I have written to MR asking to do that and restore the historic Tun Sinhale, which has sustained the unity and territorial integrity of this Island for 2242 years from 427 BC to 1815 until it was robbed by the British.

In this scenario it is high time people of this country shun all political parties, administrative and legal systems and coulours like green, blue and red imposed on us by the Colonial West and their ideologies and chase out all treacherous, unpatriotic and naïve politicians  who are only a direct product and proxies of Western Colonial past. Then find a Lion hearted patriotic leader who knows the history of this country, loves the people and the rich legacy of this Great Nation (Say like Dutugemunu,Wijayabahu, Parakramabahu, Sitawaka Rajasinha, or Anagarika Dharmapala),  to retrieve and rediscover Sri Lanka from the socio-political, economic and cultural abyss in to which it has been thrown by our politicians since 1948.  I dare say this boldly as none (political, religious or social), since then has made any attempt to make this Island, at least a free country, a country free from colonial and Indian bondages up to date, besides making it a prosperous and proud land on earth, as it had been always in the past. All what they have done was geared to consolidate their own power and privileges only.

For more than past twenty years in my retirement I have written extensively to papers and news sites both in Sihala and English. I also have written directly to both Presidents MR and Sirisena on these issues requesting for appointments to discuss some of these vital issues. Apart from giving an appointment they have not even sent me an acknowledgement for a single request. This is how a people’s government serves it subjects. This is the penalty I have paid for being born as a Sinhala man in this country. Now you can see the magnitude of the national problem for the Sinhalese in this country.

In my next write up I will give you the details of my requests made to President Sirisena on the plight of the Kandyan Sinhala people on 20th Dec 2016 for which I have not got even an acknowledgement up to date although his government is doing everything to establish the  Malayanadu for Indian estate labour in the central Hill Country of this Island under the direction of his Prime Minister and Minister Kiriella.

I Confess I have no political (like political leader), Religious (Like Mahanayaka) or any other (like social- say a business tycoon or Trade Union) AUTHORITY OR POWER to mobilize the masses to start a national movement. Unfortunately and pitifully none of the above national leaders who matter, speak or act on behalf of the rights of the Bhoomiputras-Sinhala people. That is why I appeal to you to begin this struggle on your own to save your beloved motherland and the nation from this imminent danger of extinction. I promise I will be with you on that sacred mission up to the end with my knowledge and love for my country.

So earnestly I invite you all patriotic Sinhala sons and daughters of the ‘Suriya wansaya’ and Tun Sinhale to find a lasting solution to this burning problem before the curtain falls fully on this once glorious nation-that had been the cynosure and envy of the ancient and medieval world.

The Hindu 16.5.2016

Sri Lanka denies building naval facility on islet

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The Sri Lanka Navy on Sunday dismissed reports that it planned to build a naval facility on the Katchatheevu islet, which was ceded by India to Sri Lanka during the June 1974 bilateral agreement.

Talking to The Hindu , Sri Lankan Navy Commander Vice-Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne termed as baseless” the reports that the Navy had planned to install a detachment on the islet. Our role in the proposed construction of a new shrine at St. Anthony’s church has been blown out of proportion,” he said. His attention was drawn to observations of the official spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs in the Indian government, Vikas Swarup, a few days ago that the Indian High Commission had been asked to provide more details on the reports and the move to build a shrine without informing India.

Recounting how the Sri Lankan Navy got involved in the construction of the shrine for which the foundation stone was laid a week ago, Vice-Admiral Wijegunaratne explained that when the annual two-day Katchatheevu festival took place in February this year, the help of the Navy was sought by both the Diocese of Jaffna and visiting Indian pilgrims, mostly fishermen, for putting up a new shrine as the existing one was very old and too small to accommodate the pilgrims.

Bishop of Jaffna Rt. Rev. Justin Bernard Gnanapragasam, under whose jurisdiction the Katchatheevu shrine comes, the size should be 10 X 8 ft.

Bishop rebuts

The Bishop, who attended the festival for the last four years, denied the contention that the original decision was to build the new shrine jointly by the Jaffna diocese and the fishermen from Tamil Nadu and Verkodu parish.

