U.S. to assist in drafting new Sri Lankan Constitution Wants to partner military
Posted on August 9th, 2016

Sudath Gunasekara 7.8.2016

Dear Patriotic friends

I want all of you to seriously look at the following news release by the USA Embassy

U.S.  to assist in drafting  new Sri Lankan Constitution Wants to partner military

August 6, 2016, 12:00 pm

Atul Keshap

by Zacki Jabbar

The United States of America says it wants to partner with the Sri Lankan military while assisting the government in drafting a new constitution and meeting commitments it had made to the United Nations Human Rights Council with regard to accountability issues.

An UN Human Rights Council endorsed resolution  has called for the establishment of an independent domestic mechanism to probe allegations of war crimes against the previous Rajapaksa government  and  LTTE especially during the last stages of the near three decade  war, which ended on May 19 , 2009.

The U.S. Ambassador Atul Keshap addressing a reception on board the ship USS New Orleans  which docked in at the Colombo Port for a three day goodwill visit last week, said that they were  welcoming new staff into the American embassy here  to work on development programs, human rights cooperation, rule of law, justice, demining and many different things.

“We are working to strengthen our relationship with all of the different facets of the Sri Lankan government, including the armed forces, because we believe that a professional military is essential to the development and  success of any viable democracy”, he noted.

He added that they wanted to partner with the  security forces and move forward on the very important issues that had attracted the attention of Sri Lankans which encompassed development of a new Constitution and cooperating  with the international community to address commitments with regard to accountability issues made  in September of last year.

The Ambassador said that the U.S.  would work with the Sri Lankan people, their government, military and bureaucracy  in achieving the goals that they had set for themselves by electing a new President on January 8, 2015 and affirming it at the parliamentary election in August the same year.

During their stay the crew of USS New Orleans engaged in humanitarian and disaster relief exercises and also exchanged views on best practices with the military.

My Comments

Does the US Ambassador Atul Keshap also think that Sri Lanka is already a colony of the USA?, just like Indian politicians who think and act as if this is already another State of India.

All patriotic Sri Lankans should immediately rise against this imminent and most dangerous catastrophe and protest against this colonial invasion and then demand that USS New Orleans should go home without stepping on to this country. We don’t have any humanitarian problem or disaster here, other than the political and socio-economic mess US and few countries like India have created in 2015 with the assistance of UK and Norway by sending home a pro-people patriotic government that defeated the most ruthless and dangerous terrorist gang in the world, the LTTE and deployed a smoothly ongoing development process in the wake of an end of a 30 year terrorist war.

It must be clearly said that the people of this country did not voluntarily and freely elect a legitimate President or a legitimate Government in this country at the 2015 elections.

The existing Government was defeated by a joint master coup hatched to ousted Mahinda Rajapaksa by local and foreign elements. At Home Chandrika who has an ax to grind with Rajapaksa led this treacherous team. She found Maitripala the disgruntled as a cat’s paw to run for the post of President as the Common candidate and work out the conspiracy with Ranil, the cunning, who knew that this is the only way he can come to power. Having hatched the coup behind doors for over two or more years, calculations were made that they could ousted Rajapaksa only if they garner the  anti Sinhala and anti-Buddhist Tamil and Muslim votes together with the UNPatriotic block vote, the JVP sympathizers and the new votes. If you analyze the voting pattern at both these elections (Jan 8 & Aug 17th)  you will understand as to what really has happened.

Having found the bait, the conspirators got USA, UK their allies, India and Tamil Diaspora who hated Rajapaksa and also got their secret agencies like CIA and RAW to infiltrate the electorate and provide advice and resources to defeat the ‘Sihala Buddhist champion’ Rajapaksa, as they called him.

Having got Maitripala marginally elected with all these manipulations and conspiracies they went for General elections in August. In spite of all pressure exerted and dirty  and unethical press releases issued by the President where he said that he will never appoint Rajapakda as the PM even if he wins ,Mahida’s group was able to get 95 seats as against 106 seats for Ranil who was supported by all anti national elements and black money at Home as well as abroad.

Then, the President deployed the second master coup. All what he had done thereafter like the appointment of Ranil as the Prime Minister while a legitimate PM was still in office, the removal of the CJ, appointment of the new CJ, the Opposition Leader, Chief Whip of the Opposition, ignoring the 50 odd JO MPP, were all unconstitutional, therefore illegal. This was followed by bringing in candidates who were defeated at the elections as MPP and Ministers and high jacked JO members who had got elected under a different mandate by offering bribes of portfolios and other perks, to get the majority in Parliament.

