Letter on the Canadian Prime Minister and his Liberal Government
Posted on July 5th, 2016

Asoka Weerasinghe Ottawa, Canada

Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario .K1J 6G1 . Canada

Canada Day, 2016, 12:24 PM

Her Excellency Shelley Whiting,
High Commissioner of Canada in Sri Lanka
Canada House. 5th Lane
Colombo 3, Sri Lanka.

  1. His Excellency, Maithripala Sirisena, President of Sri Lanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Dear High Commissioner Shelley Whiting:

I just came inside my house at Beaconhill North having watched with pride the Canada’s Snowbird acrobatic team thundering in a diamond formation quite low over my roof in celebration of Canada Day.

Then going to my computer and reading ColomboPage of the day, I felt strange to read your statement that Canada remains committed to working with the Government of Sri Lanka toward building this lasting peace, reconciliation and prosperity in Sri Lanka.”

I held my breath for a moment threw my two arms to the sky and said:       Hallelujah!  Sweet Mother of Jesus, did you hear what Canada’s High Commissioner to Sri Lanka had said.  Sweet Mother, I wonder what made this Canadian Government say, what they said.  Is it that they have just heard and understood the Commandment of Matthew 5:21 You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not murder, and whoever murders will be liable to judgement”.   Shish! these are the same political characters in the Canada’s Liberal Government who aided and abetted the  thousands of massacres,  killings and assassinations in Sri Lanka  for 13 long years by the Tamil Tigers, when the Liberal government looked aside letting the Tamil Diaspora collect 2 million dollars every month to stuff the Tamil Tiger war-chest to buy sophisticated killing weapons supporting the Tamil Tiger’s separation war wanting their mono-ethnic, racist Tamil state, Eelam.  That too carved out of the island’s North-eastern one-third of the productive real estate bordered by 66% of the coast line.  And this  Eelam was for the then (1983) 12.6% of the population. It is hard to believe, isn’t it, Sweet Mother of Jesus!”

High Commissioner Whiting, it almost sounded like a sick joke, when a country that aided and abetted in the killing of innocent Sinhalese and Muslim people in the thousands by supporting the separatist Tamil Tigers, and now wanting to commit to work with the Government of Sri Lanka towards building a lasting peace…”

My world says, Beware of these strange people who really wouldn’t care two prairie straws about Sri Lanka’s peoples, but only want the thousands of Tamil votes in nine ridings in the Greater Toronto Area to have their Liberal candidates sit on embellished wooden pews of the Canadian Parliament’s Chamber.”  I smell a rat here, High Commissioner Whiting!

High Commissioner Whiting, I consider your statement an inhumane cruel joke on the majority Sinhalese population.  And I am a true-blooded Sinhala-Canadian Buddhist.

And here is the backgrounder and seven reasons for the Sri Lankan Government to Beware of the Greeks who are really Liberal-Canadians bringing you gifts of waffles dripping with Maple syrup and bags of capelin from Middle Cove in Newfoundland, saying that Canada is committed to working with the Sri Lankan Government toward building a lasting peace…”

All the major Canadian political parties are after the Tamil votes to get into parliament and there are oodles of Tamil votes, almost 75,000 in the Greater Toronto Area and depend on them to win nine ridings.  And as former Liberal Justice Minister Irvin Cotler admitted to the National Post Editorial Board that they did not ban the Tamil Tigers as a ruthless terrorist group while the rest of the world did, was not wanting to antagonize the Tamil community.  Thus lose their votes by doing so.  High Commissioner Shelly Whiting there is something fishy and immoral about your statement on behalf of the Canadian Government and I have difficulty to accept it.   And here are 7 reasons why I do not trust that statement.

Reason  1:  Even with the advise by High Commissioner Shelley Whiting’s diplomat colleague Ruth Archibald then Canadian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka, requesting the Liberal Parliamentarians not to attend the $60-a-plate fund raiser

for the Tamil Tigers organized by the Federal Association Canadian Tamils (FACT), two arrogant senior Cabinet Ministers Paul Martin (Finance) and Maria Minna

(CIDA) attended it with nine other Liberal back benchers on 6 May 2000, in Toronto.  With such arrogance and pro-Eelam sentiments one should be an idiot to accept this statement by the Canadian Government:  ‘Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes’ – Beware of Greeks even those bearing gifts.

