Nobel Peace Prize!
Posted on June 9th, 2016


Mark my words your President will be proposed this year for this title!

The MIRACLE he performed in this tiny island has flabbergasted all powerful World leaders to invite this humble Royalist from the village to the G7 meeting as a preamble to what is planned ahead so his tomfoolery countrymen to have their JAW dropped in aghast!

Get ready now to celebrate the honor the country is bestowed upon! What a lucky Nation, you must thank the Diaspora for opening this opportunity, why, more they demand the more he gives, no leader in the World has given what was hard fought and won, even Mandela has not been this generous, he only gave freedom to the white supremacist after he gain freedom! He followed Mahathma Gandhi’s nonviolence to pardon the perpetrator.

In Buddhist history when Saakyans got involved in a battle for water, Buddha intervened twice and saved his clan but on the third time he let his own clan to be wiped off as he saw this has to end like so because have committed a serious crime in their past births!

See the similarity we had the same issue at Mavilaru. So, the Worlds supremacist we all worship can only give this Title because Nibbana is not a title it’s only a state of non-existence! Deathlessness!

Just as the Saakyans were wiped out, Sinhalayas too will be wiped out very soon as they are incapable to defend without ammunitions! But WHO will do that? After all there are no threats to the citizens now from local recently released hardcore LTTE cadres or any threat from India (Jayalalitha), if they do you all are sitting ducks with or without ammunition!

Now that the country has genuine Peace & Harmony there’s no reason to spend a colossal amount of money to replenish the ammunition lost in the fire (accidental?). I think a MISCHIEVOUS Chap must have been playing with his latest possession the DRONES” that can carry reasonable payload similar to the scenarios seen during the conflict period where ULTRALIGHT PLANES carried explosive TOFFEES and dropped at Kolonnawa Petroleum Tanks and few other STRATEGIC sites to the astonishment of the defense personnel. Don’t get me wrong I am not even remotely thinking to suggest any freed LTTE hardcore cadres would stoop to such low levels. But your own Defense Secretary Mr.Karunasena Hettiarachchi intelligently articulated (no, no not a slip of the TONGUE) to the Media as he was briefed by the camp authorities that this fire is a result of an error caused in a FIRE DRILL! Lo and behold I use to work in a skyscraper where we had FIRE DRILLS but without a real fire only the sound of an alarm but in Sri Lanka aren’t they smart, like in reality shows to set alight to a live ammunition store and practice a drill, never heard of anywhere else in the World this is unique to Sri Lanka or he insulted the masses treating them as illiterate buffoons! Mmmm should this BOOMERANG to him?

I hope you can remember how the Jaffna Army camp was wiped out killing all soldiers and 600 policemen executed in the open during Mr.Prabakarans time, was it (?)Premadasa who withdrew the advancing defence forces on the request of India or the World pressure denying Janaka Perera’s imminent victory! It will be the same fate for those cadres kept in the barracks around North & East for security sake, further accidental fires, this time with heavy losses of life in the camps are a fair prediction!

Incidentally, I must take your memory back to the era when the present PM was the PM during 2002, there came three ships loads of Artillery and Ammunition for the LTTE movement sent by the Diaspora, these ships got held at the harbor due to the customs officers efficiency in detecting these are illegal shipments meant for Jaffna and were detained by the customs. This was brought to the attention of the PM and he immediately authorized the customs to release the shipments and transported all contents to Jaffna. During this period the President was Chandrica Bandaranayaka who was in America, at that time she was not in amicable terms with Ranil, she retort that no sooner she arrives home some heads will roll, as she said three Ministers were rolled on her arrival but the damage was done.

Now the environment is quite different, if such shipments arrive, there are no barriers either in Customs or physically anywhere on land for the movement of these items to any part in the North.

Then one need not be a rocket scientist to imagine how vulnerable the defense forces are for a possibility of a pay back from a well equipped North! Looks like my imagination is running riot!!!


3 Responses to “Nobel Peace Prize!”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    PRECISELY! All hail the Sri Lankan Obama!

    Obama was CROWNED with the Peace Prize by the Norwegians BEFORE he had done ANYTHING to deserve it!

    The PLOT was to BRIBE HIM at the BEGINNING to elicit his COLLABORATION.

    It is the same with the Sri Lankan Obama; he too may be crowned with the PEACE PRIZE “Anthattuwa” to CONTINUE the process of BETRAYING HIS PEOPLE TO THEIR ENEMIES!

    When all this ends, he will have to FLEE Sri Lanka for REFUGE in Norway among his dear friends of the TAMIL SEPARATIST DIASPORA!

  2. Kumari Says:

    I agree, Nobel prize is the carrot. This price now is given to any idiot who helps in the master plan of the west. There was a chinese author who scribbled some lines against his government. Surprise, surprise, this guy gets the Nobel prize. Then Malala, the Pakistani school girl for getting shot at. Obama waging wars with more countries than any other American president.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Norway’s intentions are suspect after the fiasco in Sri Lanka with the LTTE. Dynamite (Alfred Noble’s invention) and Peace do not mix – CBK should have known better than to invite them for Peacekeeping.

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