They have no say in such matters. Besides, only the Sri Lankan Navy can carry out transportation of material. This was why we sought their help.” The Navy would also arrange for labour and the Sri Lankan government might sound some private companies in Colombo to provide financial support for the shrine construction.

Rt. Rev. Gnanapragasam asserted that the pilgrims from Tamil Nadu, who approached him and renewed their request for the new shrine this year too, had expressed their desire to make contributions for the construction.

Archaeological monument”

Pointing out that the existing shrine was built in 1901, the Commander described it an archaeological monument,” which the Navy cannot disturb.” As in India, any structure that had been in existence for not less than 100 years would come under laws on archaeology.

Besides, the steel bar used to put up a structure during the visit of Pope Francis in January last year would be utilised on Katchatheevu.

The Vice-Admiral said when Pope Francis was in Sri Lanka, Joseph Vaz, a 17th century priest who belonged to Goa and engaged himself in evangelism in Sri Lanka, was cannonised.

This is why we have felt that if we put to use what was blessed by the Holy Father, this would promote ties between people of Sri Lanka and India,” the Commander said.

Our role in the construction of a new shrine has been blown out of proportion”


Work suspended after New Delhi claims it may be a naval facility

View(s): 15.5.2016

The construction of a new church on the island of Kachchativu has been stopped by the Sri Lankan Government after India raised issues over it.

Navy Commander Ravindra Wijegunaratne told the Sunday Times construction work had been suspended until the issues were resolved. He said the Navy had been asked to undertake the construction by Jaffna’s Bishop the Rt. Rev. Dr. Bernard Gnanapragasam.

The foundation stone was laid last Monday. Vice Admiral Wijegunaratne said the Bishop had pointed out to him during last year’s Kachchativu feast, attended by thousands of devotees from Sri Lanka and South India, that the existing church was too small.
The Navy Chief denied claims by India’s External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup that a Naval facility was being built on the island, which India recognised as Sri Lankan territory in terms of a 1974 agreement. Mr Swarup said his Ministry had asked the Indian High Commission in Colombo to take up the matter with the Sri Lankan Government.

Taking part in Monday’s foundation stone laying ceremony were Jaffna’s Vicar General Rev. Father Joseph Das Jebaratnam, parish priest Rev. Father Anthony Jeyaranjan and Northern Navy Commander Piyal de Silva who represented the Navy.
On the eve of the foundation stone laying ceremony, Navy Headquarters said it would extend its fullest cooperation to construct the new church before next year’s feast of St. Anthony.

Meanwhile Tamil Nadu Chief minister Jeyram Jayalalitha has charged that the move by the Government to demolish and reconstruct the St. Anthony’s Church, without consulting Tamil Nadu fishermen who are vital stakeholders, appears to be a carefully calculated provocation.”

In a letter to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday, she strongly opposed the move to construct a new church without the consent of the Tamil Nadu fishermen.

The Sri Lankan side should be prevailed upon to accept the reconstruction of the church jointly by India and Sri Lanka after obtaining the concurrence of the Tamil Nadu fishermen,” she said.

St. Anthony’s Church on Kachchativu Island holds considerable religious significance for the fisher folk in the coastal districts of Tamil Nadu including Nagapattinam, Thanjavur, Pudukkottai, Ramanathapuram, Thoothukudi and Tirunelveli. They have traditionally undertaken pilgrimages to the island for the annual festival of St Anthony’s for several centuries. It is part of their essential cultural and religious heritage,” she said in the letter.


8 Responses to “Why can’t our leaders  ask India to mind its own business without unnecessarily interfering with our Internal matters”

  1. Dham Says:

    “Why can’t our leaders ask India to mind its own business without unnecessarily interfering with our Internal matters”

    This is the FIRST question to define a TRAITOR.


    Because it is our fault. We don’t call ALL those who say “India is our friend” ( after they trained LTTE and rape us) TRAITORS. We selectively accuse only UNP, JVP, JHU whatever against MR as TRAITORS.

    Once the leaders know being scared of India is acceptable, they keep betraying us.

  2. stanley perera Says:

    We are only wasting our valuble time in trying to teach the ignorant politicians in Sri Lanka. Once they got the power into their hands they become democratic dictators and the people who gave them the power become powerless. Back boneless Sri Lankan politicians tremble in their boots before EU, American and bloody Indians including fat slob JJ and sleeping Karuna. Punch a Battaramulla twice a day.