Reason 2:  It was this Liberal Government who looked the other way letting the separatist Canadian-Tamils collect two million dollars a month for 13 long years to stuff the Tamil Tiger war-chest to buy war weapons to keep on fighting for their separate state, Eelam, by killing innocent civilians, mainly my unarmed Sinhalese people.  How can you trust this Canadian statement?  I say to the Sri Lankan Government: ‘Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes’ – Beware of Greeks even those bearing gifts.

Reason 3: It was Derek Lee, the Liberal MP for Scarborough-Rouge River, the host of the Community Forum  who eulogized the late leading Tamil Tiger terrorist Anton Balasingham at his wake, who by right should have been brought to the International Court of Justice in the Hague and charged for War Crimes, as he was the head honcho of the massacre of 600 policemen in the eastern province, who had surrendered to the Tamil Tigers as ordered by President Premadasa with the expressed agreement with Anton Balasingham that the policemen would be sent south alive without being harmed.  Well, Derek Lee was soliciting the Tamil votes for him and for his Liberal candidate colleagues in the Greater Toronto Area. With this blatant anti-Sri Lanka act by Lee how can the Sri Lankan government trust the Canadian statement?  I say to the Sri Lanka Government: ‘Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes’ – Beware of Greeks, even those bearing gifts.

Reason 4:  Judy Sgro, the MP for York West in the Greater Toronto Area had an unchristian attitude when dealing with the peoples of Sri Lanka.  According to her psyche, Tamils are the only children of God while she couldn’t care two hoots for Muslims and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka.  She painted the Liberals as a bunch of haughty, arrogant, heartless, opportunistic politicians when after the Tsunami, as the Minister of Immigration and Citizenship she vowed to send Immigration Officers to the Tamil Tiger controlled areas in Sri Lanka to help expedite immigration applications. She ignored the fact that the most Tsunami affected communities were of the Muslims and Sinhalese.  That’s how brutal she was, and she was a Liberal.  Being heartless and it was easy to comprehend why she wanted to bring only the Tamils over to Canada.  It was a case of garnishing the Tamil votes in the thousands and fill her Liberal voter Bank.  That is how heartless and brutal the Liberals were and one cannot trust them wanting to help Sri Lanka to achieve reconciliation among the two communities. How insane can Judy Sgro be?  I told Judy Sgro in a letter, that there was something called international protocol and that she should get off her high horse and take a basic course at College in ‘Diplomacy 101’.   And she is a Liberal. With that arrogance and being a pro-Eelam supporter, I say to the Sri Lanka Government, watch out for these Greeks.  ‘Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes’ – Beware of Greeks, even those bearing gifts like waffles dripping with Maple syrup and bags filled with dead capelin from Middle Cove in Newfoundland.

Reason 5:

The 6th November of 2007,  was a freezing cold day at the Markham Recreation Ground bordering the Greater Toronto Area.  That evening eleven Liberal parliamentarians tripped through freezing rain drops and stood in vigil with 10,000 Tamils cursing the Sri Lankan Government for bombing a meeting place of S.P. Thamilchelvam, the leader of the Political Wing of the Tamil Tigers killing him.  This is proof positive that the sanctimonious Liberals who made that statement were anti-Sri Lankan Government and pro-Tamil Tigers who wanted their mythical separate state, Eelam.  The highlight of the evening was that these  Liberal MPs christened and crowned the Tamil Tigers as Doves of Peace”.  What codswallop coming out of these Liberal fools, High Commissioner Whiting!  It wasn’t long when the Liberal ‘Doves of Peace’ mutated to become Killer Doves” as they executed scores of innocent Sinhalese by detonating a claymore mine.  And Borys Wrzesnewskyj, the Liberal MP for Etobicoke Centre lambasted the Sri Lankan Government at that vigil in front of 10,000 Tamils for killing their Tamil Tiger friend Tamilchelvam.  And all what I tell the Sri Lankan Government is: ‘Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes’ – Beware of these Greeks, even those bearing gifts like a Bison meat sandwich wrapped in a piece of paper with printed  words, Canada remains committed to working with the Government of Sri Lanka toward building this lasting peace, reconciliation and prosperity in Sri Lanka.”

