Emirates Airlines apologises to Speaker, hospital says it’s a bug not a heart ailment……..News Opinion …………..
Posted on July 25th, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

What an insult to a senior politician ,Ex minister ,Speaker of the house ,father in law of a minister ,ex  deputy leader of the ruling party and a gentleman  ( who didi not make noise but peacefully waited for 10 more hours to fly out )?

Do we remember the case when Mr Hill ( who went Down-Hill later )  of Emirates Airline who was running the JV with Sri Lankan refusing to allocate seats to entourage of the previous president ??

Hasn’t Emirate learnt a lesson when Ex-HE kicked them out of the JV with Sri Lankan ?

That is how we have to be firm .We may be a small nation but we should have our pride ,Just because our poor men and women sweat out to build their country and wash the As..s of the Arab  masters ,we should not be treated like this.

Can you imagine if Sri Lankan  off loads Mr Maktoum from the flight ,he would have kicked our all our workers from UAE !

Once I was also badly treated in London by Kuwait Airways staff and I have them tight and refused to fly in that airline ever .

Last week my daughter  and her husband flew by Singapore Airline to Brisbane in Economy Class ,they had overweighing baggage and yet they allowed without charging .During the flight her husband found that he had a stained  sleeping pillow /cushion on his seat  and he requested the stewardess to replace .She apologised profusely and replaced the cushion  with an envelope of 75 S$ as a gesture of goodwill.

My daughter’s earphone was not working and she complained .They found that the plug of the earphone fitted  to the seat was not  functioning .They offered a different seat but she declined as she was sitting with her husband .They presented her with a 75S$ voucher again >

This is how proper airline tries to maintain their good name .
Emirate should offer the Speaker free business class ticket for the next whole year ( and even the whole cabinet so that Ministers like Hon Kabir Hashim does not have to fly economy class!)  if they want to really apologize ..

If not impose a ruling that government officers does not ever fly in Emirate in the future !

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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