A global issue: Minority Incursions – ‘legitimately’ acquiring illegitimate ‘rights’ 
Posted on June 20th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

What happens when minorities begin calculated demand campaigns which they have no legitimate right to and thereafter once enough public attention is gained they agree to settle for a compromise? They end up gaining what they have no right to gain and those compromising totally ignore this fact because world media, foreign funded NGOs are all mischief makers paid to create trouble while another lot wait for trouble to arise for only then their jobs are secured and they can enter the scene as conflict resolutionists. The end result is minorities have gained illegitimately what they had no right to gain and these later become their ‘legitimate rights’ while anyone questioning these immediately become labelled ‘racist’ ‘fascist’ and whatever names the dictionary can dig out.

Policy of ‘little now more later’ has been the hallmark of minority policy in Sri Lanka.

The divide and rule policies of the colonial invaders ensured the majority suffered and minorities given privileges alongside those in the majority who were willing to betray their own and follow terms and conditions of the white rulers. The mentality indented to the minorities spurred their demands – 50-50 representation and minority-rule mindset. The latest is the demand for homeland and a compromise of federal-divided state when they have no right to be getting either. If Sinhalese had been living in the North far before any fictitious claims for ‘homelands’ or ‘kingdoms’ why should political correctness even consider compromising. This is the issue at hand. Lands, areas, towns, districts and provinces are being compromised in this manner. Bizarre demands are resulting in gains where no gains should even be entertained.

Minorities have found that all they need is to come out with a bizarre demand, fund people and propaganda and publicize the demand loud and strong enough and then agree to settle for a compromise which would have gained them what they were not entitled to at all.

This ploy and game is what needs to be clearly understood. The Muslims have also mastered this game and have now made incursions to Buddhist sacred citadels – illegal constructions are ignored under right of religion and thereafter the areas become turned into Muslim citadels totally ignoring its original status. The plan to build a minaret/mosque infront of Dalada Maligawa and the manner Muslims are surrounding other Buddhist citadels should be eyeopeners where cultural invasions are taking place using right of religious freedom. Non-Muslims cannot even put a foot into Holy Mecca. Vatican will not allow a single non-Catholic structure inside Vatican City. Why do Buddhist sacred cities have to always compromise?

If the majority cannot find solutions for this perhaps they too should play a long and make equal bizarre demands as well.

The UNHRC ‘war crimes’ game is another ploy. Propaganda on war crimes has got a weak government to agree to hybrid courts and virtual acceptance of war crimes when the government should be saying isolated cases of crimes committed must first be supported with evidence while individuals committing the crime if found guilty can be punished by local laws (military courts) whereas a country cannot be accused of war crimes for isolated cases.

In the past what was gained with the sword and gun is now being discretely done with terminologies like multiculturalism and political correctness. No nation is born multicultured. A multicultural state carries in it’s geneses the seeds of eventual national destruction. All multicultural nations will be found to be in a state of political, moral, economic and social decay. Modern day multiculturalism is an elitist jobless liberal thinking manoeuvre to play one or more racial or ethnic groups against another. The dominant culture is attacked from all sides (Sri Lanka being a perfect example). Vilifying and weakening the dominant culture is needed to create an environment for social, political, and economic turmoil.

Sponsors of multiculturalism will use media & politicians to stress on race, gender, and diversity ignoring the real issues so that further division is created.

Notice the campaign on elephant torture with the explicit mission to remove the perahera elephants thus destroying Sinhala Buddhist cultural tradition. If animals are the concern why do these activists not stop animal sacrifice? Not a word is said about killing MILLIONS of animals for religious festivals even inside places of religious worship, the entire campaign is surrounded on the demand to stop the elephants being used for the perahera (using a countable number of incidentals but showcasing them as a national problem), no one has even suggested the removal or punishment of mahoots who are unkind to elephants. The demand is solely to stop perahera elephants.

