Dear HE the President of the DSR of SriLanka, As a patriotic SriLankan Diaspora I have multitude of multi-dimensional grievance to be conveyed to you
Posted on June 20th, 2016

Kanthar Balanathan DipEE(UK), GradCert(RelEng-Monash),DipBus&Adm(Finance-Massey), C.Eng., MIEE (Retired) Former Director of Power Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd, Consulting Electrical Engineers

His Excellency Mr. Maithripala Sirisena
Executive President of SriLanka
Presidential Secretariat
Galle Face,
Colombo 1,
Sri Lanka

Dear HE the President of the DSR of SriLanka

As a patriotic SriLankan Diaspora I have multitude of multi-dimensional grievance to be conveyed to you, Sir, which has deep concerns to majority of citizens of SL, both local & overseas, as the gravity of situation is quite colossal to carriage severe threat to the nation on: (i) Human Rights violation to the majority (ii) violation of the constitutional rights of the majority sons of the land (දේශයේ පුතුන්) of SriLanka (SL), (iii) driving the country to economic bankruptcy, and opening avenues for foreign powers to walk into SL in the name of economic assistance, allowing room for secessionist radicals to continue to promote separatism, both overseas and locally, and build up sleeping cells for another war, plus several corruption, frauds and malpractices.

The Constitution of SL, since independence provides public government information in all three languages. Every Tamil in the island has the provision to read, write and learn, Tamil Language anywhere in SL, and conduct communication with the government offices in any language. Every school, college had all three medium. However, the Colleges in the North & East do not provide Sinhalese Language as a medium of instruction. SriLankan children in the N&E are deserted in learning science, arts and technology in Sinhalese language. What is prevailing now is HR violation against the majority people of the island? Or should I state that the coward behaviour of the government is to fear for the minority Tamils & Muslims? Sir: යුක්තිය සෑම පුරවැසියෙකුටම සඳහා විය යුතුය. ජාතිය පමණක් සීමා නොවේ.

In the North (NPC), judgement made in courts should be printed in all three languages for police, prisons, and other departments to take action. Constitutional directive should be followed. If provision is absent, then Constitutional amendments should be made. (සියලු පුරවැසියන්ට සමානව සැලකිය යුතුය). Courts and government departments are funded from the SriLankan government Treasury only.

Since 1949, SriLanka has gone through devastating destruction, politically, militarily, loss of human life, and through billions of dollars of assets destroyed. Can we Tamils, replace these assets, or even payback the cost with inflation added for all these years? Can we Tamils bring back to life, those who were killed/murdered? How long do we Tamils intend to demand for power, which is nothing but satisfy that power-hunger, dictatorial, egotists? To maintain law & order the minster in charge of L&O in the NPC has only got to take the phone and give a call to the SDIG. The issue here in the NPC is that the Chief Minister of the NPC is a former Chief Justice, and he still has that egoistic, megalomaniac, attitude that he is still the CJ. He may be thinking that he is above all people in the North. What we can observe is that our CM-NPC has a negative outlook, and never makes any positive, constructive remarks or messages. As a CJ, he might have convicted an innocent man, or even acquitted a true criminal/convict, because they go by evidences and law books. We engineers do not only go by the book, however, the plant has to run and stay in operable condition for not less than 50 years or so.

I am talking real” against, imaginary”. In third world politics: power, bribery and corruption is government. Every politician wants to show that he is better than the other through punitive acts. SriLanka had great leaders like late DS Senanayaka, Dudley, and Srimavo.

Are we forced to believe that we have a new Vellupillai Prabakaran in SriLanka, among the Muslim Community, which is Rishad Bathiudeen, from the Vanni district, who is also holding a portfolio as the Minister of Industry and Commerce? Rishad Bathiudeen is more interested in proliferating Muslim population, Islam, and creating Muslim villages, towns, Island wide, rather concentrating on industrial development. (i) Group calls for Marichchikatti in Mannar to be made Muslim village-Ref:, (ii) Wilpattu national park illegal settlement Ref:, (iii) constructing mosques in places of Vihare, (iv) Early morning loud speaker blabbering taking ownership of the sky and disturbing the environment, (v) trying to enforce Zaria law.

It is relevant to note that no outsider can build a Vihare, church or temple in Saudi Arabia (SA). They enforce their own law to all people who live in SA.

As a Minister of Industry and Commerce, Rishad Bathiudeen has disregarded his duties and functions, but engaged in ethno-racial declaration, thereby indoctrinating and intoxicating the poor Islamic peasants in the island. It could be comprehended that it is the fault of the political party, (UNP), and the leadership to appoint, such an ethno-racial, fanatic to generate divisibility concept among the Muslims. It is pertinent to ask a question: Do the Muslims of SriLanka think that Sinhalese people (රටේ පුතුන්) are foreigners? Or are they trying to misrepresent Sinhalas as foreigners in SL, to the Middle East? An issue with this ethno group is that they are quite rigid, and have only one concept in their mind, which is jihad & Zaria. Terrorism incidents in Nigeria, Europe, Syria, USA, UK etc. are significant issues. Terror groups around the world with only one concept in their mind, which is Jihad & Zaria” are trying to conquer the globe. Current political tactics by the Muslims is anti-Buddhism war.

