They are our people too???? Seriously??????
Posted on May 20th, 2016

Ramanie de Zoysa

Sri Lanka’s President and Prime Minister together with the so-called ‘Executive Council’ where the ‘minority is majority’ passed down the moronic phrase for public consumption- and the Foreign Secretary stated it publicly- They are our people too- so we should not celebrate!!!” – In other words we don’t know how to celebrate that ‘thing’ that happened on 19th May, seven years ago. Every diplomat, every (honour!?)ary consul or lackey around the globe must have reiterated this glib idiocy at a ceremony of some sort yesterday, the day of Remembrance of Our Heroes and Grand Victory, organised by just a few who do remember what that ‘thing’ actually was and what exactly those who achieved that ‘thing’ on our behalf did for our country, the Sinhale

According to this Global Tamil-phobic, lame excuse to undermine the victory earned by our heroes paid for by with their lives on this day seven years ago, we should not celebrate victory, as the warfare was between the ‘same people’. You know, in Colombo speak- even if the claymore split your head into many pieces or the bus bomb sent pieces of your beloved son/ daughter strewn across the green paddy fields, it was thrown by OUR” people, no?!!! Had the miserable sods that have usurped power from the legitimate rulers by whatever means been blown to smithereens by some nasty device set in motion by Our People- that would have been ok then? The fact is that THEY WERE NOT OUR PEOPLE! ‘They’ were the global Tamils of some 80-90 million who want so desperately a Tamil country. ‘They’ were the Indian government and the RAW that aspires to pushing the Tamil nationhood problem very much native to India further south to make it a Sri Lankan problem. Unless India sacrifices part of (or the whole of) Sri Lanka to the Tamil nationhood devil the devil comes after India. That is a fact that our pansies in Colombo and their lackeys in overseas representative posts can not seem to comprehend. None of these rogues who want to rob our country are ‘our people’- our people do not rob ‘our country’. Ponnambalams, Balasinghams were not our people! They were Malaysian born members of the Global Tamil Nationhood Gang. Prabhakaran himself was a smuggler – probably smuggled himself into the country too!

The RAW installed, Global Tamil gang funded government that is in Colombo wants to belittle or erase our great victory by firstly turning the whole thing into a ‘remembrance’ orgy of ‘all those who died as a result of the war’, and that includes even those who pressed the button to explode the device that killed everyone. Colombo remembered all and sundry quietly while they saved up the money ‘not spent on a grand victory celebration’ to pay lolly money for ‘those who suffered in the war’ while in Nathikadal lamps were lit to remember the heinous gang that terrorised the country for thirty years. What our so-called government did not make too clear was that the money not spent on the celebration were going as consolation handouts for the LTTE cadres and their families.

What troubles is that the majority of Sinhala people are now with their tails between their legs; putting up with every indignity the power usurpers of Sri Lanka are dishing out. We did that for 30 years under LTTE reign of terror until the few individuals who took the fight to the LTTE, came forward – alas only to finish off the job and be thrown to the wolves an ungrateful nation.

Sinhale is a great nation that decimated many an evil invading force and redeemed itself to remain the great sovereign nation she always was. In the same lionised manner she delivered herself from the Tamil terrorist menace that plagued itself for thirty bloody years. Yes, it was the Tamil terrorist menace; they themselves gave it that name. It was not the ‘Liberation Tigers of Sri Lankan Eelam’ or the ‘Liberation Tigers of the multi-national Eelam’; they called themselves the Liberation Tigers of the TAMIL Eelam! So, we were liberated from Tamil terror by the 27,000 young lions and lionesses and scores of now permanently disabled soldiers on the 19th of May just seven years ago. That day was a dream- a vivid, heart warming, tear-gathering, absolutely beautiful dream!

The nightmare was soon to follow. We started getting conned by every cat’s paw that the Global Tamil menace decided to use to unruffle, dismember and decimate what the Sinhale so gallantly won. First, the cat’s paws set one against the other the handful of Sinhala leaders with a back bone who put a stop to the blood flow. That divided the Sinhala of the Sinhale. Then the cat’s paws found the very trump card they were searching for the occasion -right amongst the political pebbles of Colombo. They found the Team that has been carrying a chip on their shoulders all their lives, voted as losers many a times, permanent residents of the Nation’s dustbin and the Team was installed by hook or crook as the Executives of the country.  The rest as they is history!

Ramanie de Zoysa

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