Posted on July 21st, 2016

By Noor Nizam. Peace and Political Activist, Political Communication Researcher and “Convener – “The Muslim Voice” – July 20th., 2016.

Muslims should write more in Social Media, Insha Allah.

Some so-called Muslim Media pundits are engaged in suppressing the Voice of the Muslim Social Media.

They are frightening social media Writers and Freelance Journalist, especial among the younger Muslim generation NOT to contribute writings/content of Social and political issues pertaining to the Muslim community siting that such writing/content, especially originating from the Eastern Province where many young writers/freelance social media are contributing challenging articles/comments,writings and content in TAMIL LANGUAGE, which has begun to expose the true face of deceptive and dishonest Muslim Leaderships and Political parties an all forms of Muslim community and civil society institutions.

Till recently, ONLY biased Muslim journalists wrote about these issues for their convenience, but Social Media has opened up a new avenue, a new window for Muslim Social Media writers/freelance journalists and opinion creators to “BREAK THROUGH THE GATE KEEPERS OF MUSLIM MEDIA/NEWS WHICH HAS BEEN CONTROLLED BY THE CONVENTIONAL  MEDIA PUNDITS/PERSONNEL. Trying to curtail the youth/young generation from making/expressing their opinion is NOT HEALTHY for the Muslim community at large. Democracy prevails when opinions are expressed and reasoning is deliberated in society.

The few sincident that took place in Central Province, NWP  the Western Province and the comments/reports that appeared in social media was the RIGHT of the Muslim Community to express.

Showing the cause of communal disturbances that may happen as a result of such CONTENT and warning that legal action may be construed against such content/writings and trying oppress the aspirations and inspiration of the Muslims, especially the younger generation, both male and female is HYPOCRISY of our so-called community leaders and so-called Muslim  civil society activists.

Why are they trying to stop the social media such as and other popular Muslim social media sites from publishing these content? Is it ONLY for them to publish their content which are mostly biased towards their thinking in their print media, newspapers and websites for political gains from the Yahapalana government? The Muslims/younger generation should boldly come out with their views/opinions and stand up to their aspirations and NOT ALLOW these unscrupulous deceptive members of the Muslim community to BLOCK the Muslim younger generation in SENDING OUT THE CORRECT MESSAGES” To Whom It May Concern”.

These young writers cannot be brought over by giving a free motor bike or Rs. 1 million interest loan to buy a car or a free laptop or a block of state land to build a house or giving a free apartment in the Colombo city.

“The Muslim Voice” has begun to ‘kindle” the political and community aspirations of the Sri Lanka Muslim Community in the right direction we hope, Insha Allah.  Are these all NOT THE TRUE ASPIRATIONS and INSPIRATIONS coming out from our battered Muslim Community” which the Muslim younger generation are expressing/writing we NEED”? The New Social Media trend should be supported by the Muslim community fully. Is this NOT what we NEED, Insha Allah?

The conventional Muslim Media personnel (not all) have been corrupt and manipulated by selfish and self-centered community leaders, politicians, political parties and so-called civil society leaders who mingle with the high society and elite ENGLISH SPEAKING crowds in Colombo circles” and are sometimes bribed with money NOT to write on issues detrimental to those interest groups mentioned above.

In the run-up to the 2015 Presidential and General Elections envelopes which containing thousands of rupees were distributed to Muslim reporters/ journalists and rural correspondences after being invited and served with a grand dinner at a banquet hall on Marine Drive in Colpetty/Bambalapitiya by a prominent corrupt Muslim who was a Minister of the Mahinda Rajapaksa government before 2015 and now holding a Ministerial post in the Yahapalana government.

But these New Social Media writers/free-lance journalists cannot be influenced in such a manner. They are PURE and genuine in their aspirations, Alhamdulillah. So they have to keep on writing, Insha Allah. The Muslim Community has begun to feel the pain of being cheated by the “Hanasaya” and the Yahapalana government during the last 1 1/2 years.  The ordinary Muslim “Pamaramakal” or the “Appaavi Muslim Makkal” are suffering beyond explanation, especially in the rural areas and villages along with the Sinhalese and Tamils brethren due to the FALSE PROMISES made by the Yahapalana government, but now see for themselves how the crooked and dishonest Muslim politicians, their families and henchaiyas are enjoying the best from this hoodwinking government. The ONLY avenue for them to bring out their “DISSATISFACTION” against the Yahapalana government is through the Social Media. 

So some of the so-called Muslim Media pundits are engaged in suppressing the Voice of the Muslim Social Media.The time has come that the above mentioned community tricksters have to be challenged and EXPOSED to Safe Guard the Rights and DIGNITY of the Sri Lanka Muslim UMMAH, Insha Allah. This is what “THE MUSLIM VOICE” is striving to do from the wilderness of the Muslim community political arena, Insha Allah.

Therefore “The Muslim Voice” is praying/crying through all its COMMENTS, that a New Muslim Political Culture has to be born soon and that is the Political message “The Muslim Voice” is trying to send out. Muslims should write more in Social Media, Insha Allah.


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