India under Narendra Modi: Is Sri Lanka ready for its revolutionary transformation?
Posted on July 24th, 2016

by Senaka Weeraratna Courtesy

The Indian general election scheduled for May 2014 would, if the forecasts are proved to be correct, result in a sea change in India’s relationship with the rest of the world as well as a revolutionary transformation of her economy, industry and education if the changes introduced in Gujarat by Chief Minister Narendra Modi are an indication. It will also dramatically affect the ongoing ‘blow hot blow cold’ relationship that India currently pursues with Sri Lanka.

India under Narendra Modi as Prime Minister will claim its rightful place in Asia as one of its true leaders, politically, economically and even militarily, and in order to demonstrate these credentials India can be expected to abandon gleefully its current policy of servility and unconditional subservience to the West. It will do so in the full knowledge that continuing subservience to its former colonial masters and their allies i.e. the new sponsors of colonialism, will severely undercut any Indian claim to lead the once colonized but now liberated nations of Asia.

India will discard its junior partner status in any relationship with USA and retaliate in a more effectual manner if the American gaffe we saw in the recent past involving Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade were to be repeated.

India will reclaim its ancient spiritual and cultural heritage and take pride in its civilisational achievements in a way that will put to shame the negative attitudes being adopted currently by the Indian establishment, including its mass media and burgeoning film industry, lacking vision, sense of country’s purpose and more importantly, pride in its own history and heroes.

The upsurge of the view that India has nothing much to offer other that material goods and services and entertainment in this modern age has diminished India’s moral standing in a world long used, particularly in the pre-colonial past, to be the beneficiary of Indian philosophical thought, wisdom and outspokenness that had no equal.

India will mend any strains it has in its relationship with China and will not allow interfering outsiders, particularly from the West, to identify India’s friends and potential enemies and teach India how to conduct itself vis-à-vis imagined foes. India will take comfort from an historical fact that India and China despite being neighbours on the Asian continent had never gone to war with each other for over 5000 years except on one dismal occasion in contemporary history (1962) when it clashed over a border issue that has its roots in British colonial mischief.

India will set its own foreign policy agenda and goals from a central government perspective, rather than from a regional government perspective, which today has unfortunately contributed to India’s almost total isolation from its immediate neighbours in South Asia. This anticipated posture will contribute immensely to improvement of India’s ties with Sri Lanka. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, the popular freedom fighter and nationalist leader that India never had as its Prime Minister, will come alive in the form of Narendra Modi and will revolutionise India’s national and international image.

India will no longer be the country that the West, particularly USA, would take for granted with contempt for both its leaders and people, but a new India conscious of its place in the world and obligations to both humanity and all other living beings. India’s Constitutional provision that it shall be the duty of every citizen of India to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wild life and to have compassion for living creatures” (Article 51 A (g)) will gain a new lease of life. This is the vision that India’s great son, Gautam Buddha, had for Bharat and its greatest Chakravarti Emperor Asoka faithfully strove to establish in the form of a compassionate society.

India’s moral voice can be expected to be heard again in the far flung corners of the world in a manner that the Buddha, Mahavira, Asoka, Nagarjuna, Swami Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, and Mahatma Gandhi and the like resounded to the serene joy and delight of humankind. Idealism will return to India and in turn help to re-charge the batteries of a largely spiritually weakened Asia, now increasingly despoiled by unbridled crass materialism.

We must gratefully acknowledge that it was India more than any other country that originally provided the value system for the moral and ethical foundations of Asia, through the spread of the influence of Buddhism and Hinduism. Are we in Sri Lanka ready to meet the challenge of foreseeable radical changes in our closest neighbour, India?

The author is a Sri Lankan lawyer


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amazed astonished to read a so beautiful blog by a sri lankan lawyer who knows everything about india as if shrilanka is a part of india. hats off to the writer.

dabangg hindu

February 01, 2014


Brilliant note, Senaka Weeraratna.

Our civilization ties are to intense and far-reaching, that a renewed Bharat-Srilanka maitri should result in the constitution of an Indian Ocean Community — Hindumahasagar parivaar — to revolutionise the development opportunites in a United Indian Ocean States. Start with a Colombo-New Delhi Boat Mail. Built Trans Asian Highway and Railway.

Venerate the Buddha in Sanchi University set up with such joy and hope.

All the best. With the anugraham of tathaagata, everything is possible. Dharma-Dhamma are inviolate, eternal.


  1. Kalyanaraman
    February 01, 2014


very good article.

sanjeev nayyar

February 01, 2014


Narendra Modi is an individual. We should believe in the capacity for goodness and greatness of individuals but not depend on one. Modi has his work, each of us have his or hers, that is the establishment of Dharma, not yours or mine, but the Universal Dharma.

