Political and religious leadership crisis of a Sri Lankan minority – a Response
Posted on August 25th, 2016

by A.Abdul Aziz.

This in reference to the article titled: Political and religious leadership crisis of a Sri Lankan minority (LW-23.8.2016) and a response posted by Noor Nizam. Both of them are unaware of the real solution of the disease. We have to find out the root cause and treatment should be given to the root not the branch.

This is the fact that the Muslim politicians are not representing Muslim Community in Sri Lanka. For their own benefit most of them   involve in politics, ignoring the welfare of their own community as the article and its response indicate.

On the other side, All Ceylon Jammiyathul Ulema (ACJU) – the religious body to represent Muslim Community in Sri Lanka also seems to be in a position that is not expected by the Muslim Community in the country. This fact is also being in clear from the said article and its response.

When I say about ACJU, I recall one sayings of Prophet of Islam Muhammad (PBUH) that reads as below:

Hazrat Ali (r.a.) relates, that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said:

A time will come when nothing will remain of Islam except its name and nothing will remain of the Quran except its script. Mosques will be full of its worshippers, but as far its righteousness  is concerned they will be empty and deserted. Their ‘Ulama’ (religious scholars) will be the worst of creatures under the canopy of the heavens. Evil plots will originate from them and to them will they return. (Mishkat – Kithabul Ilm)

According to the above saying, the decline of Islam in this era is clearly foretold. In such a condition, it is not justified to expect for a leadership to the Muslims in Sri Lanka and for the Muslim Ummah as a whole.

If the Religion of Peace being in such a pity condition, then how the Holy Qur’an can declare that: He (Allah) may cause it (Religion of truth) prevail over all religions (Ch:61, Verse: 10)?

Is there any remedy for the survival of Islam? Qur’an clearly gives solution (Ch 61.Verse 7) and Prophet of Islam also foretold about this. In one occasion the Prophet of Islam (PBUH), while referring to a verse of the Holy Qur’an (Ch: 62, Verse 4) placed his hand on Salman the Persian (a companion of Holy Prophet)  and said, even if faith is ascended Pleiades (completely disappearing from the earth), there would be some from his people {In another version ‘one man’ is mentioned instead of ‘some people’}  – who would restore faith (back) to earth.  (Bukhari – Kithabul Thabshir – Commentary – Sura Jummah)

Therefore, Political and religious leadership crisis of a Sri Lankan minority – the solution which lies on assembling under the umbrella of that person by whom the faith will be restored back on earth, as Prophet of Islam foretold. Accordingly, there is only Community in Islam Ahmadiyya Muslim Community  which enjoys such a leadership since 1908, after the demise its Holy Founder Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian – the Promised Messiah and Imam-al-Mahdi, peace be on him.

The Muslims who should have been united and be in harmony, are divided in countless sects and divisions. It is not only in religious field but in politics too. When there is schism, they can achieve nothing in the world, which a united and harmonious people can do. By discord and disharmony the power of the Muslim world has not only disintegrated, but also they are using this broken strength against one another. When such are the conditions, the aggregate will be below zero.

The groups may be very powerful, but if they will oppose and counteract each other in minor and major issues and remain busy in fighting, their power will be scattered and strength broken.

This is happening in every Muslim country. Unfortunately it is being named as Jihad. What will they gain from all this? What resources will remain for their own nation building, defense of Islam or fighting the enemy? Therefore, it is incumbent that Muslims should unite on the hand of One Imam. There should be one Imam of the Muslims of the whole world. But without Khilafat (system of spiritual leadership established by Allah)), it is just impossible. Khilafat is the successor after the prophet in the form of a person who is representing the deceased prophet and Khalifa is the vicegerent and his subordinate. He is the central authority. This is the basic principle of Khilafat.

Muslims do understand its need as well as importance. This need was felt after the sad demise of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) also. In Islam this is quite clear like broad daylight and is a part of Islamic teaching that without unity and harmony you cannot rightly work on the teachings of Islam. When you go to the mosque for Namaz (daily prayer) five times a day, there must be an Imam. Standing behind an Imam is a demonstration of unity among people. That is why the Holy Quran especially emphasizes the need of congregational prayer. Imam is given so much importance that if the Imam falters, the entire congregation must follow his mistake even if they know that a mistake has been committed. What better instance can be presented for the need of an Imam and unity in his following? If Imam is mandatory in a small mosque, then how can the whole of Muslims Ummah (community) survive without an Imam.

As far as the Ummah is concerned, there is commandment in the Holy Quran to turn their faces towards Qiblah (direction for the prayer). For the Muslims throughout the world, there is one and only one Qiblah. You may go anywhere in the world, the Qiblah remains the same. This is a pointer that it is incumbent for the Muslim Ummah that they should be united under one Imam. Had this not been the sole purpose, there would have been no Khilafat at all because the spiritual condition of Muslims in the days of the Holy Prophet was a thousand times better than the Muslims of today. If they need to follow an Imam (leader), how can we live without an Imam today when the condition of Muslims is crying for it. This is the answer why Khilafat is needed.

The issue is that once Khilafat is terminated, then it is not within the power of the people to introduce it again themselves. This is a dilemma, which the Muslim world is facing today. Khilafat starts after the passing away of the prophet and if unfortunately once it is destroyed, it is impossible that it restarts without a prophet. As far as Muslims are concerned, they are victims of dual issues. According to a large number of Muslims, the chain of Khilafat ended with the Khilafat of Hazrat Ali. After him, there was no Khiafat-e-Rashida. It was monarchy in the name of Khilafat and majority of Muslims agree that Khilafat-e-Rashida ended after Hazrat Ali. So how can you start this Khilafat once again?

As far as Shia Imams are concerned, there is no problem for them because majority of them believes that Imamate continued till the twelfth Imam. Some believe it up to the sixth Imam. Some think that it is continuing till today. But majority of Muslims deprived of the blessings of Khilafat. Even if we accept the continuity of Imamate till today, they are unable to unite the whole Ummah on one hand. I am not referring to the leadership of Sri Lankan Muslims, We are discussing the issue of uniting the whole Muslim Community Ummah on one hand and it cannot be achieved by partial or regional Khilafat. It can be achieved only by universal or global Khilafat, which will unite the whole Muslim Community – Ummah.

Muslims believe that no prophet, of whatever category, can come now. This means that the single avenue to open the way of Khilafat has been barred. This is the big issue, which the Muslim Ummah is facing today.

The non-Ahmadi Ulema present the only solution of this problem and say that they also believe in the coming of a prophet. No doubt, he will be an old prophet, but they say that when he will come, he will be a prophet. Thus the lost Islamic Khilafat will once again be revived by Jesus Christ of Nazareth when he will descend with his old form and body. But the problem is that fourteen hundred years have passed, and there is no trace of second coming of that Jesus. There is no sign visible of his descent. World conditions have totally changed. Muslims have passed and are still passing through their worst phase of decline. But no Jesus has descended from the sky so far.

Now, the majority of Muslims are so much frustrated that they say that he has died or is living they are least interested. The scholars of al-Azhar University have repeatedly expressed their well thought and considered opinion that according to the Holy Quran, Jesus Christ has died and his second advent is absolutely impossible. It may be in their fancies, but practically, they have completely closed this door.

No one will ever descend from skies, and this is the big and difficult problem, which the Muslim world is facing today. With this they have not only destroyed the most important institution like Khilafat but they have also blocked the entrance of the beginning of Khilafat.

In such a condition, there is no solution for Muslims on political and religious issues nationally and globally.

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