FEE FOR GARBAGE COLLECTION –It is high time ……..
Posted on July 24th, 2016

Sarath Obeysekera

Photograph above shows three garbage bins kept in the car porch in front of a house in London .If the occupants place wet food left overs in blue or green bin other than in the gray bin,collectors will not touch it .

People pay more than 2500 Rs per month for collection of Garbage and using the Green Bin meant for collection of green garbage such as  leaves and tree cuttings, is also charged with an additional amount .


Unless  we adapt such a system in Sri Lanka like in the west where people pay for garbage collection in addition to the meagre council tax we pay ,we will never be able to solve  the garbage problem.

Any household who puts papers and other recyclable items in the bin other than the blue bin will be charged by the local council and you are liable to pay heavy penalties .

By imposing such rules ,I am sure neither Joint Opposition not Supreme court can overturn such ruling imposed by the government .


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