Projecting the total package to bring in ethnic harmony and an end to the humanitarian issue in SRI-LANKA
Posted on June 29th, 2016

Professor Nishan C. Wijesinha (Professor of Paramedics and Law and Divinity and Holistic Science) Ethul Kotte, Kotte. SRI-LANKA

Firstly I want to thank the government of China, for helping our nation at the time of the war and also its re-building through highways and other projects coordinated with our nations beloved son; the former President Mahinda Rajapakse.

Our country politics and the people are brained washed with the brain mapping systems of the US Government, UK and its Allies.

People here do not know that IMF Borrowing is a fake deal; as it does not allow the lender monies to be utilized for any development projects for the people. This is where President Mahinda Rajapakse tied his fist against the US and UK and its Allies.

We were in the process of projecting the total package for the Tamil People, after establishing the functioning of the North and East Provincial Councils.

I have now put out this total solution and package and also given the history as to what and who caused the ethnic genocidal campaigns in SRI-LANKA.

Please let me first begin here with this introduction. ………………..

It was my great grandfather Mudaliya Louis Corneille Wijesinha; who was an Imperial British Colonial Genius Scholar who translated the first original manuscripts of the Great Mahavamsa from Pali to English who recognized the charismatic needs of the Jaffna People and thus wrote down the following Maritime Provincial Federal Union agenda for good governance and Ethnic Harmony of SRI LANKA.


Preamble of the Maritime Provincial Federal Union of SRI LANKA

The preamble thus declares that the Eastern and the Northern Provinces of SRI LANKA thus would become one federal Dominion.


The Executive power will remain with the Governor General who will be elected by the popular vote of the 72 member Senate; FOR A PERIOD OF 10 YEARS.


The Legislative power will remain with the 72 member Senate who will be elected by the people by a referendum through popular vote; FOR A PERIOD OF 10 YEARS.


The Judicial Power will remain with the Apex Courts and the High Courts.

Having projected the above; I will now give the history as to what and who caused the ethnic genocidal campaigns in SRI-LANKA.

During the Riots of 1915 (May 28 to June 5, 1915) the British governor came down with a heavy hand on the Sinhalese community. The governor declared Martial Law on (June 2 to August 30, 1915). And ordered the police and the army to arrest and imprison several prominent Sinhalese leaders. Among those imprisoned were D.S. Senanayake, D.R. Wijewardena, Dr. Cassius Pereira, E.T. De Silva, F.R. Dias Bandaranaike, H. Amarasuriya, A.H. Molamure and others. It was reported that other leaders were shot without trial. It was then Sir Ramanathan who came to the rescue of the Sinhalese community.

He and Sir James Peiris led the campaign for a Royal Commission of Inquiry (for the vindication of the reputations of those who had been falsely accused). He traveled to England under great threat to his life (as World War I was on) and argued the case of the imprisoned Sinhalese. So articulate were his arguments that he succeeded in having the governor transferred and the head of Military recalled from Ceylon. He eventually managed to get all the leaders released from prison.

When he came back to Ceylon victoriously, there were thousands to welcome him. Sir John Kotalawala and A.C. Seneviratne, a prominent businessman then, said that the Sinhalese owe Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan a debt that could never be repaid. They insisted that his horse carriage be drawn by Sinhalese. Sir Ramanathan was driven through the streets of Colombo to his residence at Ward Place. Some of the top families, of Sinhalese aristocracy, had no qualms about drawing his carriage through the streets of Colombo virtually carrying him on their backs. Sinhala leaders took turns to pull the carriage.

But on the declaration of independence Sinhala Chauvinist movements led by D. S. Senanayake, who was sworn-in as the first Sri Lankan prime minister, triggered the fear of another genocidal riot, and thus cunningly, and cruelly, back stabbed Sir Ramanathan by disallowing the North and East Federal Dominion.

D.S. Senanayake was also the founder of the United National Party; and in 1983 the worst ever genocidal riots were also a result of his party; with the Army and the Police being kept on hold, until the then President J.R. Jayawardena and his government with Ranil Wickramasinghe with their Green Tiger Movement, looted, killed and burnt down to ash the Tamil People; their establishments and homes.

Now under the disguise of good governance with a puppet president Sirisena; the United National Party with its current leader Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe the incumbent Prime-minister, with his allies with Mr. Sirisena fraction, are on the merge of putting the icing on the cake.

Thanking You,


Professor Nishan C. Wijesinha (Professor of Paramedics and Law and Divinity and Holistic Science)

Ethul Kotte, Kotte. SRI-LANKA



4 Responses to “Projecting the total package to bring in ethnic harmony and an end to the humanitarian issue in SRI-LANKA”

  1. Christie Says:

    “1983 the worst ever genocidal riots were also a result of his party”

    Death of few Tamils outside their ghettos is not Genocide Professor.

  2. plumblossom Says:

    All patriotic organisations should get together and come up with an alternative constitution which preserves the unitary status of the country absolutely. This should be presented to the Sri Lankan people as an alternative to the federal constitution that is to be drawn up by treacherous Ranil, Sirisena, CBK and Mangala. Also there are fifteen acts which should not be allowed to be approved by parliament under any circumstances since they are extremely harmful to the Sri Lanka people and Sri Lanka as a country.

  3. anura seneviratna Says:

    Quite shocked by this suggestion of offering federal union of Sri Lanka based on Tamil Nadu Tamil ethnicity and to use the words “Sinhala chauvinists”. This prof. seems to have a Sinhela sounding name but demonstrating foreign Tamil chauvinism to the hilt! Holding whatever professorship, it’s time to learn the basics of Nationhood and national sovereignty after all learning is a process until death, if not ignorance will be the bliss.

    If have the courage and human decency it’s time to learn that the Island Country known as SL is the Sinhela country and all her citizens including settler communities too are INCLUSIVE Sinhela national citizens. It’s because of the likes so, that settler communities are encouraged to attempt to rob another nation’s natural heritage while they already have theirs!

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    This Professor Nalin Wijesingha should have his head examined for well developed LUNACY proposing a FEDERAL SOLUTION for Sri Lanka.

    We forgive him as it appears that he may have inherited this debilitating mental sickness from his great grandfather.

    The alternative diagnosis to being sick for advocating federalism is far worse … so let us be kind and diagnose it as sickness.

    Please …. please …. Nalin Wjesinha … stop professing federalism and go away and get treatment at the Angoda Hospital right away without causing more damage to the PATRIOTIC Cause!

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