Had these things being done by Rajapaksa, by now America and the alliance and India would have done what they did to Sadam Hussein and Gadafi to him as well.

But not only, they all kept deaf, blind and dumb to safeguard their friend Ranil, who will fulfill their agenda but also now send their high powered agents every week to oversee and assure that the job is properly done in time as agreed.

What Atul Keshap is trying to do here is nothing new. It is only a continuation of the same dirty neocolonial game from where the British stopped and returned temporally in 1948.

What is most dangerous in this Atul press release is

1 The proposal to partner with the Sri Lankan military and security forces so that Sri Lankan Forces will be reduced to a contingent of the US army thereafter. It is similar to a partnership between a wolf and a sheep

2 The proposed involvement in drafting a new constitution like what India did in 1987

3 Pressing the Government to meet commitments it had made to the United Nations Human Rights Council with regard to accountability issues.

4 Pursuing the  UN Human Rights Council resolution for the establishment of an independent domestic mechanism to probe allegations of war crimes against the previous Rajapaksa government  and  LTTE especially during the last stages of the near three decade  war, which ended on May 19 , 2009

My question is

Firstly, why should we allow America or any other foreign country to get involved in Constitution making for this country.(when the Government has got no mandate from the people to write a new constitution at all and the people of this country also don’t want one)

Second how can we justify the presence of another country’s interest within our national army and other security forces?

Third what authority USA or any other country has got, to inquire in to or intervene with what we have done to defeat a terrorist group that has taken to arms against a democratically elected Government. This is purely an internal matter concerning the security of this country. We have acted as a sovereign, independent and a  free country.

More interestingly why are they talking about incidents taken place during the Rajapaksa government only and LTTE especially during the last stages of a nealyr three decades of war, which ended on May 19, 2009. Why don’t they inquire in to the savage atrocities committed by the LTTE from 1983 onwards to the people, the country and the economy, if they are genuinely interested in human rights violations as a policy. Specifying this time period clearly shows their hidden agenda that they want to fix Rajapaksa the man who said no to their mean requests made at the last moment to stop the war against the LTTE and allow them to evacuate Prabha and his top team, the most dangerous terrorist gang out of Sri Lanka for future use in collaboration with India ‘our good neighbor’ to destabilize this country.

If US and all others want to know the uncivilized atrocities the LTTE committed during the last stages of the war and to understand what type of saints they were, I suggest them to read Kamaliny Jeyakumaran’s book  Under the Shadow of a Sharp Sword”, which is available in Sinhala as Tiyunu Asipatha Sevana Yata” and Tamil Oru Koovalin Nishalil”

To allow these foreign elements to meddle with our Army or other security forces and Constitution making is all the more dangerous at a time like the present when we are at the peak of political, economic and social turmoil and uncertainties. Now look at the political situation in the country. all political parties are in shambles. Thanks to Sirisena and Chandrika there is no SLFP now in the country, though SLFP voters are there. The only formidable alternative to UNP was SLFP. But under the present turmoil situation any election will give an edge to UNP since the SLFP is divided. The UNP will work out the majority at all levels with Tamil and Muslim votes. The JVP is a spent political force. It will only reduce the vote that will otherwise go to the SLFP.

Everybody knows Sirisena is no more a SLFP man since he contested under another card. He won the elections with the UNP block vote + Tamil+Muslim+JVP+ new votes. Those so-called SLFP- JO members who have been trapped by offering portfolios and various perks will stick on to him. But I have my doubts whether SLFP voters will vote them at the next election. President Sirisena  may be able to continue as the name sake President of the SLFP until a court decides he is not or he cease to be President at the end of the period. Still there will be a split that will help the UNP to get the edge. Under such a situation the President will definitely lose his control over the Government and he will end up as prisoner in the hands of Ranil. He UNP then will definitely have to dance to the tune of Tamils and Muslims for survival. What will happen to the patriotic forces after that unless by some miracle a third force emerge as a champion of the Sinhala Buddhist patriotic forces.

