“Constitutional Reform”- Dismantling the few remaining Buddhist countries
Posted on June 18th, 2016

Ramanie de Zoysa

The so-called ‘yahapalanaya’ government appointed a Public Representations Committee on Constitutional Reform (PRCCR”) in January this year with the mandate of researching public opinion in Sri Lanka on constitutional reform and to prepare a report and recommendations that can be pushed through the parliament and the constitution changed. The move was entirely to satisfy the whims of yahapalanaya’s handlers from the LTTE Diaspora, the West and India. The masters have decided that the Sri Lankan constitution is not conducive to peace and harmony between the races and that there is a need for democracy in Sri Lanka to be ‘strengthened’- and the yahapalana coolie obliges.

PRCCR was given a very short time frame (initially 3 months, which was generously extended by Prime Minister Wickremasinghe by another month upon request) to complete the task; the PRCCR report itself admits that the time frame given for the task was extremely inadequate.

Why was such short time frame given? What is the mighty hurry? Was that by design to exclude the majority Sinhala who would not have the wherewithal to be fronting up to Committees and making political submissions compared to aggressive minority organisations and individuals who are politically well organised and are ready to go at a moment’s notice?

Now that the report of the PRCCR is out, replete with recommendations that are ready to be ‘debated’  (aka ‘pushed through’) a parliament full of rogues who are well known to sell their vote for ‘favours’, the stage is set to get rid of the Sri Lankan constitution to make way for the constitution that the LTTE fought for.

This is as crafty as Wickremasinghe gets. The 29 time loser is ready for his revenge on a nation that continuously rejected him. So, what really is happening to Sri Lanka? Whose opinions are the PRCCR report (and hence the recommendations) based on? Who is changing our constitution?

In this regard, PRCCR report makes an amazing claim. The claim is that it is seen that a considerable representation of people throughout Sri Lanka are for:

  1. …….
  2. Democratisation of the polity by strengthening institutions for people’s active participation in governance and political life by devolving the power to the provincial and local government level …..
  3. National reconciliation as an urgent task. There were divergent views as to how it could be achieved. Among these one view was that constitutional reform should focus on meaningful devolution of power ……..” (emphasis mine)

This is a statement that demands the attention of people of Sri Lanka- especially in light of the fact that over the last 30 years the majority people in this country- namely the common Sinhala parents- sent their sons and daughters to the war front to defend the unitary status and the sovereignty of this island against an enemy who demanded power devolution / cessation. Some of those young people paid with their lives and limb to militarily defend the unitary status of Sri Lanka!

How does one reconcile PRCCR’s claim that it found this ‘considerable representation of people throughout Sri Lanka’ who demand devolution of power with the reality that Sri Lankans fought for 30 years to defend the sovereignty of the country? Where does the PRCCR get its ‘considerable representation of people throughout Sri Lanka’ that gives it the mandate to change the constitution to devolve power to the periphery and weaken the centre? The sweeping statement that a considerable representation of PEOPLE throughout Sri Lanka are clamouring for the weakening of the central government in order to provide power and self-governance to the provinces, several of which that have been hijacked and quite successfully ethnically cleansed by aggressive minorities, is ridden with dishonesty and mass deception.

The claim is however useful- it offers a clear insight into the hatchet job that Ranil Wickremesinghe is perpetrating on Sri Lanka. The claim says volumes on the agenda and the terms of reference of the hand-picked committee.

I noted with interest that the report says that there were divergent views on how to achieve national reconciliation” but the only view” the committee liked and cared enough to quote was the view” that it (national reconciliation) should be achieved via meaningful devolution of power”.   This, to me, is powerfully indicative of the agenda of the committee.