Sri Weeraratna has recalled for us and emphasised the Calling of India that is Bharat. It requires great sensitivity and perspicacity to understand something as indefinable as Character, that too of a country, and what ability is needed to articulate this understanding! I extend my appreciation and gratitude to Sri Weeraratna, and express my hope that his confidence in Bharata is well placed.

Chandra Ravikumar

February 01, 2014


Thanks to the author for his understanding of the inevitable change which is going to happen in India after the May 2014 General Elections.

But as a Sri Lankan National he must articulate more on what his country is going to do, whether the Buddhist clergy will shed its fanaticism and move towards having a healthy, peaceful and progressive relationship with Hindus, and realise the fact that SL needs to assert its Buddhist-Hindu Identity.

I would be thankful if the author answers his own question ( Are we in Sri Lanka ready to meet the challenge of foreseeable radical changes in our closest neighbour, India?) by means of another article here in Vijayvaani.


February 01, 2014


Thanks for a Great article, NaMo frequently talks about India leading the world into Gyan Yug, before that he has to focus on reclaiming India’s leadership in Asia. Time demands Hindu-Buddhist countries in Asia come close with increasing economic,cultural and strategic engagement.

But the main problem for that is China, it cannot behave like a bully with claims on others territories. If China doesn’t realize the need for a cohesive Asia, west would continuously exploit the fault-lines in Asia and use them against both China and India


February 02, 2014


I am afraid the writer of the article is reading far too much into the likely elevation of Narendra Modi as PM. Modi has been extremely shy of using the word “Hindu” (the worst swearword in India ever since Nehru was foised on an unwilling nation by the alleged Mahatma). Keen observers (of which there are indeed very few in India) say Modi has been slowly and steadily de-Hinduising himself for the past 10 years, just like Vajpayee earlier.(Remember his needless “Sadbhavana” rally and his equation of “devalaya” (temple) with “shauchalaya” (latrine)) Modi belongs to Gujarat whose people are known for being the most money-minded in India. There is much materialism in Modi’s home state but little culture or sprituality. If the BJP is fortunate to get a clear majority in Parliament, Modi may hopefully (despite jealous colleagues like Advani and Sushma) give the country a much less corrupt goverment that what the Christian-led Congress has given for 10 years. But that’s about all. Wise readers should expect only this from Modi. Nothing less but nothing more too. To cheat others may be bad but to deceive oneself is worse.


February 02, 2014

Bharat & Sri Lanka have a the same cultural heritage and we are joined by genes,language,Dharmic traditions and the same philosophies towards life,living and the world at large.

The dirty role played by self-seeking politicians,false histories written and propagated by the colonizers and taken forward by exploitative historian-‘time-servers’ has resulted in most of the people on either side of the RAMA SETHU to believe that we are different.Definitely not!
We share a great,common Samskriti that has given Light to the world and is still lighting the darkest recesses of the world.

One pessimistic reader sadly has poured cold water on the author’s optimism regarding NaMo.He questions Modi’s performance and states that it may be slightly better than the present corrupt Congress.

It is indeed very big true that NaMo’s coming to power,becoming Prime Minister of Bharat and setting things on track will be a very very difficult task as this present corrupt government has deliberately destroyed all institutions.This Congress knows fully well that now they can never seize power and so become ‘dog in the manger’!

They are trying every dirty trick to stop Narendra Modi from coming to power.

This is the very reason why we the people of Bharat have to unitedly support NaMo into coming to power.
Nothing is ever easy and he knows this.May Bhagavaan help Bharat.Given the Indian people’s support and the power of EESVARA Sri Narendra Modi will change the face of our Bharat for the better from every angle.
He has the will,character,strength and honest determination to bring back our lost glory,respect and dignity and once again make our Bharat a prosperous and happy nation.
??????? ???? !????? ??????!

February 02, 2014


I did not “pour cold water” on the author’s optimism regarding Narendra Modi. I was only pointing to the need to assess people by their performance rather than by our fond wishes. V. Pant’s comment is a good example of the naivete for which Hindus are well known all over the world. “May Bhagavan help Bharat,” says Pant, despite the fact that there is no record of Bhagavan helping Bharat even in the dark centuries of horrendous Islamic oppression. The British rightly say “God helps only those who help themselves”. Pant says “given the power of Eesvara, Modi will change he face of Bharat”. The power of Eesvara has not been seen in the least in the unfortunate land of Bharat for the past 1,400 years. Hindus cannot afford to be so gullible in a world where only the most cunning survive. While I also wish Modi becomes the next PM, I hope he will not disappoint Hindu patriots as ‘Hajpayee’ and Advani did.