The other aim is to remove a country’s national identity while creating disharmonious units (forcibly federated states). It is nothing but another divide & rule tactic. The multiculturalists promoting multiculturalism are often those who have the least personal culture appertaining to them.

America, Canada, Australia are all created countries after throwing out the indigenous and installing white immigrants who had to in later years depend on other immigrants to build their nations. It is these countries that are bound to have shared cultures because their countries were built by people who were not indigenous. However, this same template cannot be drilled into countries that have civilizational histories and cultures extending to thousands of years and who much later in years allowed traders and migrants to stay on. These parties cannot impose their cultures upon others.

Nevertheless even these created countries are now realizing that whatever they believed as ‘their culture’ is getting drowned by people who arrived later who are demanding that foreign cultures and traditions are given precedence.

White Brits are predicted to become an ethnic minority in 50 years following politicized immigration policies of British politicians. British MP Cox was murdered by a man shouting ‘Britain first’ which displays the anger at the average British citizen. 4.1million ethnic minorities live in white minority areas where in 2001 only 1m ethnic minorities lived. London is now home to more than 8.6m people where white Brits have become a minority making up 45% of Londoners. White Brits have even been forced out of their neighborhoods by foreign migrants all now using hyphenated terms – Black American, Indian-American, Muslim-American, Asian-British, Indian-Britisher etc.



It is a result of the mischief behind multiculturalism and political correctness that the majority in every continent are facing some sort of incursion from minorities demanding their rights are given precedence over the majority.

Muslims are now demanding the government change the historic Hagia Sophia church which is a UNESCO world heritage site into a mosque. Muslims have demanded the end to the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany claiming it is anti-Islam, in 2008 Muslim taxi drivers refused to carry blind and disabled passengers with guide dogs because Islam says animals are ‘unclean’ (Australia, in 2013 a Muslim who raped a 13 year old girl whom he groomed on facebook was spared prison sentence because the judge accepted the argument that he had attended an Islamic faith school where he was taught women are ‘worthless’, while also in Australia another Islamic teacher who sexually abused a 11 year old girl was spared jail because his wife couldn’t speak English. In Washington Muslims have demanded the removal of crosses from Catholic schools, while in Iraq where US & NATO liberated the new government has imposed a new law on Christians – if they reject Islam and accept only Christ, they will be forced to be Muslim. In Alabama Muslims tried to pass Shariah law but citizens said no.

Hindu India is objecting to the adoption of Pongal by Christians as tactic of ‘inculturation’ as a ploy being used to show Christianity as indigenous to India. Fr. Saju George a Jesuit priest was accused of infusing Hindu dance Bharatanatyam with Abrahamic religion of crusaders and inquisition. The Christian Brahmin Seva Samiti has been accused of distorting Hindu scriptures to advance Christianity. DMK Government even started a government sponsored festival Sangamama’ advanced by Christian NGO Tamil Maivam founde by Father Jegath Gaspar Raj who had links to LTTE. The Roman Catholic Church had even printed a ‘New Community Bible’ christened as ‘Indian Bible’ which included sacred verses from Gita, Vedas and Upanishads. The Bible even had a picture of Virgin Mary barefoot wearing a sari and sporting a bindi on her forehead. An Indian commentator writes Every Hindu symbol and every Hindu practice is being Christianised with an evil motive of de-Hinduising this society and the nation. This is creating havoc in the psyche of the Hindu majority provoking it beyond the limits of tolerance. Obviously the generic Church is scoring brownie points over the privilege of propagation” given to the minorities in the Constitution.” Lets not forget how the British ambassador to Nepal declared that Nepal would be turned into a Christian country.