As recorded in an appendix to the report, 3655 persons/ organisations have made submissions before the committee. There were nearly 500 respondents from Colombo and between 40 and 170 respondents from other districts. Naturally, from the ethnically cleansed districts in the North and East there was no Sinhala voice. For instance, Batticoloa had 3, Tincomalee 12 and Vauniya 0 Sinhala respondents.  There was a disproportionate number of Tamil and Muslim NGOs and individuals from all other districts too. Of the 3655 respondents, there were 580 respondents that did not represent any of the districts in Sri Lanka but made representations either in a private capacity or as NGOs/ INGOs. Some names in this last category are persons/ entities that are domiciled overseas but have an intimate connection with Sri Lanka but the majority can only be the assumed to be the global Tamil interjectors and Muslim NGOs putting undue weight on the process under various names.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with anyone interested in Sri Lanka making their voices heard through this process.  But, can the PRCCR claim that those who gave their views on what they want from the Sri Lankan constitution consists of a  considerable representation of people throughout Sri Lanka? It is most undemocratic and in fact uncivilized to change the constitution to root out any references to Sinhala and Buddhism with the mandate given by 3655 people out of 20 million.

In short, what has happened is that all the NGOs, INGOs peddling Global Tamil aspirations and are internationally funded to interfere in Sri Lanka together with extremist Muslim groups have come forward to rid the Sinhala-ness and the Buddhist-ness out of Sri Lanka.

Not that any of these civilities is going to worry Wickremesinghe, Chandrika Bandaranayaka or the President himself.  The first two are doing what they failed to do through the 2002 ceasefire agreement and PTOMS respectively, while the third is just happy to occupy the position and its perks that he knows won’t last long.


Ramanie de Zoysa

6 Responses to ““Constitutional Reform”- Dismantling the few remaining Buddhist countries”

  1. nilwala Says:

    Ramanie says: “In short, what has happened is that all the NGOs, INGOs peddling Global Tamil aspirations and are internationally funded to interfere in Sri Lanka together with extremist Muslim groups have come forward to rid the Sinhala-ness and the Buddhist-ness out of Sri Lanka.”
    And what is more…the Sinhala Buddhist people and their representatives who were voted in at the 2015 elections are fully participating in the process of dismantling Buddhism….the pledges made by RW and CBK to the West are being delivered. The IDU will have been finally sated….but as Ramanie asks “….can the PRCCR claim that those who gave their views on what they want from the Sri Lankan constitution consists of a considerable representation of people throughout Sri Lanka?

  2. dhane Says:

    According what happening in Sri Lanka there is no President. Man who elected in 2015 January Sirisen is only a “Pabaya” enjoying foreign trips & perks.
    All activities are done by PM Wickremesinghe one who loss 29 time is taking his revenge on a nation that continuously rejected him. So we will wait & see what action this “Pabaya” & his party supporter will do when RW re-appoint Mahendra as Governor of CB again. Will there be conflict or simply “Pabaya” will say “I asked him not to re-appoint Mahendra but he did so.

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Token Buddhist, die hard catholic pol pot ponil will definitely destroy Sri Lanka, Sinhalese and Buddhism
    this time around. Because this is the first time, he became all too powerful. Previously charu rajina was there.
    She still had a bit of backbone to say no to him since her political background. This time he got a mere
    puppet without a backbone at all. His nivata hinawa is enough for anybody to trample him and walk all over him.

    So without much education, without much knowledge of English language, without a backbone he is only a
    mere puppet. So pol pot ponil will do his level best to destroy Sri Lanka, Buddhism and the Sinhalese race.
    Just look at what he done in just 2 years. Buddhism removed from school curriculum, federal coming, etca
    coming (to make Sri Lanka a colony of india), unitary state going, Buddhism state religion going, national flag
    going from constitution. Catholic west and diasporats are over the moon.