February 02, 2014


“Asia for Christ” is the clarion call given by the Vatican.It is impossible to convert Muslims and so the whole conversion activity is concentrated in Hindu and Buddhist soceity.Already,South Korea has become Christian majority country with Buddhists getting pushed to second place.The only Hindu kingdom in the world,Nepal was destroyed by the missionaries using their swordarm,the Maoists.Same thing is happening in Odisha,AP,TN and the North-East.Still Hindus want to be ruled by the Catholic mother and son,duo of Sonia and Rahul.


February 02, 2014


Very true article


February 03, 2014


wonderful article.

In the changed scenario,I wish to know author’s view as to how Srilankan budhists would start treating their and our Tamizh brethern and how Srilanka as a country would mend its relationship with Hindusthan. Especially, the way day in day out they arrest and illtreat Hindusthani fishermen.

Khobragade issue. Its not the individual but issues requiring importance. The case of the lady diplomat is very week from her side and she deserves punishment for the wrongs done. But diplomatic relations between Hindusthan and USA shall be strictly on reciprocal basis. With proper investigation, there is every possibility that some of the American diplomats in Hindusthan getting punishment under Hindusthani laws.

Namo has openly and proudly articulated that he is a Hindu Nationalist. Sure the Devalaya sauchalaya sort of rubbish could have been avoided. He has proved that he is not another “Hajpayee” by refusing to accept skull cap during the sadhbhavana movement. The likes of Sohrabuddins would see the beginning of their end once Namo comes into picture. Even if not Namo would change the face of Hindusthan in a day, the vily white church would realise that it would not be that easy to harvest souls in Hindusthan anymore.


February 03, 2014


I do hope your expectations about Modi are not belied. But, remember Modi rather apologetically said ” I am a Hindu” and then “I am a national”, then “so I am a Hindu nationalst” which is not quite the same thing as saying “I am a Hindu nationalst”. It is good that he did not accept the skull cap during the sadbahavan rally, but why hold a sadbhavana rally at all? Who wants any “sadbhavana” (whatever it means) anyway? The rally seems to have been organised merely to placate the secularist media who are implacable enemies of Hindu society. And I have seen a picture of Modi accepting an award from a denomination of Christians of Kerala, India’s most fertile breeding ground of the world’s most willy missionaries. Why accept an award from an known enemy?


February 03, 2014


India as it exists today is a colonial system, with colonial economy.. the real nation is the bharat, which is systematically suppressed in all fronts..

So even if the India breaks free from US influence, it will still be a colonial entity and NOT its 5000 year old society..

There are few things to do to reclaim the bharath and the bharatha varsha..

1. The current Indian colonial system should be dismantled..

2. The current Indian Judiciary model (which sri lanka also uses) should be dismantled.. the author of this article is a lawyer and he should first introspect what is the history of this judiciary system (with all those black gowns & hammers) ? Does he want this masonic system to be defacto?

3. The current economic system has to be dismantled..

But the fact is none of the above would happen, and unless this happens, there is no use in getting pride of india being asian leadership.




A profoundly pragmatic analysis and synopsis by Senaka.

His autopsy of the current and past political leaders is worth admiring for he has hit the nail on the head. From 1947 to-date, India has had suffrage and pseudo threats to its populace, boundaries, religion and self esteem.

MODI is the de facto restorer of these cherished and ingrained Indian Values, which will benefit not only the Indians but their neighbours who have been mollified into a perception of enmity by the West.

Let us all hope that MODI will be the next PM and the India as we know to-day will be a totally different and valued Country over the globe and, once again, regain its rightful place in history enshrining the principles of religion, education, humanity and truthfulness.

Ken Popat, London, UK

February 07, 2014



Political changes in India, when they are real, are only movements of the Pendulam. The problem in Srilanka is rooted in the discrimination against Tamils, pure and simple, and it is pointless to blame outsiders or external factors for what is obviously a self-inflicted wound. Powers like US are merely exploiting it.

If the author- who is obviously biased against Tamils because the merit he sees in a Modi regime is that it would ignore (supposedly) the sentiments of Tamils in india while dealing with Srilanka- looks into himself he would realize people like him are at the root of the problem. It is a problem of ethnic discrimination and hate.

The hope that a new regime in India will enable Srilanka to vicariously get back at a self-righteous USA also is a mere wish. Modi’s party sells religion downward (the ranks), and upward the promises of some redemption for the identity-challenged classes and pseudo-patriotism which appeals to the timid types. In the middle it is a complete sell out to the marauding corporates especially the western (read US) corporates. It is no different from Congress in this sell out. We have seen it already.


February 08, 2014


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3 Responses to “India under Narendra Modi: Is Sri Lanka ready for its revolutionary transformation?”