1 Also Please read what Kamal ns Sonali say on this imminent catastrophe.

Kamal Rajapakse

10:08 PM (11 hours ago)
to Ajantha, Akalanka, Ananda, Ashley, Bandu, Bernard, Bodhi, Chamila, Chan, Chandre, D, D.L.O., Daya, Daya, Daya, Dharmasiri, Dilanthe, Dilrook, Dinesha, Diwakara, me, Dr, Ernest, G, Gallage

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From: Tamara Kunanayakam

To: Kamal Rajapakse

Sent: Sunday, August 07, 2016 1:36 PM

Subject: Fwd: The Island

With regard to US Ambassador Atul Keshap’s statement, you might wish to re-circulate the piece (below) I wrote for The Island on 25 September 2015

“What the Ranil – Sirisena Government will not tell you! US draft resolution: A ‘system change,’” analysing the infamous US-sponsored Human Rights Council’s draft resolution on Sri Lanka, only 6 days before it was adopted (with minor amendments) with the blessings of the present Sirisena-Ranil regime. In that piece, I point out then that the draft resolution is all about system change, a complete overhaul of Sri Lanka’s political, legal, security and defense system to serve the global interests of the United States, and it is fully in line with Obama’s new National Security Strategy that was reflected in the May 2015 statement made in Colombo by the US Secretary of State.

It is indeed very significant that the US Ambassador made his statement on board USS New Orleans!

It is vital that we mobilise ourselves on as broad a basis as possible, as Sri Lankans, because it has to do with our country’s independence and sovereignty.

Best regards,


– Sirisena Government will not tell you!What the Ranil


Shenali Waduge‘s note.







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Dilrook Kannangara

4:52 PM (16 hours ago)
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The danger of teaming up with the US military is that those forces that defeated the US military (Taliban, ISIS, AQ, etc.) will come after Sri Lanka too. If they could defeat USA, it will be very easy for them to defeat the Sri Lankan military.

In addition cadets from West Point, USA are in Sri Lanka to study Sri Lanka’s success in winning war on terror.

This is from defence.lk.

US Military Academy Cadets visits SF (J)

[July 30 2016]

Cadets and instructors of the United States Military Academy at West Point, led by Colonel Liam Collins Director, Defence and Strategic Studies, Department of Military Instruction USA visited Headquarters Security Force Jaffna – HQ SF (J) recently (27th July 16).

Colonel Collins together with Dr. Lionell Beehner Assistant Professor, Department of Military Instructions USA, along with three other senior military instructors and Five Cadets made the visit.

A presentation on “Role and responsibility of SF (J) and military assistance in post conflicts scenario” was conducted At the HQ SF (J). Factors that led to a success Humanitarian Operation was also discussed during the event.

Commander SF (J), members of the US embassy in Sri Lanka and senior officers were also present during the visit.

Upasiri de Silva <upasiri@bigpond.com>

6:11 PM (15 hours ago)
to Ajantha, Akalanka, Ananda, Ashley, Bandu, Bernard, Bodhi, Chamila, Chan, Chandre, D, D.L.O., Daya, Daya, Daya, Dharmasiri, Dilanthe, Dilrook, Dinesha, Diwakara, me, Dr, Ernest, G, Gallage

Any knowledge why Second world war was commenced and why Jews were killed by Hitler?  If the world repeat what happened to Jews then IS is the next target for the world powers?

Do you expect China t be our Savior?


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Dilrook Kannangara

6:21 PM (15 hours ago)
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No one will save us if we get into other people’s wars. AQ, IS, JI, etc. are not terrorist groups in Sri Lanka. They will never be banned as terror groups in Sri Lanka for obvious political reasons. USA went to war with them and got hammered from Afghanistan to Syria, now Europe too.

This is the second attempt by USA to get Sri Lankan military involved in its dirty losing wars. In late 2009 Robert Blake tried it but Gota said no. Very good decision. Otherwise AQ bombs would be going off in Colombo and no tourist would visit Sri Lanka.

Ashley de Vos <advarcht@gmail.com>

7:00 PM (14 hours ago)
to Kamal, to:, Akalanka, Ananda, Bandu, Bernard, Bodhi, Chamila, Chan, Chandre, D, D.L.O., Daya, Daya, Daya, Dharmasiri, Dilanthe, Dilrook, Dinesha, Diwakara, me, Dr, Ernest, G, Gallage

This short piece was carried by the Island 28-29/7/2016.

America is dangerous, They have concluded that we are all fools.

