quotations calling valuations for locally held lands and buildings by central bank
Posted on September 17th, 2016


When I read the above Advertisement to day inserted by the Central Bank ,I wonder what Government Auditor who is the watch-dog for monitoring compliance with state rules and FR etc will say ?

This is double standard AS all other government institutions are  forced to request government valuer to issue valuations in accordance with rules stipulated by  FR ?

I have brought the same matter to the notice of the public that many corporations who are planning to implement PPP ( Private Public Partnership) to make the organization  more efficient and profit oriented are forced to go to the Government Valuer to get valuation of their lands to formulate equity partnership with private sector

I have personal experience regrading same matter where I got valuations from a member of the Royal Charter of Valuation ,and later rejected by the Board of Directors  of few institutions due to objection by the representative of the treasury in the board.,

In  instances  when institutions coming under  Fishery Minister and Housing Minister, accredited private values  were used but rejected ,and subsequently Government Valuer was approached to provide valuation .Their valuations are also based on set rules of valuation , and yet they take over six months to one year to provide any valuation ,thus making private investor running away .

I am sure that Central Bank does not want to wait that long to get the valuation and they desperately need money??

I strongly suggest that the state take this as a precedent and allow all corporations to go to members of Royal Institute of Values and obtain valuation for their use to implement PPP.

If the state wants to expedite the process faster, they should do the same thing with surveyors and allow Licenced Surveyors to make plans for the valuer ,rather than going to Government Surveyor whoc charges triple the amount for any survey work and you have wait long to get it done.

Cheers to Central Bank for breaking the rules and heading forward !

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  1. plumblossom Says:

    This UNP is trying to privatise state enterprises suggesting that they are loss making. I would like to point out to this treacherous UNP Government that they have no right to privatise any state enterprises since they belong to the people of Sri Lanka in general and is not their private property to privatise as they wish. If state enterprises are loss making, appoint a good management team to manage the state enterprise properly. This treacherous UNP Government is privatising state enterprises citing loss making as an excuse since they are also privatising even profit making state enterprises. Actually this UNP Government is selling all state enterprises to their friends in high places and to companies of those foreign powers who helped them come to power monetarily and via totally false propaganda during their election campaign and this is their pay back.

    We would warn any buyer of any state enterprises being privatised by this treacherous UNP Government that as soon as a a new Government comes to power, all these selling of state enterprises will be considered null and void and anyone who buys up any of these state enterprises will have to bear the loss of buying any state enterprise. Therefore we urge all potential buyers not to buy any state enterprise since as soon as a new Government comes to power, all such selling of state enterprises will be considered null and void and they will only end up making a loss.

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