In Sri Lanka

Over a period of time there has been a deliberate and planned effort to increase the number of mosques as well as churches and now kovils in the country over and above the actual needs and totally out of proportion to the percentage of Muslims in the country. There is total silence over the destruction to ancient Buddhist sites even the report by late Cyril Mathew to UNESCO has been ignored – http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2016/04/26/unp-mp-cyril-mathew-report-to-unesco-proof-sinhalese-were-living-in-the-north-before-tamils/

The takaran shed put up in Anuradhapura in close proximity to the Sacred Bo Tree is claimed as historical” but without proof and evidence to establish a legal title. In 1980 there were just 2 mosques in Anuradhapura today there are 16 because of political correctness. Use of loudspeakers at Mosques daily five times a day and force feeding and harassing non–Muslims with sounds of Islam in violation of their fundamental right to silence and quiet enjoyment of property. The loudspeaker usage continues to violate the Supreme Court interim order. Now a mosque has been put up within 60metres of Buddha Gaya – meditation of peaceful Buddhist monks at the venue is deliberately disturbed five times a day beginning at 5. 00 a.m. in the morning by the mosque – The muezzins wail is an intolerable display of triumphalism. http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=24.69568 5&lon=84.991495&z=18&m=b

Halal certificates became a type of extortion method from non-Muslim business enterprises but opposition to it was projected as anti-Muslim without dealing with the crux of the argument that a minority had no right to impose its food wills on others. Nine per cent cannot dictate eating habits to 91 per cent of the population along the lines of religion when among themselves they practice selective halal/haram. Integration is hampered when Muslim children attending non-Muslim schools are told by their parents not to take birthday treats given by non-Muslims on the ground that it is not halal. Muslims of Sri Lanka never dressed in the black attire and the current attire has nothing to do with Islam but a new culture created via the British created Wahhabi religion which is on its own witch-hunt against Sufis and other non-Wahhabi practicing Muslims

Political correctness is silent over evangelical and Islamic Wahhabi preachers descending and being allowed to go to all corners of Sri Lanka and use their money to buy over poor ‘converts’. Poverty has become a bane to the survival of a country’s national identity.

Political correctness in the west is in for some hard times. Trump salvo on sending back immigrants in one such tempo that has received wide support from most. The Dutch Interior Minister Donner declared “The government shares the social dissatisfaction over the multicultural society model and plans to shift priority to the values of the Dutch people…. With this change, the government steps away from the model of a multicultural society.”…. it is not the government’s job to integrate immigrants.”………. immigrants will be required to learn to speak Dutch, without exception, including followers of Sharia law. Austria has introduced a new law which says Muslims have to now speak German and not Arabic and all Korans have to be written completely in German.

It is time people woke up and realized the bigger plan taking place riding on the demands of freedoms and rights when in reality these are nothing but incursions promoted by parties continuing the divide and rule quest.

History demonstrates that no nation can long survive if it forgets why it exists.

An ancient proverb reminds us: “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

Shenali D Waduge

§  http://shoebat.com/2015/11/09/muslims-impose-new-law-on-christians-if-you-reject-islam-and-accept-christ-as-your-savior-we-will-force-your-children-to-worship-allah/

One Response to “A global issue: Minority Incursions – ‘legitimately’ acquiring illegitimate ‘rights’ ”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Muslim invasion of Sri Lanka continues unabated and is not in the radar of those who should be concerned. Street by street evacuation of Sinhalese is happening throughout the Colombo District, where the whole nation has spent much to improve its infrastructure and other facilities. Eventually Sinhalese will be dispossessed of their land.

    It is worthwhile to note that it is only after 1815 and under the despicable British that the Muslims were allowed to buy land in Sri Lanka.

    Their population growth is far above the rest of the island and as a result they constitute 10% of the island population. When even countries such as Britain and other European countries are expressing concern over eventual Islamisation, should Sri Lanka turn a blind eye?

    As a first measure Muslim businesses should be boycotted for it is with the money they thus earn that they buy into our land and birthright. If not nipped in the bud this scourge will be far worse than the Eelam menace.

    What can a nation expect when traitors have been voted into power?

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