Please think of the next generation, and stop this. Sri Lanka will become
one huge US base. We have to walk tall, but then do we have any politicians
who care for this country. Development per say has a cost. But not at the cost
of becoming slaves and destroying the environment? The Problems faced by
Sri Lanka have been supported by our naive politicians. Without them and only
without that breed will Sri Lanka be a paradise.

17 Responses to “U.S. to assist in drafting new Sri Lankan Constitution Wants to partner military”

  1. dhane Says:

    After 2nd world war Japan surrendered to USA. Field Marshal MacArthur became the ruler in Japan. MacArthur appointed a team to draft a new constitution including a young Officer below 30 years of age and insist to complete constitution within few days. It was approved & became the constitution up to date. Prohibiting Japan to make items including weapons & plans etc. Up to date Japan could not amend MacArthur’s USA Made constitution and make much more progress. Do Sri Lanka also want to get into the same USA trap like Japan?. Sri Lanka had over 2000 years history & our Sinhalese kings had better democratic rule before Europeans came and spoil the “heads” of our rulers. Sri Lanka have much more well educated professional who knows our culture, religions and traditions to draft better constitution than UK & USA together. We do not need assistances from any outsider to sort out our problems if they keep away.

  2. Christie Says:

    Atul Keshap is an Indian vermin from the US like all other Indian vermin and colonial parasites. Remember what they did in the second world war. They stood with the enemies of the Allied Forces. These Indian vermin have taken jobs of US Whites and Blacks and Inuit

    To hell with Atul Keshap who will be no more after Trump..

  3. Dilrook Says:

    There are 2 evils here.

    1. USA meddling in constitution making in Sri Lanka. This is extremely dangerous as the nation seems to have lost its sovereignty and the right of self determination. Obviously USA will get Sri Lanka to draft a constitution that showers undue benefits to Indian parasites of various shades.

    2. A stronger military teaming up with USA causes tremendous security disasters. Already Sri Lanka has the inter-operability agreement with USA (2007). Going beyond that means joining USA in its many destructive wars and containments. Thereafter Sri Lanka will become a legitimate target of countries and groups battling USA. China, Russia and Iran will engage in acts hostile to Sri Lanka to counter US action. AW, IS and JI will carryout attacks in Sri Lanka.

    These troubles are completely uncalled for. It is foolish to think USA will save us. In 1987 USA failed to save Sri Lanka from Indian invasion and miserably save Lanka from Tamil terrorism. USA failed to save Pakistan from India in 1971 and in 2016 it failed the Philippines in the face of China. USA only uses its allies to achieve its objectives and fight wars away from its home. Sri Lanka will be in ruin if it joins USA in anymore defence partnerships.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Totally agree with Dilrook.

    Military alliance with US is a bad move away from non-alignment, especially given the luke-warm half-hearted help we received when Sri Lanka was fighting against all odds to survive against Tamil separatism.

    US involvement in framing the Sri Lankan constitution is EVEN WORSE given the US bias towards strengthening b minorities against the Sinhala Buddhist majority of our country.

    Bad news all around, especially at s time when a PUPPET YAMAPALANAYA government is in the saddle in Sri Lanka.

    More caution and watchfulness than ever before are needed to protect Sri Lanka against American TROJAN HORSES!

  5. ranjit Says:

    Every pundit, politician(except this horrible govt) patriot knows that after Jan 8th the whole country is upside down and getting worse day by day but still no one is ready to come forward and show these scums in the govt their opposition except MR and his die hard supporters.Already our country has become hell for Sinhalese buddhists because they were treated as second class by these western backed govt of three traitors Appaya, Bandit queen and the tie coat Andare.
    Today we are facing numerous dangers to our country, to our society and to our culture but do these shitters in this idiotic govt care or find solutions to any issues facing our homeland? All 94 Ministers including president and P.M. acts like jokers and blames MR for everything which are not true.MR is the most popular politician in this country no one can deny that.He handled Americans and Indian parasites well without causing any troubles to our peoples. America is responsible for killing millions in cold blood in different countries at different times and causing hardships to millions of people around the world.They destroyed several historic countries and killed the leaders of those countries and who took any action against them to date?No one or UN? Is it fair? Now they are comjng to destroy our country too sameway like in Serbia. Our peoples must get united to stand firm against these tyrants and stop them before they destroy our tiny paradise.So join the opposition movement to remove this unlawful govt of parasites as quickly as possible and tell Great Satan to hands off our beloved motherland.

