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Kanthar Balanathan, Australia

Political Solecisms by GOSL

SriLanka, once known to be the Island of Paradise”, entered the democratic stream of governance in 1948, until in 1949, the racist Chelvanayagam sowed the ethnic division concept to embrace power. The then PM, DS Senanayaka (DSS) was focussed in implementing the structural transformation, which DSS accomplished in the East, South and Nuwara.

Since 1948, the heads of SL embarked on development, however, Tamil politicians placed themselves on a resistive mode, impeding development in the North. The DSS government was so kind not to take legal action to punish the traitors.

The power struggle between the main stream of the political parties UNP & SLFP was also hindering development. Added to this the Federal Party which became the Tamil National Alliance, a puppet of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) also places itself on the opposition to any action taken by the government. Up to 1970 the political actors of the North played a drama of Eel fish to both sides. Therefore SL had three gangs fighting each other, without knowing that they are creating a threat to the sovereignty of SL.

Tamils ensured that any organisation, Councils, political parties were strongly constituted and dominated with the caste, velellas, whereas these Vellalas people in foreign countries do menial work like cleaning etc.

Since the birth of terrorism in 1970, formation of Tamil New Tigers in 1972, and the transformation into the LTTE in 1976, Tamils have caused loss of lives, extensive damages to assets (Industries & domestic installations), defence installations, death of civilians, PMs, ministers etc. Considering reparation in the reconciliation process, who is planning to pay SL the losses caused by LTTE? Rudrakumaran??

However, the ineptness of one political party, the UNP, could be proved to be the cause of downfall of SL in stabilising good governance, growth and economic stability. From inception, UNP had a soft corner for the FP and subsequently TNA, in the name of democracy, while the Tamil politicians did not participate in the democratic stream. UNP was incapable of carrying out root cause analysis, develop strategies and swot analysis of their members, develop a succinct stable economic plan. The reason could be attributed to UNP being a slave to the west, and laughingstocks elected as MPs.

Negotiation Process

Significant number of peace talks were conducted all over the world with zero results. How much did GOSL spend for these talks?


To know more about the war please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sri_Lankan_Civil_War.

GOSL was introverted in that frequently they had negotiation in the name of achieving peace”, concluded on BC pact and DC pact etc. JRJ of UNP, led a procession to Daladamaligawa protesting against the BC pact and burnt it, which was just a political drama manoeuvring to capture power. The same JRJ cartwheeled and signed and implemented the 13th amendment, splitting up the administration to ten Provincial Councils. JRJ made no effort to get the 13th amendment through a public referendum.


Chandrika Bandaranaike was the President from 1994 to 2005. Wikipedia reports as follows: Her (CBK) PhD studies in Development Economics at the University of Paris 1970–73 were interrupted when she returned to Sri Lanka to enter politics, when her mother’s government had launched a wide-ranging programme of socialist reform and development.” (Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chandrika_Kumaratunga). This statement is ambiguous because she did not get through her first degree, which she accepted in the TV. The writer and CBK were in the same UTA flight in October 1967 from Colombo to Paris. This type of people became the president of the republic. It is no fault of CBK, but the people for electing such an unskilled, ineffectual person.

Ranil Wickremasinghe (RW) was the PM from 2001 to 2004. The ineptness of CBK was assessed in that, RW was making deadly life threatening decisions, and administering the country. It could be assessed that the period 2001 to 2004 was the dark period, like a dictator running a country. The president, CBK, was incapable of making any decision. During this period RW signed the CFA agreement with the LTTE. This was just an eye wash by the LTTE. For the LTTE this meant nothing. LTTE worked their way through to ISGA. RW prepared the ISGA paving the way to LTTE’s demands. It was fortunate that the ISGA was not signed, however, LTTE made their way to smuggle heavy weaponry through diplomatic consignments.

The elections in 2005 was a prodigy, where the LTTE’ entered the dark period with SL entering the light period with Mahinda Rajapaksa elected as the President of SL. The citizens of SL should understand that between the periods 2001 to 2004, LTTE smuggled heavy weapons through Colombo in diplomatic containers. If the ISGA would have been signed then SL would have been destroyed with Americans taking over Trincomalee.