Reason 6:

It was in 1994 that a Canadian-Tamil cut a cheque for a sum of Cdn. $990,987 from a Bank in Vancouver from his account to purchase 60 tons of RDX and 10 tons of TNT explosives from the Rubezone Chemical Factory in the Ukraine.  They used these explosives in a Truck bomb to bring down the Central Bank Building in the Finance District of Colombo, on 31 January 1996, killing 114 innocent people and maimed for life another 1338.  Sri Lanka is still waiting for an apology from Canada for aiding and abetting this murderous act.  And do you, High Commissioner Whiting, really expect the Sri Lankan government to swallow your statement hook-line-and-sinker without questioning Canada’s Liberal Government’s honesty.  And I say to the Sri Lanka Government, ‘Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes’ –Beware of these Greeks, even those bearing gifts like a tin of Tim Hortons dark roast coffee, or an elegant Haida-art stamped crafted  wooden box of smoked salmon.  I am willing to bet my last dollar that these Justin Trudeau Liberals will do nothing to antagonize the separatist Tamil Diaspora who won’t have anything to do with ‘reconciliation’ without a guarantee of their mythical mono-ethnic, racist Tamil state, Eelam.  Name me one Liberal politician who wants to lose the bloc of Tamil votes by working with the Sri Lankan government on peace and reconciliation without an Eelam as their ultimate prize at the end of the tunnel?  Let’s stop this Humbug!

Reason 7:

What is jarring, what is disingenuous, what is sick, is that none of the Liberal parliamentarians past and present passed my simple litmus test of honesty of their concerns about Sri Lanka. Some even charged Sri Lanka of Tamil genocide.

Not a single Liberal parliamentarian respected the call of their God to be honest with their dealings on Sri Lanka.  None of them proved to me that they had the guts and a spine to stand up in the House of Commons Chambers and acknowledge that Sri Lanka was involved in the biggest Humanitarian Rescue  Mission of refugees in recent recorded history when Sri Lanka’s soldiers, mainly from the majority Sinhalese community rescued 295,873 Tamils who had been herded as a human shield under a hot tropical sun for 30  sweat-dripping months, from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers during the latter months of the Tamil Tiger separatist war by 19 May 2009.  Every Liberal parliamentarian has been deaf, dumb and blind since 19 May 2009, since the last Tamil Tiger was eliminated with a bullet on the sandy banks of the Nandikadal lagoon in Mullaitivu.  And that is a Fact which questions the Canadian Liberal‘s honesty with their statement, which I say is a white-wash to paint ourselves a lily-white bunch of goody-two-shoes.   What nonsense! This rescue also questions the veracity of the charge of Liberal’s ‘Nasty-Five’ Robert Oliphant, Jim Karygiannis, Derek Lee, Judy Sgro and Albina Guaineiri, of Tamil Genocide” when they spoke during the February 4, 2009, Special Debate in Parliament on Sri Lanka, which I had christened as the ‘Canadian Tamil Tiger Blarney Gong-Show.’  And the dishonesty of these Liberals showed  their lack of decency again, when none of them had the gumption to acknowledge the humanitarian side of this separatist Eelam war when the Sri Lanka Government prepared a million hearty breakfasts, lunches and dinners daily to feed the 295,873 Tamil refugees housed in temporary tents for months.  The Liberals have been deaf, dumb and blind on this issue and had failed my simple litmus test of honesty and decency that questions the honesty of the Canadian Government’s statement which you announced on Canada Day.

My humble request to you Dear High Commissioner Shelley Whiting is to cut out this eye-wash and piffle and spare the 21 million Sri Lankans of this  Canadian Humbug.

And I say to the Sri Lankan Government –Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes – Beware of these Greeks even those bearing gifts from Canada. I have little trust in them as they have their own agendas marching to the tom-tom beat of the separatist Tamil-Canadians who would guarantee their votes only if the Liberals promise to help them to achieve their mono-ethnic, racist Tamil state, Eelam.  It is that simple.