  6. plumblossom Says:

    Mangala must be replaced by a patriotic foreign minister. Actually Ranil, Sirisena, CBK traitors must be replaced too. However Mangala must be replaced as soon as possible. A country’s government should first and foremost look after the country’s security. sovereignty, territorial integrity and in the case of a small country such as Sri Lanka its unitary status. Mangala has betrayed Sri Lanka by accepting the UNHRC resolution which no country with any integrity will accept. Mangala must realise that those LTTE terrorists who massacred the citizens of this country for over 26 years simply because they wanted a large chunk of this island for themselves, illegally, that they should be dealt with in a very careful manner without betraying the security. sovereignty, territorial integrity and in the case of a small country such as Sri Lanka its unitary status, even if extremely powerful forces such as the US,UK, EU, Canada, Sweden, Norway and India are behind the LTTE terrorists. In addition, we must place forth the argument that those who settled in the island quite recently only during the past few hundred years i.e. the Sri Lankan Tamils who are only but 11.2% of the population do not have any rights whatsoever to demand over 28% of the land area, 66% of the coastline and 66% of the vast ocean resources which belong to Sri Lanka. This message should be conveyed to the TNA, the separatist terrorists and those who support them i.e. the US,UK, EU, Canada, Sweden, Norway and India as soon as possible so that they understand our position. This is the task of a foreign minister. Mangala therefore has betrayed Sri Lanka and must go. Sri Lanka cannot afford large self ruling entities which are illegal anyway since this island as a whole belong to all its people in total. It is the foreign minister’s task to covey this message to everyone concerned.

  7. plumblossom Says:

    The missing persons commission, the name is a misnomer. it should be called ‘those combatants on all sides who died in the war i.e. Sri Lankan Forces, Police Force. Civil Defence Forces, IPKF, Tamil Armed Groups against the LTTE and the LTTE terrorists themselves and whose bodies have not be found’. Therefore the name itself is wrong and invented by the UNHRC to tarnish the image of the armed forces of Sri Lanka.

    The missing persons commission to date has receive 24,000 complaints from 1983-2009 period. Of this number over 5,000 are regarding missing Sri Lankan Forces members, whereabouts unknown, almost certainly executed by the LTTE terrorists. Over 12,000 complaints are against the LTTE itself recruiting young persons by coercion. Therefore over 70% of complaints are against the LTTE itself which amounts to over 17,000 complaints. The rest of the complaints are I am sure about the whereabouts of LTTE combatants or terrorists who died while fighting but whose bodies have not been found.

    My question is, why cannot the UNHRC the US,UK, EU, Canada, Norway, Sweden and India accept that Sri Lankan Forces, Police Force, Civil Defence Forces, IPKF, Tamil Armed Groups against the LTTE and the LTTE terrorists themselves died fighting in this war and leave it at that. What is the point in looking for these combatants now? Why is it that the UNHRC the US,UK, EU, Canada, Norway, Sweden and India never ever talk about the over 35,000 Sri Lankan Forces, Police Force, civil Defence Force members who died in the war? or the 1,200 IPKF members or the over 2,000 Tamils Armed Groups against the LTTE members who died in the war? or the over 6,000-7,000 Sinhala civilians and even Muslims civilians who were massacred by the LTTE? or the around (my estimate) over 3,000 Tamil civilians massacred by the LTTE?

    Why is it that the UNHRC the US,UK, EU, Canada, Norway, Sweden and India is not concerned about the over 10,000 Sri Lankan Forces members permanently disabled by the war, or the over 23,000 Sri Lankan Forces members both temporarily and permanently disabled by the war? or the over 136,000 Sri Lankan Forces members who were injured due to the war?

    Why is it that the UNHRC the US,UK, EU, Canada, Norway, Sweden and India not concerned about the over 65,000 Sinhala people and over 75,000 muslims ethnically cleansed from the North?

    Why is it that the only the around 35,000 LTTE terrorists who died inclusive of Prabhakaran are the concern of the UNHRC the US,UK, EU, Canada, Norway, Sweden and India? Perhaps this missing persons commission should answer that question first.