SriLanka should not promote to have villages for Muslims”, Tamils” and Sinhalese” separately, isolated as racial villages. Such demand will categorise them as racially oriented people. Such people should remember that their native villages are in Arabia and not SriLanka. All humans in SriLanka, are, SriLankans”. Proliferation action: Ref: (i) Sinister Moves to change the composition of the population and the ethnic ratios of SriLanka, by Ranjith Soysa

[In 2014, an Islamic cleric came over the SriLankan TV and stated that the sun is rotating around the Earth and that Muslims should not believe that the earth is rotating around the sun. It is better for such a backward community to integrate with an advanced community (සිංහල) and learn modern technology and astrophysics].

It is the general opinion that GOSL should stand up against any threats to the government, or the people of SriLanka by Muslim extremists taking over the country. GOSL shall not be pulled into by the Muslim extremists, and allocate portfolios controlling important ministries. History records that Pattanis came from Arabia as businessman and married Mukkuvars” of Kerala origin in the East and were forged as Muslims. This is how they were drawn into talk Tamil.

GOSL is focussing on retributive, punitive action against potential young people, who could be leaders in the future, on some flimsy grounds. This does not mean that the current regime is pure and honest with high integrity. Example:

In February 2015 CBSL advertised the sale of Rs. 1 billion in 30 year government bonds at an indicative rate of 9.5%. The sale was oversubscribed with 36 bids of totalling Rs. 20 billion. The majority of bidders, 26, bided for Rs. 100 million or less at a rate of 9.5%–10.5%. However, a few bidders, including Perpetual Treasuries Limited, wanted interest rates of 11%–12%. On 27 February 2015 the CBSL accepted Rs. 10 billion in bids at rates of 9.5%–12.5%. The issuing of ten times the advertised bonds, and at a higher than expected rate, was alleged to cost the Sri Lankan government an additional Rs. 40–45 billion ($300–$340 million). Perpetual Treasuries was issued, directly and indirectly, with Rs. 5 billion in bonds at 12.5%. Perpetual Treasuries was one of the primary dealers in the sale and is owned by Mahendran’s son-in-law Arjun Aloysius.

In 30 years of time, Arjuna Mahendran may not be in SL, neither you, Ranil Wickremasinghe nor your associates, and the economic condition of SriLanka could be worse with the Muslim’s and Tamil’s activism, and their nil contribution to the wealth of the nation. When the time to payback the bond (on maturity) is expected, Sir, are you sure that, definitively, SriLankan Treasury will have the funds to payback OR will it rollover for privatisation of a few assets in SriLanka in lieu of the funds? Neither you, nor Arjun Mahendran will not be worried, because you guys are not going to be in power. The poor peasants who assume power will be forced to make decision of privatisation by selling assets.

This is the strategy and tactics exercised by the west for privatisation of assets in countries with dummy politicians, so that the extremely rich people can rule countries with their dollars.

Arjun Mahendran spends Rs 10,000.00/day on eating which can be justified by his norm, plus other expenses, totalling, may be Rs 14.5 million. Before the election you promised a 100 days program optimising the number of ministers etc. We have 92 ministers in all, spending may be approximately Rs 460 million. Where are all your election manifesto promises? Sambanthar is the Leader of Opposition with 16 members. This is the most ridiculous laughable matter in democracy. Is this third world democracy distinct from other world politics? It is difficult to understand how your political vision and mission works. Current Chief Minister spits out rubbish quite often. It seems GOSL is only appreciating his spits, rather taking any action. Your government will only realise when things become worse in SL. Sir, turn your political books back to 1948. We are only cycling in simple harmonic motion with mothballing issues. Currently our PM’s objective is to dismantle the military. Military is the backbone of a country in the defence network. Can’t the PM, and you, visit countries and study why they have such a large defence network?

With respect to Tamil issues, you can never, ever, satisfy Tamils because they are infested with power bugs. Quite soon Tamil Diaspora may be bundled in foreign countries, because of the extensive domination they influence in regions such as Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia etc. No native of any country will tolerate behaviours like our Tamils.

HE the President, Please grasp this fact. Sinhala people came into the island in 5 BC. Tamils came in 14 AD. Muslims are a mixture of Pattanis and Mukkuvars. While not being racial, but being a SriLankan, I appeal that all people in SL are SriLankans”. As the executive president, please exercise your authority in developing the nation, and consolidating the people as SriLankans. There are ministers working behind your back in bringing disastrous results to the regime and the country. Punitive, Vindictive actions can worsen the unity of the people. Please make efforts to consolidate and make SriLanka as a melting pot for all people to be identified as SriLankan.

Buddhism should be given the foremost place in SriLanka.

President, Why not meet and have a discussion with the SriLankan Diaspora. The intellect SriLankan Diaspora in Australia are in a better position to highlight, and open up a can of worms that are generating retarding effect to the progress of the country, through a brain storming session with the President and the PM. (May be a group of three to four people).

Yours Sincerely

කන්තර් බාලනාතන්

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  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:






  2. Dayani Perera Says:

    Dear Mr. Kanthar,
    As a Sinhalese, I find your article very informative and you have provided such an important article being Tamil. I am very grateful to you for revealing the truth, but both our current leaders are blind and deaf with their lust for power.!!
    If you have a chance, please try to publish this in “Daily Mirror” too, for others who will appreciate it.!!!

  3. Raj Says:

    Dear Kanther,
    As a tamil patriot, we salute you Sir!. They may consider to get their so called FCID to arrest you if you set foot in Sri Lanka, for ‘questioning’.

  4. Hiranthe Says:

    Dear Mr. Kanthar,

    Thank you for the honest contribution.

    Unfortunately, a Grama Sevaka can not understand your calibre of writing.

    But this will be in record and in history.

    Mother Lanka will have some hope by seeing one of her true sons has come forward to defend her despite threat to his own survival among the Tiger infested Dispora

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