    We have thank the traitor Sinhalese who support this murderous, Sinhalese murdering, Buddhism-destroying,
    Sri Lanka-destroying catholic-run UNPatriotic party. Minorities always (tamils, mussies and catholics) support
    the UNPatirotic party knowing they will look after them. But Sinhala modayas? They think it is so fashionable
    to support these murderous thieves. The traitor thieves don’t do any work as usual. Catholic-run media will
    always paint a feel-good picture of the catholic-run UNPatriotic party of course. So they carry on destroying
    Buddhism, Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese race. We have thank the traitor Sinhalese who still support these
    murderous thieves who have done so much damage to Sri Lanka, Buddhism and the Sinhalese race. Those
    traitors still can’t see the true colours of the murderous thieves. No wonder they are called Sinhala modayas!

    Look at some of catholic traitor chief pol pot ponil’s appointments.
    maha horandran to the central bank to bankrupt Sri Lanka
    army chief
    karupaiya karunkanayagam Sinhala modayas quickly forgot his colourful past after one tom pachayak
    police minister john mara (minister of erection (permanent)
    northern province governor
    eastern province governor
    gonga ramanayaka
    balloon xxxx harin etc. etc.
    hitler pira(mala)paharan
    tamil selvan
    anton bala sinyo
    kasippu joseph
    em manure
    archbishop two three etc etc.
    All have one important factor! Can the Sinhala modayas guess what it is? No chance we are sure!
    They all are catholics! But Sinhala modayas have no clue! So they let these traitor thieves destroy Sri Lanka,
    Buddhism and the Sinhalese race!

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:



    http://www.lankagrid.com/soma-thero/ (who done it? All in www. Not in Sri Lanka media obviously)

    Sinhala modayas can’t work out. They can’t even work out why pol pot ponil grassed millennium city intelligent
    officers. No punishment for him for that. No punishment for Batalanda murders with his catholic buddy policemen.
    No punishment for Central Bank robbery of 5000 billion. He know he is untouchable. And he knows his gang maha
    horandran, karupaiya, john mara etc. etc. also untouchable. Still some people call him MR Clean. This can
    only happen in Sri Lanka. Modayas paradise. Sinhala modayas paradise.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Constitutional Reform :

    To safeguard Lanka from more illegal migrants especially from Tamil Nadu area, there ought to be a moratorium on building of Religious edifices in Sri Lanka for a period of at least 50 yrs. or more. Sri Lanka was colonised for nearly 500 yrs – so may be the period ought to be a 500 yr moratorium.

    Religious edifices are built and those areas tend to be claimed as more or less exclusively theirs by minorities, isn’t it ?
    Currently, Hindu kovils and mosques take the forefront in such a manner. Illegal migrant labor tend to settle down in such areas and make it more or less exclusively theirs. Minority leaders lead the way for such thinking.

    As for Tamil speaking illegal migrants, integrating into mainstream life in Lanka is not needed, as the Tamils have everything they need already in place – in fact, they come to Lanka because it is better for them in Lanka than in Tamil Nadu.

    The Sita Temple planned for Upcountry Lanka is another possible zone claim in the making ?

  6. plumblossom Says:

    We do not need provincial councils which only promotes separatism. The provincial councils only duplicate the already existing system of ministry, district secretary, divisional secretaries, grama niladhari system which has functioned for decades. In addition, there are the municipal, urban councils and pradeshiya sabhas who elect their officials to ensure that there is local government representation and to ensure that local matters are dealt with. The ministry, district secretary, divisional secretaries, grama niladhari system is how government plans get implemented at the district, divisional and the grama niladhari level. The only thing the provincial councils do is duplicate this already existing system and is totally unnecessary. Since Sri Lanka is a small country. Therefore what is agreed at the parliamentary level in terms of plans can be implemented islandwide via the ministries. If anyone in any province wants to suggest anything innovative, they can do so via their MP at the parliamentary level. A small country such as Sri Lanka needs a strong central government and just one plan for the entire island to move forward. For this the existing ministry, district secretary, divisional secretaries, grama niladhari system is sufficient. At the local level there are the municipal, urban councils and the pradeshiya sabhas to take care of local matters.

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