  8. plumblossom Says:

    Even if the constitution will be changed since this idiotic government follows whatever instructions the US, UK, EU, Norway, Canada, Sweden, India, the TNA and the separatist terrorists tell it to do, we must ensure that the unitary status of the country is not compromised in any way whatsoever. The clause in the 13th amendment which says that ‘the North and the East is the homeland of the Tamil speaking people’ must be deleted since it is totally false when looking at the history of the island. This clause must be replaced with the clause ‘the entire island is the homeland of all its peoples’. The provision which allows for the merger between two provinces should be deleted. As much subjects from the concurrent list should be included in the national list. Under no circumstances should land, police or fiscal powers be given to provincial councils. All of us need to ensure that the above happens since if the system reverts back to a parliamentary system and the presidential system is scrapped, the only way to ensure the unitary status of the country is the make sure that the provincial councils do not get any more powers than they have at present. The Public Security Ordinance should not be amended in anyway as well. If any provincial councils acts out of line, the head of government should dissolved such a provincial council and direct rule by the head of government should be enforced under those circumstances.

  9. plumblossom Says:

    I would please urge any person who has any influence whatsoever with Ranil, Mangala, Sirisena, CBK to let them know that these Western Countries i.e. the US,UK, EU, Canada, Sweden, Norway and India will only back off if Sri Lanka takes a very firm stance and refuses to carry out this unjust UNHRC resolution. Sri Lanka must do this without any fear since I am sure if Sri Lanka takes a very firm stance and refuses to carry out this unjust resolution the UNHRC, the US,UK, EU, Canada, Sweden, Norway and India will back off. I can guarantee that will happen. So it is up to Sri Lanka or rather Ranil, Mangala, Sirisena, CBK whether they are going to place our Sri Lankan armed forces in jeopardy for crimes they did not commit or whether they are going to defend the country’s armed forces and the country’s sovereignty, independence, freedom, integrity, unitary status etc. by refusing to carry out this unjust UNHRC resolution which no country on this planet earth with any integrity will carry out. However, if they keep complying with whatever unjust demands are made by the US,UK, EU, Canada, Sweden, Norway and India, they will have to keep complying with those unjust demands at the expense of Sri Lanka breaking up into pieces and placing the Sri Lankan people’s security in jeopardy. Sri Lanka will end up being partitioned too.

  10. plumblossom Says:

    When looking at Sri Lanka’s history, it is extremely obvious that from 600BC to around 1400AD there were three kingdoms, all Sinhala Buddhist, Ruhuna, Pihiti or Rajarata and Maya or Malayarata. Rajarata encompassed today’s North Central, North Western, Northern and even the Central Province. Ruhunu rata encompassed today’s Uva, Eastern and Southern Provinces. The Kandyan Kingdom from 1400AD encompassed most of the island inclusive of today’s Northern and the Eastern Provinces except for the Jaffna Peninsula. Even the Jaffna Peninsula was invaded and occupied by force by Aryachakravarthi (Pandyan) and actually did belong to Rajarata earlier and later the Kandyan Kingdom.

    Today’s provincial boundaries were drawn up by the British colonialists as per their divide and rule policy and the Sinhala people were not consulted when drawing up these provincial boundaries. In the meantime, most Sri Lankan Tamils of today were actually brought over during Dutch and British times to the Jaffna Peninsula and elsewhere to work on tobacco and indigo plantations which were planted extensively in all the colonies since they were much sought after and made a lot of money for the colonialists. Therefore they are recent arrivals and cannot claim homelands or separate states whatsoever.

    The usual practice when a colonial power hands over their former colonies is to hand it over to its original owners. Therefore the British colonialists should hand over the Kandyan Kingdom to the Kandyan Sinhalese from whom they took it by force. Since the Kandyan Kingdom encompassed the North and the East, these provinces too should be handed over to the Kandyan Sinhalese who are its rightful owners. Even the Jaffna Peninsula should be handed over to the Kandyan Sinhalese since it was part of Rajarata and was forcefully occupied by Aryachakravarthi (Pandyan).

    Since this has now been done already, the TNA and other separatist terrorists or the US, UK EU, Canada, Norway, Sweden and India cannot demand that present day Northern or even the Eastern provinces be provided any more powers or be made into federal states since this is totally going against the history and archaeology of the island and totally going against the rights of the Sinhala people who also have fundamental rights to claim the entire island inclusive of the North and the East as their homeland first and foremost. Therefore, the TNA , the separatist terrorists, the US, UK, Norway, Sweden, Canada and India has to respect the history and archaeology of the island and accept that the present day provincial councils are more than sufficient to run the affairs of the provinces. Sri Lanka must be a unitary state and no more powers should be provided to the provincial councils. In fact, when talking about the 13th amendment, the concurrent list subjects must be included in the national list. The provision where two provinces can merge should be deleted. The bogus claim of the North and the East being the homeland of the Tamil speaking people should be deleted. The entire island should be declared the homeland of all its peoples.

