What was in the secret note Biswal gave when Maithri-Kerry discussed?
Posted on September 28th, 2016

By Upul Joseph Fernando Courtesy Ceylon Today

An incident of curiosity took place during the meeting between the Secretary of State of USA John Kerry and President Maithripala Sirisena in New York America. Assistant Secretary Nisha Biswal who participated in this meeting, sent a note to John Kerry. Kerry who read the note asked Maithri about the situation of the UNP-SLFP National Government. If Maithri had a doubt as to why Nisha Biswal sent a note to Kerry requesting him to ask about the National Government, it is justified. However, it would have been Mangala and Ranil who were really happy about Nisha Biswal’s note.

The reason is that Ranil was disturbed about the United National Party (UNP) parliamentarians who had gone to America with Maithripala. There is no doubt that Ranil would have been suspicious regarding the fact that his Members of Parliament had gone to New York without informing either him or his assistant. In the face of accusations targetting Ranil that he is using Mahinda in an attempt to divide the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) it is possible that Ranil could believe that Maithripala is attempting to get UNP parliamentarians to turn towards him. Anyhow, there is no doubt that the news that Ranil’s faction was going to question the UNP Members of Parliament who went with Maithri would have succeeded in perturbing Maithri. That news item was definitely an attack on Maithri. If the UNP parliamentarians had gone to New York with Maithri without telling Ranil, this problem should have been discussed between Ranil and Maithri and settled. However, telling the media this has shown not only the country but the international community that there is a huge conflict between the two.

We do not know whether John Kerry asked about the situation of the National Government, while being aware of these problems that exist within the government or not. The note was sent to John Kerry by Nisha Biswal. She is a friend of Minister Mangala Samaraweera. Even though Ranil had problems with Mangala’s Foreign Ministry later Ranil forgot about those problems. Ranil appointed committees to implement the foreign policy of the government saying that it was not being implemented properly by Mangala’s Foreign Ministry. Not only that, Ranil had discussed this issue with Maithri as well. We do not know whether Ranil all of a sudden stopped interfering in the Foreign Ministry because Mangala took on the responsibility taking Ranil’s voice to the international community or not.

A cold war

It is clear that a cold war has been launched between Maithri and Ranil to win over the international community. The Maithri faction would have thought that in this cold war Mangala was trying to obtain advantages for Ranil. That is why the Maithri faction is rejecting the statement made by Mangala regarding war crimes. The number one objective of Maithri and his faction is to get rid of Mahinda and the Rajapaksa family from politics. They feel that, the agenda on war crimes in western countries including America is an obstacle. It would have shown that the Maithri faction is showing a fear that through this the Sinhala Buddhist public would line up with Mahinda. Therefore, it is apparent that an effort is underway to change the way that the agenda on war crimes is seen by the Sinhala Buddhist people. Here, it is apparent that Mangala is working closely with Tamil Diaspora organizations such as the Global Tamil Forum. Ranil is not objecting to that because he is thinking possibly that at the next general election the UNP would be able to win over the support of the Tamil people.

The cold war between Maithri and Ranil to win over the international community is a sign of precedence to winning over the Tamil people at the next general election. It is possible that Mangala has made Ranil to understand that by winning over the Tamil Diaspora it will be possible to acquire the Tamil votes. It is also quite possible that Mangala is telling Ranil that they should work according to the agenda of western countries on war crimes because of that. However, there is the likelihood that Maithri is fearful of the fact that Mangala’s project is destroying Maithri’s political project of not allowing the Rajapaksa family including Mahinda to raise their heads once again.

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  1. Christie Says:

    Biswal another Indian vermin from the US.

  2. Christie Says:

    John Kerry is the Secretary of State and Biswal is an Assistant for our region including India. She knows what India has done to us and is part of our problem. Lots of Indian Colonial Parasites and Vermin work together to destroy the Sinhales as the do to others like Fijians, Creoles and Africans.

    In fact she is an Agent of the Indian Empire and an Indian imperialist.

  3. plumblossom Says:

    The LTTE massacred over 35,000 Sri Lankan Armed Forces members, Police Force members and Civil Defense Force members over 6000-7000 overwhelmingly Sinhala but also Muslim civilians, 1,253 Indian Peacekeeping Forces (IPKF) members, over 2,000 Tamil Armed Group members who supported the Government of Sri Lanka and who were against the LTTE, around 3,000 Tamil civilians and all this add upto 47,000. Around 35,000 LTTE terrorists are estimated to have perished too. In all around 84,000 in total have perished on both sides in the war.

    As you can see it is the brutal LTTE terrorists who massacred over 47,000 mainly Sri Lankan Armed Forces members, Police Force members, Civil Defense Force members in over 26 years of war. Over 23,000 Sri Lankan Armed Forces members are today both temporarily and permanently disabled due to the war. Over 13,000 Sri Lankan Armed Forces members are permanently disabled due to the war. Over 156,000 Sri Lankan Armed Forces members have been injured due to the war. Over 6,000-7,000 overwhelmingly Sinhala but also Muslim civilians have been massacred by the LTTE terrorists in the war of over 26 years.

    The LTTE terrorist group also ethnically cleansed the entire Sinhala and Muslim population of the Northern Province, of over 65,000 Sinhala people and over 75,000 Muslim people of the Northern Province in the 1980s and the 1990s. The LTTE also ethnically cleansed the entire Sinhala population of the Batticaloa District in the East of over 25,000 Sinhala people.

    Today, the Sinhala people and their descendants of over 135,000 are yet to be resettled in the North and in the Batticaloa District and Muslims of over 115,000 are yet to be resettled in the North. Uptil 2012, of the above number, around 32,000 Sinhala people and around 32,000 Muslims has been resettled in the North.

    The LTTE terrorist group recruited over 20,000 child soldiers, all Tamil youth, as attested by UNICEF itself which stated in 2007 that perhaps the LTTE has recruited over 20,000 young persons under the age of 18 years into its cadre between 1983-2007 inclusive.

    The LTTE was notorious for its horrific terror tactics such as large scale bomb attacks and the use of suicide bombers in carrying out hundreds of attacks against mainly Sinhala civilians and the country’s leadership, horrific attacks against Sinhala civilians using IED devices, claymore mines and bombs, the massacre of Sinhala villagers in their villages in the North Central, Eastern, Northern and North Western Provinces, the coerced recruitment or abduction of Tamil youth and children for recruitment as child soldiers, forced money collection from Tamils with threats to life in case of non-compliance, attacks on Sri Lanka’s economic infrastructure such as the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL), Sri Lanka’s the then only international airport, oil storage facilities, hotels, planes, buses, trains etc. ethnic cleansing of Sinhalese and Muslims from the North and East of Sri Lanka, the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, the systematic assassination of over 120 noteworthy Sri Lankan politicians, civil servants, senior military and police officers, prelates, activists, academics, journalists and other professionals who were assassinated by the LTTE who were but a few of the hundreds of assassinations carried out by the LTTE, including the former Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar.

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