Press Briefing Sat 1/10/16 New Zealand and Sri Lankan Prime Ministers
Posted on October 2nd, 2016

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM FRCP/FRACP Spokesperson, United Sri Lanka Association

Rt Hon. John Key MP,

The Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Dear Mr Key,

I write to thank you very much indeed   for your tempered and supportive response to the provocative questions raised regarding human rights issues in Sri Lanka , at the joint press briefing that was shown on TV1 6pm News  today.

In this regard, I wish to recall some of the quite extraordinary measures the current administration has taken on this issue  and  in their efforts at ethnic reconciliation in Sri Lanka as follows;

  • President Sirisena was sworn into his office following his election on the 8th of January 2015 by the then Supreme Court Judge K Sripavan, an ethnic Tamil, by passing the incumbent Sinhalese Chief Justice, who was replaced almost immediately by Justice Sripavan as Chief Justice.
  • The governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka who was an ethnic Sinhalese at the time of this administration taking office was replaced almost immediately  by an ethnic Tamil  Mr. C Mahendran. He was succeeded an year later by the present incumbent , an another ethnic Tamil, the much acclaimed Mr. Indrajit Coomaraswamy
  • The leader of the opposition of Sri Lanka, since this administration assumed office has been Mr R Sampanthan, an ethnic Tamil. He has received all the support and encouragement from the current administration to pursue the requirements of his office and to further ethnic reconciliation.
  • The entire parliament has also been functioning as a constitutional assembly,, now drafting a new constitution with the active participation of all the parties and MP’s including the Tamil parties and Tamil MP’s . It is this assembly that is considering an MMP system to ensure the inclusion of the Tamil community at the very heart of  the process of governing the country, that you commented on favourably , at the press briefing .
  • The present cabinet has a number of members drawn from the Tamil community holding very senior rankings including one member of the current delegation.
  • Vast tracks of land in the northern province that were occupied by the military have been handed back to the former civilian owners of the Tamil community  that has also resulted in  the closure of a large number of army camps in this region . This is  despite many questioning it’s wisdom given that it is only few years after the end of the 3 decade long brutal terrorist war and despite the international diaspora that  sustained the terrorists with funds and propaganda being largely intact and being as vociferous as ever, even now.
  • The national anthem was sung in tamil  for the first time , at the national day celebrations this year on the 4th of February , despite the constitutionality of doing so not being clarified.
  • The annual commemoration of the sacrifices of life and limb of the security forces who secured liberation of Sri Lanka from three decades of terror on the 19th of May 2009, was cancelled this year through fear of injuring” Tamil Susceptibilities”.  To those of us living in New Zealand that still commemorates the sacrifices of the New Zealand security forces in Gallipoli even a century later, the omission of the commemoration in Sri Lanka 7 years after the event , makes a stark and sad contrast.
  • The setting up of an Office of Missing Persons (OMP) in Sri Lanka, with wide ranging judicial and punitive powers, despite very limited consultation and wide spread opposition from the Sinhalese community and ignoring completely the report of a commission on missing persons appointed by the previous administration ,  whose work  was overseen  by three international legal luminaries . However, as expected the creation of the OMP  have won  vociferous acclaim from the  Tiger Diaspora,the very diaspora that sustained three decades of terror in Sri Lanka.
  • Bowing to US led pressure through UNHCR , this administration has agreed to set up special courts with participation  of international judges with special powers, again despite opposition from many in the Sinhalese community.
  • There is considerable and widespread fear among the Sinhalese that the well funded Tiger Diaspora could use their funds and international influence garnered through the use of these funds and their prowess at disseminating mis-information, could hijack both the OMP and the special courts to their advantage ,as they did with the UNSG appointed Darusman Commission, leaving the Sinhalese with no such international influence or finances , to once again become the victims as they were under Tiger Terror and  under British Colonial Rule as the victimised majority of their divide and rule policies,  for a century and half.
  • The absence of any call from any international agencies or human rights groups to inquire into who, how and where from the international funding for three decades of Tiger Terror in Sri Lanka came, and the role India in training the Tigers in the initial stages of the these three decades, leaves large sections of the Sinhalese, feeling truly hopeless.