    Sinhala people should be resettled in the North in quite a large number if there is to be peace and harmony within the island since Sinhala people have every historical right to live in the North as well as the East. It is only due to ethnic cleansing of the North of Sinhala people by the LTTE and the other separatists that Sinhala people are not at present living in the North. Many thousands of landless elsewhere in the island especially Sinhala people should be provided land in the North since most of the vacant land in the country is in the North and in the East since both these provinces encompass over 28% of the land area of the island. Then only will there be peace since when people mix, there is more harmony. This is the only way towards peace and development in the island.

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    The clause in the 13th amendment which says that ‘the North and the East is the homeland of the Tamil speaking people’ must be deleted since it is totally false when looking at the history of the island !

    What ever happiend to Mother lanka ie indian or USA or even Somalian take over You do not care but you want we Thamilar do not get any think !!!!

    Great ….. Soon Only Indian flag is flaying Jaffna sky not Your Sinha-Koddiya or our Puli-Koddi machang !!!

  12. Cerberus Says:

    On 8th Dec 2009, the US State Dept. approached Sri Lanka regarding getting our War Heroes to participate to fight in the Afghan war. Robert O’Blake came and met with Gota regarding this possibility. Thankfully Gota refused the US request and that was another thing that went against the Mahinda Rajapaksa Govt with the USA. Please see the details below:


    If it was Ranil W, CBK, and MY3 tagging along, they may have gladly sent the War Heroes to their death in Afghanistan or Syria or some other hell hole where the USA does not wish to send many of their own troops. It would be suicide for our heroes. It shows that the USA holds our troops in high esteem and wants them to join up.

    When the SLFP came into power and CBK became President with Ranil W as Prime Minister, they bungled the entire military operations against the LTTE. She appointed her uncle Anuruddha Ratwatte as Secretary for Defence and her nephew Rohan Daluwatte as the Military commander. Rohan had no military experience and would run off to see Sai Baba in South India whenever there was trouble. She kept the war with LTTE dragging on and thousands of our Sinhala soldiers were brutally killed by LTTE. See article http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2015/04/08/how-chandrika-won-the-war-exposing-lies-part-1/

    CBK used to run in the night to Mother Superior at St. Bridget’s when she had problems.
    When over 1000 soldiers were cut off without water at Elephant Pass by LTTE, CBK and her nephew Daluwatte could do nothing to help those men who died of dehydration. She could have done so many things to help these men. Instead as Commander in Chief, she did nothing !! This is unforgivable and an act of treason. This is just one of her treasonable actions.
    She stopped the teaching of Sri Lanka history in schools when she was President and now she has proposed the stopping the teaching of Buddhism too. Instead, she wants to teach a hodge podge mix of religions which will leave students completely confused.

    CBK also had a preset idea, same as Ranil W., that it was not possible to beat the LTTE, There was a Commission appointed to look into bribery by her uncle Ratwatte. When they started hearings, he had a heart attack and died so the case was cancelled. I think she did a deal with Ranil to shelve the Batalanda Commission report in turn for shelving the case for Gen. Ratwatte.

    Ranil W kept trying to hand over the North and East to appease Prabhakaran. He even stopped a crucial military operation in 2001 where the army knew the exact location of Prabhakaran and was ready to take him out. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZWO5fWDikQ

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    Message to the International Community :

    * Before any new Constitution making, do REMOVE the ILLEGAL 13-A !
    * Also, Tamil Leaders have to OFFICIALLY REVOKE the Vadukoddai Resolution of 1976 (note that the 1983 Riots happened AFTER the Vadukoddai Resolution of 1976 – Eelam through Violence). That was starting point for the 30 yrs of LTTE Terrorism which had to be stopped through the final war.

    * The International Community have their wires crossed. Look at the facts first – what came first and remove those items. Then we will not need a new Constitution.

    * We also do not need :

    – the ETCA
    – the Sea Tunnel to Tamil Nadu
    – 5,000 acre lots on 99 yr leases to foreigners
    – and of course, we do NOT need a new Constitution.