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)


Kings Grove Crescent , Gloucester , Ontario, Canada

14 June 2016

Hon. Maithripala Siresena
Republic of Sri Lanka
Colombo, Sri Lanka

  1. Hon. Ranil Wickremasinghe Prime Minister of Sri Lanka

Dear President Sirisena:

ColomboPage of June 8, 2016 told us that Sri Lanka President vows to eradicate LTTE ideology which is still present locally and globally to ensure long term peace in Sri Lanka.”

It continued, He said, since being elected, he had been able to cultivate friendships with all world leaders.  He would rely on their assistance to achieve reconciliation.”

While you have every right to Dream On”, Mr. President, I would hate to rain on your parade when you come to deal with Canada and its leader.  You obviously didn’t read Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s statement, Canada’s Prime Minister willing to assist Sri Lanka address serious violations of International law during the war,” and my response to him of May 19, 2016, which could be found, posted in Lankaweb on May 24th, 2016.

If your research staff hadn’t been diligent to pick them up and place them in your daily Briefing File, then let’s forget that lot.   But, please ask your son or daughter to find them by Googling Lankaweb, read them and brief you.  That certainly will shake you out of your naive Dream On” world.  The chances that the Canadian government will help you to eradicate LTTE ideology in Canada, has a Snow ball chance in Hell.

President Sirisena, here is the rub.  As you are aware, parliamentarians around the world are all cookie-cutter-produced characters who would do any shenanigan, whether legal constitutionally or illegal to sit their butts on a carved wooden bench in their parliament’s chamber.  Sri Lankans have always been good at that, bribing their constituents and promising heaven and earth to seek their votes, or even get the President and the Prime Minister to act as twin Gods to get themselves through the back door of Parliament after having been rejected by the masses by a democratic vote, and still manage to seat themselves in parliament and some even at the Cabinet table.    This incident will go down in history as a classic example of how your Yahapalanaya Good Governance worked.

Not only that Mr. President, the perks that come being a parliamentarian has a handsome monetary value to  give enough reasons to try any shenanigan to become a member of parliament, whether it is in Sri Lanka or Canada.

For example, Mr. President, your Yahapalanaya Good Governance shocked every ordinary citizen, when you let your caucus members milk the country, not withstanding the rural poor wracking their brains how to put cents from their salli-malla together to buy a coconut to cook a decent meal for their family, and your parliamentarians were going after their perks of getting luxury vehicles worth billions of rupees.  This was decadence of the first order, this is sick, Mr. President.  While a 6 and an 8 year old brother and sister in a white shirt and blue shorts and a white dress with school ties, started to walk to school and 6 in the morning to get to school by 7:30 in the morning down Kandalama way, and your parliamentarians are after luxury cars to travel in.    These two kids needed bicycles and no luxury car riding parliamentarian cared. What’s going on, Mr. President?  The airport car driver who drove me home said that he was still missing a couple of thousand rupees to buy his young son the top sprinter at school, a pair of good sprinter’s track shoes which he had promised that he would buy him,  and we have parliamentarians  grovelling for their luxury cars costing the tax payer billions of rupees.  This is the airport car driver working on commissions. That is his Karma and the luck of the draw.

Little wonder why when I asked 23 rural folk across Sri Lanka in February, Kohomada may aluth arnduwa?”   Everyone snickered and told, almost in pirith-unison, Oya okkoma hora yakku, Mahaththaya.”  That is the pulse of your rural folk, Mr. President in Kosgoda, Galle, Nuwara Eliya, Rattota, Gatambe, Ibbagamuwa, Galewella, Melsiripura Hakgala, Dambulla, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Colombo’s Kanatta grave diggers. And this is the holy truth, and nothing but the truth.

But here’s what was extraordinary about these 23 rural persons.  I am not kidding, everyone placed their palms together, stretched their arms to the sky looked up and blessed Ranasinghe Premadasa Mathithuma.  Not Mahinda Rajapaksa nor Maithripala Sirisena or Ranil Wickremasinghe.   Are you out of touch with these rural people, Mr. President?  Go figure that one out!

Mr. President, coming back to your wanting to eradicate LTTE ideology,  of wanting their mythical mono-ethnic, racist, Tamil state Eelam, which is still present locally and globally to ensure long term peace, I wonder from where on earth did you get the idea that you can achieve that among the separatist Tamil-Canadians?  I told you earlier, Dream On”, Mr. President.  Who said they wanted reconciliation sans an Eelam?