Against these extraordinary efforts of the current  Sri Lankan administration among others, at bending over backwards to please a vociferous Tiger diaspora  , that is the main obstacle to  ethnic reconciliation in Sri Lanka today, the likes of the person who raised this issue at todays press briefing and the green party and amnesty international , the other prominent groups in NZ to peddle this line, should update their script  given to them presumably  by the  international Tiger Diaspora, to include todays realities, before firing unhelpful questions and statements.

Thank you once again for your understanding and permit me to say how lucky we  in NZ are to have you as our Prime Minister.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM



United Sri Lanka Association


2 Responses to “Press Briefing Sat 1/10/16 New Zealand and Sri Lankan Prime Ministers”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    We thought at least one Sri Lankan expatriate will be there with a placard to protest about the catholic-run
    UNPatriotic party’s anti-Sinhalaese, anti-Buddhist, anti-Sri Lankan stance since its inception. Now a lot of Sinhala
    modayas will wonder why? They take orders from christian west who are hell bent on making Sri Lanka a
    christian country. Ask why catholic-run UNPatiotics dragged the war on for 30 long years. Because catholic
    tigers of tamil drelam were killing mainly Sinhalese. Same time they were getting rid of Buddhism in the
    north and the east. Question yourself why they dragged on jvp’s insurgency for 6 years and kill more than
    60,000 Buddhists. Sirima B rounded up all the misled youth, rehabilitate and released back to the society
    saving 1000s of lives. But the catholic-run UNPatriotic party saw this as a tool to cull Sinhalese population
    and carried on killing. They had the catholic police top brass to the job. Then of course Sinhala modayas
    policemen to dog’s work. You have to give credit to UNPatriotics for hoodwinking the Sinhala modayas since
    they still don’t understand this simiple truth. Is it any wonder they call us Sinhala modayas.

    Traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande Wadakaya aka pol pot ponil wickrama Sinhalakiller
    is one of the architects of the Sinhalese cull. He ran Batalanda camp himself. Even after the Batalande Commission
    made him guilty of mass murder, nobody dared to punish him. Because nobody dares to upset powerful
    catholic lobby. Also clueless Sinhala modayas are ignorant as well. What more you can ask for UNPatritoics must
    be laughing at Sinhala modayas. Catholic run UNPatriotics burnt Buddhist jvpers in tyres. Catholic tigers of tamil
    drealam were given half the country by the pol pot ponil.

    Pol pot ponil couldn’t wait to create a catholic country (tamil drealam), he even grassed millennium city intelligent
    officers to the catholic tigers. No punishment for him. Then as soon as he became PM (pathala man?) he put
    his catholic buddy maha horandran in charge of CB. The pair quickly cleaned it out with 5000 billion rupees.
    Still Sinhala modayas didn’t notice. Now he wants to make 3 countries to please his vote bank traitor tamils,
    mussies and catholics. He will achieve his goal we are sure since nobody bold enough to challenge him in
    Sri Lanka. So he doesn’t give a hoot about the Sinhalese, Sri Lanka or Buddhim and carries on his murderous
    agenda. Still Sinhala modayas revere the monster.

    Don’t take my word for catholic run UNPatriotic party’s anti Buddhist, anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lanka stance. Click
    any of the following links. Sinhalese without green blood (some Sinhala modayas say kapuwath api kola patayi)
    will defintely understand their treachery. You don’t see these things in so called Buddhist Sri Lanka. Of course
    it is on paper.

    Now they are working very hard to stop Kandy Perahara saying its cruel to elephants. Traitor chief score some
    points even in this NZ tour to see elephants in the zoo there and pointed out the cruelty to the majestic creature.
    Crocodile tears to score some points to stop a part of Sinhalese culture. Clever traitor! Just like his alugosu
    uncle thambi mudiyanselage jr who destroyed Sri Lanka for good by introducing 13A to break up Sri Lanka.
    Still Sinhala modayas don’t understand this party real agenda. We are called modayas for a reason.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Any of the links will show their treachery if the Sinhala modayas can understand.

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