  1. plumblossom Says:

    Mangala must be replaced by a patriotic foreign minister. Actually Ranil, Sirisena, CBK traitors must be replaced too. However Mangala must be replaced as soon as possible. A country’s government should first and foremost look after the country’s security. sovereignty, territorial integrity and in the case of a small country such as Sri Lanka its unitary status. Mangala has betrayed Sri Lanka by accepting the UNHRC resolution which no country with any integrity will accept. Mangala must realise that those LTTE terrorists who massacred the citizens of this country for over 26 years simply because they wanted a large chunk of this island for themselves, illegally, that they should be dealt with in a very careful manner without betraying the security. sovereignty, territorial integrity and in the case of a small country such as Sri Lanka its unitary status, even if extremely powerful forces such as the US,UK, EU, Canada, Sweden, Norway and India are behind the LTTE terrorists. In addition, we must place forth the argument that those who settled in the island quite recently only during the past few hundred years i.e. the Sri Lankan Tamils who are only but 11.2% of the population do not have any rights whatsoever to demand over 28% of the land area, 66% of the coastline and 66% of the vast ocean resources which belong to Sri Lanka. This message should be conveyed to the TNA, the separatist terrorists and those who support them i.e. the US,UK, EU, Canada, Sweden, Norway and India as soon as possible so that they understand our position. This is the task of a foreign minister. Mangala therefore has betrayed Sri Lanka and must go. Sri Lanka cannot afford large self ruling entities which are illegal anyway since this island as a whole belong to all its people in total. It is the foreign minister’s task to covey this message to everyone concerned.

  2. Cerberus Says:

    Mr. Weeraratna, Your article is very hopeful. However, I do not share your optimism about India under Modi.
    1. It was India who got us into the mess with LTTE by training them.
    2. It was India who imposed the Provincial Councils with 13A in 1987 under duress.
    3. It was India who kept propping up Prabhakaran who was creating mayhem in Sri Lanka until he killed Rajiv Gandhi.
    4. It was India which worked with the West to topple President Mahinda Rajapaksa who had defeated LTTE which all the experts had said cannot be done and had done such a good job to develop the country.
    5. it was India who voted against Sri Lanka at the UN and worked with the USA to install the puppet govt in Sri Lanka which they can control easily to gain control of Sri Lanka.
    6. It is India which treats its citizens in a discriminatory way by doing the census and putting the caste on the person’s birth certificate so that they are stigmatized from the day they are born. During the recent floods, people would not offer a glass of water to flood-affected Dalits in South India (Tamil Nadu).
    7. Instead of having toilets for public, India has spent all their money developing Nuclear weapons, and other armaments.
    8. India holds cows sacred. However, they killed the Naxalites in thousands in the jungles of India with no questions asked by the UNHRC or the West.
    9. India has the motto “Satyameva Jayate” on their National Flag (Truth alone triumphs.) This is sheer hypocrisy since they do so many untruthful things against the people and all the neighboring small countries.

    I can go on and on but it is pointless since in this Kali Yuga it seems that truth has gone into hiding. If India has a shred of morality they should extricate Sri Lanka from the mess they have got us into and reinstall President Mahinda Rajapaksa and let him rule the country as he did before they interfered along with the West for their selfish motives. India’s RAW has their own agenda while the Politicians seem to have their own agenda.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    Senaka is way off the mark here. None of the optimism held true. Under Modi India has become a worse sell-off to USA and the West. Now India has joined the West to bully Asian nations and even take on China in the South China Sea and elsewhere. India is a US expendable today more than during the time Congress used to rule it.

    India never had a worthy spiritual heritage. As a result, Buddhism, which was millennia ahead of the Indian society at that time, could not be permanently established. What British found in India (not in Sri Lanka) was a barbarous society of killing, burning, harming and exploiting women, low caste people and a society terrorised by Brahmins. Things had improved since pre-British era but Modi has not changed it much from 2013. India is the same country that makes headline news in its horrors against females (from unborn girl children to women).

    Instead of mending ties with China, India worsened them under Modi. Latest is India deploying over 100 T-72 main battle tanks in Ladakh against China, doing American dirty work in the South China Sea and Central Asia and even supporting US expansionism in Asia.

    India’s centre became weaker under Modi than the Congress. Moved by Tamil Nadu, India was instrumental in regime change in Sri Lanka, bully the island over fishing disputes and now imposing ETCA. Modi’s India replaced Middle Path following Mahinda with a pro-western and pro-Christian UNP regime in power.

    As I pointed out previously, India has no economic or military existence without the Christian West (including France). It doesn’t matter who rules India it has to meekly follow what the West dictates. Pakistan has much more dignity than India.

    India can show it is a truly great power by removing its army from occupying Kashmir and allowing the people of Kashmir follow their own self determination. Crimes done by Modi’s government in Kashmir are horrendous. Recent use of pellet guns on civilians causing death and blindness to hundreds clearly proves India is not out of the barbarity the British found it to be. It is nothing short of a curse that India is Sri Lanka’s neighbour. During the time of Asoka, there was no India. It was only a collection of kingdoms plagued by wars of barbarous proportions.

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