  14. Ananda-USA Says:


    I think Sri Lankans should send one deputation to the USA to advise them on amending their Constitution to ensure Equal Rights and Freedom from Police Brutality for African Americans and other people of “color”, and a second deputation the Court of St. James in
    Britain to advisd them on how to amend their Constitutional Monarchy to ensure that the inalienable rights of the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish people are honored in the wake of the Brexit!

    We should invite other developing nations to join in making this happen before their internal manias make them petsist in blowing up our world.

    I volunteer to SERVE in both advisory groups …. free of charge!

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    hi Ananda,

    Yes, we agree with what you say here !

    Justice delayed is Justice denied to the colonised & oppressed of the world !

  16. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  17. plumblossom Says:

    There is absolutely no doubt about imperialistic US plans to build a US army, navy and air force base at Trincomalee. Please note that once the US builds their US army, navy and air force base at Trincomalee, they are not going to stop there. They will build other bases within the island. For example, Hambantota harbour could also end up as a US navy base and the Mattala airport a US air force base. Iranawila will again recommence their CIA operations and Palaly in the North in Jaffna will also be converted into a US air force base.

    This is the main reason that the US has, from the every beginning, supported the LTTE terrorists, who are their proxy force, wage a war against Sri Lanka to set up a bogus Eelam. The US knows that the only people who are standing against them are the Sinhala people who due to they being majority Buddhist and wanting to preserve Buddhism, being the indigenous people of the island with over 2500 years of history behind them and with our tribal ancestors having over 30,000 years of history within the island and due to they being very socialist in nature and supportive of socialist ideals will never, ever let the US set up any bases in the island.

    Therefore the imperialistic US, UK ,EU, Canada, Sweden, Norway and India supported the LTTE terrorists and the TNA set up their Eelam within the island for sure so that they can then set up US army, navy, air force bases within the island.

    Sri Lanka lies along the world’s busiest sea route or the maritime silk road. South of Sri Lanka is a the vast Indian ocean. Sri Lanka is located at a most strategic location with the Middle East, Africa and Europe to the North West, with India to the North and with South East Asia and East Asia to the North East of Sri Lanka.

    At present the US uses its Diego Garcia base extensively to subdue, bomb, decimate and dominate the rest of the world. However, due to sea level rises, low lying Diego Garcia may even be taken over by the sea. What better place therefore to build a US base than Sri Lanka? This is the reason that the US supports Eelam since sepoy, slavish LTTE, TNA will do whatever the US tells them to do. The only people standing in the way of the US building bases in Sri Lanka are the Sinhala people and they have been slapped with bogus US resolutions at the UNHRC with a view to partitioning the island and bringing on an Eelam with these constitutional changes to turn Sri Lanka into federal states or to even implement the13th amendment to the full which should never ever be implemented and no more powers should be given to the provincial councils, especially no land, police or fiscal powers should be given to the provincial councils under any circumstances. Also the concurrent list subjects should be given over to the national list.

    About Trincomalee Harbour, please visit this absolutely stunningly and vast harbour and then anyone can see its potential. Already, the road from Trincomalee has been built and the roads and bridges around Trincomalee harbour has been built. There are over 99 oil tanks near the harbour. There is the existing Sri Lankan air force, army and navy bases. Trincomalee town has been refurbished. Trincomalee harbour is the world’s second largest natural harbour. It has a submarine canyon along its sea floor which is a very deep canyon along the sea floor which can accommodate submarines which then cannot be detected by radar. The harbour itself can accommodate a large fleet of ships. There is also a railwayline all the way from Colombo to Trincomalee. All the infrastructure development was completed by the previous government.

    Therefore, there is no doubt that the US would want to build a US army, navy, airbase at Trincomalee. For that they only need an Eelam or federal state and this treacherous Ranil, Sirisena, CBK and Mangala will make sure that happens since they have accepted the bogus US resolution at the UNHRC and placed our armed forces in deep trouble when our armed forces are totally not guilty but the LTTE war criminals are now suddenly totally innocent of all the war crimes that the LTTE terrorists committed for over three decades. Also all Sri Lankans should totally oppose implementing the 13th amendment to the full or any more powers being given to the provincial councils than they have at present. Especially no land, police or fiscal powers should be given to the provincial councils under any circumstances. Also the concurrent list subjects should be given over to the national list.

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