Do you honestly believe that your new found friendship with Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will help you along for you to achieve your Dream”?

What nonsense!  These Canadian political parties, Liberal, Conservative and NDP are as hungry as the My3-Ranil Combo who wanted power, and wanted to get elected by hook or by crook as you lot did.

Are you aware that nine ridings in the Greater Toronto Area depend on the Bloc-Tamil-Canadian votes?  I doubt the Canadian politicians have rocks in their heads wanting to let go of these Tamil votes and lose power to govern the country so that you could achieve your dream’.  That is not going to happen.   But, what might very likely happen is that Canada’s political leaders might tell you:

President Sirisena, why don’t you have a good shot of Mendis Special  and a healthy plate of rice with kukul muss curry for lunch, and fly a kite at Galle Face Green, as we are not going to antagonize the Tamil community as they want nothing but their piece of real estate up North and East  of your island for their Eelam and we are leaning towards supporting them.”

Mr. President, but here are some brain-teasers for you to give some thought.

  1. Do you know why the Liberal parliamentarians, Jim Karygiannis, Roy Cullen, Tony Ianno, John McKay Tom Wappel, Byron Wilfert and Joe Volpe followed their two senior Cabinet Ministers Paul Martin (Finance) and Maria Minna (CIDA) to patronize a $60-a-plate fund raising dinner organized by FACT in Toronto on 6 May 2000 for the Tamil Tigers?  They were grovelling for the Tamil votes in the Greater Toronto Area.  Do you honestly feel that they would give up their political power, lucrative perks and building up their pensions to accommodate your Dream.  The chances are zilch!
  1. Do you know why the Liberal parliamentarian Derek Lee (retired from politics) from the Greater Toronto Area eulogized the Tamil Tiger Anton Balasingham at his funeral service in Toronto? He was grovelling for the Tamil votes for him and his colleagues in the Greater Toronto Area.  Do you honestly feel that they would give up their political power, lucrative perks and build up on their pensions, to accommodate your Dream”.  The chances are Zip!
  1. Do you know why Liberal parliamentarians Jim Karygiannis, Maria Minna, Derek Lee, Borys Wrzesnewsky, John Cannis. John McKay, Mark Holland, Yasmin Ratansi and Lui Tenmelkovaski stood outdoors in vigil with 10,000 of their Tamil constituents at the Markham Recreation Ground in Ontario, on that rain-spitting cold shivering day on  6th November 2007,   for S.P. Thamil Chelvam who was killed by a bomb dropped by the Air Force on a Killinochchi building where  Tamil Chelvam was attending a palaver?   And why the Tamil Tiger terrorists, the most ruthless in the world, were christened in public that evening by these Liberal parliamentarians as Doves of Peace”?  The Liberals were grovelling for the Tamil votes.  Do you honestly feel that they would give up their political power, lucrative perks and building up their pensions being MPs to accommodate your Dream”?  The chances are Zero?
  1. Do you know why the Conservative Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon put out a pathetic Press Release with no congratulatory pat on Sri Lanka’s back when Sri Lanka’s armed forces wiped out the Tamil Tigers, the most ruthless terrorist group in the world, on 18 May 2009, the last one dying on the sandy banks of the Nandikadal lagoon, while all other western countries said Good for you Sri Lanka!” and patted Sri Lanka’s back. The Conservatives knew that they couldn’t handle 20,000 Tamils, men, women and children and their grandparents storming Sussex Drive in protest the following morning under a sky of 20,000 red Tamil Tiger terrorist flags.  And along the way lose every single Tamil vote and lose nine ridings in the Greater Toronto Area at the next Federal election.  So honestly do you feel that they will give up their Tamil votes, their bread and butter, and their monthly handsome pension cheque to accommodate your Dream”?  I say Diddly-squat!
  1. Do you know why Jack Layton, the NDP leader compared Velupillai Prabakaran to South Africa’s Nelson Mandela in front of 10,000 Tamils celebrating Pongu Thamil at Queen’s Park in Toronto? It was because he wanted to garner every one of the 10,000 separatist Tamil votes in that crowd for the NDP.  Surely, Mr. President,  you are not that naive  are you to believe that the NDP will support your ‘Dream’ of eradicating the LTTE ideology  among the separatist Tamil-Canadians do you?   The chances are pretty slim, and you are skating on thin ice on that one.
  1. Do you know why Deepak Obhrai, Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs who represented Canada at the Commonwealth Summit Meeting in Colombo took off  to the North with a photographer in tow,  to record his laying a wreath at Elephant Pass for the Tamil soldiers who died at war                                                                                                      and not the Sinhalese soldiers who got killed and when asked not to do it by a Sri Lankan official?  (read Deepak Obhrai: His defence in laying a wreath at Elephant Pass by Asoka Weerasinghe posted in Lankaweb, December 7, 2013)  Obhrai was brave and acted like a thug.  He was the hit man for the Tamil Diaspora doing this thuggish act.  When this cunning, disingenuous politician was challenged he said that Elephant Pass was a neutral location to lay the wreath.  I had to educate this fool in a letter on December 6, 2013, that there was nothing neutral about Elephant Pass where three historical battles were fought by Tamil Tigers killing hundreds of Sri Lankan, mainly Sinhalese soldiers.