In 2015 the government was handed over to another bunch of incompetent personal in SL. The same RW became the PM through undemocratic means. The Minority party leader Sambanthar became the Leader of Opposition which is the most ridiculous appointment in the 21st century.


Let us analyse the incompetency of the Good Governance:

  1. The PM convenes an international study conference on Fiscal Policy, Structural Transformation etc. with foreign delegates, while SL has several Universities with expert Professors and Scientists. Does it means that RW and his bunch do not understand economy? How could they be considered fit to govern? Did the PM assume that his academic staff are incompetent? The students who qualified from these universities are holding very high positions in the West and South East.
  2. The PM is obstinate to build a bridge between India and SL. Does not the PM understand about India and their culture? Did not the Indians slaughter millions of SriLankans over the 2000 years? What is their ulterior motive? Who is forcing RW to build the bridge? Is it the US or India? Did the PM order a risk assessment and analysis study by a team in SL? Does RW want SL to be the 30th state of India?
  3. The PM is stubborn in signing the ETCA, and getting it through his head. Did he order an economic and risk analysis to be completed. Does not he understand the risk of signing ETCA, and open the doors for Indians to drive in via the bridge. India is a large country. It is humiliating and undignified for India to sign ETCA with SL. No intellectuals from India will walk into SL, except the poor coolies and tradesmen. This move could be considered the grimiest act by GOSL in history.
  4. Has not SL got the expertise to draft her own constitution? Is GOSL imprudent to understand why US wants to draft the constitution. If GOSL is so thoughtless, then they could invite SL Diaspora from Australia, to draft a rigid constitution tailored to suit the needs of SL. If GOSL feels that they have no expertise then they should close down all the Universities in SL.
  5. The SriLankan military defeated the dirtiest deadly terrorists in the world: LTTE. Why would SL engage US military to be involved in defence and security measures of SL? Does GOSL think that their military consists a bunch of nincompoops? If so, then they should tell the military, but not bring shame to their own military. Does not SL understand the moves made by US in destroying countries in the past? US is moving from the west to the East, targeting China and Russia. A detailed study of US activities in the past would help SL.
  6. Does GOSL know about the risk of issuing large value bonds for a long period? Should not GOSL understand about budgetary control? Every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to rip the country’s coffer and siphon funds into their pockets.
  7. CBK had proved her inefficiency during the period 2001 to 2004. It is better for SL if CBK gets out of politics, because she is causing more damage to the country than planning for economic development. Everyone should know and understand that Ratwatte family does not own SL. The country belong to the people of SL, not the Nayakkan and Ratwathas.
  8. Lord Buddha is common to Asgiriya and Malwatha faculties. No one is greater than the other. Let us not argue and fight among ourselves.
  9. The poor politicians who are aligned to the MS, RW, SLFP/UNP, are converging to become slaves of UNP.

The current President (MS) is requested to act more vigilantly, knowing the incompetency practiced between the periods 2001 to 2004. SriLanka’s executive head is the President and not the PM. PM is there to assist the President. May Lord Buddha save SriLanka, if we all have faith in Lord Buddha?

Let us all pray that SriLanka does not become another Diego Garcia

Of the Indian Ocean, AND/OR the 30th state of India, and Slave to Tamil Nadu.


  1. Dilrook Says:

    With a US navy camp in Trincomalee now looking more and more likely, Hindus in Trincomalee will soon find cow beef, drugs, pornography, alcohol, nigh clubs, prostitution and assaulting local women right under the Thiru Koneswaram Hindu temple by US and NATO soldiers. This is what happens in all US bases around the world and Trincomalee will not be an exception. Okinawa is a case in point.

    Even if Tamils oppose unitary Sri Lanka and support foreign armies, they must consider the impact on their culture and safety.

    East is Muslim majority and they will face the same treatment they get in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, etc. under US troop deployment. The incident involving a navy officer, the Muslim Chief Minister of the East and the US Ambassador should be revisited in this light. Obviously Muslim interests in the east will be totally disregarded by the government in bringing US troops to the East.

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