Governed by the mentally unstable
Posted on July 6th, 2016

Citizen S  Courtesy The Island

The Island Editor has been lenient in his Saturday’s editorial when he called another Thevarapperuma antic, infantile. He is the ‘Mervyn Silva’ of the present government; or, Andare in the old kings’ governments. No! That’s an insult on the great comedian of yore! Andare was not mentally unstable like these basket cases, who have weaselled themselves into the august house. He was a very clever satirist.

Anyone who commits suicide or shows suicidal tendencies are suffering from a mental disorder, which needs psychiatric treatment. Not only in this instance, but in so many other instances, Thavarapperuma has shown his mental disorder symptoms. This is seen in his unbridled and instantaneous aggression, physical violence, and cheap theatrics to get attention, and now a suicide bid. Can somebody please help this man? We’ve got some psychiatrists in Sri Lanka, and this is their chance to save the country, if not the patient.


Thavarapperuma is supposed to have joined a people’s protest to force the government. But he IS the government! What is he doing, protesting against it? As a person who is in the government, he has ways and means of solving problems without joining protests. Maybe he doesn’t have the capability of doing so? Or maybe this is a cunning way of hoodwinking the people that he is on their side. Whatever the reason, he needs help and medical intervention. Also, it is getting extremely clear and vitally important for political parties to contain and control this kind of people, for their own good. (I think Mervyn Silva cost Rajapaksa the presidency, single handed). They should diligently screen, all individuals before letting them contest from their parties, and make sure the representatives they put forward are at least mentally stable, if not educated. It’s time to get rid of the preferential election system that allows loose cannon like Thevarapperuma on people of this country. NOW!

Citizen S

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