This thuggish act was exposed as a deliberate Tamil vote begging act.  He returned to Canada and immediately goes to Toronto to proudly tell the Tamil community what he had done for them to promote their racist separatist cause.  So you see Mr. President, you will be treading on some difficult slippery rocky terrain if you think that you can convince Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to help you eradicate  the LTTE ideology among the Tamil Diaspora in Canada.  And I could  go on with many more examples to reason out that your wish  is just a ‘Dream’ and will not happen.  Prove me wrong, Mr. President, and may be I will start to believe in your Yahapalanaya Good Governance which has eluded me pretty badly.

However, I hope you will read this letter in the spirit of being cautioned by a Sinhalese-Canadian not to get embarrassed personally with your venture in Canada and embarrass your country you represent.  You no doubt, are being honest with what you want to achieve, but also being naive at the same time.

This information for my reasoning you will not get from the Canada desk at the Foreign Ministry in Colombo nor will you from the Sri Lanka Mission in Ottawa.  That is a realty check for you, Mr. President.

All what I can say to you Mr. President is, I wish you Good Luck in all my heart!”


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)
(formerly from Colombo 9 and
an old boy of Nalanda College)

2 Responses to “Letter on the Canadian Prime Minister and his Liberal Government”

  1. Vijendra Says:

    Hi Asoka

    All you say is correct, but let us hope the new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is intelligent enough to see through all the shameless deeds done by his predecessors just to gain the Tamil vote. Lets hope the new PM is more balanced and rational in his thinking and actions and will help Sri Lanka to unite the country rather than to “fish in troubled waters”. So far, he has proved to be a great statesman.

  2. Nihal Perera Says:


    Our politicians in Sri Lanka are the worst in the world, regardless of which political party they come from. The present Yahapalanaya idiots are taking the country backwards, in every sense of the word, while giving into every whim and demand of their colonial masters (UK,USA,India), and the pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora.

    Of course, Canadian politicians – just like their counterparts in UK, US, Australia, etc., are exploiting the situation to appeal to the Tamil voters in their respective countries. But the root cause of all this is the fault of our own leaders in SL, who are willing to sell the country in a jiffy, to stay in power. All they care is themselves, not the country.

    Sirisena is a puppet and an idiot who’s been manipulated by two cunning politicians – Rani and Chandrika. None of these idiots have a track record of doing what’s good for the country, rather bunch of traitors who will do anything to stay in power.

    Sirisena has no clue how well-organized, and dedicated the pro-LTTE Diaspora is to have their Eelam, by hook or crook. He is preaching bullshit how he is going to eradicate LTTE ideology from the Tamil’s minds. He must be living in a la la land if he thinks these pro-LTTE Tamils are going to listen to him..! Unfortunately, our Sinhalese countrymen are a naïve bunch of self-centered idiots, who really have no feelings for their motherland, as long as their stomachs are full, and able to watch tele-dramas and cricket all day..!

    So, our country is in dire straits, economically, financially, socially, and politically thanks to bunch of corrupted, selfish leaders who don’t seem to give a f***k about the future of the country, as long as they can stay in power. It is so sad to see the country is going down the drain, undoing all the good things that happened after winning the war..

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