Posted on June 23rd, 2016

By Keerthi Warnakulasuriya Sunday Diavina – 19th June    (translated by Ranjith Soysa)

The 32nd session of the UN Human Rights Commission was opened on 13th June 2016. Within 5 days of the inaugurating its activities 51 page review on Sri Lanka was submitted to the UNHCR by the organization called Truth and Justice.

This review was complied by pro LTTE ex official of the UN , Yasmin Sooka. She had been involved in pro LTTE efforts to bring discredit Sri Lanka since  2009 and had furnished 5 reports against Sri Lanka previously. She presented her latest report at the Royal Institute of the UK and two  INGO activists from Sri Lanka were in the audience, namely Sheriff Savier and Sureka Nava. Former , Ambassador for the USA in Sri Lanka, Stephen Rapp was also a participant. Sooka ‘s misleading report EXPOSED  a secret which was hidden by the UN officials to date.

It became very clear that the persons who gave evidence as to the crimes said to have been committed by the Sri Lankan defense forces were NONE OTHER THAN THE LTTE ACTIVISTS THEMSELVES.  Yasmin Sooka had traveled to the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Norway and had met the LTTE activists and had obtained statements from them against Sri Lanka.She has cited names of 75 persons who gave evidence and out of this, 54 persons were well known  LTTE cadres, They were from the LTTE military brigades such as Radha, Sonia.

Pandithan, Imran and others were members of the LTTE intelligence unit, TOSI , Nidarshnam, LTTE TV service and  were activists in the LTTE political fronts.  Some of these persons were ‘considered’ missing or dead by   many sources and it was revealing information to know that they were actually living!

In the final analysis, the majority of the persons who have given evidence to Darusman Committee- whose names are not made known- and to Yasmin Sooka are NONE OTHER THAN THE LTTE ARMED CADRES AND THEIR COLLEAGUES !!!

What is the moral right of the UNHRC that can be derived from their deceitful attempt to gather evidence against Sri Lankan defense forces based on statements issued by the LTTE’s terrorist fighting units? If we accept this scenario one has to question whether Seyd Hussain, the Human Rights Commissioner will accept evidence given by Talibah and ISIS terrorists too?

It is expected that the High Commissioner will table his report on Sri Lanka on 29th June. Many of the Western countries and expatriate pro-LTTE Tamil organizations are demanding that a hybrid court be initiated to investigate Sri Lanka. But, the Sri Lankan President has rejected this model. Yet, the Transitional Govt of the Tamil Eelam chief Rudrakumarn is insisting on hybrid courts and had sent a team of 6 international judges to Geneve to pursue their objective. In addition , the present chief minister of the Northern Province and his followers have retained the American solicitor Francis Boyle to fight for the hybrid courts.

Many  Western countries have provided asylum status to a number of LTTE fighters.  The UK has given protection to well known 41 LTTE carders while Switzerland , France and Norway have accepted 21, 9 and 4 LTTE ers respectively. These countries have failed to identify these terrorists thus violating the UN ‘s anti-Terrorism Resolutions. The fact that the Embassies and the High Commissions of these countries have worked in hand and glove with the LTTE  to issue visas to the terrorists is very clear.

Finally , we have to await to find whether the UNHCR  will bow to the pressure brought in by the 7 international judges or will decide on their own the course of action to be followed regarding the obvious but one sided allegations confirmed by the LTTE fighter cadres.



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