Minister Harin Fernando for his un-parliamentary behaviour
Posted on May 20th, 2016

Lankaweb Weekly Editorial

May 21st, 2016

Perhaps it should not only be the joint opposition that needs slamming Minister Harin Fernando for his un-parliamentary behaviour over some of the words he used in Parliament this week and it needs to be said sadly that the quality of Parliamentary debates of late leaves much to be desired as the unwarranted shouting matches continue unabated during many sessions.

It also makes one wonder what the Speaker of the House seems to be doing to maintain and restore order in the House whilst not using his authority towards the ejection of such unruly perpetrators of the breach of law which is what it appears to be tantamount to and maintaining order in a place called the Legislature or has it now become a shambles where there is no decorum or the adherence to respect  and orderliness and the Seargeant at Arms a mere figurehead and the Legislature a mere joke?.

There have been many responses by decent and civilised parliamentarians without having to name them who have been outraged that the words used by Fernando was unparliamentary and a distinct flavour of gutter language to it and there seems to be a felt need to castigate the member concerned and anu otheres who lower themselves to the ignominy where punitive action needs to be taken perhaps so that such disgraceful behaviour will not be repeated in a place that upholds the highest legalities if one were to call it the Legislature where bull in a chinashop types in the guise of members of Parliament seem to be running amok with scant respect to the decorums  and respects required to maintain its Status which in fact is the status quo in Parliamentary terms.

Gone are the days of the the great debators of yore who  as parliamentarians added so much colour and class to the quality of what transpired within Parliament and today it seems to have been transformed into a jungle of abuse spitting individuals who need to be caught by the scruffs of their necks and sent to a place of banishment for desecrating what, is a place which demands respect and orderly behaviour.

Bearing in mind that there have been – in the long history of the Sri Lankan Legislature, altercations which are not uncommon inasmuch as it is in other parts of the world and the resultant unruly behaviour involving name calling etc. where order and sanity have always prevailed in the end but in recent times there seems to be a breakdown of these which is a display of apathy and ignorance combined in certain cases of parliamentarians and for the record the sooner this is set right the better it would be for all concerned, partiularly the legislative personnel of Parliament who take it upon themselves to create, establish and maintain the Laws of the Land and order within the Houses of Parliament.

4 Responses to “Minister Harin Fernando for his un-parliamentary behaviour”

  1. dhane Says:

    The respect of the house was maintained well by Good Speaker like Sir Mollamura, Stanly Tilakatatne, Ananda Tissa De Alvis. Thereafter its started deterioration according to the elected members who represented in Parliament. Present day most of the Parliamentarians are thugs or associated thugs, direct or indirect drug dealers, Bookie keepers. What behavior you can expect from those characters other than the gutter language they speck.

  2. ranjit Says:

    Speaker of the house had become the mouth piece of the UNP and deny opposition to open their mouths even sometimes.He is the worst Speaker we got in the history of our Parliament. He has become a joker and a dictator same as his boss real joker Run-nil.They threatened the opposition and does not take anything serious while answering questions. They abuse the parliamentarians in the opposite side all the time. Harin and some in the UNP acts like school boys. They do not have any vision for our country.They are really Dumb and Dumbers.

  3. Sarath W Says:

    We have two crooked traitors as the president and the prime minister and an incompetent fool as the speaker. So what else can we expect from these parasite MP’s?

  4. Ratanapala Says:

    He insulted all mothers in the world by his utterance. He doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near a mother, grandmother, a sister a daughter let alone the Parliament. All these utterances and come with the express approval of the Catholic / Christian Prime Minister – himself an utter misfit in the political arena.

    Only excuse is that this is normal family language of Catholics living in Wattala fisher community.

    However we should not expect any ruling commensurate with this foul deed from the ball-less eunuch, lily livered gutter snipe – the Speaker of the Parliament.

    He must be properly dealt with according to Parliamentary Regulations.

    More interesting things will happen in the future from this Catholic Administration. The problem in Sri Lanka is that there are Buddhist Priests, including the two Mahanayakes in Kandy, who will bless and tie Pirith Nool on this type of politicians .

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