Statement Re Anniversary of the End of Tamil Tiger Terrorism in Sri Lanka
Posted on May 20th, 2016

Ira de Silva

Hon. Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario.

Dear Sir:

Your statement on the seventh anniversary of the end of Tamil terrorism clearly indicates that Canada is continuing it’s support of Tamil terrorism as it has done in the past. I would like to remind you that funding for Tamil terrorism in Sri Lanka was made by Canadians. Canadian politicians helped Canadian citizens and supported fund raising for this terrorism for decades so your statement that  “it is time to honour, remember and reflect on the victims of this 26 year war” reminds Sri Lankans that Canada was responsible for the death and destruction in Sri Lanka because they openly supported the Tamil Tiger terrorists. If there is a question of setting up an accountability mechanism, why do you not set up an accountability mechanism  in Canada to investigate Canada’s role in terrorism in Sri Lanka? Use the international judges you are trying to foist on Sri Lanka to achieve this goal.

I would like to bring to your attention that although the terrorism was solely by the Tamil terrorists called the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), the victims of the terrorist war were not only the Tamils of Sri Lanka but all communities.  Also, there are victims of the war from other communities living in Canada. They do not appreciate your continued ignorance of this fact and your callous disregard for them who were the victims of LTTE terrorism, funded and supported by Canadians. It is well known that Canadian politicians including you, who claim that it was only Tamils who were victims, do so to pander to the Tamils in Canada to get their votes at elections.

Accountability in Sri Lanka should include an investigation of the Tamil terrorist leaders and their support groups overseas, which includes Canadian Tamils. Canada’s security forces has ample evidence. Sri Lankans are aware that Canada has no genuine care for the people of Sri Lanka. Your statements are to get the votes of Canadians who are the same groups who supported LTTE terrorism and are now convincing you that Sri Lanka must be punished for defeating one of the foremost terrorist groups in the world, an accomplishment that has not happened in all the other countries that are at present plagued by terrorism. I would also remind you that Canada is supposed to be against international terrorism, yet made no effort to curb funding to the LTTE.  Even cabinet ministers of the Liberal party assisted in raising funds to kill civilians in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankans who suffered because of Canada’s support of terrorism do not need your help or international judges from the very countries that were responsible for supporting terrorism in Sri Lanka. Since Sri Lanka ended the war without your help, they do not have any need of your interference at present as any investigation should remain Sri Lankan. Your attitude may buy you votes in Sri Lanka, but to the Sri Lankan victims of the war, your ignorant, judgmental, biased statement evokes disgust and contempt.

You state that “Tamil Canadians are an integral part of our country and have overcome much adversity”. Are you stating that the members of the other communities are not an “integral part” of Canada. Your attitude is demeaning and offensive to these other Sri Lankans now living in Canada. Obviously you have met only the Tamil victims because they lobby you to make this type of ignorant, biased, anti-Sri Lanka statements because they still support the division of Sri Lanka and are using you as an advocate for this cause. Just as Canada supported LTTE terrorism during the war, after the war, those who supported the LTTE from Canada are continuing to get Canada to support this goal. I would like to remind you once again that all the people of Sri Lanka suffered trauma and loss because of Canadian supported Tamil terrorism.

You are correct that much work lies ahead to achieve long-term peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka. However, your statement and pro-LTTE attitude, merely promotes and supports the continued push to divide Sri Lanka and in no way helps long term peace and reconciliation. Sri Lankans who have suffered for decades and finally got peace, do not thank you for supporting the divisive forces from outside Sri Lanka. They know that Canada was responsible for their suffering and do not welcome your “assistance” at another attempt.


Yours truly,

Ira de Silva


3 Responses to “Statement Re Anniversary of the End of Tamil Tiger Terrorism in Sri Lanka”

  1. Son of Lanka Says:

    If Trudeau truly believes that any accountability mechanism established in our Motherland to deliver justice to the Tamil Community has to necessarily include an international component to ensure transparency, then he should lead by example and set-up an International Judicial Council in Canada to investigate the discrimination and abuse experienced ( and are continuing to be experienced) by the members of the indigenous First Nation community at the hands of the Canadian Government.

    Or else he will be guilty of being yet another leader of a Western Country who, for self-serving political reasons, bullies smaller Nations to “Do as we say – not as we do”.

  2. mario_perera Says:

    Leaders of nations fighting for Tamils, are those with a large and vociferous Tamil vote base.

    Their only interest in the Tamils is their VOTE.the slogan is: I shout for you: you vote for me.

    Mario Perera

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    It’s the old ‘Divide & Rule’ from Brit times in Lanka, copied by Canada.

    Divide Lanka through the Tamil folk !

    Sri Lankans who are Concerned Citizens must get proactive to stop the same tragedy unfold again and again in Sri Lanka.

    To this end, we suggest :

    (1). Remove the 13-A.

    (2). Activate the 6-A.

    (3). A permanent Museum showing the Horror of nearly 30 yrs LTTE Terrorism in Lanka plus Efforts at Talks with the LTTE
    which failed.

    (4). A permanent standing Army and Armed Forces, plus trained civilians as in Switzerland, to defend the country.

    (5). A group of 5-8 trusted, educated, able people to Govern the Country. Can be elected through Lanka Peoples Choice.

    More suggestions welcome.

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