  3. Dham Says:

    PERFECT STATEMENT – we need just ONE leader to tell these bullies like this – PLEASE LISTEN


    We never had ONE ( except JR who said India trained LTTE openly ). Why do we hate JR for agreeing to 13A when all others ( including THOSE BIG so called HEROES ) don’t even “speak” of removing 13A ?


  4. Dham Says:

    Sudath said –“But Mahinda also did not do the job people of this country expected him to do after 2009, in spite of our repeated requests.”

    He is responsible for death of most of the REAL RANAVIRUWOS ( not those who hid in Colombo bunkers) in the recent past. Collectively, he “spent” the most number of “ranaviru lives” than all those past presidents and leaders. It is his duty to make sure that “spent” will never become useless by letting UNP come to power. People should hold him accountable than other leader due to that reason.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:


    Your experience in SL trying to get politicians to cooperate on the patriotic agenda seems to have turned you permanently against all of them.

    I can’t blame you, because I have had similar experiences. But, for the better or the worse, I was born in this country and I can’t give up. So, I have to keep trying.

    If I have learned anything over the years, it is that you there are many ways to skin a cat, and if I persist, I get there somehow.

    I recall crying in the wilderness for mobilizing the entire nation and militarily defeating the LTTE for 25 long years. For most of those years I was labelled a war monger by even by my closest friends. I lost heart many times when no one would pay heed, and even SL leaders would only meet with me to take my contributions for the disabled soldiers, but would ignore to increase the war effort, and do nothing after that in prosecuting the war as I pleaded.

    But I persisted, until some Sinhala leaders finally rose to do precisely what I had wanted in spades!

    The moral of the story is: Please don’t lose heart. Pick yourself up and engage again with renewed vigor. We owe it to the millions of ordinary patriotic Sri Lankan people who have less ability and opportunity to fight for them than we do!

    Take heart, and keep fighting ….. we will prevail in the end. WE HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE … these are our people and this is our motherland!

  6. Dham Says:

    We appreciate your effort very much. There are only a very few by the time when Ranil came to power back in 2004 who insisted that. Lot of Sinhalayo said “let us give them Yapanaya”. This is why Ranil won back then promising “Kanata karrbu and gelaTa mala for Nagi malli” and removal of barricades promise.

    The time Stanley went there was different. People were given a new life, but the Palakaya doing “Jogi natanava”. Why should people like Jayantha Liyanage , Shenali, Charles Perera were trying to sue TNA when Mahinda Rajapakse was there ( with 1000s to protect his life) ?

  7. Christie Says:

    How can we? We are an Indian colony of the Indian Empire. Run by Indian colonial parasites and agents appointed by the Indian Union.

    People have to understand our situation.

    We the Sinhalese should first unite and stand up to the Empire.

  8. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Indians will only stay away when the Chinese are in Sri Lanka. Even the west stay away because these days
    nobody wants to upset the Chinese. China is the new power house in the world. Remember when a Chinese
    sub marine docked in Colombo indians wet their pants. They have only one sub marine they bought from
    the Royal Navy some time ago. Chinese? They have fleets of sub marines equipped with latest
    technologies. But Sinhala modayas won’t understand those things. They will believe every lie uttered
    by the YAMA PALLAN. Sri Lanka would have been
    safe and transformed by the Chinese. If you need proof, just travel on a high way, go to Hambantota, etc.
    Those modayas only saw them before only on TVs. But MR brought them to Sri Lanka with the help of the Chinese.

    They just want a base in Sri Lanka. Look at pol pot ponil. He was before
    the election saying he would throw the Chinese away. Then he crawled there in all 4 with the begging

    But some Sinhala modayas think these YAMA PALLAN are economic osthars when only thing they are good
    at murder, murder, plunder, plunder. They never done any work. They have the media to dance to their
    tunes. So what work? We never heard that word!

    China is the anti biotic to keep india, us, uk, norway etc etc all bad rashes away from Sri Lanka. But with
    the YAMA PALLAN it is the last thing they will do. They will happily break up Sri Lanka without a care in the

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